Friday, November 11, 2005

Sindhai Sidharal - 1

Hey there!!
Have you thought of this... What can be the most horrible illness one can get?-- Cancer? Diabetes? Thyroid problem? Lactose intolerance? Gout disease? Arthritis? - yeh... these are chronic and they will cause trouble all throughout the life. According to me, the one that is most severe/ 'unbearable kodumai' is the Neuropsychiatric illness. It does not only affect one's brain/thought process but also the people around them.

Well, I want to ask you this... Have you guys had a chance to visit any mental hospital / psychiatry clinic??? If not, ask me.. I have lllots of stories to tell - the fun part and the learning part as well. I really have something to discuss and share with you all and though I am starting here with my experiences, I have something which I want to share important in the next posts..

Sari, getting back to the story..Yeh, I had the oppurtunity to visit almost all the mental hospitals/neuropsychiatry divisions at chennai right from MMC, Ramachandra (SRMC), Vadapalani Vijaya, Soorya and many kutti clinics and infact I have been to the biggest and one of the best mental hospitals - Vellore bagayam!!! Enna daa, ivlo naal oru loose ezhuthardhaya padichomnnu nenachu bayapadaatheenga!! coolap podunga!! I went there as a part of my job & not as a patient.

I took up a job in psychiatric division of a reputed company in chennai in 2001 which demanded me to meet psychiatrist and neurologists and talk about our products/ patients illness etc. - more like a Rep. but, as its a separate division, I didn't have to visit general physicians..koncham mariyaathai undu..onnum therilanaa kooda BITSnra per 'kai' kuduthu udavichu:)- and also koncham sales velai irukkum- visit pharmacies and enquire about the competetor brand, what they sell, how they do it etc.!! Sama different exposure!!! I took it up inspite of knowing that I dont know anything abt marketing / sales because I wanted to explore chennai.. All I knew was the route from Luz aanjaneyar temple( near which we lived during schooling) to gopalapuram D.A.V. Maximum 'kabaleeshwarar kovil' theriyum avlodhaan. satyam theatreukku 11th std kooda poga theriyaadhu!!

But then, my parents moved to pammal during my college days. So, I had to ride my scooty atleast 90kms / day for my job. As its psychiatry, the doctors and clinics are few and scattered. I had to meet a doctor at MMC in the morning at 8.00am, be at vadapalani vijaya at 11.00am, at surya around 12.15, then to ramachandra around 1.00(i had to rush..SRMC Canteen saapada adichuka mudiyaadhu!!), get back to best hospital choolaimedu at 3.00pm and visit some clinics at triplicane till 9.00pm and come back to my home at pammal all the way through GST road.(wow.. enna sugama kathu adikum vandi ottinaa!!!) The next day, it will be a pretty different route starting with KK nagar, T.nagar etc...though the life was tough, I enjoyed being busy to the core as that was the time I learned things like
moving out myself, eating alone in a hotel/ road side kadai (when so many 'bayangarama looking' guys stand near me) and things like initiating a conversation etc.
to be cntd..


Prabu Karthik said...

Whoa, super priya idhellam vera irukka?
fantastic. keep it coming.

Prabu Karthik said...

i still remember the early days of yr blog. naan padicha unga first post "apt lyrics" post.

aprom koncha naal aalaye kanom.

my perception of yr posts then and now are completely different :)

Priya said...

enna nenacheenga enna pathi? sollunga??:)-

Badhri said...

Let me know when you come up with the next ones. As of this one. I knew you went around chennai as part of you jobs. But never knew that yours was psychiatric division.

Priya said...

Yeh badhri,
that time you were at u.s, studying and i was at india, working. Its vice versa when I narrate this.. aandavan seyala paaren !!!

MilaRani said...


Eppadi sugam? It's really good, certainly I'll read the sequel of this story!

யாத்திரீகன் said...

post aarambichadhum..sari.. anga nadantha interesting incidents-nu nenachaen..

middle-la twist-aagi.. AG pada niyabagam varudhey paatoo-nu nenachaen...

last-la overa twist panni.. interesting incidents-la thodarumaa :-) gud gud..

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Priya - me in Chennai right now :))..Put up a new post too :)..

Sari - neenga mental hospital ponnenga sari..anga ethna peru nejamave mental aananga? atha sollunga muthala ROTFL :))

Prabu Karthik said...

rombo aasai paatu kekkareenga

"ennada indha ponnu cinema paatu pathi rendu post pottuchu.. aprom aalaye kanomey nu ninaichen"

Nanyaar? said...

Cant wait to read the contn. and trust me I have been and seen a lot of psycatric patients. The doctors are more psycked out than the patients themselfs did u notice??

Priya said...

thanks milarani!!
hope u r having gr8 time..india poyirukeengannu therinjudhu!! anga paithiyamaanadhu en manager 'en aarvakolaru paathu' and my colleagues ' en sales improvement technique paathu':)-

i actually didnt feel that i gave a break after that.. may be i was busy with exams

naan yaar,
patienrs paathu doctors mandai kaanjaanlum enakku solla maataangala..well, ungalukku epdi chance kedachudhu ??

Priya said...

anga nadanda incidents+ impo info+ fun = ozhunga equala kalandu thara theriyama edho thonradha ezhutharen!! adhaan ore confusion!!

Nanyaar? said...

oh I am ashmed to tell you.. but I am a medical student

Priya said...

en ashamed??mmmm

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