Thursday, April 28, 2005


It's the final's week. Guess you are getting ready for exams. You must be one among the most accomplished students in the world..When classes begin , you may think you would make an 'A' in your favorite course.. but somehow, it may not happen..

Though grades do not totally reflect your knowledge, they are necessary. Also learning , assimilating and retaining for long is really essential to gain knowledge..At the end of first year(2003), I decided that I have to find out all flaws and mistakes I do , so that I understand my core courses in second year better and gain knowledge... also wanted to see if helps in improving grades...

I was looking for tips, do's and don'ts in and outside me.I made a list.Navin gave many suggestions . My sincere thanks to was very useful for me...hope its of use to you guys....

Most of you will dismiss them as being obvious or trivial, however I assure you that if you will use them, you will benefit...

1. Study discipline
– Study a little bit every day
– Set time goals and take short breaks (50 min.+10+50+10)

2. Study sitting in a Chair at a Table
– sitting upright (reduce stress)
– Good lighting

3. Study in a Group and Alone
– Help and get help
– Interact with serious students

4. Distraction / entertainment
- Do not listen to music on which you will concentrate/ like..
- attend all phone calls during your break time.
- Do not eat too much at a time. each little bit now and then to avoid sluggishness.

5. Exam Portion
- you should be done reading your portion once by 24hrs before exam( tough!!!)
- dare to solve a previous year q. paper. Correct your exam answers . you will know where you stand..
-just go ahead to revise after that.

Good luck people!!!



pb said...

Thank you teacher..idhe mathiri padichi first rank vaangaren...

Chicago Ant said...

studying. The trick is to make it fun. Study for an hour, take 15 minutes off etc. I think everyone differs on technique. Use whatever works for you

Anonymous said...

Teacher Teacher .. Enakku Bathila Neenga Finals Ezhutha Mudiyuma ??

Kodi Punniyam ungallukku ..

Enakku time-aachu nan SAAPDA porain !! :))


Anonymous said...

i guess you got the idea that blogs like these(tips to study) won't the sense that you get teased..people don't wanna read mundane stuff..after all reading blogs are a way to distract and divert attention from their mundane life to something more...thought-provocative and exciting. Chicago ant was the only guy who gave you a sensible time maayaa..write stuff which is more controversial..refute some well-stablished stuff or write about boy-girl encounters..or about emotions such as 'love'..

Priya said...

Dear anonymous,

Thanks for ur advice... As I already said, I would write on many
different things like what I wrote and like what u suggest and Whatever i think is relevant.

getting teased is not so new to me..hehehe...

maayaa sirikkavum veppa.. sindhikavum veppa...

boy girl topickku alaiyum intha anonymous yaaro..kkanju poyirukkengalaa...

Anonymous said...

I accidentally came across your blog and enjoyed reading it. You share a similar enthusiasm for life like I do and not to mention we share the same name... Priya not Maayaa. May be we are like minded as per your blog.