Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lab Kadhai

Enough of all 'soga' blogging!!! Lab kadhai koncham eduthu udaren!!

Pudhu labla, people are very nice here but ore communication comedy...

Indha Pudhu labla naan pesardhu yaarukumee puriyala!! Infact, I am learning to speak differently with different people. Labla amerikaiyaa pesara europeans, cheena tanas, americans ellaam irukaanga..Alreadyee I speak oru maadhiriyaa Customized english!! Ippo kekave vendaam..sodhappal queen ippo naan!!!

When you say 'Hi' to the european, he gives a 'D' look and says 'Good morning' and every evening I am wished 'GOodnight'.

I am like 'I have a long evening to go... why goodnight so soon '.

Next indha ooru makkal...As per Indian standards, I don't speak fast. When people call me fast, I try to make it slow or try to split the word into syllables when I spell - Say 'Venkatakrishnan' as "ven ka ta kri sh nan" to make it easier....But,that makes it worser!!!They are like 'what???'

I repeat..repeat and repeat.

Aprom indha 'cheena thaana'!! Inga en nilamai worst!!! They start guessing what I say, even before I speak a sentence. You speak a long sentence / or a small one - they would just smile! Sometimes, Jokee puriyalanaa kooda adhe smile dhaan!!! When I have not understood some bosy else's joke and I ask them, they coolly say 'its american joke' and just stay mum.

I am like 'ennada idhu, appo en siricheenga!!!'

Indru oru sooper sambhavam!!!

I had some urgent work this morning that I planned to go late. I thought of informing the people. When I dialed, a cheena tana(C) picked up the phone. I started the conversation
P: Hi, I am Priya here.
C:'Wait' (Phone on hold). He started looking out for me in lab.

I was like 'Hey, naan inga dhaanda iruken.. Just pick up the phone'. He came after a while

C: Priya has not yet come. (epdi varuven.. I am here)

Again.I had to repeat and make him understand that I am Priya!!! I repeat words again and again now a days that I feel that If God has destined me to speak x crore number of words in my life span (say 60 years), I will complete them by 30 years only.. aprom oomaiyaa dhaan iruka poren!!!


TJ said...

Unga joke kuku C stylea respond panna try panrein ;)
Nice post!! More of the lab prathapangal puleezz..

Prabu Karthik said...

yedho sardarji joke mahiri irukku lab cheena thana jokes

Priya said...

hmnnn ennavo ponga!!! vaazhkaiye visithramaa irukku!!!!

Kay said...

Lol Very funny.
Enjoy ur new lab ;)

Priya said...

vaazhkai epdi visithramaa irukkunnu paaka vandhiyaa kay!!!!!

Vivek Writes said...

Stop being mean to your lab mates!! Poor Chinese guy... seen a few like them myself.

Anonymous said...

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