Tuesday, May 31, 2005

You are my ecstasy!!! You are...

I came across an article in the journal of psychiatry. Thought I should share it with you all. We all, atleast, have heard about illegal drugs like heroin, morphine, marijuana. adhaan namma ooru ganja, habin, Bhang ...which are known to cause euphoria - state of well being…

Infact drugs like ‘Ecstasy’ does much more… It opens your heart and allows love to flow.. make others understand what are your feelings.. breaks down barriers to communicate.. Some drugs give a great sense of energy (to stay awake whole night in parties) and increased sense of closeness to people …above all, no feel of hunger…night ellam pasi ilaama (saapaattu selavu miccham)..thoongaama irukalaam…ella love feelings!!!! Hmmm..
Kekave nalla irukkunnu nenakareengalaa?? But, these drugs at high doses, cause side effects like headache, blurred vision, dry mouth, tension etc..

Though some of these drugs are declared illegal, they are used for treatment since long by doctors at low doses. The doctors protest against law for condemning these due to its good use. Infact, these drugs are preferred by many psychiatrist for treatment of many conditions like minor depression, feeling dissatisfactory about themselves and in patients who cannot open up to their close people to convey what they feel (to facilitate direct communication with people involved in significant emotional relationship) In fact, they say that one time usage is sufficient to enhance their communication, not only during that time, but also, afterwards. When the person experiences the lack of risk in direct communication to their close kith / kin, they start to open up even when you stop using that drug. Thus no addiction. So it is a good drug to open up people right!!!!

You may ask why is this illegal then??? Some researchers have found that these drugs cause problems in neurotransmission/liver toxicity, increased body temperature but the results are not so conclusive.. some were disproved also… laws are made with the focus on abuse factor which is very important.. But the field of pscychiatry do not have many appropriate drugs for treatment.. Also, doctors lost a good drug among the few in psychotherapy..

Still underground chemist keep preparing…party goers have not stopped using but rate of abuse had been reduced.

Makkale!!! Love success aaga idha try pannalaamnnu yosikaatheenga!!!! Avlothaan sollitten !!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Do any of you know ? answer updated

We know that there are 7 days in a week and they are sunday, monday...etc. In tamil calender its nyayiru, thingal, sevvai.. etc. We know that sunday - nyayiru - xxxxx in arab calender-all these denote the day related to sun.. Next is monday and monday-thingal-YYYY -all these denote moon... next is tuesday- sevaaai ...goes on.Like this, we have 7 days denoting 7 planets.
I was wondering and thinking about this:

1. Why is sunday (that day) considered for sun and monday (considered) for moon etc.. and how it is common in all calenders, tamil, english, arab? I mean to ask why/how in all calenders its followed in the same order sunday, monday?

2. We adjust days in leap years, we adjust days in months.. we never adjust days in a week in any calender anytime. Its fixed unlike days in a month/ year-why?? That too, they are the fixed variables in all calenders (english, tamil, arab etc.) how??

3 In a week, we(our ancestors) have considered 7 planets for 7 days - except earth, neptune and pluto.We (I) can assume that everything is around earth and so, we shall leave earth.. but why we should we leave neptune and pluto...any idea??? why not 9 days a week?? Heard from some people that those planets were discovered later. Some have told me that they were shed out from other main planets..

I have some wild guesses and have asked few friends. Not heard a convincing answer yet. Any piece of info or guess??

Visit this link for answers :
thank you satheesh!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Apt Lyrics- My Favorites

I, as like most of you, listen to Tamil cine music everyday. I listen to the lyrics keenly, admire its beauty and sometimes laugh to myself . But my mind naturally goes to judge how well the lyrics go with the movie. In fact, sometimes just a single line would convey everything. Here are some of them which I liked so much in the way how its aptly fits the movie.

I am not mentioning lines from old movies as I think there are lllots and llots of situational and apt songs…only mid and new ones here:

Mounga Ragam:
‘Mandram vandha thenralukku manjam vara nenjam illaye’
This is the one which I observed long long ago but still my favorite line
A single line tells neatly about the lover’s ekkam that ‘kalyanam varaikkum vandha unakku kattil vara manasu illaayye’ nnu – movie’s essence.

‘Mottu onru malarndhida marukkum...................................kaatrin vetriyaa..’

In these lines the lyrics of the duet is in written a way that depicts that they have ego- kushi movie’s essence. And it’s implicitly said that there is nothing like victory / failure for either side when the final thing produced by them is great (here, meaning the love). In fact the lyrics of the whole song revolves around ego nicely..

Kaakha Kaakha:

In the song ‘ Ennai koncham maatri ‘, the lines
‘Ne killum pookalai naan soodi kollave en ennam indrae vandhache.. aanalum nerilee
eppothum polave iyalbaaka pesi povathu enraache’

The feeling of being in love but still hiding is so nicely articulated with a simple example. (Indha paatula ‘surya’va rasikkadha ponne irukka mudiyaadhu)

Another ‘love but hiding’ lines which I find to be great is in
Gentleman. In the song “en veetu thotathil” , the lines
Sollukkum theriyaamal sollathaan vandhene , sollukkul artham pola sollamal ninrene….

‘Oora therinjukitten ulagam purijukitten’

This song is so aptly in its place in the movie and it tells how deeply he is affected inside….
ennakku romba pidikkum

Varumai Niram sikappu:
In the song ’ Sippi irukkudhu … the lines
‘Mayakkam thandhadhu yaar, thamizho, amudho, kaviyo’..

These final lines nicely convey their attraction to each other in the movie .. ( athuvaa idhuvaa edhunnu?). Another final line saying love, in fact synchrony, is in


Un samyalaarayil song…’ the whole song is nice. Everywhere they say if u are that, am I this/ that? etc.. indicating that I am close to u .But no lines says till the end that they are synchronized. Even the penultimate line will say “ un valadhu kaiyil pathu viral ; en idhadhu kaiyil pathu viral’ indicating that there is something like u and me though their fingers are held together... but the last line ‘dhoorathu megam…thekulipom indicates nicely that they are synchronized.

I happen to watch the song after I heard it and I felt that the meaning was aptly picturized.. u may feel that I am blowing up small thing… hee hee.. But I feel its good.

Porkaalam :

‘Thanjaavuru mannu eduthu..’
The poet has taken enough care to identify which place would be suitable to say for making which organ and it ends excellently.. It depicts how much an artist would love to do the art in the superlative terms…’thandhaane thandhaane thandhaane kuyile’ linesla graama vaasam thookudhu..

Innum solla neriyaa irukku… these are ones on top of my head…Hope u liked them.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


I am passionate about going on a scenic drive. Today, as the weather was so nice, I went on a long drive with my friends (Pd,P,D,VS) to Shakers Village, Pleasant hill, Harrodsburg. Its such an amazing, scenic drive that I never get bored to visit any number of times.

At the beginning of Harrodsburg Rd, we can see 4 lanes merging to 2 ..then, you can see beautiful houses in the midst of those horse farms....thank God for giving me a chance to atleast gaze at them for a while.. chancee illa..We passed thru the Kentucky river and climbed up a cliff...it was so scenic.. hills around covered by llots and llots of trees..and the river stream goes by your side below the cliff..in a nutshell, its a mini smoky mountain view.

We reached the shakers village. Then came the funniest things..

I have always liked to explore places where people generally dont plan to.. Infact that's how I got to know this place...here, in pleasant hill, there is a kutti road in between a grassland which sloped downwards and led to a pond. There are so many cows and calves (40-50)grazing always on both sides of the lane (on grassland) and they probably may go to the pond to drink water..

I wanted to walk toward the pond on the lane down the slope during my previous visit..Never my friends had accompanied me. When I keep gazing at the pond, people used to say " Priya, pogalaam vaa"

This time, as I went with guys...athuvum with the 'mahaaganam porundhiyaa' glowing deep , dharmaraja and the lord - I assumed that I will be walking with 'sura pulis' between maadukal(cows)...Initially,When I conveyed my wish to walk there, they were all tanjore dolls and they walked aside me..

Koncham distancela , these were the conversations..'m' is me

D : (kanna urutti ..urutti..) Enna priya!!! ne 'guna' kamal maari engal 4 pera kadathitu vandhuta?

m: enna, bayamma irukaa??.. actually, no one was daring to walk here.. I thot u guys will..

a chorus answer: ofcourse we will..

Followed by Silence....koncham distance ponom ..

Pd: maa......maaa.... (artificially scary noisela). Yeh, pd was answering to those cows..

Next here comes the LORD,

P: Indha ella maadum nammalayee paakuthu priya..
I turned at him..stared..
P: (as usual in his own way with a smile at the edges of his mouth) Illa , enakku apdi thaan thonithu, ne venaa paaren..

M: Neenga adhayee patha athu ungala thaan paakum. Naama pakalanna athuvum paakaadhu

D: athu onnum naay illla... ( Good point D)

Again Pd answering to those maadu kookural from the deep throat ..maa.. maa

Chorus: Please pd ..dont respond and scare 'them' (Infact no one had guts to say 'us' at that time)

P (Read like P): "Priya, indha maadellam nammala suthi vandha enna seiyva ??"..a pause.and then continued...."enakku onnum bayam illa. nee bayapaduviyeennnu sonnen"..followed by a kd, edge mouth smile..

M: No, I think, we can all just walk fast and reach the pond and go back..

VS was walking along calmly..Paavam avar

Scenic beautya rasikaradha pathi vidiya vidiya kadhai ketta Pd , kettar parunga oru kelvi..athuvum purpose kelvi!!!
Pd posed a serious question, adhuvum 'themes' la : Priya, why do u want to go to the pond?? there is nothing there.. only maadus will go there!
i was like " what?" But I answered .

m: It is awesome to admire water Pd..
D: Go and admire water in the tub at home...(a proper p'thik)

As usual , I answered for even this p'thik : I admire water in the natural scenario..

We walked three fourth of the distance towards pond.. but beedhi kalandha p and d's expressions, Pd and those maadukal scared me...So , I decided to drop the plan.. makkal were happy...Bayanthula irundha pasanga eased themselves..We then had murrukku, kadalaiurundai and things brought P (though not intensionally..)

Then we started back....this is the incident which moved me today..Today I got to see pd 's pacchathapa unarvu..(whats the english word for it???).

While we were on our way back home, we saw a big squirrel lying dead (hit by a vehicle b4) at the center of the road..Pd wanted to get down and take the animal and drop it at the road side..d and I were like "Come on , its already dead..no point.." . Pd said "if you were dead and many cars pass over you, dont you feel how bad it would be."

Though, still, I cannot logically agree on why we should drop it at the roadside when its a dead animal, I want to appreciate his pacchathaapa unarvu and dhill..

P was driving and he, then , stopped (makkale.. remember if P had not stopped, Pd could not have done anything.. So , as per his request, unga manasula P va oru step thooki veiyunga!!..vecheengalaa??!!!...Ucchu kotunga !!! for his greatness.ch..ch..chh ...kotineengalaa!!! then, read ahead..) and Pd got down and took 2 tissue papers along and lifted the animal which was oozing blood (and other organs) and dropped it at the end of the road. Its nothing when you read here.. but if you can imagine, its some thing we cannot do at all...chance illa pd.Kalakittaar..I appreciate it..
aprom we continued ..
When I was totally getting synchronised with scenic beauty, people who came with me were individually dreaming for a while about how nice if their aal is there with them..
anyway, ellarum nalla irundha seri..
Aprom oru vazhiyaa veetukku vandhom..