Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Apt Lyrics- My Favorites

I, as like most of you, listen to Tamil cine music everyday. I listen to the lyrics keenly, admire its beauty and sometimes laugh to myself . But my mind naturally goes to judge how well the lyrics go with the movie. In fact, sometimes just a single line would convey everything. Here are some of them which I liked so much in the way how its aptly fits the movie.

I am not mentioning lines from old movies as I think there are lllots and llots of situational and apt songs…only mid and new ones here:

Mounga Ragam:
‘Mandram vandha thenralukku manjam vara nenjam illaye’
This is the one which I observed long long ago but still my favorite line
A single line tells neatly about the lover’s ekkam that ‘kalyanam varaikkum vandha unakku kattil vara manasu illaayye’ nnu – movie’s essence.

‘Mottu onru malarndhida marukkum...................................kaatrin vetriyaa..’

In these lines the lyrics of the duet is in written a way that depicts that they have ego- kushi movie’s essence. And it’s implicitly said that there is nothing like victory / failure for either side when the final thing produced by them is great (here, meaning the love). In fact the lyrics of the whole song revolves around ego nicely..

Kaakha Kaakha:

In the song ‘ Ennai koncham maatri ‘, the lines
‘Ne killum pookalai naan soodi kollave en ennam indrae vandhache.. aanalum nerilee
eppothum polave iyalbaaka pesi povathu enraache’

The feeling of being in love but still hiding is so nicely articulated with a simple example. (Indha paatula ‘surya’va rasikkadha ponne irukka mudiyaadhu)

Another ‘love but hiding’ lines which I find to be great is in
Gentleman. In the song “en veetu thotathil” , the lines
Sollukkum theriyaamal sollathaan vandhene , sollukkul artham pola sollamal ninrene….

‘Oora therinjukitten ulagam purijukitten’

This song is so aptly in its place in the movie and it tells how deeply he is affected inside….
ennakku romba pidikkum

Varumai Niram sikappu:
In the song ’ Sippi irukkudhu … the lines
‘Mayakkam thandhadhu yaar, thamizho, amudho, kaviyo’..

These final lines nicely convey their attraction to each other in the movie .. ( athuvaa idhuvaa edhunnu?). Another final line saying love, in fact synchrony, is in


Un samyalaarayil song…’ the whole song is nice. Everywhere they say if u are that, am I this/ that? etc.. indicating that I am close to u .But no lines says till the end that they are synchronized. Even the penultimate line will say “ un valadhu kaiyil pathu viral ; en idhadhu kaiyil pathu viral’ indicating that there is something like u and me though their fingers are held together... but the last line ‘dhoorathu megam…thekulipom indicates nicely that they are synchronized.

I happen to watch the song after I heard it and I felt that the meaning was aptly picturized.. u may feel that I am blowing up small thing… hee hee.. But I feel its good.

Porkaalam :

‘Thanjaavuru mannu eduthu..’
The poet has taken enough care to identify which place would be suitable to say for making which organ and it ends excellently.. It depicts how much an artist would love to do the art in the superlative terms…’thandhaane thandhaane thandhaane kuyile’ linesla graama vaasam thookudhu..

Innum solla neriyaa irukku… these are ones on top of my head…Hope u liked them.


Anonymous said...


Just loved it! A Good piece.


Subha said...

super. I love the "Ennai konjam maatri" song. Also, the "Un samaiyalariyal" song is on top of my list. I love the lines,
"Nee pudhumaiyendral
Naan Bharathiya, Bharathidasana?"
Amazing song! Good Post!

Priya said...

i was about to mention the same line (ne pudhuvai enraal naan bharathiya bharadhidhaasanaa..) as my favorite..thot the blog is getting lengthy and i didn't mention ..that lines are my favorite too...sama thought right!!!

Priya said...

thanks vasu

Prabhu said...

mouna ragam song la second stanza lyrics are amazing. starts off like
"thamarai meethu neerthuli pol, thalaivanum thalaiviyum vaazhvathenna"

another of my fav lyric & outstanding music comes from " nee paartha paarvai kkoru nandri" from hey ram, simply stunning!

Priya said...

yeh ..
i actually forgot to mention about that nandri song.... i always dreamt of a situation writing lyrics 'thanking for everything in love'.. when i heard this song and watched it, i felt so nice...
yaaro en ideava copy adichutaanga :)

dinesh said...


Good memories. I have this bad habit of not listening to lyrics and focussing on the music portion of it. More posts like this will hopefully make me change my ways !

Ennai koncham maatri, was definitely good. I listened to it with more attention to the lyrics after reading your post. Apart from what you had said, I liked this sentence in the song "un samayil arayil".."nee pogiraai endraal naan azhaikkava azhudhidavaa"

Have you heard this song "Thozha Thozha" from pandavar bhoomi ? Nice music and azhagaana lyrics. Impressive how she sings "Natpu Natpu dhaan kaadhal kaadhal dhaan" and he sings "Kaadhal Kaadhal dhaan natpu natpu dhaan". Though they appear to say the same thing, they convey opposite meanings. Like the song.

Priya said...

Oh yeh dinesh..
now i recollect lines in those 'Thozha Thozha song'..yeh, we tend to forget many songs with gr8 lyrics after a while..

Priya said...

aprom people,

Have you listened to the song
" KAADHALAAGI KADHAALAAGI ..'in the movie 'king'..though it generalizes what a girl will like and what a guy will, its beautifull and its most common..the singers has a given a gr8 romantic effect i think..

Also,the song 'Vaan mazhai vaanam vitta thoodhu' in the movie
'University' is amazing.. i feel so light when i listen to it..

another favorite song is 'ragasiyamai..' in dum dum dum . But it makes me feel koncham heavy...

time irundha idha ellam kelunga!!!

DR said...

ennai konjam maatri is a gr8 song (esp bcoz of the lead pair.. seri othukaren soorya naala thaan!). kaadhaloda ella phases a nee cover pannina aana yen piriva pathi ezhuthala? kaadhaloda muzhu arthame pirivulathaane theriyum... azhamaana karuthugal appo thaan veli padhum...
1. anbe sugama - paarthale paravasam.
2. un perai sonnale - dumm dumm dumm
3. thozha thozha - esp "piriyum pozhuthil sila nodigal mounam kolvadhu yen thozhi,purithalil kadhal ellaiyadi pirithal kaadhalai sollumadi"
4. enge enadhu kavidhai - kandukondein kandukondein
edhellam naan kettu rasithavai... good job maaya!

Anonymous said...

Priya...Enninthhaneju vimmi vimmi from University and Solvayo Solaikili from Alliarjuna are classics .. I love listening to 'em and they are some of my favorites ... Ketundey erukalam !


Prabu Karthik said...

7/G la 'Kann pesum varthaigal"

"kaalam nooru sendra piragum unnai ullmanam marapadhillai"

that was damn good.

Very good post.

Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Priya .. Start The Meesic in the Next Blog!


Anonymous said...

"Sonnalum kaetpadhillai" from kadhal virus is one of my favourite with good lyrics and music and vocals.


Satheesh R said...


Nice collection there. I would like to add to that but again, that's just me !

Specially liked Mandram vandha thendralukku song from Mouna Raagam - that number was(is) emoting at different levels and as you said the lyrics went hand in hand with the music. Do I even need to add SPB's bhaavam in the song ! Amazin piece !

Keep writin. I'm gonna keep stoppin by ;-)

Priya said...

anbe sugama is one which i like too...but i didn't watch the movie yet..yeh, i never wrote abt pirivu..somehow not so okay to write abt it..

vimmi vimmi song ketten. it was nice.

prabu karthik

yeh, i like it too....but again not yet watched..

Thanks. mandram vandha .. is my ever favorite lyric..

Anonymous said...

Priya En Eppadi Vimmura? PAata Thaney Kekka Sonnain ! :) Vasu

Cipher said...

Priya a nice list... And mandram vantha thendrallukku,top among tehm is very apt. I love that song to the core.....

Badhri said...

"Surya-ve raasikkatha ponne irukka mudiyaathu" - especially when he shows of his triceps when he is driving Jo in his Jeep! ;-)_ .

Its a great post! My faourites in addition to what you said,
1. Senthaazham poovil vanthaadum thendral.
2. Ponn maalaip pozhuthu.
3.Enna sattham intha neram.
4. Uirin Uirae - Kaakha Kaakha
5. For the comedy part.. Kandasaamy, maadasaamy from PKS! Amazing metaphors!

Anonymous said...

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