Thursday, June 23, 2005


Anniyan - The first Tamil movie screened at Lexington.

In srirangam temple, you are supposed to visit 'Thuluka Naachiyyaar' sannidhi and then only, get the darshan of Ranganathar.. Adhu maari, for the past three weeks, I get up, listen to anniyan songs and only after that, I get ready for lab.. Great expectations!!! Yeh, I finally watched the movie.

Movie: Another 'Indian - Ramana' masala. Though the concept was not new, I thought it was ok.

Concept: The 'iyengar saadhu' vikram conveyed nicely that "If everyone does a mistake, it may not become right'. The '5 kaasa, 5 kodiper, 5 kodi murai thirudina chinna thappu Periyaa thappu aagum' example would reach even the illiterate.Good!!

Acting: Vikram and Vivek - sooper. Sadhaa - Konchamaadhu dance panna try panniyirukalam..( thalaivi sim irundhirundha kalaki irupaanga). Actkku badhil overaction varudhu paatu paadarache.. Charlie did his small role quite well. 'Puzzle' Prakashraj was okay.

Script: I liked Vikram's portion of the script esp. when they show heights of his perfection when he writes love letter. But, split personalitynnu therinja udane namma prabhu 'chandramukhi'la "enna kodumai sir idhu"nnu oru azhukai azhuvaar- Inga sadhaa/ vikram's appa rolela oru sad reactione illa..highly unnatural.
Many subtle errors like perumal 'kubitutu' instead of 'sevichutu'

Song choreography: My greatest dissapointment was on 'Remo' song.. Though, they wanted to portary him just as rampwalk model, the music demanded better dance steps. But emaatram!!
Iyengar veetu azhage song - waste of money in all those sets - simplea half-saree/veshti pottu (nethichuti,odiyaanam pottu) kovila eduthirundhakooda bettera irundhirukkum..
kannum kannum nokia was better.
Andangkaakaha song was good but, sadhaa vaayila lipstick pottundhadhunaala vaaya moodave illa..pretty odd!!
O sukumari songla I liked the way she showed 'kaadhal sikki mukki thiki vikudha' in action!!

Lyrics/music: 'Naan thotru poven enru anjiye, en thervaiyellam otthiveikiren' - very realistic.. I just love this line and the music!!!
'Un pol azhagi ulaginil illai,inemal pirandhal adhu nam pilla' - 'nachunnu' ava beautyaa sonnan.
'Magarandha podi..vannam kondaano'- sooper.
'Thayangathey thodangattum azhakiyaa thavarugal'- cute!!!
'Andangkaakha - 'Eera udhatula soodu parappi isthiri podendi'- sama lines...Jessi gift kural apt..
Filler: Harappa, Mohenjdara, Hiroshima, Nagasaki in remo song (as felt like VS)
Fight: I enjoy good fight in movies. Here, avlo pikala..Martial arts fight was shot well but some portions were not natural.

Anyway, I had a good time watching a tamil movie- 3 hrs ponadhey theriyala!!


Subha said...

Serious-a, "Remo" song worst-u. But I thought Vikram looked cute as Remo. Sadhaa total damage. When she is told that he acts as Remo because of MPD, she smiles instead of feeling sad/shocked?????!! Avlo selfishness-a? Aaha motham, this confirms my luck with hyped movies: the more the hype, the more the dud.
But nonetheless, I enjoyed a welcome break in the middle of the week. Thanks LTCA!

Anonymous said...

What Priya? Before the movie u gave an awesome publicity and now an average review??? :)

Anyway...I felt the same way about the Remo song...they were having a difficult time dancing as if they would fall of the ramp if they took a misstep...:)


Prabu Karthik said...

i see reviews in blogs and eveyone says kinda of ok, orukka parkalaam types. but see sify/indiaglitz and u know "Anniyan", " is the next best thing after indian independence.

vikatan has given 48 marks.

i don't know if bloggers as a whole expect too much from movies or these media needs a dose of indian and anniyan medicine for bribery and corruption....

naan innum padam parkalai.

Anonymous said...

priya..dont tell me that sadha wasnt looking good.....she was looking really gr8..i can say she did her part very well...

Anonymous said...

Anniyan - Was a very average movie.
Enaku pudikala ... But Vivek performed really well :)


Priya said...

Dear Anonymous
have u seen sadha in poya poya song. she is nothing here when compared to that!!!!

Priya said...

kp, adhu LTCA committee member..idhu maayaa.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

movie is too long tats the problem, romba drag pannarathu, songs onnu kuda nalla illai, throw back to 90s style of filmmaking where songs stand out and don blend with script!

dinesh said...


Nalla review. Onnoda review a paarthapparam, I thought "enna da idhu, ivlo note pannirukka, namma kannukku idhu edhume padalaye" nu. From my side, I thought the movie was decent. Pramaadham ille. Brilliance konjam, absolutely unrealistic parts konjam, grandeur konjam (konjam ille neraya actually), good acting konjam, acting per la oppukku chappani thanam konjam, thevai illaadha sandaigal konjam, matrix/kill bill copy konjam. Indha maadhiri ellam serndha kalavai indha anniyan ! I have never been a vivek fan. But he does a terrific job in this movie I thought. Enna onnoda review la avanoda mention e kaanum ?

I was impressed by the # of people that turned out and Lexington's name on Orey perumai enakku :). Namma pora range a paartha, innum konjam naal la "Gopal pal podi" ad la vandhuruvom pola irukke :)

Muthukumar Puranam said...

A movie is just a movie. It is made with an aim to entertain and make some quick money. Ithai edho maha kaviyam mathiri en namma aalunga treat panranga..ofcourse I do accept some creaters do Kaviyams on screen..certainly not Shankar is one among them.

Prabu Karthik said...

Unga oorile "Anniyan" odara varikum idhe post dhaana?:)

TJ said...

:) The thuluka nachiyar part is sweet.

Also, in anniyan, the scene when they enter tiruvaiyaru[andha maattu vandi], seems very much to be the Mela UttaraVeedhi. Definitely thiruvaiyar doesnt have a place like that.

Generally, I rate movies in binary, and for anniyan it is 15£ in the drain :(

யாத்திரீகன் said...

எல்லோரும் படம், படத்துல இருந்த குறைகளை பற்றி பெரிசா பேசுரிங்களே

அதில் உள்ள , அந்த நல்ல கதைக்கருவை யாரவது பாராட்டுறீங்களா (என்னதான், மசாலாவா இருந்தாலும், மீண்டும் அதே மாதிரியான கதை என்றாலும்

காதல் கதை எடுத்தாலும், மீண்டும் அதே மாதிரியான கதை என்று சொல்றீங்களா ?

adi said...

Hi Priya,

I can see that our thoughts on Anniyan match very closely. Actually, on reading my review again, I get the feeling myself that I have copied it from yours!

Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

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