Saturday, June 18, 2005


Dinesh has tagged me and I am here in response to that..

I have always wanted to read books...But, somehow I have never learned to prioritize that. Indiala - Veetla -when ever I try to sit with a book (which is not relevant to studies), I can see my amma giving a D look and Thatha/ paati will start yelling repeatedly.. "Kadhai book padikaadha..waste of time..Koncham veetlu velai sei". Mathavangalukku pidakkam idha en seiyanumaannu thonum. So,Booka padhileye stop paniduven.. Andha vishayathula nalla peru vaangitomnu nenchipen ( But aprom dhaan puriyudhu that you can never make a parent feel that my daughter is obeidient :))

BITSla naan irundha wing oru 'worst'(samathu pasanga) wing. There were many ammas and thathas in my wing (my wingees)..MNB padichaa kooda adha ooru muzhuka thambattam kotti thappunnuvaanga..adhoda illaama B.Pharmkku biobackground kammiyoda ponathunaala maathadhu ellam padikaama subject concentrate panna vendiyaadha pochu!!

Even now, I hardly make time to read books.. But that doesn't mean I dont buy them. I buy them, read for a while and it will sleep in shelves..

Total books I own:
Around 15-20 books..adhuve thedi paakanum.. lots of medicine related books (not toxicology)

Last book I bought:
Stillness speaks by Eckhart Tolle.. Still under pooja

Books I read:

Completed (read in 2004 Mar): The five love languages By Gary Chapman.
Personality Plus

Incomplete:I can say many here..

Ponniyin selvan-120 pages
Roadless travelled -45 pages
Power of Now (idhuvum sooper book)-2 chapters
Nandhi kalambakam - sama book idhu- 2 chapters
Kala megapular thani paadal- 4 chapters (Sooper book)- Orlandola padichen!!!
Akanaanooru - 10 page.
puranaanooru (bore adikaraan) -2 page.
Freedom at midnight- 40 pages
and the list goes on..

Book I was gifted:

Personality Plus..(idha fulla padhichen)
Recently oru vegetraian cookery book (international food) heehee..

Books I wish to read/complete:

I always love to read tamil literature books..Adhuvum marabu kavidhaigal..I am reading 'Kalamegapulavar thanipaadalgal' and I wish to complete that.
Aprom, I wish to complete reading ponniyin selvan...aana idhe pacela pona innum 4 varusham aagum:)

My Romba naal assaigal :

Read Iymperum Kaapiyangal b4 my lifespan...
Mudinja 'Padhinen Kizhkanakku' books ellathayum own pannum, aprom padikanum...
Read atleast oru robin cook book FULLA b4 i complete PhD.
Read Thirukural fully (know the meaning).
Oru Sidney shelton bookayaadhu fulla padikanum. Avar booka padika nenakarache dhaan engirundho time waste panra guilt feel samya varum

Books that meant so much to me:
The five love languages
Ponniyin far as I have read, I like it so much
Power of NOW- It takes you to a different world

En aim:
So, nan aarambhicha books ellathayum koncham konchamaa padichu MUDIKANUM.
aprom romba naal aasaikalai pathi yosikanum..

I would like to tag Venky

Guys, compile a similar list and keep the tag going around!!!!


Prabu Karthik said...

marabu kavidhayaa? theivamae..
enakkellam chancey illai.

"power of now" sema book as you said.

sidney sheldon - cinema madhiri irukkum. namma thamizh padathukku ellam rombo help pannirukaar:-D
for eg "Rage of Angels" dhaan "makkal en pakkam".

try love story.chinna book time wastae agadhu.
ana neraya dhadavai padipeenga adhanaal waste agum.:-)

Robin cook - COMA i remember.

Anonymous said...

Konjam Utta Ezuthitey pora .. Enna sirupulla thanama erukku ....

Nee pathapu-la tamil-la evalavu mark edutha-nu vasagargalukku solliruntha unnala imberum kaapyangal padika mudiyuma mudiyatha-nu naanga solluvom !


Anonymous said...

Very frank and honest post...liked it very much as it relates to me the most.

I was allowed to read books only in the summer holidays...but I was too busy playing games and sports that I never actually developed an interest for books (except comic books more because of their graphic nature.)

Nowadays, I too start reading a book but never finish it...though u r far least u remember the name of the book that u left incomplete...:)


Priya said...

prabhu karthik,
i will take ur suggestion.. kutti book try panren..

vasu, enna pathi enna nenache .. naan 12thla tamilla state 3rd rank theriyuma???? (190/200)

kp, i remember those books because i own them and whenever i clean my shelves, they ask me " When will you open me Mayaa??"

யாத்திரீகன் said...

திருக்குறள், முழுதும் அர்த்துடன் படிக்க, வாலியின் திருக்குறள் பொழிப்புரையான, வள்ளுவம் என்னும் நூல் கிடைத்தால் படிக்கவும்.

பொன்னியின் செல்வன், மிகவும் அருமையான புத்தகம், 4 வருடங்கள் ஆனாலும் படித்து முடியுங்கள் :-))))

Anonymous said...

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