Wednesday, October 05, 2005

En Nanju Undeer Ayya

I am very impressed with the lyrics and the music of the song ' En palli Kondeeraiyya'. Its an amazing song written by Arunachalakavirayar which has innovative interpratation of why Lord Vishnu is in ananthasayana pose, adoring the leela and saahasaas of the Lord. I was listening to this sung by Bombay sisters.( Sudha ragunathan has also sung in different music and its amazing too).

It just struck my head this morning to try writing such innovative interpretation of leelas of Lord Shiva in a similar tune. I came up with this , this morning. I guess you can try singing in any of the tunes ( Sudha / Bombay sisters). I tried Bombay sisters tune and it worked fine.

( The one after bars in the lyrics are those which can be interchangebly used and I thought both verses are equally apt at that place . Thats why I am giving both)

Note: The interpretation I have given for Lord shiva to drink visham is basically not the real reason for him to drink visham..

Similarly, in that song ' en palli..' , Lord Vishnu was not tired/worried of killing kalinga or kamsa etc and went back to rest. The author just interprets some reasons and asks if they are the reasons for his act using his innovative skills and indirectly say his laurels.

So,here , the act of drinking visham is not due to any of the reasons listed by me. Its just the interpretation I have given. So, please dont think they are the real reasons for him to drink visham!!!

Tamil In English :
En Nanju undeer ayya,
Neer En Nanju undeer ayya !

Nanjum thaane ezha, parkadal naduvile
Avatharithu ange adhanai Nodiyile
En Nanju undeer ayya!!!
( When 'mandira' mountain was used as 'mathu' and 'Vaasuki' serpant was used as 'rope' to get 'Amritha', aalakaala visham / nanju came up in 'paarkadal' and Lord shiva came there and swallowed it)

Pithan endru aanathinaale
kallaal adipattu nondheero!
( Sakkiya Nayanar, a Buddhist , adored Lord Siva. He threw a stone at the Lord inadvertently during meditation at the sanctum, which the Lord accepted as a form of worship. That had becoem his daily form of worship.The Lord was pleased. I interpret as the ill treatment he got though not exactly so )
Peyan Endra peyar petru
sudalai kaathu nondheero!

( I mean the vettiyaan job)
Paaramindri asurarkkum varamalithu
vandha vinaiyaal nondheero !

(I mean the tharakaasuran story who turned against Lord and ran behind him to destroy God after getting varam )
Jathisei kaalinaal oorthavathaal
kaaliiyai vendru nondheero

(Here I mean the dance competetion between Nataraja and Kali where he did the 'oorthavathandava' pose which is a typical men posture and thereby won his spouse which I write here as ' he might feel bad for competeing against his dearest wife' )
Ambaal adipatto!!
(Kamadeva pierced Shambu (Lord shiva) causing him to break the vow of celibacy and fall for the Paarvati, the daughter of Himalaya)
Vedanaal udhai paato!!
(Kannappa nayanaar, a hunter, saw blood from the eyes of Shiva Linga and gave an eye. When he found another eye of the linga to shed blood, he decided to pierce his second eye and to place his eyes on to the lings eyes, for knowing the location, he kept his leg near Lord's eyes which i interpret as 'udhai patto')
Avvapodhu Umaiyaipp pirindho!! / use ' aanaadhaiyaai ninrathinaalo'
( In most Thiruvilaiyaadalkal I have read, I have found that some fight would come between Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma and she would be sent to the earth. Later he would come to earth, give darshan to devotees and marry Uma. I just interpret that he is pretty upset because of that )
Thiruvottudan bhikshai aando!!
( Bhiksshatanaar is the form of Lord Shiva where he went on streets begging arms . This form is to explain the sages that God is the supreme and not the Karma as during those period, sages stopped worshipping God and were just performing karma)
Bhagirathanukkaai azhagu gangaiyai keezh alitha varuthamo!!
( / Mukkanninaal neer sindhiyum um vedhanai theeravillayo!!)
( Bhagirathan prayed God and ask for Ganga to be flown on earth which was primarily on Lord shiva's head . I tried to say he is kindaa upset on that ) / (/ Lord has 3 eyes including netrikan.I interpreted that he is extemely upset and he cried with all 3 eyes and still he is upset. So, he had visham)
Vadivillaamal makkal thudhikkum varuthamooo!!
(/ Ithanai kodumayaal manam ooyavillayooo!!)
(People dont pray Lord Shiva in a form other than Linga. I tried to say he is kindaa upset on that)!
En Nanju undeer ayya,
Neer En Nanju undeer ayya !


ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா
நீர் ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா !!

நஞ்சும் தானே எழ, பாற்கடல் நடுவிலே,
அவதரித்து அங்கே அதனை நொடியிலே
ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா !

பித்தன் என்று ஆனதினாலே
கல்லால் அடிபட்டு நொந்தீரோ!
பேயன் என்ற பெயர் பெற்று
சுடலை காத்து நொந்தீரோ!!

பாரமின்றி அசுரர்க்கும் வரமளித்து
வந்தவினை கண்டு நொந்தீரோ!
ஜதிசெய் காலினால் ஊர்த்தவத்தால்
காளியை வென்று நொந்தீரோ!!

அம்பால் அடிபட்டோ!!
வேடனால் உதை பட்டோ!!
அவ்வப்போது (உ)மையைப் பிரிந்தோ!!
திருவோட்டுடன் பிட்சை ஆண்டோ!! (/ use அநாதையாய் நின்றதினாலோ!!)

பகிரதனுக்காய் அழகு கங்கையை கீழ் அளித்த வருத்தமோ !!
( / use முக்கண்ணினால் நீர் சிந்தியும் உம் வேதனை தீரவில்லையோ!!)
வடிவில்லாமல் மக்கள் துதிக்கும் வருத்தமோ !!
(/ use இததனை கொடுமையால் மனம் ஓயவில்லையோ!!)

ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா
நீர் ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா !!


Priya said...

verification enabled

Anonymous said...

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Jeevan said...

nice written, u r very talented. This is the first time to hear why shiva dring Poison. I had a doubt for many times, why Lord Shiva drink poison, today i got the answer.

Ravi said...

Wow Priya, I just love Lord Shiva and your posting came as a nice read!!

But just a small apprehension on Kannapar - he just placed his leg on Shiva's eye so that he doesn't miss placing it in the right place after removing his second eye. Saying this as 'udhai pattu...', sorry somehow I am not able to accept that!

Anyway, I appreciate your 'love' for Tamizh. Please do keep it up!

Subha said...

I enjoyed this but some small corrections:
"Villaal adipatto" might be "Ambaal adipatto".
And theologically, the differences between "Uma" as in wife of Shiva and "Kali" are vast. Both of them are manifestations of "parasakthi" but Kali can never be said to be Uma.

Vishnu is said to be the protector of this world. Hence, there are times when he has to take drastic steps to save the world. Hence, the song "Yen Palli Kondeerayya" on Vishnu..Perhaps that might explain why there's no song like that on Shiva (so far)?!! Just a wild guess.

Anonymous said...

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Priya said...

jeevan ,
thanks. but please take a note of the ' note ' portion in my blog
subha ,
i have made the correction . thanks di

Priya said...

remember that the interpretation i have given are not the real reasons for him to drink visham..
similarly, vishnu was not tired/worried of killing kalinga or kamsa and went back to sleep.
act of ananthasayana by vishnu/ act of drinking visham is not due to any of the reasons listed by arunachalakavirayar/ either me.

its just the interpretation.
so when i say udhaipatto,he didn't intentionally mean to hit lord shiva.

subha ,
ambaal adipatto shud be fine.
i know that kali and parasakthi aare different forms as a part of thiruvilayaadal but basically its all shakti right.. sivakami right!!!i just wanted to interpret that he is upset may be for these reasons. anyway, i changed it to kali

i think its not a must that every song should be for both deity..i was pretty familiar with the tune and i was gazing at nataraja statue and just wrote .. nothing like to have one for him in competance..

யாத்திரீகன் said...

pretty interesting priya...

cauz.. i had never come across a new devotional tamil work in recent past...

arumaiya vandhu iruku.. aana.. adhu aanmigathula irupathunaala ennala muzhumaiya rasika mudiyala :-)

யாத்திரீகன் said...

btw.. ella comment section-layum word verification enabled un comment thaan irukay thavira word verification kanamay...

thennavan said...

Fantastic. Here is one that I composed off-the-cuff on Shiva after seeing your poem:

Shivam adhai ninaiththu
Thavam adhil nilaiththu
Varam aruLa
Varum perumaanai
Siram thaazhththi vanangugiren


Priya said...

verification ra worda use panna spam commentsa avoid pannlaamnnu kelvipateen..just adhukkaaga andha mention!!

that is awesome!!!

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Priya - good one :)

"பித்தன் என்று ஆனதினாலே
கல்லால் அடிபட்டு நொந்தீரோ"

When did our thalai get beaten by stones?

"அம்பால் அடிபட்டோ!!
வேடனால் உதை பட்டோ!!"

Are u mentioning the incident that happened with Arjuna - where Lord Shiva fights with him and then grants him the parashu weapon?

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Than pillaikalin pasiyai pokka
Veyililum Malaiyilum Nindru,
Jnana Paal thaarum
En thaayai,
Isanai Potri Potri!

- My verse dedicated to my Mother,Father,Friend,Philosopher, Guru and "I" - Lord Arunachala

Priya said...

i am sorry that i did not mention abt that kallaal adipatta story. i have added now...

" Sakkiya Nayanar, a Buddhist (was not happy being so), adored Lord Siva. He threw a stone at the Lord inadvertently during meditation at the sanctum, which the Lord accepted as a form of worship. It became a daily worship practice for him. The Lord was pleased"

villal adipattu..i meant only the manmadan story which i already mentioned..but after u said , i realize that we can interpret with arjuna's ganadeepam story also..

Priya said...

that dedication is nice!!!
enna father, mother..etc ellathayum avarnnu solreenga! avlo bhakthiyaa..hmnn

Arjuna_Speaks said...

enna priya appadi ketitinga :) - check my post:

Arunachala is everything! :)

Arjuna_Speaks said...

btw - neenga ellarum kavithai eluthuringanu naanum oru kavithai eluthiten - appadiye bharathiyar kavithai mathri - check it out :))

Sriram C S said...

@Priya - Super attempt. Nice vanja pugazhchi style! BTW, some suggestions. நஞ்சும் தானே எழ, பாற்கடல் நடுவிலே,
அவதரித்து அங்கே அதனை நொடியிலே
ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா ! In this line when you say அங்கே அதனை and then come up with ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா , there is a bit of redundancy. The word பாரமின்றி in the line பாரமின்றி அசுரர்க்கும் வரமளித்து can be replaced with bEthaminRi. Next to that, check out the post on composing written by Padmasaniji. She has given instructions on how the lyrics must be written for a musical score. I myself have to correct a lot of my songs, which is why you don't see any new songs on my BLOG. It seems composing songs outside these rules gives adverse results often. Sheesh these days I'm becoming a critic as well...

Priya said...

thanks for the link and corrections.
yeh, that redundancy had been pinching me since i wrote that.. i was kindaa leaving it free as nobody else pointed it out..infact when u sing adhanai can be replaced by adhai

and i wrote parapatcha mindri first .. then changed to paramindri.. never thot out of box.. good correction..

i will surely take note of the link..thanks again

Badhri said...

Good composition. May be you should try translating (from thamizh to thamiz..hee hee) Thiruvaimozhi. I was reading it for vijaya dussami and found it very difficult. It may be an enjoyable challange for you and a good read for us.

Priya said...

i will surely try!!! but i cannot guarantee to come up with good one!!!

Saravana Kumar said...

Good one Priya ... Seems like you like reading all these stories ... check out one of my blog for publishing these stories

krishna said...


Nice creative effort.. :)

Btw, YEn PaLi Kondieerayya is one of my favorite songs set up in Mohanam. HAve u listened to N.C VasanthaKokilams rendition of the song?

Aruna Sayeraam has also done a great job by starting off with the viruttam "Tuppudaiyarai"

Do keep posting such posts..

Ganapathy said...

Hey Priya,

This is awesome poetry. I would like to point out something. The Ganga descending out of Bagiratha's penance is a little confusing. Are you trying to say that Ganga was initially in Lord Shiva's headlocks and Bagiratha then brought her down? I think the story goes the other way....Ganga descends into Lord Shiva's hairlocks from the heavens. This is what Bagiratha does....

Anyways keep up the terrific work...

Priya said...

Thanks and to my knowledge , bhagiratha does penance and prays to lord to give ganga to earth. it comes down from shiva's head as river bhagirathi. At devaprayag, whether bagirathi and alaknandha joins, ganga is formed. Let me know if you get to know much!

Anonymous said...

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