Monday, December 26, 2005

Favorite songs in the recent...

Some of the songs I mention here are not so popular. Still, I like ...

Aa aah: There are 2 songs that I liked in this movie:

1. Thazhuvudhu : The highlight here is SPB and Shreya Goshal - apt selection of singers. SPB - mann.. his voice is so youthful even now.. Shreya - she is too good at high pitch - the pull of ' kannaalaaa' at the beginning mesmerizes me. And, there is a mild cell phone ring tone like music (t-jingle tone) before first stanza (this has cheated me many times). Recently, the 'gasping sound' between lines is getting popular and here in this song, it worked really well to give the right effect for these lyrics ( if u didn't get what i mean - listen to that gasping effect after ' kadhai onru ezhudhidu kannaalaa...gasp..ilagiya maalai')

2. Thigu Thiguvena Raathiri : This is the song I liked at the first go.. (I listened in Prabhu's car). Here, the highlight is the music aptness. You can just visualize a night even if you dont know the lyrics - the music goes well with lyrics.. When I listen to this, I get a feel of a court in a kingdom where a girl dances before others.The lyrics has lot of ' rettai kilavi '(thigu thigu, gubu gupu..) and good rhyme (angam thangam , miruthamgam vechu paar kacheri; saramai saramaai avasaramaai, amba thaan thodutaanda..) Its hypnotizing..

1. Oru Maalai: This is the song I liked after listening to it many times..After watching in the movie, i feel its that the lyrics is apt with the movie situation. Infact, the tamizh attracts me so much.its pure tamizh - 'eerkum visaiyai avalidam kandene'- its been a long time that I heard the words like visai (magnet), thuridha unavu (fast food),vaadikai kaativittai (made a routine)..its poshy, stylish and brings in lots of dynamism - ''a' oru maalai' takes up the adrenaline levels..

2. Suttum Vizhi Sudare: Here, Sriram and Bombay Jayshree takes the credit..This one - I liked from the start..The words ' mellinam maarbil kanden, vellinam ..'so decently explains the physical beauty. A great way of saying 'so attractive' - 'un kangal, vandai unnum pookal endren' . The lyrics 'ne konjumpodhu mazhai azha gu kannaa ne kovamppattaal veyil azhagu' has a great meaning.When asked what is beautiful - rain or sun , she says rain is beautiful only when he is in a 'loving' mood and sun is beautiful only when he is ' angry' . This means to say she would like to enjoy the nature only as secondary to him (and his mood) and for her, nature cannot alternate to him.
Here, suttum has to be 'sudum' ( say, like in bharathiyar's song suttum vizhisudar dhaan kannama). This is some sort of 'vigaaram' in grammar. But I can't receollect..If somebody can, then let me know..

Mazhai: Mannile manile : Devi Sri Prasad's music is good. Something catchy is there in this song.. Nothing specific to mention.. but I like it..But, SPB Charan has to start singing like a youth and give life to it ( rather than like a 7th class kid).

Kanda naal mudhalaai:Kanda naal mudhalaai: Though its a song in movie, I can just think of God and not as a movie song.. Its mesmering..

Totti Jaya:
1. Uyire En Uyire: Here, again the singers esp. karthik is awesome. Nice contrasting voice between Anuradha Sriram and Bombay Jayashree each good in their own way...Very nice music.. Romantic...Enadharukil ne irundhaal, thalai kaal puyiyaadhe!!!

2. Yaaridamum: I am so happy even to write about it... this is my fav. song in this list.. Great lyrics.great music great singers. so dynamic, so romantic.. Something of my like, kind...I LOVE EVERY WORD OF THIS SONG...
'Iru vizhikaluum vizhikalum' - what a great dynamic start??!!!
'mazhai saaralo en nenjile, sugamaai keeralo en uyirile' - youthful words!!
'nammai vaanam vandhu irakaiyaal vazhthatum'- nicely says 'let it rain'.
oru vinmeen indru sillusillaai sidharudhe '- so much dynamism !!!

and my favourite lines, 'Naan kanavugalil kandadillai, kanavai yaaridamum sendrathillai' -- this line so beautifully says that 'I have never liked somebody before and I have never been liked by somebody also'..

Vitta, I will write about the whole song..May be I am just giving so much hype because i like it. But,listen to this w/o fail..

Thats it for now from me!!


ranjit kalidasan said...

All these songs except the mazhai one are my fav too priya...enna 2005 best list's ezhureengala..

Priya said...

mmm...nice to know that!!
2005 bestnna innum neriya songs irukke.. aaana i just wrote the one which i am humming now a days.

Zeppelin said...

super collection... have listened to most of these songs...

Ah Aah is my fav too...inni varikkum "rettai kilavi" na enna ne theriyadhu... nice to know the meaning.. the word itself appears in the song "kannodu kaanbedhellam", movie Jeans.. :)

cool post..keep 'em coming..

tried to find the song which you had told me about.. havent been able to..:(


Priya said...

hey arun..
u r right.. just now i recollect jeans thanks..

reg the song i was telling, i somehow think of kamal when i listen to those lines.. may be some new kamal movie song..if I find, I will let you know..

யாத்திரீகன் said...

except Marangothiyey and its slower version song.. other songs werent njoyable.. esp the lyrics of the songs u had mentioned.. probably i wudnt prefer to hear them again...

Gajini and Thoti Jaya... yeah. they are very gud ones..

Priya.. try hearing Pudhupettai, esp 3 songs 1) A Peep into assasins life, 2) Enga Area 3) Poo Pesum Pul Pesum.. just hear the lyrics... its so meaningfull.


Priya said...

i agree sendhil that the overall meaning in aah aaah movie songs is more like matter song..but i liked the music there...

will listen to the one u mentioned..

Ricky said...

I'm not sure how many of you have listened to the song "Sil Sil Mazhai" from the Movie 'Arindhum Ariyaamalaum'. I bet if you start listening to it, you would wanna play it in loop!

Priya - The songs that you have listed in your blog are kewl!

dinesh said...

I loved uyire en uyire, oru maalai and suttum vizhi chudare too ! But listla yaari singari a miss pannittaye. Vasu kku pidicha song adhu, onakku eppdi theriyaama pochu ? ;) .

Good list !

Priya said...

will listen ti it ricky!!

ammam miss dhaan pannitten dinesh..vara vara unga rouse thaangala dinesh !!!

Jeevan said...

Hai you have nice music knowledge. I like the song thigu thigu… the sadhna sarham voice is very nice, and the lyrics is so sweet. The song oru maalai, the song picturation is very nice, the back water of muttukkadu is very natural. The Suttrum vizhi sudare is very beautyfull and asin look cute.

Me too like the song Uyire en uyire ennavo nadakuthadi… I will sing this while I hearing, and another song Yaari Singare Yaari Singare… this song is very nice to hear. In Kanda naal muthal I like the song Pani Thuli and Merka Meraka. Wish You a happy New year Priya.

Priya said...

Thank you and same to you Jeevan!

TJ said...

Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!!

Priya said...

thanks tj and same to u

ashok said...

good blog...keep it up

Anonymous said...

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