Monday, December 26, 2005

Favorite songs in the recent...

Some of the songs I mention here are not so popular. Still, I like ...

Aa aah: There are 2 songs that I liked in this movie:

1. Thazhuvudhu : The highlight here is SPB and Shreya Goshal - apt selection of singers. SPB - mann.. his voice is so youthful even now.. Shreya - she is too good at high pitch - the pull of ' kannaalaaa' at the beginning mesmerizes me. And, there is a mild cell phone ring tone like music (t-jingle tone) before first stanza (this has cheated me many times). Recently, the 'gasping sound' between lines is getting popular and here in this song, it worked really well to give the right effect for these lyrics ( if u didn't get what i mean - listen to that gasping effect after ' kadhai onru ezhudhidu kannaalaa...gasp..ilagiya maalai')

2. Thigu Thiguvena Raathiri : This is the song I liked at the first go.. (I listened in Prabhu's car). Here, the highlight is the music aptness. You can just visualize a night even if you dont know the lyrics - the music goes well with lyrics.. When I listen to this, I get a feel of a court in a kingdom where a girl dances before others.The lyrics has lot of ' rettai kilavi '(thigu thigu, gubu gupu..) and good rhyme (angam thangam , miruthamgam vechu paar kacheri; saramai saramaai avasaramaai, amba thaan thodutaanda..) Its hypnotizing..

1. Oru Maalai: This is the song I liked after listening to it many times..After watching in the movie, i feel its that the lyrics is apt with the movie situation. Infact, the tamizh attracts me so much.its pure tamizh - 'eerkum visaiyai avalidam kandene'- its been a long time that I heard the words like visai (magnet), thuridha unavu (fast food),vaadikai kaativittai (made a routine)..its poshy, stylish and brings in lots of dynamism - ''a' oru maalai' takes up the adrenaline levels..

2. Suttum Vizhi Sudare: Here, Sriram and Bombay Jayshree takes the credit..This one - I liked from the start..The words ' mellinam maarbil kanden, vellinam ..'so decently explains the physical beauty. A great way of saying 'so attractive' - 'un kangal, vandai unnum pookal endren' . The lyrics 'ne konjumpodhu mazhai azha gu kannaa ne kovamppattaal veyil azhagu' has a great meaning.When asked what is beautiful - rain or sun , she says rain is beautiful only when he is in a 'loving' mood and sun is beautiful only when he is ' angry' . This means to say she would like to enjoy the nature only as secondary to him (and his mood) and for her, nature cannot alternate to him.
Here, suttum has to be 'sudum' ( say, like in bharathiyar's song suttum vizhisudar dhaan kannama). This is some sort of 'vigaaram' in grammar. But I can't receollect..If somebody can, then let me know..

Mazhai: Mannile manile : Devi Sri Prasad's music is good. Something catchy is there in this song.. Nothing specific to mention.. but I like it..But, SPB Charan has to start singing like a youth and give life to it ( rather than like a 7th class kid).

Kanda naal mudhalaai:Kanda naal mudhalaai: Though its a song in movie, I can just think of God and not as a movie song.. Its mesmering..

Totti Jaya:
1. Uyire En Uyire: Here, again the singers esp. karthik is awesome. Nice contrasting voice between Anuradha Sriram and Bombay Jayashree each good in their own way...Very nice music.. Romantic...Enadharukil ne irundhaal, thalai kaal puyiyaadhe!!!

2. Yaaridamum: I am so happy even to write about it... this is my fav. song in this list.. Great lyrics.great music great singers. so dynamic, so romantic.. Something of my like, kind...I LOVE EVERY WORD OF THIS SONG...
'Iru vizhikaluum vizhikalum' - what a great dynamic start??!!!
'mazhai saaralo en nenjile, sugamaai keeralo en uyirile' - youthful words!!
'nammai vaanam vandhu irakaiyaal vazhthatum'- nicely says 'let it rain'.
oru vinmeen indru sillusillaai sidharudhe '- so much dynamism !!!

and my favourite lines, 'Naan kanavugalil kandadillai, kanavai yaaridamum sendrathillai' -- this line so beautifully says that 'I have never liked somebody before and I have never been liked by somebody also'..

Vitta, I will write about the whole song..May be I am just giving so much hype because i like it. But,listen to this w/o fail..

Thats it for now from me!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Thavamaai Thavamirundhu..

Pooveru konum's last stanza's meaning is up!!!

Check out Ranjit's post on Thavamaai Thavamirundhu.. I liked it very much!!

and, makkale, thanks for patiently reading all the Sindhai Sidharal posts. My purpose of writing them was attained and I am really happy! I am confident that many of you will carry/spread the message on misconceptions / moral values in psychiatry !

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sindhai Sidharal - Final

Disclaimer: Whatever I suggest is just my thoughts. I dont claim that it is THE only way to classify / help others. Thanks for your patience in reading a long post!!

Okay !! Well, we were discussing about the common misconceptions in mental illness. What can we do about it?? We would think that we dont get to move with mentally ill people quite often. All we could do is just give money, show some sympathy etc.. I think we all can do much more in our day to day life...Let us THINK and see things as Q & A.
In general, mental illness go hand in hand with emotional disturbance - one may be the cause or result of the other. But, who are prone to emotional disturbance? Anybody at terrible moments /situation. Biologically, at this stage there is a slight disturbance which need not have to be treated.
How it becomes quite often and lead to illness? Once after we see such a terrible moment, it is easy to get to such an extreme state often (As we have been there, we tend to increase our emotional elasticity). We start to behave eccentric regularly. This may have to be treated.
But, who are more susceptible to such repetetive mental sickness ?People with strong emotional component - genetically or acquired through the way they are brought up !!
And,what can lead/ aggravate to mental illness ?Surrounding - people around them and the individuals' attitude towards people.
How can we make their life better ? For this, I would classify them into 2 - Class 1: People declared as mentally ill by doctors Class 2: Normal people who get mentally sick quite often (possibly leading to mental illness) Class 2 can be further classified as 1. Explicity sick 2. Not explicitly sick.

Class 1 DO's and Don'ts:
1. When we see mental patients visibly sick somewhere, we can avoid eye to eye contacts/ smile/ stare/ sympathy as we can avoid their hallucinations that we are looking to hurt them/ tease them. Oru thadava vellorla, a patient took my cap and was not willing to give back as I was kindaa staring at him.
2. When we meet them, we can put up a normal look with a pleasant smile and say a 'hi' & Listen to them patiently as that would give some confidence and trust on us which would help in recovery.
3. We shall forget their illness and treat them like a friend (even if artificial, its okay. They would be preoccupied with what they wish to say or in trying to find if we are really trustable, they might not think it to be artificial generally) and not show sympathy through words.

Class 2: Do's and Don'ts:
1. If we see somebody getting mentally upset/ angry often explicitly, we tend to think he/ she has changed a lllot and they are not close to us anymore... May be its is better to ask whats the problem. Otherwise, people would start assuming things.But, he may not share with you and that may affect your 'self'. Ofcourse, appo appo namma 'selfa' koncham mootai kattanum. May be if he is willing to share, he may consider it and that may not pile up his mental sickness.
2. Healthy fun is always a healing medicine for people around. We tend to forget all our worries during those moments and we get better.Thanks to pb for all the humor.. (evlavo makkala kodumai paduthinaalum ) Unga sense of humor naala, you have been a best medicine for many people. So much punniyam for you !!!
3. Sports: When we can see yourself/ somebody around us getting sick often, we can do some sport activity (with them). Our(their) hormonal balance is maintained and we (they) tend to get normal sooner.
4. Haircut: Heard from a friend yesterday that it seems we tend to meddle up with our hair when we are mentally sick. (lexington makkale, enakku idhu theriyadhu munnadi...)

For both Class and Others: Ofcourse, we can do monetary help to mental asyylum. Once in a while, we can tend to spend time with them (and do not react to what they say/ do). Only then we will stop cribbing that 'enakkku adhristamee illa' and we have to do so much for others.

Anbe Sivam / How to EXPRESS heartfelt committment of love, the divine language??
Why when we show so much love and affection to somebody (Ill / Normal) still people dont get satisfied. They have complaints against us. Are they good or bad ? Are we doing right or wrong? Its not that. Its only that we are NOT communicating in the love language he wishes to listen. Everybody has a primary love language through which they want others to communcate to them. Love is not just aasai vaarthai / anbu vaarthai. Gary chapman, in his book on love languages , has classified love language into five. Though I think its much more than that, I like his classification concept a lot as it helps to deal with people subjectively.

Some of the love languages are 1. Quality time 2. Receiving gifts 3. Words of comfort/guidance and care 4. Act of service 5 physical touch 6. Thoughful acts etc. Say, if somebody's primary love language is 'quality time', they would expect you to spend 20 minutes just for them but you might be with them for hrs but 'watching T.V along/ giving excellant gifts / doing a great dish as act of service' which would all never make him totally happy and their love tank is never fully filled by you and others. That why they get emotionally down and would go to the next 'sickness' state and finally become 'ill'.

It is necessary to communicate to somebody in their closest primary love language (though they may have sec. languages) If you observe them or talk to them openly, you can find what is their love language(what they expect)...Identifying the right one is what is tough.. Many a times, what they give is what they expect..Once we start giving them what they want, they would feel lllot better and its helpful for both class and everybody.
Ofcourse, changing to people requires llot of thinking, patience, adaptation etc. Its tough - to think for everybody and acting accordingly but worth trying for the parents, spouse and close friends atleast.. ofcourse, the sense of 'self' would ask you at times ' nee ivlo yosikareye', enna (un 'self'a) yaaru paathupaa?.

Definitely, when you give somebody, you will get back in multitude sooner!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

வேறென்ன வேண்டும் இறைவா !!

The final post of sindhai sindharal is yet to be written. I may need little more time to think and compile my ideas on what can be done in dealing with mentally affected people!! Will come up soon on that!!

In the past few weeks when I was resting, I felt that God had given me good things in life. Thought of putting them into words. As I recently learned some yaappuilakkanam (paa vagai, seer etc), I thought I should try write some 'venpaaa' . I tried to concentrate on one of the rules for venpaa (syllable splitting and no usage of kaniseer ) . When I came up with this, I found that I forgot about other rules in writing venpaa... freea vittuten.. When I followed just one rule, my choice of words got so limited and I found that its not flowery.. I just admire how those poets of olden days can manage to remember all rules and still make it attractive!!! Chance illa avanga !

Well, this is dedicated to my family, best friends, research and God for giving me good things!!

வேறென்ன வேண்டும் இறைவா!!!

வேறென்ன வேண்டுமினி யெனக்கிங்கு வாழ்வதனில்
பண்பென்ன நெறியென்ன வெனக்காட்டும் அன்னையும்
பாலன்ன உள்ளமொடு நட்பிற்க ழகாய்தந்தை
யும்மீளென வருளிபுவ னத்திலேவீ டுபேறளித்தாய் !!!

Verenna vendum ini enakku ingu vaazvu athanil
panpenna nerienna ena kaatum annaiyum
paalanna ullamodu natpirku azhakaai thanthaiyum
meel ena aruli buvanathil veeduper alithaay!!

(Meaning: What else do I want in life? By giving me a Mom, who shows what is behaviour and what is honesty ( path to be followed) and a Dad , whose heart is as pure as milk and he is the epitome of friendship (he is very helpful and friendly) , you have bestowed me a way by which I can have a heaven on earth )

வேறென்ன வேண்டுமினி யெனக்கிங்கு வாழ்வதனில்
நீயென்ன செய்தாயெ னகேட்குமிந்த வுலகிலிடுக்
கண்ணென்ன வென்றறிய விடாமலென்னு யிர்மெய்சிந்
தையெனவ னைத்தும்காக் கும்நண்பர் களளித்தாய் !!!

Verenna vendum ini enakku ingu vaazvu athanil
neeyenna seythaai ena ketkum indha ulagil
idukkan enna vendru ariya vidaamal en uyir mei sindhai
ena anaithaiyum kaakum nanbarkal aliththaai!!

( Meaning: What else do I want in life? In the world of people who expect ' what have YOU given me?', I have been bestowed with friends who have not let me know what is trouble and they have protected me - my body, my life and my thoughts from being troubled !! )

வேறென்ன வேண்டுமினி யெனக்கிங்கு வாழ்வதனில்
எனக்கென்ன திறனென்ற றியாமடமை நீக்கியேவிஞ்
ஞானமென்ன வென்றறிந்த விஷவியற்சான் றோர்சேர்கை
யளித்தென்ன ருகாமையில் ஆய்வுகூட முமளித்தாய் !!!

Verenna vendum ini enakku ingu vaazhvu adhanil
enakku enna thiran endru ariyaa madamai neeki,
vignyaanam enna vendru arindha vishaviyar saanror serkkai
alithenn arugaamaiyil aayvukoodamum alithaai !!

( Meaning: What else do I want in life? You have made me discover what is my field of interest by removing the ignorance. I am previleged to be associated with scientists in toxicology who know real science and also I am previleged to have a home close to my lab. )

வேறென்ன வேண்டும்வே றென்னவேண்டு மெனக்கோறும்
எனக்குஎன்ன உகந்ததென்று நீயறிவாய் - சிந்தையுட்
புகுந்தென்ன றியாமைவி லக்கியேஎன் உளமகிழ
விருப்பமென யான்கேட்கும் வாழ்வதனை நீயளிப்பாய் !!!

Verenna vendum verenna vendum enak korum
enakku enna ugandhadhu endru neeyarivaai - sindhaiyul
pugunthu en ariyaamai vilakkiye, en ulamakizha
viruppamena yaanketkum vaazvathanai nee alipaai!!

(Meaning: What else do I want? What else do i want? This is how I keep saying. But YOU know what is good for me. You (almighty!) are into my thoughts and have taken off my ignorance (and thus make me wish things that are genuine !! And I believe that ) You will give me the life and things what I really wish for !!! )