Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Untagging Myself !!

Well, I am here to untag myself. I have always believed that putting your thoughts in writing would make things clear for you. So I thank tj for making me think about myself what I am and what I always wanted !!

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Visit Europe - Go to Luxemburg, The Netherlands (where my friend Ram lived) , Greece ( travel thru waterways), Eat at Indian restaurants at vienna, see the midnight sun at sweden, visit Rome and have fun!!!
2. Write a cookery book - traditional and modern mentioning the need/use of ingredients !!
3. Read many tamil literature books esp. Pathinen Keezhkanakku noolgal. Thiruvasagam/kalamegapular paadalgal are some which kindled my interest in reading tamil to understand bhakthi - Manam 'pulahaangitham' adaiyardhunna ennannu kaatiya books!
4.Take 1 month break from everything atleast once a year and visit a remote kshetram with a huge karungkal kovil in Tamilnadu and rent a 'ottu veedu', cook and eat, live there - no electronic gadgets - melliaya kaathu veesa adha easy-chairla ukkandhu anubavikkanum - just visit that temple every morning and evening "oonuruga 'uyir'uruga thaen tharum thadaagame" nnu meimarandhu kadavula dharsanam seyyannum - in the free time should take tuition for the village kids. I wish to visit atleast 50 places some of which are Thirunageswaram, Vaidheeswaran kovil, Thirukovilur, Sooriyanaar kovil, Vaazhaikurichi, Ambaasamudram (Enga sondha oor), Thirukoshtiyur, Thanjavur periya kovil, Vellore Jalagandeshwarar kovil, Thirumallaii vaiyaavur.. I am so excited when I am just writing about this.
5. Learn all non superstitious traditions, customs, traditional music and practices from previous generations and teach interested people !!
6. Through Sahaayaa, the organization I recently set up, I would like to help as many children as possible with the aid of good people and come up with an ashram of just few children who will not just be given basic amenities but also value based education and vocational training, moral guidance and care !! Do set up a community welfare center in india with gym, yoga center, art and handicraft classes.This is such a long term aasai since childhood and I am happy that I have started the initial steps! If interested in helping, please contact me!
7. Bring my parents once to U.S.

7 things I can do:
1.Can cook variety and eat happily
2.Can sit with book/ painting for hours
3.Can infect enthusiasm on others anytime
4.Can keep myself busy wherever/ however I am.
5.Can plan many things at a time and accomplish most of them w/o getting aluppu ..
6.Can sleep even a full day (24 hrs)
7.Can hurt myself easily

7 things I can't do:
1.Can't control my anger on people who can't respect others feelings (likes/ dislikes)
2.Can't go to bed at 9.00pm
3.Can't live on bread/buns/any junk food more than a day
4.Can't understand electricity and magnetism
5.Can't stop worrying until I find a solution
(can't develop 'nalai sangadhi naalaikku paathukalaam' attitude)
6.Can't listen to vocal music and study simultaneously
7.Can't bear with not genuine, boastful people

7 things I say the most:
1.Chance illa !!
(On admiration)
2.Kadavule !
3.Seriously !
4.Mandai kaayardhu (I say this now a days)!!
5.Aneeyaayam / thaangala !!
6.Eruma kadaa (chellamaa); dog !!
7.Hello and bye ( on phone >= 10 times a day & in person >= 10 people a day)(thaangalayaa!!!)

7 things that attract me to opposite sex:



Calmness ! ( and a nature that doesnot allow to talk nastily )

Kuripu arindhu seyalpadhudhal (attentive/ staying sensitive and reacting accordingly) !!

Healthy sense of humor !

Paechil Nidhanam !

Unbiased respect for others feelings !

Celebrity crushes:

1. Shahrukh Khan
(I was mad for no reason i can think of ...owned a poster of 5 ft - have celebrated his birthday at midnight , distributed 5 star chocolates for 4 yrs in undergrad; Innukku ' baazigar ' paathalum ' maalai maalaiyaa' azhuven avan saagaraannnu !! )
2. Boris Becker (Chinna vayasu crush) and 'Ivanisevic'
(koncha naal)
3. Actor Vikram ( ever favy )

I tag Vasu, Badhri, Dinesh, Ashok . Let's see what they say!!


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Badhri said...

The comments you got are what I called spams. Ive got some too! So, this blog is what you have been doing last night!

TJ said...

Tag mudichadhukku Nandri...
Accept my heartfelt wishes for the sahaaayaa initiative.
Keep up the noble work!!

Anonymous said...

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Priya said...

Yeh badhri,
its true!! even before i was done with editing the blog, i got these spam comments..

do any know how to avoid this???

Thanks and as I was struck with other work, i could not do it faster. Thanks for wishes for Sahaayaa !

TJ said...

Using the word verification on the comments, controls spams. It is effective and i have got rid of all the spams.[though ego gets a hit with lesser number of comments ;)]

Badhri said...

To this date, I have not heard of a non-superstitous tradition. For that matter, I have not met a non-superstitious person.

Priya said...

aniyaayam badhri,
veetla amma appa follow panra ellame non superstitiousa theriyardha unakku!!!
Just think carefully!! we can seperate them out !!

Prabhu said...

intha blog oda title'e konjam galeej a irukka mari iruku (untagging myself ;)

erumai kadaa appadina dog'a ?

Priya said...

i will try to use verification and see what happens..

un budhi poradhu paaren!!

Sriram C S said...

Hi, came into your BLOG through Kasthuri's BLOG. The current post has had me riveted. Really interesting to see someone who has as much affinity as me to read Bakthi literature in Tamil and travel around Tamilnadu temples. neenga soldra ellA edaththukkum naan yearly once poi viduven!! All the best for the Saahayaa initiative. Also please visit my BLOG(s) (There are three of them.) sometime!!

Anonymous said...

hey priya,
quite interesting blog.
was just surfing the net and saw ur blog.

is sahaya international and sahaayaa any way related

just wondering.
if both are different may be u guys can talk with each other and I believe u can make some difference in the society.

carry on with ur good job.


Jayalakshmi said...

Very nice blog. I stumbled upon it when I was searching for Bhrathiyar padalgal. I liked your "things i don't like" list. Eventhough I am one generation ahead, I felt you reflected what I can't stand. Though I am supposed to be elderly, I still can't stand things..:-). Felt good that there are people out there who feel like I do.

I can't express myself well, but I appreciate your writings. Your Tamilkkalvi too is good. Enjoy.

God bless

Priya said...

Thank you Ms Jayalakshmi

Anonymous said...

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