Monday, November 14, 2005

Sindhai Sidharal -2

Well, apart from roaming out in Chennai, I have had interesting things happening at the work spot as well!! As you all might be aware that there are many neuro psychiatric disorders such as Schizophrenia, depression (mild/moderate/severe), Bipolar disorder (Mania/Depression), psychosis. These illness may be genetic but mostly, it is due to environmental surroundings. Precisely, it (illness/ biological changes) occurs /aggravates / weakens to a greater extent based on how somebody reacts to public and how public reacts to the person. I say this statement with wide connotations – I mean that it can be viewed in both serious and funny aspects. The funny aspect I refer is what experiences I have had with the patient and my boss (my manager) and the serious aspect I refer is how the patients develop such psychiatric illness about which I will talk later.

My Manager H is a wonderful man but he takes so much rights and care for the job that he would correct my mistakes bluntly right on my face!! He is pretty professional that he would tell how much time before one should come to a spot based on the people you meet. Say for example, if you are waiting for your manager, you should be at the spot before 15min ahead of the time . If its a friend, it should be 2-3 minutes. If its an interview its 5 minutes etc.. And so he has so much ethics set up for him and his subordinates as well. He likes me/ my work but never ever appreciates me as I know he wants me to be the best.

There are some ethics which we have to follow when we go to mental hospitals. When I meet patients, I am not supposed to make any conversation with them. Infact, not even smile because a patient with 'hallucination' may think that I am there to hit him/ do something to him. Ennaku smile naturallaa varum neriya vaati.. but ' chumma iru priya'nnu nenachupen!! When he comes on rounds with me, it's a terror period! Ipdi irukadha apdi irukaadha etc. When some patient/ wardboy/ attendant comes and talks to me, I tend to answer them pleasingly and continue with the conversation for a while atleast. I always think somebody opposite to you may be smart enough to understand if I make conversations oppurtunistically. Infact I feel I should not do it. But H will give all D looks. After they leave, he will just tell right on my face ' unakku aarvakoolaru romba adigam...adanga maateye nee'. For me, who have never heard local chennai bashai like this, it would sound insulting and I would get broken into pieces. Avar kooda irundhu irundhu soranai ellam koranju pochu!!!!

When I am there waiting for my turn to meet the doctor, I get to meet many patients during that time. One thing I observed was this: Very poor / very rich patients dare to start a conversation. Poor patients ask for free sample medicine and share their symptoms and their treatment details. I kindaa verify to myself if the doctor is on his right way in treatment. ( Please do not think that I am proudly saying that I know things.Psychiatry is a field where things are not definite. All what many doctors know is from the references the reps and executives quote. And there is no medicine like thalavalinna tylenol, fevernna ibuprofennnu !! Its all trial and error situation for psychiatrist about which I will talk in depth. let me leave this now).
Very rich patients do not consider illness to be a sin and they forget their illness. There is one inpatient clinic in nungambakkam opposite to the L college where there are/ can be only rich patients. The expenditure for their stay is like 10,000 rupees per person in 2001. Some are Ph.D students (makkalee..romba padikaantheenga!!! ) / Ph.D candidates / Job holders from U.S who couldn't bear the pressures . But, now, they look so cool and once, I was amazed at a chemistry student(patient) who casually with great english accent came up to me and called me for playing TT .

Well, the middle class are those who scare to death and do nonsense about their illness. Patient's caretakers are the pillars for such patients. Avanga epdi nadakaraangalo that is reflected on patients of this category very much. Adhai pathi aprom pesalaam. But indha patient's caretakers' thollai thaangaadhu'!!! Patientsoda family members ask me for cold/ cough/other illness medicine and when I say ' I have only psychiatric medicine' they give me a kevalam look that I feel so embarrassed. My sample medicines go just to doctor and I rarely give to patients that too only after knowing that they take the same drug, same dose!

Other reps of other non psycho division would be distributing to all perimma, chithi.. etc. Enna seiyya -- 'avvaiyar' kalvi pathi solra maari, naanum solven – en maathiraigal 'kollathaan mudiyaathu; kuduthaalum (vyaadhi) neraivozhiya kuraipadaathu'. Avlo sample mathrai bag bagaa irukkum !! 'Thookamathrai' leirundhu - obsessive compulsive disorder varaikkum ella psycho medicineum enkitta irukkum!! aana use panna mudiyaadhu!!
Lexingtonnukku eduthukittu vandhu naalu perukku kuduthu udavi irukalaam :)-
To be contd.


Badhri said...

1. Isnt that Obsessive compulsive disorder?

2. Please don't address your only to Tamil-speaking audience. Thats what your tamil blog does!

3. I thought you will go into details about psychiatry and causes and effects of diseases. Are you?

Priya said...

if people want to talk about the cause and effects , i would be happy to..

but my intentions are not exactly that.. i want some misconceptions to be cleared..i am actually not into that part..

i know that i am addressing to a small group!!! but i think I can write with more feel/ effortlessly in tanglish!!i am okay!!

Yeh its cumpulsive.. i will change it..

TJ said...

yaar andha naalu peru??
nalla velai naa lexington la illa :P

Priya said...

yaarunnu avanga avangalukke theriyum!!!

ranjit kalidasan said...

inda thodar nalla irukku priya.. unga anubhavam konjam vithiyaasamaa irukku
looking forward a lot of 'sidharlgal' like this

Subha said...

>>Lexingtonnu eduthukittu vandhu naalu >>perukku kuduthu udavi irukalaam :)-

Idhukku enna artham? That LEx has a lot of psychos? :))

Priya said...

psychosnnu illa.. but disorder neriya irukku lex makkal kitta:)-

Priya said...

thanks ranjit!!

யாத்திரீகன் said...

Aaaga... sema pshyic thodara irukum pola irukudhey ;-)

hmm.. very interesting.. aana.. arambathula andha oru para sathiyama onumay puriyala ;-)))


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Joseph M. Gryskiewicz said...

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