Thursday, July 28, 2005

Malai nizhalin maragadha MANJAL....

Turmeric (Manjal) is the most IMPORTANT & AUSPICIOUS substance in every Hindu function. I thought that we should all know something about it.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a member of the ginger family and has long been used for healing. Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and other traditional medicine systems practiced in India have relied on this pungent spice for centuries

In India (and to some extent in China), turmeric has been used for centuries to treat indigestion and a host of other ailments. But it was considered only a culinary spice in many other parts of the world until the early 1970s, when laboratory researchers discovered notable inflammation-fighting compounds called curcuminoids in the herb.

Researchers discovered that turmeric (especially the curcumin component) has rich stores of antioxidants (disease fighting substance) which mop up unstable oxygen molecules (called free radicals) that can otherwise damage cells and cause diseases such as cancer. Antioxidants are also powerful preservatives, which help to explain why turmeric has long been sprinkled on food to help retain its freshness.

In animal studies and human trial, turmeric also showed promise in lowering cholesterol levels and fighting atherosclerosis, a buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries that can lead to heart attack. It effect on neurologic diseases, such as Multiple sclerosis and even Alzheimer's, was spurred by the realization that elderly Indian populations that consume considerable amounts of turmeric in their diet are far less likely than their Western counterparts to develop such ailments.

Today, turmeric is widely recommended for treating stomach ulcers and skin infections, arthritis, and joint inflammation, ease indigestion, excess gas (flatulence), bloating, and other mild stomach upset and prevents cancer

Also, yellow color (paint) is generally used to give caution as yellow color causes cooling stimulation in the brain. Each and every one of us emit brain wave and the wavelength differs from person to person. The benefit of regularizing ones own brain wave length is activated for those who apply it regularly. And to regularize the wave length hindu women used to apply kum kum made out of pure turmeric. Also, it seems, it is very difficult to hypnotize or mesmerize a person who applies turmeric spot regularly in one's fore head.

Many communities from South India apply turmeric paste in their fore head. I heard that this strengthens their brain wave length and also it avoids scattering wave and sends signals in a focused manner.

Biopiracy has been happening to patent manjal and its uses by researchers at U.S though many people don't actually know its use. Steps are being taken by indian activists to stop such things...

Anyways, let's hereafter use manjal, get antioxidants, fight against diseases and take care of ourselves!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Acceptance - the strength!!!

We all have lost something, sometime, somewhere!!! No matter whatever it is, we have all lost it!!!

Sometimes, we realise that we lost it just immediately after it is actually lost.This is really shocking and we tend to feel it like a spark - xtremely painful and we may feel so much for it but we may tend to forget them soon. Say for example, we loose a precious materialistic possession/ sudden death/ loss of our close people.

Sometimes, we can feel while we are actually loosing it!!! That is really a long lasting pain and you just can't bear those moments. Its unimaginably painful and you can't hold the loss. You can't let it go.. You can't do anything about it also. You think about it day in and day out inspite of your routine/ schedule!!! You can't do anything properly!!! You can't show it anywhere too!!! Say for example, thinking about the loss of somebody with some uncurable disease or loosing an argument or spoiling the first game in a series and feeling the overall loss (though how much so ever you fair better in the next ones, you will end up loosing).

Another case is where you dont even feel you have lost it, though, others say that you have lost it..this is a bliss !!! Typical examples are the complaints from parents /friends that 'you dont behave respectfully / you were not careful abt money etc.'

No matter what ever you loose or whatever path you are while losing, 'acceptance' is something which has to be learnt. Infact, many people, during arguments, when they are actually getting convinced by the opposite one's sensible, logical explanation , they can't accept it. Rarely I see people saying from 'this is only right' confessing 'hey, i never thought this way.. yeh u r actually right'. Instead, they either get too verbose or say something and prove that they are also not wrong!!!They can't accept that they have to loose the argument as the opponent's words are much more logical!!

Learning to accept that it is not there has to come from 'self'(may be that is called maturity). Lamentations or sharing grieves, though may be soothing, can reduce the intensity of the lessons (of acceptance) you ought to learn from the loss. This is because sorrows love company and when you get company, you want to enjoy the feel of being sorrowful.. Believe me, though many of us claim that we don't like to be sad, we all love to stay and enjoy the sadness though it may not be in the crowd!!! Its a nice feeling but you can progress nowhere due to some of its components like selfpity and inferiority complex!! Its very easy to talk or even understand what is happening to you. But you won't practically implement it, as your mind needs something to chew and relish the sadness!!!

Once we learn to accept it, we can get going. Not that you will forget it, but you will accept it. Believe me, its THE strength!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Strange feel - songs !!!

When I listen to some songs, I imagine that something is happening to me/around me...some are pretty weird !!

I was listening to this song 'Noodhanaa noodhana'. When I listen to this, I get this 'Uyir oosalaadum' feel - engeyo oru edathula konchamaa uyira otti innoru pakathula pidichu izhukaara maari oru feel. Song pooravum andha pull irukum!!! This song brings a kutti smile on my face when I enjoy the lyrics. (The love is described neatly with very less obscenity which is also perfectly hidden under beautiful and dynamic tune )

When I hear the song 'Pudhu kaadhal kaalam idhu', I feel I am on a giant wheel and I am dropped from top.. Infact, i think this song can take anyone out of unbearable sadness/heavyness and make you light..

The song 'Pulveli Pulveli' makes me feel like I am moving into a forest with lots of herbs, shrubs and trees. Edho kaatu vaasi maari wander panra maari oru feel !!!

The song 'Manmadha Raasa' makes me feel that I am sitting on fire and I just cant listen to it fully!!!!

Last but not the least, the song from thiruvasagam 'puvekonum konum..' mesmerises me so much that if I close my eyes, I am swapped by some people to some other world.
'Senroothaai' pull again makes me do some swinging!!!!
and 'putril vaaz aravum anjen' made me cry and cry for no reason (a different feel). It would help you identify your 'self' and the bhakthi is inculcated implicitly with no efforts!!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Strange loss !!!

Today, I came towards the elevator in a dull mood and I was waiting for it to open..The light was on. It never opened. I thought I should push the button and pushed it again and again but it never opened .." Ennada idhu koncham munnadi kooda vela senchudhu, whats wrong. Am I in my senses??" After the confusion, I realized that the problem was not on me..It was not working!!

Vaazhkaiyla makkal 'edha enga eppo'tholapaangannu sollave mudiyaadhu!!!!You may never know what good/ bad would follow it!!! But its amazing to see that an incident may cause some good to one and some problems to others and it does not affect some at all.

Namma TOX thalaivar, adhaan 'v', soga mugathoda labkku vandhaar!!!
me:Elevator vela seiyalaye Paathiyaa!!!
V: Adha en kekara priya!!!

V panna kadhaiya kelunga!!!

V ponnunga kitta sama scene poduvaar (sorry, etiquettes paarpar) - opening /holding /closing the door/elevator etc.. V came to the elevator and saw a lady rushing towards the elevator..sir gudugudunnu poyi he blocked the elevator from closing.. That lady entered in and pressed the close button immediately..ayya 'kai' maatikumnnu bayandhu vedukkunnnu kai edhthaar.. kaiyla irundha cell phone vizhundhudhu..

Elevatorla thaanennu kepeenga!!! No!!!it was neither outside nor inside the elevator It was into the elevator.. Adhaavadhu Elevatorrukku ulla... Elevatorukkulla andha kutti groovela epdithaan vizhumo??? Adhu azhagaa ground floor varaikkum ponadha vera paarthaaraam namma v!!! erkanave samathiya 'paathram' rangekku adivaangi 'dent'ulla phone adhu!!Paavam elevator groundla anaadhayaa kedakku!!!

one good thing was 'En dullnes poyi naan vayiru valikka sirichu sirichu bloge ezhuthiten!!!' Aana paavam 'dept'e padi eri poguthu 'v' naala!!

Vaazhkaiyala phonea ipdi kooda tholaika mudiyum makkale!!! Aana mani adichaa eduka mudiyaadhu!! Sorry v !! Un sogatha bloga ezhudhiten. My deepest condolences!!!!