Thursday, June 23, 2005


Anniyan - The first Tamil movie screened at Lexington.

In srirangam temple, you are supposed to visit 'Thuluka Naachiyyaar' sannidhi and then only, get the darshan of Ranganathar.. Adhu maari, for the past three weeks, I get up, listen to anniyan songs and only after that, I get ready for lab.. Great expectations!!! Yeh, I finally watched the movie.

Movie: Another 'Indian - Ramana' masala. Though the concept was not new, I thought it was ok.

Concept: The 'iyengar saadhu' vikram conveyed nicely that "If everyone does a mistake, it may not become right'. The '5 kaasa, 5 kodiper, 5 kodi murai thirudina chinna thappu Periyaa thappu aagum' example would reach even the illiterate.Good!!

Acting: Vikram and Vivek - sooper. Sadhaa - Konchamaadhu dance panna try panniyirukalam..( thalaivi sim irundhirundha kalaki irupaanga). Actkku badhil overaction varudhu paatu paadarache.. Charlie did his small role quite well. 'Puzzle' Prakashraj was okay.

Script: I liked Vikram's portion of the script esp. when they show heights of his perfection when he writes love letter. But, split personalitynnu therinja udane namma prabhu 'chandramukhi'la "enna kodumai sir idhu"nnu oru azhukai azhuvaar- Inga sadhaa/ vikram's appa rolela oru sad reactione illa..highly unnatural.
Many subtle errors like perumal 'kubitutu' instead of 'sevichutu'

Song choreography: My greatest dissapointment was on 'Remo' song.. Though, they wanted to portary him just as rampwalk model, the music demanded better dance steps. But emaatram!!
Iyengar veetu azhage song - waste of money in all those sets - simplea half-saree/veshti pottu (nethichuti,odiyaanam pottu) kovila eduthirundhakooda bettera irundhirukkum..
kannum kannum nokia was better.
Andangkaakaha song was good but, sadhaa vaayila lipstick pottundhadhunaala vaaya moodave illa..pretty odd!!
O sukumari songla I liked the way she showed 'kaadhal sikki mukki thiki vikudha' in action!!

Lyrics/music: 'Naan thotru poven enru anjiye, en thervaiyellam otthiveikiren' - very realistic.. I just love this line and the music!!!
'Un pol azhagi ulaginil illai,inemal pirandhal adhu nam pilla' - 'nachunnu' ava beautyaa sonnan.
'Magarandha podi..vannam kondaano'- sooper.
'Thayangathey thodangattum azhakiyaa thavarugal'- cute!!!
'Andangkaakha - 'Eera udhatula soodu parappi isthiri podendi'- sama lines...Jessi gift kural apt..
Filler: Harappa, Mohenjdara, Hiroshima, Nagasaki in remo song (as felt like VS)
Fight: I enjoy good fight in movies. Here, avlo pikala..Martial arts fight was shot well but some portions were not natural.

Anyway, I had a good time watching a tamil movie- 3 hrs ponadhey theriyala!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Embarrassment - a selfconscious distress

Embarrassment is such a situation that you would never want in your life.. I had such a situation recently wherein it was neither due to myself nor by my friends. Asking who is it????? Read ahead...

I am planning to join a new lab in the near future and I had to meet my new mentor M) to get introduced to people there. I had been to his office and we had this welcoming talk ' Hi Priya .. we would love to have you with us bla bla.." and me " its my pleasure.. thanks...etc" Then, tring ... tring...(phone call)

Voice : We are calling from U.K Animal house. All (except one) of the mice in cage 'xyz' of yours are pregnant"
M : (furiously) What???? I just can't believe..
M got back to me: Priya, let me introduce u to people in my lab and I have to talk to a new student in my lab.

I followed him along. Got introduced to everyone. Finally was this student he mentioned. Ms Y - She is neither an indian, nor american..edho european country! She is chinna ponnu and she looked pretty with loose hair, great skin and nice outfit..

Me: Hi
Y: (in a low tone, softly with her head facing down) Hi
My Vennai(as like kay): Ivlo shyaa???...Why can I never be like that?...ipdi dhaan pasangala mayaka try pannuvaangalo...
M: This is Priya and she is from that lab ..etc..He went on....on.
Y: (Just a small smile! smile maadhiri onnu )....
My Vennai: Smile kooda kanjamaa...idhu romba over!! ennala mudiyaadhu paa!!
She spoke something. Her tone, accent and voice were so odd and I had to keenly watch her to understand her.
My Vennai: Idhu shyaa theriyalaye priya.. koncham edho thappu panna lookaa iruke!!!.Experimenta sodhapitaa pola irukku!! Nammalum sodhappina ipdi dhaan moonji vechikanum.. appo dhaan men paavamnnu uttuduvaangalo?!!

Vasagargale!! This is for you to understand better!! In general, we buy mice from animal house when they are young and sort them in cages, say like 5 mice in a cage and let them get acclimated till they become adults (may be around for 3-5weeks). Then, we use for expts. We just buy mice of the specific gender we are interested in, based on our experimantal need. Each cage has rats of the same gender. In this lab, recently they used pregnant mice for their expt. So, kutti ilavasam illaya!!! So, they designed another expt for these where they allowed the litters to grow up and then they planned to use that. Those are the kuttis in 'xyz' cage.

M: I got a message from animal house that mice in cage xyz are pregnant.. They are the ones which are the litters of the pregnant mice used in previous expt before 2 months right!!
Y:(hesitantly with self conscious distress) Yeh!!
M: Then how come they are pregnant?
Udane en kurukku buddhi answera kandupidichiduthu!!!
My Vennai: Priya, shhh.. ne dirtyyaa yoasikadha.wait and see...I felt sorry for Y. Saadhu ponnu !!
Y :(starts hesitantly) I had ...I did separate the litters when they were born..But I am sorry ..some how I could not...It is due to the brother...
My Vennai: Your guess was absolutely right Priya!!!!! (I was giggling like anything within myself....)
M was asking Y to explain..paavam avar saadhuvaa irundhar!! avalukka - romba kashtam..enakka - peche varala (rare moment). Oru vazhiyaa he understood. The worst thing was he thought I didnot understand

M: Did you understand what happened?
Me: Yeh..
My Vennai: Idhu kooda puriyaadhu enakku.. Y, while separating newly born male and female litters (from preg mouse cage) made a mistake and she left one male with 4 of his sisters. andha brother ella sister kittayum velaya kaatitaan..adhaane!!!

M (freea vidala) : (Trying to explain me that..I was embarrased to listen to the whole thing. But manasukkula sama sirippu..But I listened..)
Finally, M asked a question to me. Idhaan weightu!!!
M: Did you understand How was that?
I thought that to be two sentences and I answered!!!
ME: Oh yeh !! that was funny..
M: No expression on his face....Gave a thoughtful Berkeley look..he was thinking something further...(enakku mudhala puriyala..aprom purinjudhu) Then he stared like why am I saying so.
Now I was totally embarrased due to myself..Worstu!!!
Y: Smiled finally..
Aprom, I understood that "Oho, when we get educated better (after entering into PhD), we should also think about the incident instead of just enjoying the fun like a common man..

Yeh!! you may never know who can embarrass you at what moment and what will you learn from where !!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Dinesh has tagged me and I am here in response to that..

I have always wanted to read books...But, somehow I have never learned to prioritize that. Indiala - Veetla -when ever I try to sit with a book (which is not relevant to studies), I can see my amma giving a D look and Thatha/ paati will start yelling repeatedly.. "Kadhai book padikaadha..waste of time..Koncham veetlu velai sei". Mathavangalukku pidakkam idha en seiyanumaannu thonum. So,Booka padhileye stop paniduven.. Andha vishayathula nalla peru vaangitomnu nenchipen ( But aprom dhaan puriyudhu that you can never make a parent feel that my daughter is obeidient :))

BITSla naan irundha wing oru 'worst'(samathu pasanga) wing. There were many ammas and thathas in my wing (my wingees)..MNB padichaa kooda adha ooru muzhuka thambattam kotti thappunnuvaanga..adhoda illaama B.Pharmkku biobackground kammiyoda ponathunaala maathadhu ellam padikaama subject concentrate panna vendiyaadha pochu!!

Even now, I hardly make time to read books.. But that doesn't mean I dont buy them. I buy them, read for a while and it will sleep in shelves..

Total books I own:
Around 15-20 books..adhuve thedi paakanum.. lots of medicine related books (not toxicology)

Last book I bought:
Stillness speaks by Eckhart Tolle.. Still under pooja

Books I read:

Completed (read in 2004 Mar): The five love languages By Gary Chapman.
Personality Plus

Incomplete:I can say many here..

Ponniyin selvan-120 pages
Roadless travelled -45 pages
Power of Now (idhuvum sooper book)-2 chapters
Nandhi kalambakam - sama book idhu- 2 chapters
Kala megapular thani paadal- 4 chapters (Sooper book)- Orlandola padichen!!!
Akanaanooru - 10 page.
puranaanooru (bore adikaraan) -2 page.
Freedom at midnight- 40 pages
and the list goes on..

Book I was gifted:

Personality Plus..(idha fulla padhichen)
Recently oru vegetraian cookery book (international food) heehee..

Books I wish to read/complete:

I always love to read tamil literature books..Adhuvum marabu kavidhaigal..I am reading 'Kalamegapulavar thanipaadalgal' and I wish to complete that.
Aprom, I wish to complete reading ponniyin selvan...aana idhe pacela pona innum 4 varusham aagum:)

My Romba naal assaigal :

Read Iymperum Kaapiyangal b4 my lifespan...
Mudinja 'Padhinen Kizhkanakku' books ellathayum own pannum, aprom padikanum...
Read atleast oru robin cook book FULLA b4 i complete PhD.
Read Thirukural fully (know the meaning).
Oru Sidney shelton bookayaadhu fulla padikanum. Avar booka padika nenakarache dhaan engirundho time waste panra guilt feel samya varum

Books that meant so much to me:
The five love languages
Ponniyin far as I have read, I like it so much
Power of NOW- It takes you to a different world

En aim:
So, nan aarambhicha books ellathayum koncham konchamaa padichu MUDIKANUM.
aprom romba naal aasaikalai pathi yosikanum..

I would like to tag Venky

Guys, compile a similar list and keep the tag going around!!!!