Sunday, May 15, 2005

Do any of you know ? answer updated

We know that there are 7 days in a week and they are sunday, monday...etc. In tamil calender its nyayiru, thingal, sevvai.. etc. We know that sunday - nyayiru - xxxxx in arab calender-all these denote the day related to sun.. Next is monday and monday-thingal-YYYY -all these denote moon... next is tuesday- sevaaai ...goes on.Like this, we have 7 days denoting 7 planets.
I was wondering and thinking about this:

1. Why is sunday (that day) considered for sun and monday (considered) for moon etc.. and how it is common in all calenders, tamil, english, arab? I mean to ask why/how in all calenders its followed in the same order sunday, monday?

2. We adjust days in leap years, we adjust days in months.. we never adjust days in a week in any calender anytime. Its fixed unlike days in a month/ year-why?? That too, they are the fixed variables in all calenders (english, tamil, arab etc.) how??

3 In a week, we(our ancestors) have considered 7 planets for 7 days - except earth, neptune and pluto.We (I) can assume that everything is around earth and so, we shall leave earth.. but why we should we leave neptune and pluto...any idea??? why not 9 days a week?? Heard from some people that those planets were discovered later. Some have told me that they were shed out from other main planets..

I have some wild guesses and have asked few friends. Not heard a convincing answer yet. Any piece of info or guess??

Visit this link for answers :
thank you satheesh!!!


Muthukumar Puranam said...

Astrology is based on astronomical bodies visible to naked eye. It is different from astronomy. Invariably it is the case worldwide as far as I know.

Satheesh R said...


Nice topic of discussion.
For your question (3), I think you have pretty much answered it yourself, that Neptune and Pluto were discovered very recently which is why they are not named in the weekdays.

Also, it is not the case that all cultures have the names of planets for days of the week. Actually, many dont ! I remember some Japanese guy once said that in Japan, days of the week have fire day, water day, etc as the names !
No Sunday monday business there !

So I guess it is all the culture / language I guess.

Muthukumar Puranam said...

priya china kondar padam paathu irukiya? athula sendhil character super illa..kalakiruvan.

Priya said...

hey satheesh,
thanks for the info. i didn't know abt japanese thing...
let me know if you get to know sthing about other queries

Arvind said...

I am now reading 'History of Tamils' which has some interesting references/pointers to your questions...will comeback soon with details of the same.

And ofcourse, you won't have all the answers...for what would be life if *all* queries have answers ;p


virumandi said...


blog paarakavae illai sonniyae!! tho paar, vanthaen, paarathaen, comment ezhuthinaen!!!

ennovo po..maaya!!! intha paer sollum podhu..kakka kakka..jyothika thaan..en munnalae varra!!!!

Satheesh R said...


If you are still into this, chek this out ;-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Umm, Interesting question, never thought about this. Let me do some research.

virumandi said...


unnai yaar kadathindu ponadhu!!!

blog ezhudhu!!

Priya said...

thanks for the effort. i never could get it in my search.thanks again.

yeh u r right. anyway just thot if we can get answer to atleast some and satheesh has helped us to understand better.

venkittu sir..
ungala kay blogla thaan paathuirukken...inga ungala paakarathuku romba santhosham..

lab thedara tensionla blog ezhuthave thonalai adhaan..
en blogai padika odododivandha unnai emaatra maaten virumaandi!! :)

Anonymous said...

teacher teacher,
sooper aa kelvi kettu bathil sonneenga.
intha mari arivu kanna thirakkara mari neraiya ezhutha vendi kettu kollum,

- Lexington gang!

Priya said...

haahaa haa
Super Mr Anonymous.hahaha...

Therakave mudiyaadha ungaloda ariva kannna kooda therandhadhu romba perumaiyaa irukku ;)

Ungalukku thaan first prize and best student award :)


Anonymous said...

Enna priya ... Puthusa oru dhinusa ezhithi vaasagaragala un pakkam ezhukkara ? Enna matter ?

Pillaiyaandan Josiyakarana ?
Nice topic!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nice blog, loved the ones about lyrics,u left our yar yar sivam from anbe sivam, amazing lyrics, very philosophical and true, even the title is very poetic anbe sivam, has two meanings - compassion is go, and the names of the two lead characters ir anbarasu and sivam

Priya said...

Hi srivatsan murali..
yeh , its a nice song..
i didn't watch the movie yet and i didn't know how apt it is to the movie etc..
but defenitely the song has great lyrics.

Gangadhar said...

First time on your blog..Intereseting posts..Keep it up..

Surez Nadesan said...

Maayan enathavarum tamilarkal than enru solkirathu en aaraichii :)