Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sila nerangalil sila manidharkal

Thiruvasagam next stanza meaning is up with kannappar's story !!

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool. Shun him!

He who knows not, and knows that he knows not is simple. Teach him!

He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep. Wake him!

He who knows, and knows that he knows is wise. Follow him!

- old saying

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On the road to Discipline!!

Enna daa idhu !!! Wondering what lecture Priya is gonna give on Discipline?? Lectura ellam illa!! Just thought of sharing some things that happened at my side.
How things changed at MY side too!! May be a useful piece for some..for others this post may be a time pass!

My home: Well, I am the only and the not so naughty kid at my home. Though no nastying home kind, I was not organize ..infact, not taught/learned to be organized

My Appa is somebody who keeps his shelves pretty clean - infact empty and throws much of the kuppai from his shelves to the common shelves in living room and waits for a chance to claim at a smallest kuppai that 'veetla neenga rendru perum thaan kuppai podareenga' !!! Futurela, rooomates kitta kooda naan sanda pottadhilla.. But, 'Appa'vukkum enakkum eppayumee gusthidhaan - trying to blame each other' ! Amma, a very calm person who never yelled at us anytime till now, would try to clean up all the common mess !

My hostel life: When I joined hostel for undergrad, I, in general was okay - folded bedsheets properly, cleaned the room so well, washed clothes everyday...But, during times of exams, my room would turn upside down..When I start searching a micro tipped pen/a graph sheet(some things which I dont use everyday) or a before a tough exam, everything would be disturbed..Bed full of clothes, papers on floor, books scattered on study table - sindhubhairavi suhaasini veedu dhaan!!! I used to think that it is the norm. Everybody is like that!! But, puzzled why everything is disturbed by just a single search!! Still my mind was pretty inquisitive to see how about others!!! My sidie (the girl in next door) was worse...but, never bothered in being so . My oppie / friend was pretty good but she claimed her cleanliness/organized act so much that my... never let me accept that she is better organized than me.
My attitude: And, there are/were many cleanliness freaks around me who would wash face and hands atleast 10 times a day, won't eat vegetables (vellerikai/ potato)/ apple with cover tholi, talk so much about cleanliness but they would still bite nails, scratch their nose, have an
infection untreated for days and wont even remember their last month utilty bill / pay checks , would pay 25 dollar late fee for credit card just out of carelessness.. Such people's act have made me feel ' Priya, its okay if you sit with 20 papers scattered around you before an exam and read leave it on floor for 2 days/ if your study table is disturbed during every search of something. Its lots better than all other's act.. Though I am right in the way in saying what I should not do, my attitude on being more organized (looking at others fault and not correcting mine) was again non sense..I realized it when I moved alone in 2003.

"Acceptance is Strength"- a lesson I learned:
When I moved alone, I could not put the fault on others..I sincerely HAD TO accept to me 'Priya, you have to accept that you have to improve in keeping your things properly at all times'.I got time to think about why I have to improve/how can I get better.
Why? - I don't have any rules/feeling incorporated within me stating 'this' has to be like 'that'. In short - no discipline in me.
How? I decided to work on this module by module and look for improvement every week. I will try
to just follow just one rule or two - do it and make it a part of me like brushing teeth / taking bath. When it goes into me, then I will think about the next thing!!

The first thing I decided was 'I am not going to keep anything/let others keep on floor in the living room.. not a book or an umbrella or slipper or my bag.. nothing'!! I started taking my bag into the room and drop it in..If a guest drops something, i will take it and put it myself (which would make him be so at my home )... Waiting for him/her to do will not help !!!
What a great change u know??.. I never had to be scared/cautious if somebody comes to my home all of a sudden!!
Next was, I will always put my shoes only in the rack when I come home howsoever tired I am..Then were the study papers .. Started planning one by one.. just blindly follow and not think about over all discipline/ cleanliness.
Implementing multi-tasks was tougher at the beginning.. But when I incorporate the first thing, I never had to remember and consciously do that. I had to remember that week's plan alone..That made life easier.. Rewarding statements from my friends motivated me !!!

Observe your friends: Things gradually improved and is improving. Analysing and incorporating a small thing by observing good aspects of others has made me better and better! The best examples are these :
My roomie after we arrange all things got from Walmart, will fold every polythene cover and put it on a box over the fridge. I was amazed at her act!!! Never it struck my head. She never enforced me but now, I am doing it too. When I/ somebody need/s a cover, I can unfold and give it to them with so much pride ( and not pick/pull out from a bag full of covers nastily ).

Last week, I heard my friend RC say "After he/ his roomie cooks, everybody would admire that their electric stove would look so clean as though they never cooked" . I thought why not this be my next goal. My stove should look always so.
Ofcourse, there are friends who motivated me not to do certain things by their act like cooking things in an uncleanly atmosphere like with all veggies tholis/ spice boxes in and around the cooking table..

Perseverance: I have had days when I feel all these are nonsense and too much of discipline would spoil my freedom and would make me mechanical and not follow any of these. But the truth is people like me will not go too much discplined :) and its all that day's mood. But, I think , getting back again and starting things fresh would BE the best thing that can make us better !!

Our growth: After looking at people who think that keeping their things/ home okay is not their priority. I got a question on my mind!!
'When somebody doesnot even give reasonable priority to organize their things ( get little disciplined) at this age, what sort of mental growth have they/we achieved from their/our undergrad to master's/Phd.?? and how, all of a sudden will they/we get ready to lead a family/take care of their old parents/young kids ?? Are such lack of awareness / less priority leading to raising poor individuals??
I dont know!!!

Planning and working on small modules can make somebody like me ( a zero at the start) grow a lot better and though I have a llong way to go (Still I search my keys every alternate day !!), I am happy that I have realized it..

Now a days, you can't expect your spouse/family to be like our amma who will clean/take care of our mess too !! Naalaikku unga veetla idha enforce panna ungalukku 'kurudana pudichu 'raajamuzhi' muzhinnu sonna epdi irukumo, apdi irukkum!!:)'
So makkale, I think its hi-time we start thinking about it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

My favorite song and its meaning is now in my tamil blog . Rendu bloglayum tamizh Kalviya pathiye pesaren. I will try to avoid it here by learning to add links, photos etc.. Thats why I had been posting here abt. tamil stuff. Also, I wish to blog roll many favorite blog spots i visit.. Yet to learn how to do that..

Enna maari science students molecular/ genetic talk thaan theriyum.. Innum computer related stuffsla updatedaa irukanumnnu aasai padren..Let us see!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

விரைவில் திருவாசகத்தின் அடுத்த பாடல். அதுவரை ஆத்திசூடி !!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

En Nanju Undeer Ayya

I am very impressed with the lyrics and the music of the song ' En palli Kondeeraiyya'. Its an amazing song written by Arunachalakavirayar which has innovative interpratation of why Lord Vishnu is in ananthasayana pose, adoring the leela and saahasaas of the Lord. I was listening to this sung by Bombay sisters.( Sudha ragunathan has also sung in different music and its amazing too).

It just struck my head this morning to try writing such innovative interpretation of leelas of Lord Shiva in a similar tune. I came up with this , this morning. I guess you can try singing in any of the tunes ( Sudha / Bombay sisters). I tried Bombay sisters tune and it worked fine.

( The one after bars in the lyrics are those which can be interchangebly used and I thought both verses are equally apt at that place . Thats why I am giving both)

Note: The interpretation I have given for Lord shiva to drink visham is basically not the real reason for him to drink visham..

Similarly, in that song ' en palli..' , Lord Vishnu was not tired/worried of killing kalinga or kamsa etc and went back to rest. The author just interprets some reasons and asks if they are the reasons for his act using his innovative skills and indirectly say his laurels.

So,here , the act of drinking visham is not due to any of the reasons listed by me. Its just the interpretation I have given. So, please dont think they are the real reasons for him to drink visham!!!

Tamil In English :
En Nanju undeer ayya,
Neer En Nanju undeer ayya !

Nanjum thaane ezha, parkadal naduvile
Avatharithu ange adhanai Nodiyile
En Nanju undeer ayya!!!
( When 'mandira' mountain was used as 'mathu' and 'Vaasuki' serpant was used as 'rope' to get 'Amritha', aalakaala visham / nanju came up in 'paarkadal' and Lord shiva came there and swallowed it)

Pithan endru aanathinaale
kallaal adipattu nondheero!
( Sakkiya Nayanar, a Buddhist , adored Lord Siva. He threw a stone at the Lord inadvertently during meditation at the sanctum, which the Lord accepted as a form of worship. That had becoem his daily form of worship.The Lord was pleased. I interpret as the ill treatment he got though not exactly so )
Peyan Endra peyar petru
sudalai kaathu nondheero!

( I mean the vettiyaan job)
Paaramindri asurarkkum varamalithu
vandha vinaiyaal nondheero !

(I mean the tharakaasuran story who turned against Lord and ran behind him to destroy God after getting varam )
Jathisei kaalinaal oorthavathaal
kaaliiyai vendru nondheero

(Here I mean the dance competetion between Nataraja and Kali where he did the 'oorthavathandava' pose which is a typical men posture and thereby won his spouse which I write here as ' he might feel bad for competeing against his dearest wife' )
Ambaal adipatto!!
(Kamadeva pierced Shambu (Lord shiva) causing him to break the vow of celibacy and fall for the Paarvati, the daughter of Himalaya)
Vedanaal udhai paato!!
(Kannappa nayanaar, a hunter, saw blood from the eyes of Shiva Linga and gave an eye. When he found another eye of the linga to shed blood, he decided to pierce his second eye and to place his eyes on to the lings eyes, for knowing the location, he kept his leg near Lord's eyes which i interpret as 'udhai patto')
Avvapodhu Umaiyaipp pirindho!! / use ' aanaadhaiyaai ninrathinaalo'
( In most Thiruvilaiyaadalkal I have read, I have found that some fight would come between Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma and she would be sent to the earth. Later he would come to earth, give darshan to devotees and marry Uma. I just interpret that he is pretty upset because of that )
Thiruvottudan bhikshai aando!!
( Bhiksshatanaar is the form of Lord Shiva where he went on streets begging arms . This form is to explain the sages that God is the supreme and not the Karma as during those period, sages stopped worshipping God and were just performing karma)
Bhagirathanukkaai azhagu gangaiyai keezh alitha varuthamo!!
( / Mukkanninaal neer sindhiyum um vedhanai theeravillayo!!)
( Bhagirathan prayed God and ask for Ganga to be flown on earth which was primarily on Lord shiva's head . I tried to say he is kindaa upset on that ) / (/ Lord has 3 eyes including netrikan.I interpreted that he is extemely upset and he cried with all 3 eyes and still he is upset. So, he had visham)
Vadivillaamal makkal thudhikkum varuthamooo!!
(/ Ithanai kodumayaal manam ooyavillayooo!!)
(People dont pray Lord Shiva in a form other than Linga. I tried to say he is kindaa upset on that)!
En Nanju undeer ayya,
Neer En Nanju undeer ayya !


ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா
நீர் ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா !!

நஞ்சும் தானே எழ, பாற்கடல் நடுவிலே,
அவதரித்து அங்கே அதனை நொடியிலே
ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா !

பித்தன் என்று ஆனதினாலே
கல்லால் அடிபட்டு நொந்தீரோ!
பேயன் என்ற பெயர் பெற்று
சுடலை காத்து நொந்தீரோ!!

பாரமின்றி அசுரர்க்கும் வரமளித்து
வந்தவினை கண்டு நொந்தீரோ!
ஜதிசெய் காலினால் ஊர்த்தவத்தால்
காளியை வென்று நொந்தீரோ!!

அம்பால் அடிபட்டோ!!
வேடனால் உதை பட்டோ!!
அவ்வப்போது (உ)மையைப் பிரிந்தோ!!
திருவோட்டுடன் பிட்சை ஆண்டோ!! (/ use அநாதையாய் நின்றதினாலோ!!)

பகிரதனுக்காய் அழகு கங்கையை கீழ் அளித்த வருத்தமோ !!
( / use முக்கண்ணினால் நீர் சிந்தியும் உம் வேதனை தீரவில்லையோ!!)
வடிவில்லாமல் மக்கள் துதிக்கும் வருத்தமோ !!
(/ use இததனை கொடுமையால் மனம் ஓயவில்லையோ!!)

ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா
நீர் ஏன் நஞ்சு உண்டீரய்யா !!

First devotional Composition

Hey guys,

This morning unusually I got up pretty early. I was drinking coffee gazing at the kolu at my home..I came up with a devotional composition which , if you think is suitable, can be sung too.

It was pretty shocking/surprising to me as well as I have never written about God . I have always written verses (kavithai) only on myself , social things, crushes and other vethu things in life (Infact I had written once abt sivarasan, thanu - involved in rajiv gandhi assasination).

I will type it after I get back home !!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Yummy !!!

Icecreams and chocolates (I&C) - what a great invention???

An invention that can give a heavenly feel !!!! Chancee illa!!!

I & C :
  • A boost during times of dullness, fatigue: When I am dull, I just go for a walk, get an icecream and walk on the pathway with so much energy and happiness licking the melting portions of the icecream
  • A mood modulator: Eat an icecream / try a different chocolate! You can put off your sogam for a while.
  • A companion during times of celebration/ happiness.
  • The only gift which has made me the happiest - no gold/ silver, no books or no materials can bring that!!
  • Till date, when doctor is gonna give me injection, I just think of only I & C to forget my pain!!!I suggested this to one of my friends admitted at hospital. He simply smiled and thought me to be kiddish.. I felt that he has not ever tried/wanted to see how much it changes your thinking/mood towards life !!!hmm..

But, I feel Icecreams and Chocolates are THE yummiest things in the world!!!What do YOU say??