Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Thiruvasagam is an amazing piece of work by Maanikkavasagar inculcating bhakti in every individual's life. I have heard my friend pb say that even many years after Manikavaasagar's period, there were kings who trained groups of individuals to chant thiruvasagam in the streets and temples of Tamilnadu.

I got a soft feeling for Thiruvasagam when I was in my high school and there used to be interschool competitions to recite Thiruvasagam (at Vidya Mandir, Mylapore / Bharathi kalai kazhagam, saidapet). During those days, it was the tamil that attracted me - simple and sweet words (and no bhakti feel..)

I heard the thiruvasagam songs (not the ones i learned at high school) in symphony music by Ilaiyaraja ..Wow!! what an amazing music..Initially I could not concentrated much on the music as I didnot find it to be like another devotional music, say Kandhashasti / Mahishasura Mardhini / Bhaja govindham / Hanuman chalisa..

But, I could partially understand the lyrics. Due to my curiosity to understand what it says, I started listening to it frequently and I scratched my head with G. U. Pope's transliteration - trying to decipher word to word meaning on some songs where I didnot understand.. Then, I found myself to be falling madly in love with it. Some days I stayed listening to it repeatedly till 4.00 am . I realized that the music and lyrics went so well together. I could feel how much bhakti Maanikavasagar had for siva perumaan.!!Avlo manam urugi paadiirukaar that some lyrics have brought tears out from my eyes too .

I recently realized that Thiruvasagam has played an amazing role in my life too. I have heard it when I was both extremely happy / sad. During times of extreme happiness when we tend to forget GOD and at extreme sadness when you need confidence / determination to get going, listening to thiruvasagam helps like anything!! Believe me, you get an enormous energy and support from the music and the words !!! I feel that there is somebody there for me within me - guiding, caring and loving me.

G.U Pope has given an amazing transliteration in english. But for that, we don't have any script explaining its meaning online.

But, I found that it is kindaa tough for this generation in general to understand from his explanations as some incidents/ stories mentioned implicitly in the verses by Maanikavasagar are not elaborated and I guess they were well understood/known during Pope's period. Also, our tamil vocabulary is getting deteriorated which makes it tougher to understand word to word meaning!!!

I am thinking of writing word to word / general meaning for some of the songs in Thiruvasagam (in symphony music) shortly in the tamil blog (as a break between Aathichoodi). As this is my first trial to write meaning for longer verses, please forgive me and correct me if I make mistakes. Hope you all would enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Vevaramaana makkal!!!

hmmm...what would I say .. i just can't say but I wish to say...

Before that , I would announce this.. This is my 25th Post ...Thanks for all your support people !!!


Yesterday, I was thinking about the next five quotes of aathichoodi for my tamil blog..
I had doubts in the meaning of a word.. Then I thought I would just google it up.. I had already tried once googliing before that on aathichoodi .. 'Ippo orudhadava irukaanu paapomee' nenachu aluppoda search pannen..

I got a list of links saying athichoodi ..athichoodi.I was glad to see its recognition .. namma avvai paatiyoda words are famous even in other country links..Here was one link which made me write this blog. It said something like 'learn atthichoodi. its free!! just only one day trial'
My mind was like " hey priya, good that u looked up today. tomorrow u can't learn" . Out of curiosity even without giving a second thought, I clicked.. ulla pona en hearte oru nimisham ninnu pochu..I can never forget this..then i just started laughing ..

Ennatha solla.. vevakaarama site.. appo dhaan therinjudhu ' just one day trial .' ellam
Avvaiyyara use panni avlo azhaga koopdaraangale.. After I stoppped laughing, I was kindaa upset!! hmmm..Vevaramana makkal!!

Friday, September 16, 2005


Hey all,
Visit my tamil blog when you find time!!

My idea is to quote everyday a simple tamil verse written by renowned poets and give its meaning !!

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm which motivated me to proceed ahead to write in tamil also.

Though, I would not want to know your visit everytime ( as most of the content in that blog would be the thoughts of some great people), I would be curious to know how many of you are interested in such stuff (which would kindle my enthu) !! So, just let me know if you are interested !!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Untagging Myself !!

Well, I am here to untag myself. I have always believed that putting your thoughts in writing would make things clear for you. So I thank tj for making me think about myself what I am and what I always wanted !!

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Visit Europe - Go to Luxemburg, The Netherlands (where my friend Ram lived) , Greece ( travel thru waterways), Eat at Indian restaurants at vienna, see the midnight sun at sweden, visit Rome and have fun!!!
2. Write a cookery book - traditional and modern mentioning the need/use of ingredients !!
3. Read many tamil literature books esp. Pathinen Keezhkanakku noolgal. Thiruvasagam/kalamegapular paadalgal are some which kindled my interest in reading tamil to understand bhakthi - Manam 'pulahaangitham' adaiyardhunna ennannu kaatiya books!
4.Take 1 month break from everything atleast once a year and visit a remote kshetram with a huge karungkal kovil in Tamilnadu and rent a 'ottu veedu', cook and eat, live there - no electronic gadgets - melliaya kaathu veesa adha easy-chairla ukkandhu anubavikkanum - just visit that temple every morning and evening "oonuruga 'uyir'uruga thaen tharum thadaagame" nnu meimarandhu kadavula dharsanam seyyannum - in the free time should take tuition for the village kids. I wish to visit atleast 50 places some of which are Thirunageswaram, Vaidheeswaran kovil, Thirukovilur, Sooriyanaar kovil, Vaazhaikurichi, Ambaasamudram (Enga sondha oor), Thirukoshtiyur, Thanjavur periya kovil, Vellore Jalagandeshwarar kovil, Thirumallaii vaiyaavur.. I am so excited when I am just writing about this.
5. Learn all non superstitious traditions, customs, traditional music and practices from previous generations and teach interested people !!
6. Through Sahaayaa, the organization I recently set up, I would like to help as many children as possible with the aid of good people and come up with an ashram of just few children who will not just be given basic amenities but also value based education and vocational training, moral guidance and care !! Do set up a community welfare center in india with gym, yoga center, art and handicraft classes.This is such a long term aasai since childhood and I am happy that I have started the initial steps! If interested in helping, please contact me!
7. Bring my parents once to U.S.

7 things I can do:
1.Can cook variety and eat happily
2.Can sit with book/ painting for hours
3.Can infect enthusiasm on others anytime
4.Can keep myself busy wherever/ however I am.
5.Can plan many things at a time and accomplish most of them w/o getting aluppu ..
6.Can sleep even a full day (24 hrs)
7.Can hurt myself easily

7 things I can't do:
1.Can't control my anger on people who can't respect others feelings (likes/ dislikes)
2.Can't go to bed at 9.00pm
3.Can't live on bread/buns/any junk food more than a day
4.Can't understand electricity and magnetism
5.Can't stop worrying until I find a solution
(can't develop 'nalai sangadhi naalaikku paathukalaam' attitude)
6.Can't listen to vocal music and study simultaneously
7.Can't bear with not genuine, boastful people

7 things I say the most:
1.Chance illa !!
(On admiration)
2.Kadavule !
3.Seriously !
4.Mandai kaayardhu (I say this now a days)!!
5.Aneeyaayam / thaangala !!
6.Eruma kadaa (chellamaa); dog !!
7.Hello and bye ( on phone >= 10 times a day & in person >= 10 people a day)(thaangalayaa!!!)

7 things that attract me to opposite sex:



Calmness ! ( and a nature that doesnot allow to talk nastily )

Kuripu arindhu seyalpadhudhal (attentive/ staying sensitive and reacting accordingly) !!

Healthy sense of humor !

Paechil Nidhanam !

Unbiased respect for others feelings !

Celebrity crushes:

1. Shahrukh Khan
(I was mad for no reason i can think of ...owned a poster of 5 ft - have celebrated his birthday at midnight , distributed 5 star chocolates for 4 yrs in undergrad; Innukku ' baazigar ' paathalum ' maalai maalaiyaa' azhuven avan saagaraannnu !! )
2. Boris Becker (Chinna vayasu crush) and 'Ivanisevic'
(koncha naal)
3. Actor Vikram ( ever favy )

I tag Vasu, Badhri, Dinesh, Ashok . Let's see what they say!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nenjil Uramum Indri..

'Nenjil uramum indri' is my favourite Bharathiyar samooga paadal!!

It has amazing lyrics!!! It talks about people who are not determined , not genuine and pompous and how they actually dont take anything seriously into their brains when they just do the ill talk !!

Its seriously shocking to see such people's existence since those days till now!!
Listen to it here