Thursday, April 28, 2005


It's the final's week. Guess you are getting ready for exams. You must be one among the most accomplished students in the world..When classes begin , you may think you would make an 'A' in your favorite course.. but somehow, it may not happen..

Though grades do not totally reflect your knowledge, they are necessary. Also learning , assimilating and retaining for long is really essential to gain knowledge..At the end of first year(2003), I decided that I have to find out all flaws and mistakes I do , so that I understand my core courses in second year better and gain knowledge... also wanted to see if helps in improving grades...

I was looking for tips, do's and don'ts in and outside me.I made a list.Navin gave many suggestions . My sincere thanks to was very useful for me...hope its of use to you guys....

Most of you will dismiss them as being obvious or trivial, however I assure you that if you will use them, you will benefit...

1. Study discipline
– Study a little bit every day
– Set time goals and take short breaks (50 min.+10+50+10)

2. Study sitting in a Chair at a Table
– sitting upright (reduce stress)
– Good lighting

3. Study in a Group and Alone
– Help and get help
– Interact with serious students

4. Distraction / entertainment
- Do not listen to music on which you will concentrate/ like..
- attend all phone calls during your break time.
- Do not eat too much at a time. each little bit now and then to avoid sluggishness.

5. Exam Portion
- you should be done reading your portion once by 24hrs before exam( tough!!!)
- dare to solve a previous year q. paper. Correct your exam answers . you will know where you stand..
-just go ahead to revise after that.

Good luck people!!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Have you guys ever thought about who are your friends? Consider people to be of 2 different categories : people like you & people unlike you (with complimentary qualities ) say like , bold/shy; outgoing / reserved; Have you observed whom do you get attracted to and whom do you get along with better??

I have a friend who is just complementary to me. She is so calm, so reserved, never comfortable in crowd...Infact, her likes and dislikes are just opposite to me that, when I go to buy a gift for her, I would just get the thing which I don't like at all and that would be her favorite one.. But, whenever I happen to meet her, I get enthralled!! I admire how she is and I wish to spend little more time with her.

But, even in general, from what I observed, I think I get easily attracted to people with complementary qualities to me and I have also seen my unlike friends reciprocating. Well, of course, I can get along very well with people 'like me' , though not easily attracted. But, personally, I have never had close friends before, who are like me which may have made me assume that complementary people are those who get along better.

When it comes to a partner, have you thought about what kind of partner you will be comfortable with?? In fact, I have argued with my friend (few yrs before ) that a person just opposite to me say like calm, not so outgoing, not over enthued would be the best. I used to think some complementary qualities will compromise each other’s deficit and ultimately they will have everything.. Maayaa at maayaa!!!!

But with time, I feel I am wrong... In the recent past, I got to know many people like me and moving with them made me change my opinion. I can feel some sort of ease and inner happiness when I move with them. I can feel that I don't need to bend myself (adjust) every time which I had been doing all these days unconsciously . I now think that I can move / get along better and stay happy with LIKE people.

How much so ever we have the attitude( or you try to develop the attitude) to adjust, there is the 'ease' and the 'being yourself ' factor . When we grow up, we tend to give importance to that.. That 'being yourself factor' remains undisturbed when you are with people like you.. When it remains undisturbed to a decent extent, I think we feel much happy within our selves. Say, for eg, you may be a reserved person and you may admire or get attracted by an outgoing person.. You may feel how nice this person is.. But, when you want to be yourself, being along with that person, in the long run, may not let you as you are and vice versa to that person too.

I am not trying to generalize that like people can be the best partner. I may be wrong .... But it’s just my opinion..

Innoru vishayam!!! When you get to deal with a like and an unlike person on a single context, have you observed that we naturally tend to side one of them (like), but attracted to the other (unlike) - may be for being so different !!! Enna, naan solrathu sarithaane!!!

Yosichu sollunga!

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Yeh , I am here to blog...

I have always yelled at freeavidu, kay and subha for spending so much time on blogging.Things do change...

Never ever believed that I could write something for public. I am just giving a shot. Can't think of anything this moment though I was flooded with thoughts during last week which brought me here.

I think I would like to share my thoughts on many things like science , art , literature , day to day things etc. with some excitement and ofcourse, little mutterings here and there.

I was planning to write in my mother tongue. But, as many of my friends cannot read tamil , I am going ahead to write in english with koncham konju tamil.

I thought I should name my blog as 'Maayaa' as it is my other name (though people dont call me so). Also, 'Maayaa' means something mythical / dreamy. A dream is a dream only to a person who has awakened from the dream. So, I hope we all get awakened after our discussions at Maayaa. Well, I think its another way of looking at it. How is it???

Thanks for visiting my blog spot. Welcome again.