Sunday, December 10, 2006

Guna stylela...Kavithai.. kavithai .. Padi

Hey all
Ennatha solla. I had been to Kentucky to visit my friends and I had a great time...while coming back, orae feelingsaa pochu..I was listening to music..

I 've always wanted to have some knowledge to give music to lyrics..Adhu dhaan illa...So, then I wished to meet/ get to know some people who can compose music to whom I can give some of my lyrics... So far I have not met anybody.. Then, when I was living at KY, I got an idea of writing one/ more stanzas to many of my favorite songs and thus quenching my aasai.. Finally now I got some time to do this.... Romba kanraaviyaa irundhaa freea vidunga paa!!! Edho I am trying to quench my aasai of publishing my lyrics to a song !!!

Starting with thalaivar paatu...


Arunaachaleshwaraaya namahaa...adhaan namma paatu adhaanda idhaanda...

Song: Adhanda idhanda from Arunachalam

(like 'kaasu panmellam..')

கேளிக்கையே வாழ்க்கையினு இருப்பதுதான் சரியா
வீட்டுக்குன்னு ஊர்சொத்தை சேர்ப்பதுதான் சரியா
பணத்துக்குதான் உற்வினையே பிரிப்பதுதான் சரியா
புதுபதவியினால் பழசையெல்லாம் மறப்பதுதான் சரியா

ஒ ஓ ஒ ....அருணாசலேஸ்வராய நம:

அன்பு பாசமெல்லாம் அம்மாவிடம் பாங்கு
அறிவு பண்பயெல்லாம் அப்பாவிடம் வாங்கு
ஆர்வமோடு சொல்லிதரும் வாத்தியார தாங்கு
அள்வில்லாம அள்ளிதரும் நிலைமைக்கு நீஏங்கு

ஒ ஓ ஒ ...அருணாசலேஸ்வராய நம:

அன்பு செய்பவன் அகத்தில் தான் நிம்மதி!!
வம்பு செய்பவன் புறத்தில் தான் நிம்மதி!!!

உன்ன நம்பி இருக்கும் யாரும் கெட்ட தில்லையடா
உன்ன விட்டா எனக்கு யாரும் வாழ்வில் தேவை யில்லயடா!!!

Aduthu oru duet ('Kaadalikkum Aasai' from chellame) try pannen.. I lost those sheets.. Will search and find out!!! Ellam college padikum podhe try panni irundhaa use aagirukum :)- Ippo blogla dhaan poda mudiyum !!!

Kavithai- 2 12/11/06

Makkale.. while I was searching Kaadhalikkum aasai sheet that I lost, I found the lyrics that I wrote a while ago for the song 'Sakkarai nilave' in 'youth'. Actually, whenever this song used to start in my car mp3, I had skipped the song and never ever listened till 1.5 yrs before when namma Dinesh got on to my car and asked me to let it go. Then I heard it in full and realized that the song was pretty good.. and it looked and was really challenging to me to write a third stanza.. Makkale.. will hunt for that sheet that has 'kaadalikkum aasai' duet stanza !!! Meanwhile listen to this and read ahead

Though I tried my best to bring lot of emotions to this song, I sincerely admit & regret that I couldnot write lyrics of better std. to this song..

Song : Sakkarai nilave from Youth

3rd stanza..
(like november maadha nilavil)
உன்னைப் பார்த்த அன்று.. எனக்குள் ஓர் இன்பம்
வாய் மலராது நின்றேன்.. உன் தன் அழகில் தானே !!
கோடி பூக்கள் பூக்கும்.. நீ பேசும் போது
காய் கனியாக மாறும்.. உன் தன் சிரிப்பில் தானே !!!

அழகான் உன் குரலில் அசந்தே போய் நின்றேனே!!
திறமான் உன் செயலில் திகைத்தே தான் நின்றேனே!!

கருணை பொழியும் கணபதிதாள், நீ வேண்டுமென் வேண்டி நிற்பேன்!!
கல்லை செதுக்கிடும் உளியினைப்போல், கல் உடையும் வரை காத்து நிற்பேன்!!

அடி எனக்குள் எங்கும் நீதான் இருக்க, இன்னும் ஏன் ஓரம் நின்றாய்!!

to be continued..

Saturday, November 25, 2006

ViLayaataai VaLayavarum Ninaivugal - Indoor

"தெரிந்து கொள்வோமே - தீபாவளி" யை இங்கு காண்க

Maha janangale… (Prabu Karthik stylela start panren!!)

Its nice to hear about all the games that we played. Thanks for reminding about the other indoor games like lock and key, statue, hide and seek, paandi, 7 stones and also for enlightening about mudugu puncture, gillie, masaa masaa etc.

Okay!!! Now, let’s talk about the indoor games. The first thing that strikes my head is carrom-board. It’s the favorite summer holiday game when we are not allowed to go out to play. Focus is the key to success here… Playing Cards was not common (at least at my home) as now during those days. Chess, draught, trade were afternoon games…when paati/ thatha/ amma were sleeping, we were allowed to play these.. Ice cream-kaaran would go around this time and that is when we stop those games and wake up paati asking money for icecream... Wow..those days were really sweet..

If you have had old people at home, you might have learned other indoor games from grand parents such as dhaayakattai, pallankuzhi, aadupuli, paramapadham and sozhi. Though they are conventional,I feel they are pretty useful to life…

Dhaayakattai is purely a luck game and it can be both fun and fight causing. Atleast one of our cousins would not be able to take too much of vettal (failure) and many a times, we have stopped after a fight / cry. This game implicitly teaches us that we have to learn to face both success and failure.

Aadu puli - 3 tigers and 15 goats. We have to choose to be either tigers or goats. Its really tough being goats but calm mind with focus can really help us win....Its a classic game... You can afford to loose only a max. of 3 goats and the rest should be able to block all tigers. Brain storming!!!

Paramapadham (Snake and Latter) is another luck game which teaches you to take whatever comes to you and keep trying till possible.. I have really forgotten how to play sozhi and what is it about etc.

And finally, I present my most favorite game - Pallanguzhi. Amma oru kaalathula queen theriyumla..This used to be taught and infact preferred in every family in olden days, as this involves peaceful properties like kaasi, pazham etc. unlike dhayakattai game where violent properties like vettal, thaandal come into play. This not only enables us to practice to hold things with grip but also makes us good at counting and at mind calculation. Never a sunday afternoon has passed without my pallanguzhi play with my neighbourhood paati (till 10th std.) Its not a luck game (which is a misconception) and you need to watch which kuzhi your opponent is taking and how many rounds she has added. Within your mind, you need to calculate how many sozhi's should be there in each kuzhi of your side and opponent's side.. And, there is not just one game in it (regular 12 or 6 sozhis in each kuzhi). There are two other games called 'katt'aatam (with 5 in each ) and 'muth'aatam (with 3 in each) with totally different rules and different ways to play. These two are 99.0% extinct. . I dont know if I can find somebody who can play these two with me again..Nobody understands what I say about them!!

Every indian game at childhood had taught us lessons necessary for life and helped in shaping our attitude towards life esp. they helped to take all things that comes to you and were very useful unlike the new video games (that neither have self stop nor teach values for life) with which the present day children are sitting for hours, pressing buttons.

Guys.. some of the ones that we discussed may have kindled your memories and others may be 'greek and latin'. Come and share your indoor game experience with us and I hope you enjoyed the childhood play talk!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

ViLayaataai vaLayavarum NinaivugaL..!!!

Enna Makkale...

It has been a while.. Yeh, there was(is) no internet at home. Blog podaama/padikaama mandai kaanju pochu.. Hope they fix my net soon.

'Naanku kanaadi suvargalukulle naanum mezhuguvarthiyaa'y El Pasola internet ilaama ukkandhirukumbodhu -- only the malarum ninaivugals esp. from high school days.

Right from the school prayer 'ulagam yaavaiyum thaamula vaakalum', ore memories such as 'all time worries about getting 1st rank'.. 'progress report showing moment'..'extreme happiness before paati thatha's arrival to home'..'summer holidays choice illaama exam answer paper writing and the thillu mullu associated while writing'... evening one - one and half hour play ..... sunday pallanguzhi with neighbour....summer holiday games with cousins..

Forget the rest,,, let's talk about the 'play-part' in this post. Though, sollikara maari, I have not championed in any game, childhood play has played a vital role in my life and in making friends as well.. Many of my pasanga friends are basically my cousin B''s play friends.

Makkale !! you may or may not be able to associate yourselves with this post depending on the people with whom you have had played.. if you had just played only cricket with only guys then, i may not be able to make you revive your memories.. Still, let me tell you my experience starting with cricket..

Motta maadi cricket: Every kid would have played motta maadi cricket.To my knowledge, girls under 6th std mostly were used by our cricket playing friends or cousins for (ball poruki poda) fielding. After so much of our pestering, we will get the bat with so much hesitation and the best bowler would play just to send the girl out.. With our least chance / experience in holding the bat and facing the ball and before even we kindaa understand the situation, the ball would have touch the bat and you can hear all pasanga shouting 'outu.. outu.. priya avlodhaan po'. They would claim that the ball touched the stump. Tears peeping out from eyes and with a heavy heart, I used to give away their 'precious' bat. .After 7th class, girls are seethangol for boys w.r.t cricket...Thats IT.. my (our) cricket life ended there...

But, girls do play other games and infact, guys in their non cricket playing times do accompany.

Everybody had played odi pudichu!!! But makkale, do you remember the games 'chain xxxxx' and 'pura gundu'?? Chain - wherein you catch somebody and hold them and run to catch the third person.. the longer the chain, the tougher it is to run together but easier to catch when the play area is small. Cooperation is the key for this game. Pura gundu is pretty much the same but you run individually and need not form a chain but everybody who was previously out has to touch the runner to declare that the runner is out.

Nondi is a game that is generally played exclusively by girls. Man.. now, I dont know if I can limp also. During those days, we had to nondi aduchufy on terrace wherein lots of thuni kodi (ropes to hang clothes) would run across our heads. We had to watch for ropes. Also, we had to watch our step as vethal, seeyakaay and sambha podi saamaan would be kept for drying on floor. By chance you step on them, you are gone...Your mom will kattify tin on you :)-

When I think of games in school, what comes to my mind are : volley ball / football for guys; cocoa, badminton and tennicoit for girls (in some schools, guys also play cocoa ). I actually like cocoa so much..this is such a nice team effort game !!

Makkale, these days toy companies claim that they make children learn while play etc...that.. this.. etc.. but we had learned a lot in indian household games implicity. Cocoa is a typical example..We have to estimate exactly whom(sitting) to push to knock the opponent out and act swiftly. Moreever, the sitting person must be really be watchful of the situation. Above all, the runner has to give 'cuts' to make the catcher become tired.

Every middle class girl would have 'kenjified' (pleaded) her parents to get a bat and a shuttle cock..Tennicoit was available w/o problem... I really loved it.. and these two would make you sweat nicely...

Do YOU recollect any other commonly played outdoor game?? Come and share here with us !!

To be continued..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Adutha Thalaivi Yaar??

Oh no..!! I am not talking about politics. Namma Cinema pathi dhaanga!!! Priya stylela solren..." Ammannu sonna ..en agaraadhila (dictionaryla) rende paer!! onnu namma sondha 'amma' and innonu namma ooruke amma - 'JJ amma'. Thalaivinnu sonna en agaradhiyila rende paer (as of now) - onnu nammma simran. Innonnu Maadhuri Dixit". No body has ever impressed me like Madhuri and Simran!!!

Well, I was thinking of those days when I used to crazily watch their movies..Makkale..I agree.. naane ipdi irundhaa pasanga epdi iruppaanga??!!
Now, Pucchu pucchaaa neriyaa ponnunga fieldla..barbie dolls..delicate darlings..prestigious (dancing) peacocks..bullet pushpaas.sweet smileys....glamour queens..where do I find all in one as like in my thalaivi ??
? Of late, I have been thinking about who has(seems to have) the potential/capabilities of reaching "that" state in tamilnadu.

Here is KuttiPriya’s Vetti Vimarsanam .

”Nee enna lordaa”nnu ketta enkitta badhil illa paa..edho enaku thoninadha solren!!! Enna makkale..Readyaa...Read ahead

Well, there are so many things that account to becoming a thalaivi. Let us see each..

1. Dance : Man.. Now a days, it is so pathetic to see that girls(actresses) fail HERE unlike those days and it has infact become a determining criteria in ranking. Also, dance IS important in growing up as thalaivi. Right from Vaijayathi Malaa till determines !!!

Namma trisha Madam..inga major flop..the irony is she always gets the nicest dappankoothu songs like appadi podu podu, kalyanamdhaan kattikittu etc.
Asin - okay in general (thought not exceptional)...decent..Slow steps are decent.. classical steps are good. Bhoomika amma - please koncham move something..Laila - only ballet stepaa... pucha kathuko maa. Sneha- I have not observed well enough. Chaaya singh/ Sindhu thulani- Good ..kai kaal valikudhu maa. Reema sen- decent and I like her surusuruppu/thudithudippu but needs to learn more steps... Kajaala - good.. JO- edho okay..but bored of seeing same old steps...Namitha- adaa .. she dances well maa..

2.Handling a solo song with Enthusiasm: When a solo song is given, say like "China china aasai" in roja / "poo pookum osai" in minsara kanavu where you have to show enthu!!!

Chayaa singh- Thiruda thirudi - performed okay in "mutham" song.
Trisha - Gille entry song sha la la - enthu was there but dance oree sothappal . Glamour not bad.
Reema Sen - Chellame - Vellaikara mutham - Sama dynamism but dance steps romba less. Glamour suits.
Laila - No such song that I remember. Delicate dances in general !!
Jo - After kushi,I dont remember any such song..Do you?? The enthu is really good in that though she has a stereotypical way of doing that!!! Glamour does not suit.
Asin - No solo song yet I guess. But the enthu seems to be okay.Glamour suits.
Namitha- Glamour kanna koosudhu.. but it suits if you keep watching more and more of it.
Sneha - Needs more dynamism.Glamour romba kammi - devyani style comely look

3. Choosing character roles: Of late, no body got good ones except Jo. But, she is a senior actress right. Also she was like 'kajol to madhuri' for simran - a close competetion for simran in some aspects. Definitely, we can expect her to get better roles like in chandramukhi. I liked Reema sen's role in chellame/ dhool (though I hated 'Minnale' Reema sen) and I have some intuitive bias that if she concentrates well in choosing her role, she can come up well as I see some sort of kushbu-like-dynamism/ casual feel in her. Finally, we saw laila ACTING in a movie - kanda naal mudhal... heehee..i mean she did less of this heehee:)- .Though I was not comfortable seeing Sandhya in dishyum initially, I thought she is okay at the end. Trisha koncham nadikka effort podanum- smilea vechu kaalam thalla mudiyaadhu :)-

4. +ses of each :
of late Jo is doing good lavus with surya ..obviously+ Jo gives some cute reactions though she overdoes that often and irritates. Laila always moves around with a cute inncent look but she tried something different in 'kanda naal mudhal' but engairundho she would show 'ekkam' feeling in all her movies (dhill / paarthen rasithen / unnai ninaithu) very well though nothing more :)- . Asin - Ponnu nalla cute look + smile uduthu. Trisha - Really nice smile. Reema sen- Very casual before camera !

5.Confidence :
This is something that is beyond explanation. It is some sort of LOOK that we can see in somebody who has THE talent. Its a glitter in eyes+ dynamism + I can do confidence with comely nature. Simran had it..Kushboo had it..Madhuri had it..Kajol had is slightly peeping out in Reema sen's eyes / Asin's eyes but they are yet to prove in character roles...

6.------: Though not the Least!!! NAAN ennatha solla!! Trisha, Sindhu Thulani, Pooja and Reema sen qualify. Jo, Asin - cat on the wall. Others (Laila/Namitha/Sadhaa) disqualify due to extremities:)-

Enna makkale... yaar adutha thalaivi ??? Neenga sollunga!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Credit card Balance !

ஸ்நானம் ஆறு வகைப்படுமாமே? இங்கே பாருங்க

Did you ever know that the "Proportion of usage of credit card to total available credit card limit" matters for having a good credit history. It seems its better to use 1/3 of the credit card limit (in maximum, even if you pay off every month). And its better to split our expense amongst all of the cards (Ofcourse, paying it on time also matters ). I heard this from a friend here and then I tried to find much more details on credit history maintainence. Here is the info reg that. Just thought of sharing !!!

How does this work in India? Does the credit history matter for any purpose ?!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saapida Vaanga - Kaiyum vaayum - combo talk !!!

ஸ்நானம் எத்தனை வகைப்படும்? இங்கே பாருங்க!

Final saapida vaanga post!!! Heard a lot about why to to cook etc. Yeh, here we shall talk about some nice dishes that taste awesome with their partner dishes - combos!! Just getting reminded of those days at home???

At Home

How can I forget the best combo ? Potato curry – Vetha kozhambu.. Man … half roasted potato (oil generousaa vidanum) with vetha kuzhambu containing manathakaali vethal..Swargam dhaan – any timer !!

My mom makes amazing Morkozhambu with sepankezhangu/ any kaai which on combination with Paruppu usili made out of beans is an awesome thing to eat.

Have you heard of this combo – Nellikai thogayal with Daangar pachadi – people from chola naadu might know (made out of ulutha maavu) ?? This is really nice (atleast to me)

And, rasam saadham with appalam – a typical combo !! Trying to think Combos!!! Nothing strikes..

And some people like chappathi dipped in milk .. Though I am not for it, I acknowledge that it’s supposedly a good combo!!


When it comes to Tiffin, Dosai comes first and chutney is a must! You have all heard of the commercialized Onion masala, Paper dosa, Butter masala etc.. Do you still remember the karaicha maavu dosai, pulicha maavu dosai, kadutha maavu dosai that amma used to make so that she can use up the flour?? Actually I used to eat them with kadi but I miss them now.. Also, there are many dosai made by chettiars like keppa dosai etc.. Wish I go to meet my friend to eat them!!!

Wondering where is idli ?! I will touch upon it later!!

The next combo that comes on my mind is Adai aviyal. Thick adai + avial which you thalichufy with curry leaves dipped in coconut oil + koncham vellam. Don’t have it at night.. It can be dangerous :)-

Have you tasted thayir semiyaa with sugar . Try out !!! It’s a different combo!!

Pongal gosthu, Bonda- kesari, Bajji- chutney typically are guest combo recipes !!


Anything and everything on a festival cooked is nice.. Trying to think what do we make in combo??!! Vadai and paayasam is a special combo to make though not to eat!!! hee..hee

Though my family does not have to make Thiruvaadhirai kali + kootu (5 kaai kozhambu), I make it just because the combo is awesome.

Can you think of something?? I am blank!!


When I think of outing in those days back at home, I remember idli. I used to hate it when relatives make nice idli and appify with milagaa podi like anything and bring it to a picnic spot in a clean used milk cover.. It looked horrible.. You can’t even hold...Evlo porumaiyaa irundhiruken;)- How much so ever I complain about that, I have to agree that Idli - Milagaa podi is the first best combo . Idli with sambhar comes second. Add a cup of avul while grinding idli flour.. It will be extremely soft !!

Lemon rice - potato curry (mashed non roasted) is so suitable for picnic. I learned a kannadigaa style lemon rice where you cut small onion pieces and fry first and do lemon rice as usual and also add a small teaspoon of sugar.. Believe me.. its awesome..

That’s it.. Okay !!! Finally, 'saapida vaanga' becomes 'saapida ponga'!!! Avlodhaan!! Thanks for patiently reading this series!!

How abt this combo that our grandparents would give in those days? - Veppa ennai + sugar (after that) :)-

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

SondhakKural (சொந்தக்குறள்)

இவர்கள் யார் ??


Read my sondha kural...

கேளிர் எவர்க்கும் சான்றோன் நட்புதன்
அகத்தருகே காணும் குன்றாம்

keler evarkkum saanron natpu than
agatharuke kaanum kunraam

Meaning sollatumaa!!

கேளிர் - உறவினர் (எதாவது வகையிலே நமக்கு உறவானவர்)
எவர்க்கும் - எல்லார்க்கும் / எப்படிப்பட்டவர்க்கும் /வேறுபட்ட மக்கள் எவரும்
சான்றோர்- சிறப்பான / மேன்மை பொருந்திய குணங்களைக் கொண்டவன்
நட்பு- சகவாசமானது
தன் அகத்தருகே காணும் குன்று - தம் வீட்டில் அருகில் உள்ள மலை போன்றதாகுமாம்.

Meaning 1: நம் வீட்டின் கண் நின்று பார்க்கப்படும் மலையானது நமக்கு மிக உயர்ந்த்தாகவே தெரியும். (அதே மலை, சற்று தொலைவிலிருந்து பார்த்தால், மற்ற மலைகளை விட உயரமாகவோ, தாழ்வாகவோ இருக்கலாம்). மேலும், அருகில் இருக்கும் மலையானது, தனக்குரிய சிறப்பான உருவத்தைக் கொண்டு, நமக்கு ஒருவிதமாக பயம் அளிக்கும்.
அது போல, உறவினர் எல்லாருக்கும், சிறப்பான/மேன்மை பொருந்திய குணங்களைக் கொண்டவரின் சகவாசமானது, தம் வீட்டின் அருகில் உள்ள மலை போல மிகச்சிறப்பாக உயர்ந்து விளங்கும். மேலும், அவர்களின் சிறப்பான குணத்தால், அவர்களிடம் பழக ஒருவிதமான பயம் அளிக்கும்.

Meaning 2: This is the first meaning with which I came up with these lines. Let me narrate the incident as it would help people in non hilly region understand things better.
I, being new to El Paso, moved to my new apt recently . This city has series of mountains everywhere and its easy to get lost and even enter into mexico unless you know which mountains are in your side. I found a hill just behind my home which alone has a cross at the top. I decided to have this as the landmark . Last week, I went on a bus in search of a post office and as usual I got lost. (En kooda endha vehiclela vandhalum easyaa tholainjupoydiveenga.... apdi oru raasi ) And the bus driver dropped me near a mall . When I got down, to my surprise, I saw a hill which also had a cross. After getting out of shock , I realized that its is the same hill and the bus has started from home and came to this mall taking a 'U' shape where the hill is at the mouth of 'U' but my home is on the other side. The next day when i was planning to visit some friends, they also gave me directions stating about the same hill but I realised soon that its on some other side.. I, then realised that everybody who lived under that mountain claimed that as a landmark.

The next day I was waiting at the bus stop for so long looking at that big scary hill . I was like 'what is this analogous to..' Also I thought of another interpretation that is mentioned above.. Here is the analogy.

Meaning 2 :
சான்றோன் எனறு கருதக்கூடிய குணங்களை உடையவனின் நட்பைப் பெற்ற எப்பேர் பெற்றவனும் உறவினனும் (அதாவது நல்லவனோ/தீய குணம் கொண்டவனோ / உயர்ந்தவனோ / தாழ்ந்தவனோ / எத்தொழில் புரியக்கூடியவனும் ), தன் வீட்டருகே இருக்கும் உயர்ந்த மலையை, மலையின் கீழ் வாழும் அனைவரும் அதனை எப்படிச் சொந்தம் கொண்டாடுவார்களோ, அதுபோல, சொந்தம் கொண்டாடி மகிழ்வான்.

When we read crisp verse, it is necessary to note the usage of each word as those 7-8 words, in general, have to explain a big meaning /analogy. Here the word evarkum is to be noted which encompasses all sorts of people.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Saapida vaanga - Follow, inculcate and how to cook ?

நவராத்திரியில் இன்று விசேஷமான ராகத்தில் என்னென்ன பாட்டு இருக்குன்னு தினமும் இங்க பார்த்து மற்றும் கேட்டு இறையருளைப் பெருவீர்களாக !!

Hey all,
Well it has been a while that I even forgot what I was telling. Now, after recollecting what I was talking, here we are to discuss what can we do to have good health these days w.r.t cooking. Makkale..I feel there are three things that we have to focus upon 1.To follow. 2. To inculcate and the most important thing 3. To cook.

Enna makkale.. unga veetu adupu mela poona kutti thoongudhaa??apdina, its time for you to work on cooking !!!

To Follow : Ennatha perisaa solla poren!!! Its all what you know.. But, I think its not enough to read these and feel happy that we know this.. we have to DO something about it.
1. Preserve and carry over traditional home receipes (kudumba (sa) paatuu): Guys, every family will have some dishes that is exclusively in their lineage.. Talk to your mom, grandmom and learn how to make them, what are their uses etc. and WRITE THEM DOWN. This will definitely not harm you as ur family has had it and stayed healthy enough !!
2. Home remedies : Talk to your family first about what they use to treat what and how ?? When you are sick, you can try that first..Infact we should first learn to trust them.I have a book that has many remedies taught by my patti. Infact, the remedies are some cooking receipes so you can make them once in a while also.
3. Sick???-- wait!!! : When you are sick, first observe yourself..Don't panic and rush to a doctor. The doctor will give a medicine (otherwise you will not respect him right!) when needed / not which is not good in general for the body. Trust that our body can repair its problems by itself if you give time.. If its a real problem, then we can get treated. Infact, I am not very positive in taking medicine as it modulates many systems in our body negatively.
4. Definitely maintain a book (manually or online) to note all home remedies / receipes that you cook so that you know what type of nutrients you frequently have and you can get back whenever you feel sick.Say, having turmeric in milk will help clearing sore throat for some..For others, it would work only when the problem is milder and they may have doses of pepper roasted in ghee. if you have both of them written down, you can try one by one.. Writing gives clarity of thought and avoids clouding on mind.

To inculcate:
This is for people in our family esp. the next generation. It is necessary that we follow these as sometimes inculcating others works better when we do it silently.
1.Time: In olden days, children just follow the same way of life as parents. So, they learn much of it from parents. Now a days, things are different. Mom and child don't have the same way of life.I think many of us don't get time to know facts about the home remedies/healthy cooking. The reason for it is we spend lot of time on different things. We tend to think ' we have too much work.. We/ the child deserve(s) relaxation. Our (middle class ) parents spent most of the time worrying about how to manage money for us and the family. I think it would be better if we teach others to spend time in many other ways like reading useful books, learning more things from grandmom/mom that can be relaxing as well.
2. Grandparents are great resource :As we don't see joint families now a days, its tough to learn from old people. But when we visit them, instead of patiently listening to their cribbings about relatives, we can (change the topic and ) ask them for ' how they make this' and 'what they did for this problem during those days'.That way, relations can be healthier and we can make them feel proud as we learn from them.
3. Prioritize : It is necessary these days to tell children what should be important to us where eating good food and doing healthy cooking also have to come into picture. Many of us still think that we dont have time for it..Teaching to prioritize things at every point of life is very necessary!
4 Pampering spoils : Pampering children by creating self pity is the worst thing one can do.".Oh!! my daughter is too busy . she always has something and she cant spend time to learn cooking.. We are here to cook right"- pochu..appave ur daughter is handicapped !! I heard from my friend that in sweden, students have cooking as a subject for 3 years (between 6th - 8th std) They have practical classes where they have to pair up with fellow classmate and make dishes..and that way, schools equip them to survive even when there is no body to cook around!!!

How to cook :
Makkale.. enna da iva.. vitta cooking class eduppa pola iruke.. romba torture paa - ipdi dhaane nenakareenga!! Sari!! assuming that everybody knows minimal cooking, let me give some tips
1. Know the facts : Please take time to know some facts about what you cook - say, rice has carbs, dal has proteins etc.
2. Know the values : Know what is good for what. say, ginger will remove (reduce) gas. So, we use it while have food like dal so that it reduces too much of vaayvu settling at joints.
3. Think of the best alternative: When you cook, look for the alternative that has the best cooking value as per tradition. Say, to bring hot taste both red chily and pepper can be used. But Pepper is a better option as it is good for intestine as it harms less.
3. Know the goodies : Know which are always good to us even if you dont see any value visually. say like turmeric which is a anti oxidant and has all goodness like anticancer, anti cold, disinfectant etc. Tulsi,pepper, garlic are some of them.
4. Understand the chemistry : Some people consider cooking as magic. add x add y boil..add z wait and your dish has to appear suddenly..Infact in the dispensing pharmacy class in undergrad, I used to do the same - add salicylate, coloring agent, A, B etc and mix/boil for some time and expect the ointment to be ready How stupid it was..there is a chemistry in cooking and its a field where you can see the effect of what you do . We can be flexible and try out many things but there is a science like what has to be added when and how- say,we HAVE to splutter mustard and only then we can add Urad dal. Also, like, adding salt to vegetables causes elevation of boiling point and they boil faster. Paying attention to such details are really essential for life.
5. Write things down: Do not feel ashamed/ silly.It is important to write down for future.

Okay.. Erkanave makkal teachernra rangeukku ottaranga!! Indha postukku enna solla poreeengalo!!! These are just my opinion..Kaaka kaaka stylela sonnaa ' Idhellam neenga follow pannanumnu sollala, ipdi panna nalla irukumnnu nenakaren' - idhu epdi :)-

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Saapida vaanga - Koncham health science...

நவராத்திரி பற்றி மற்றும் நவராத்தியில் அர்ச்சிக்க வேண்டியதைப் பற்றி ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் இங்க பாருங்க!!

Hello all,

We are supposed to talk about that 'something' that may accumulate in our body. As you might all have guessed, its nothing but toxins. Getting excited to talk about it!!!!!
When I was reading a toxicology book (published at U.S), I could find that the oldest books on toxicology (and infact on medicines ) are from India - Charaka samhita and Susrutha samhita (early part of 1000 B.C). Felt so nice...I wish I learn sanskrit to decode what is said in them !!!! And so, I started reading about them online. Let me share some info that I learned.
Makkale, let me say this. I as like many of us, used to think that ayurveda is another field just like allopathy or homeopathy. Never realised till few days before that its our way of life, the way/ the diet our ancestors followed!!! Let me talk about it before getting on to the diet.
"Life (ayu) is the combination (samyoga) of body, senses, mind and reincarnating soul. Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond."—Charaka Samhita, Sutrasthana, 1.42-43.

Ayurveda is a upaveda (subsection) of arthava veda. Though it had been practiced all along, it was around 3000 B.C that ayurveda in India was codified from the oral tradition to book form as an independent science. It enlists eight branches/divisions of ayurveda: Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine), Shalakya Tantra (surgery and treatment of head and neck, Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology), Shalya Tantra (Surgery), Agada Tantra (Toxicology), Bhuta Vidya (Psychiatry), Kaumarabhritya (Pediatrics), Rasayana (science of rejuvenation or anti-aging), and Vajikarana (the science of fertility). The most fascinating aspect of ayurveda is, it was using almost all methods of healing like lifestyle regimen, yoga, aroma, meditation, gems, amulets, herbs, diet, jyotishi (astrology), color and surgery etc. in treating patients

Around 1500 BC ayurveda was delineated into to two distinct schools: Atreya—The School of Physicians, and Dhanvantari—The School of Surgeons. This made ayurveda a more systematically classified medical science, hereafter. In fact, these two schools of thought led to the writing of two major books on ayurveda—Charaka Samhita and Susruta Samhita.
The great sage- physician Charaka authored Charaka Samhita revising and supplementing the text written by Atreya, which has remained the most referred ayurvedic text on internal medicine till date. Susruta, following the Dhanvantari School of Thought, wrote Susruta Samhita, comprising the knowledge about prosthetic surgery to replace limbs, cosmetic surgery, caesarian operations and even brain surgery. He is famed for his innovation of cosmetic surgery on nose or rhinoplasty.

Evidences show that ayurveda had nurtured almost all the medical systems of the world. Even, Paracelsus, considered to be the father of the modern western medicine toed the line of ayurveda, as well. does ayurveda work??? It works on the principle that a perfect health condition is achievable through the psychosomatic integration in a person.
According to ayurveda, each individual is a combination of the three doshas of vata (air and ether), pitta (fire) and kapha(water and earth) or one of these doshas. In tamil, we call it as vaadham, pitham, silethumam. The basic constitution represents the individual's psychological and physical nature, distinctly. The tridoshas governs all metabolic activities in an individual. Within each person the doshas are adjusting to countless changes in the doshas of nature, in addition to the changes within one self. So, a person can be called as vadha udambukaaran/ pithaudambukaram..etc or a combination of these..

A discerning diet according to one's dosha type, and well-regulated life (dinacharya) helps strengthen one's natural immune system.Let us talk about how each family had maintained their diet.

Ayurveda emphasizes that the diet we take has a close influence on our mind and body. According to ayurveda, the mind has three possible states (tri-gunas) Sattva, or peaceful equilibrium, rajas, or excessive activity and tamas, or inertia—the three tendencies or gunas of mind influence the imbalances in the three doshas. (say, people who do teaching and other work related to thinking were having satva food. Farmers who had lots of physical work had food that gives raja guna etc. ) Specific dietary adjustments serves to maintain the balance of specific doshas and thus entail perfect health. Appropriate diet can be used to remove or neutralize toxins in the body .

Food Practice:

Some of the things that our ancestors followed in practice are :

  • Our ancestors do not suggest eating food until one's appetite is satisfied. When ill, one should eat only light food, and then normal food in small quantities, until half the appetite is fulfilled.
  • We never combine contradictory foods in terms of their qualities.
  • Keeping high-protein or high-fat food items in separate meals from lighter foods such as starches and vegetables.
  • Not mixing milk with yogurt.
  • Not eating cooked foods and raw foods at the same meal since they require different types of digestion.
  • Avoiding drinking milk while eating radishes, tomatoes, meat, fish, eggs, citrus fruits.
  • Eating fresh fruit separately from other meals (except the cooked fruits).
  • Some specific vegetables and grains are forbidden in some specific days of a month. Diet is to be compatible with changing seasons.
  • Also, our ancestors had specific detoxification methods like panchakarma and other herbal health remedies, when applied wholly or singly, make the body more responsive to medicines and treatment. It hastens the healing process.

Various yogasanas prescribed by ayurveda help prevent the diseases from occuring and accumulating. Yogasanas achieve the twin purpose of strengthening body-parts such as bones, muscle and vital organs like heart, liver, stomach, intestine as well as keeping our blood circulation and psychological conditions strong and resilient.

Romba scienceaa pochu!!! Okay!! Let me stop!!!!

What do you think we can do these days to keep good health w,r.t food?? Please think on those lines and post it as comment in this section. And I will add them to the next post with my own suggestions as well. Also in the next to next post, we can discuss about our likes - all delicious combinations say like (vetha kozhambu potato curry )that we all think that are so yummy and
what all we can cook etc.!!!! Enna Okayaa??

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Saapida Vaanga - Indian cooking has meaning!!

நம்ம விநாயகரை மற்ற நாட்டுல என்ன பேருல வணங்கறாங்க தெரியுமா??பாருங்க இங்கே!!

Coming back to the topic how did people in yester years take care that they are not affected too much by diseases and defects and why not us? Please take a while to go through Indian angel's post which neatly talks about all the factors (pollution. genetic make up, excess work load, poor mind and body) that make us stay unhealthy. Definitely, these play a vital role!!

Well, the most important thing we forget is 'We lack the knowledge of health science - in simple words, we do not know what is good for our body and what/ when it has to be eaten to stay healthy and how to get/cook them etc." All we learn as science (biology) in high school is just physiology, agriculture, vitamins/ minerals that we should have etc. Its all based on english medicine. Lets talk about this after a while!!

Makkale, Have you observed how our parents/grandparents used to decide the receipes everyday at home. They had a norm for cooking and consuming... I think they can all fit into 2 broader categories (classified as per my thoughts).
1. The norm of 'when to use what' ( I wish to call it as Time)
2. The norm of 'how/ how much to use' (
Let's call it as Balance). If you think there can be another category, feel free to classify and discuss. Let us see with examples:

1. Time : If its a no moon day/ Dwadasi/ Ekadesi - specific vegetables / grains / pulses are cooked and some are specifically avoided. They are based on astronomical calculations and health deteriorating factors predetermined by our ancestors. Another example as Vasudevan rightly pointed out in his comments in the previous post " Pregnent women were on a diet consisting predominantly of pepper for the first three post-natal months because pepper is proven to stimulate milk production and de-toxifying the blood stream "

2. Balance: Infact, variety food is cooked in a way that we dont have too much of anything. When we have dal (protein) today, tomorrow we will have less dal and more of vegetables (minerals).Once in a week, we will have pepper rasam, bittergourd curry, Vepam poo, Manathakaali, Sundaikkai and things so that if 'some thing' bad (let us discuss that something later!!) has accumlated too much over a period in our body causing harm, such receipes can antagonize the effect of that 'some thing' (that causes gas/ heat/ stress etc) that is in excess in our body .We might not even know what is that something but our body is taken care by just those recipes that had llots of herbs !!!

Taking up Vasudevan's examples again "The food for festivals was designed taking into account the climatic conditions and the energy needs; Neer more & Paanagam for Raama Navami to cool the body off in the scorching summer while the latter half of the year when it was wet/cold, there were oily items like seedai/thattai for Krishna Jayanthi "

Also, there are eating habits designed to serve a specific purpose.. When I sit to eat a full course meal at home (with paruppu sadam, sambhar sadam, rasam sadham and thayir sadham in the order), I actually would pester my mom to add some curd when I eat parupuu sadam (weirda???). She used to refuse and I used to question why not??. She never knew the reason why I should not have but she will say " apdi saapdardhu illa maa..vendaame" . Later (at lexington), I found from my Jain roommate that it is religiously wrong to mix curd with dal and also in ayurveda (she is a doctor) it is not alllowed it seems.. So there is a meaning and purpose even in maintaining the eating order and in making combinations !!

The knowledge of health science was passed through within families (wondering from where???!!) and it remained okay (with a minimal loss) till last century and now it has deteriorated at a higher pace!! Grandmas and grandpas (or a generation before that) not only knew the concept of time and balance (my terminology to refer the health science) but they also knew 'what the food does to the body and what the body does to the food'. In pharmacy, we call them as Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics respectively w.r.t drugs. But our parents just knew the concept of time and balance and not the etiology related to its actions. We ????? Yeh sad to say.. we don't even know the health science to the extent to follow it blindly!!!

Thanks for patiently reading such a long post...Let us see what is that ' something' , & 'from where' in the next post and further more on how we know these things etc... !!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saapida Vaanga- Why to cook?

அடுத்த கேள்விக்கட்டு இங்கே!!

Hey all,

We have been toiling ourselves just by cooking. If somebody cooks as nice as like home made food why do I have to cook?? Just buy!!” “We can be more productive in other things by saving this time instead of just cooking everyday” We would definitely tend to think on these lines!!!! Some of us may even feel “Food is to fill our stomach and appease our hunger and taste buds !! I have so much to do in life!!! ” One of my dear friends sighs 'Nalla poshaakaa samachu saapdu!!!’ when he sees me soaking chana and making sundal / chole instead of using a canned one.

Makkale, when we think of how things are in India, we can see that our moms spend 60% of their time in cooking and they take care that we eat fresh, good and healthy food. You may feel ' Poor lady, she always stayed at kitchen. Never she thought that its not my job and its boring etc'. Agreed.!!! Its her greatness!!! Though she has many other things to do, she did prioritize cooking and that was not doing something foolish!!! After all, she has had the greatest responsibility of taking care of our health. .. man!! Trying to put ourselves into her shoes….Any diarrhoea..any cramps.. any health issue in the family - her conscience must have been disturbed…Its so much of a responsibility. In fact, she willingly accepted it. I admire her sense of responsibility at home. Infact, she has been socially responsible as well!! Wondering why I say this?? ..

Read ahead!!!

Makkale, we are all health concerned...We have bothered to be diet conscious… We work out and try to stay fit…Some of us eat more natural,uncooked stuff. We regularly check up our body. We take lots of extra vitamins, minerals and proteins as pills. We think 'all we can do is this’ and if something else happen to us, it’s unavoidable. But we are NOT doing the basic thing.... we never bother to get to learn the science of having good health by wise cooking from our own family members/ ancestors. Infact, it makes perfect sense to learn this from our own family ancestors as every family has its own food habits which are created/designed to suit their genetic make up!!

Our mom and grandmoms not only satisfied our taste buds but also gave us a well balanced, nutritious food!! Knowingly or unknowlingly they prioritized cooking and thereby paid attention to their family’s health. Kudos to their sense of responsibility (and of course, their care and patience) that has given us a decent health !!

People... We can't assume that our or the next generation will be as healthy as our parents and grand parents!!! The PRIMARY THING THAT DETERMINES OUR HEALTH IS THE FOOD THAT WE EAT!!! Other factors like pollution, exercises, usage of modern gadgets and things are secondary. I think the responsibility of producing healthy individuals to the society has drastically deteriorated in the last 15 years. People are born with all symptoms/ deficiencies right from the childhood!! What is the point in giving birth to a baby which has a deficiency right from childhood ?(which remains unknown for years).. We need to have good health to give the same to our children !! Its a joint effort to be responsible.. Indeed when our priorities are not food, we tend to be socially irresponsible in producing healthy individuals.

Let me tell you why I wished to talk about this food stuff!!! I started feeling that many of us do not take food as a serious issue now a days. I totally neglected to care about what I ate for a few months when I was in trouble with my research and lab . Infact, many people do it as they think something else is always in priority than thinking about what they eat... What are people trying to achieve by prioritising some thing else ALWAYS and not paying attention to health in the right way (through food) which is the basic thing???!!

We discover lots and lots of new diseases/ syndromes and we also try to identify a drug for it - naturally or synthetically. Irkardha vittutu parakardha pidikarom!! Science buisness!!!
If we look at any of these diseases (say like cancer/diabetes..anything..), they come from constant deficiency/ excess of a specific protein/vitamin/mineral which is due to lack of balanced diet !! And being a pharmacist, I tell you, none of these external supplements will have an effect on us for more than 5%. Beware!!! Research is just re- search. There are so many other factors that are essential to have a good health that remain undiscovered through modern science

How were these be taken care by our ancestors ? Why there are many diseases cropping up only now?? Why not in olden days? What can WE do about it?? We shall discuss that in the next post!!! Please feel free to share your opinions here !!!

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Saapida Vaanga - Do you know to cook??

யாரின் பிரியம் எதில்??? இங்கே பார்க்கவும்!!

Hey all,

It has been a while and here I am to continue our talk on cooking !!! I will try my best to post more frequently than before to keep the topic lively and in continuity !!

Do you know to cook??

Wondering why am I asking this?? If you ask this question to a 25 yr old girl a decade ago in India, she would look be like “what??? Of course, I do” or perhaps, she might get offended.
But, now, this question is perfectly acceptable and most of the times you would hear ‘I am learning!! ’.

Listen!!! There are many new girls out here from India for doing Masters…Oh my Goodness!!! I was shocked to hear things happening at their girl is so scared of the cooker whistle noise that she runs and stands near the bed room door while cooking rice. Another is like ' Do I have to use the gasket always while using the cooker?' and the other girl asks ' At what time point, I have to use the whistle?'.

There is an area called kitchen at home which was just occasionally visited by young girls at their homes back in India. Man,,,, girls will have to look for a place called "kitchen" using 'google maps' in the future :)-

While the scenario of modern girls’ knowledge about cooking is not too good, let’s try to think of how the guys were - a generation before!!!. In general, knowing to cook was not within every guy. I don’t think my father knows anything other than just boiling milk. But, now, guys coming abroad are much better. They cook as good as any other girl out here. Guys back at home seems to have improved little more than the previous generation, though not too much,as still, moms are too nice to them. It looks like they help out the family members by cleaning utensils, doing some shopping etc. Still many guys don't know the difference between 'chily and green chilies' or 'fenugreek and cumin seeds' !!!

Makkale! let's look at the various aspects of the question ‘Why to cook?’ in the next post - the question that seems to appear stupid or silly!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oatmeal in ilupachati !!

சிவபெருமானின் நடனத்தை எண்ணி மகிழ்வீர்களா?? !!அவர் எதற்காக எந்த நடனம் எங்கு ஆடினார் எனறு தெரிந்து கொள்ள விரும்புவீர்களா?? இல்லை, உங்கள் ஊரின் அருகே தான் என்ன தாண்டவம் ஆடினார் என்று தெரிந்து கொள்ள இச்சையா?? இங்கே பார்க்கவும்!!

Finally... I have got internet connection at this new place..Will continue on writing about food very soon!!

Wondering why is this title? U know what???!!!! This is how I had my breakfast. As I have recently landed down at El Paso, I dont have much utensils and no microwave as well. I am cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner with just the 2 utensils I have ..Thats why..

But the title is not just for my breakfast. I see that its also the way people live here. 99%of the people are mexicans who share a very similar culture and food habits like indians. But as they are in U.S they have the previlege of enjoying modern things which they have incorporated in their culture...

Things I see here but not at other U.S cities :

Rocky stony mountains, Lizard, flame gas with no auto ignition, people next door come and borrow one vengayam/ one thakkali / one cup rice etc., many places/shops work on saturdays (half a day/ full day), corruptions, bargain in everything.

Still, they do all this with american comforts and way of life - now, do you get what is 'oatmeal in ilupachati' ?

One thing I am really liking here is their friendly nature. People are very friendly!! Anyways...
let me go for work !!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Saapida Vaanga - 1 !!

துர்க்கைன்னு சக்திக்கு ஏன் பேர் தெரியுமா?? ஆடி ஸ்பெஷல் பாருங்க

Guys and girls!!!

Today, I got up so early that I had so much time to sit with a coffee near the door and gaze around !! It was drizzling ..Wondering how lucky are those people who get up early!! Wish God gives me that boon !!! Had lots of time to think about all things that I really enjoy!!! While I was thinking all about the fun time - memorable scenic trips, non stop laughter sessions with friends, wild day-dreaming, the thought of the food I had during those times also came up. I always have so much inclination towards cooking and eating variety food !

Man.... !!! Life is nothing without taste buds....I totally agree with Thirumoolar on his statement " Udambai valarthen uyir valarthen" (take care of your body to take care of ur life). My taking care always mean cooking/eating variety cum nutritious food ( though I wish to totally extend for doing exercises regularly as well..) Fasting doesn't make that much sense to me...Its okay to fast one day a week, but I really have so much passion to cook and eat that I feel sorry for those people who fast quite often !!!

Of late, I have not been doing everyday cooking as I was pretty busy with work and also my roommate has moved to a different city. Today when I saw my friend coming to my home before leaving to work and giving me a box of sakkara pongal saying ' Priya, its for u for aadi velli' I was in a feeling of awe but at the same time I felt so embarrassed... I was wondering where is that enthusiastic priya who would cook the right food and keep up with the events???..She is perhaps still sleeping..

I was trying to revive all my cooking experiences, thoughts , notions etc.. As I plan to move to a different city. I think I need to self boost my cooking enthusiasm so that I dont starve !!! I thought I can wake up the enthu in me by writing about it!!!

Well, I have so much to say about food !!!

Watch out....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Did Hanuman ever get married?

இப்போ விஷ்ணுவைப் பற்றி ...

Did Hanuman ever get married???

Visit here :

For people who can't read tamil, here is the gist:

There is a temple at thailaavaram near Chengalpet where Hanuman gives Darshan with his wife suvarchala. Suvarchala Aaanjaneyaa is one of the 9 forms of Aanjaneyar and it seems there is a mention about this in 'hanumath mangalaastakam' also.

Another interesting news is ...we all think Hanuman was born on an ammavasya - 'moolam' star in Maargazhi month. It seems its not true and he got back on this day after falling unconscious during the war time when he was hit by Vajraayudha.

His original star is Poorataadhi and is born in vaikaasi.. Finally I am glad... I have always wondered- why there are no great Gods/ great nayanmaars/ alwars born on my birth star.. when kumbha rasi is considered so nice and great, why no great people in my star??!!!

Finally, my prayers are answered.. It made my day!! Poorataadhi star makkale-Be proud.. once day you will be great accomplishers like our Hanuman !!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happiness and Success; Goodness and Likes

நெய்யில் உறைந்திருப்பவர் யார்.. பாருங்க?
Hey all
I had been very busy in the last few weeks and nothing struck my head to feel that I have to come back to blog..Thats why such a llllllong pause...

But I recently learned few things and understood practically though we all may be knowing it already !!!

Happiness and Success

Happiness is the secret of Success and not vice versa!!Where we see happiness, there is our success. Its all in the state of mind!!

Goodness and Likes

Some times we think ' something' is good for somebody and they deserve that and nothing lesser. But that person may not like 'that' best one that we think they deserve. Their happiness is on something else that we think is too low for them.. Perspectives differ and even if not, happiness is what matters...So, no point in sacrificing/ snatching something which may hardly not matter/ needed to/by others....Learning to see other's happiness from their eyes helps to strength relationships and fetches so much understanding, love and affection !!!

Afterall, we live for it !!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hinduism or miscommunication? - Guest Blogging!!!

நெய்யில் உறைந்திருப்பவர் யார்.. பாருங்க?
விநாயகர் முருகர் சிவன் மூணு பேரும் சமமாமே!!எப்படி ??

I invite people for guest Blogging- say, if you want to post - ask/ discuss something through my blogspot, you are welcome. Badhri is interested and he volunteered to guest blog!!! I am posting his message below.
- Mayaa

Hinduism or miscommunication?

I know that the title sounds like another religious controversy conceived by so-called thinker with a difference. With all the humblesness, I would like to say that this post is far from one. It is rather a question that has always been in my mind like a painless tumour - passive but palatable. Hinduism's source is the Vedas, a compilation that is mostly lost. The available portion is written in Sanskrit, a language not understood by most today. Hinduism we know today is primarily because of word-of-mouth and to a much lesser extent from the translated version of the book. If you consider other religions, The Bible and The Qur-an, have retained their form in entirity. So, the inevitable misinterpretation of the message delivered by the holy books can be debated, discussed and confirmed/denied as the message intended by the book. (Whether the message is correct, wrong, good or bad is beyond my concern). But this is not possible in Hinduism with a large portion of the Vedas lost. Considering all this, what are the chances that the Hinduism we know today is the Hinduism that the sages wrote? In other words, when a single-line message is passed down on one end of a line of people emerges at the other end fairly distorted (more often than not), how are we to believe that the Hinduism passed down primarily through word of mouth from generation to generation is distorted completely beyond recognition? I have no answer and the painless tumor in my mind is getting bigger and bigger!

- Badhri

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A must-see, must-read and must-know for every Tamilian

Hey all
I have been reading Ponniyin selvan at a very slow pace enjoying every scene..Needless to say, kalki's style of writing is awesome and Arulmozhi Varmar is unbelievable..

Must know!!
Though Kalki says about his bravery, generosity, unbiased feel to all religious sects and things, I was very much impressed by his aims /thoughts..Man.. he aims so high.. When he (the last kid at home) meets his sister after he comes back from srilanka where he rejected the offer (given by buddhists) to rule sri lanka, he tells her that " Sis, the so called reasons for not taking up srilanka to rule like 'It would be bad if i take up srilanka when my elders are alive/ruling' or 'it would create problem between buddhist groups etc' are not the main ones.. I wish to tell you the real one.. the land is not that big. I can come across in horse very soon. ". And she says' even our chola kingdom is not that big', he says ' yeh , if i really have to take up ruling a country, i would want to establish and rule a vast empire in South India and get good support from all the people". Man... he says ' when his ( presently) small chola kingdom had severe political instability. He aimed so high inspite of alll problems.. such a positive nature!!!!

And he did it!!! - this man later called as Raja Raja Chola achieved far beyond!! He did everything great and special...He has built hundreds of temples esp. the monumental tanjore temple. He has had a vast empire in South India which no body else could do (South india had always had many small kingdoms ). Above all, he has won the hearts of all people, even whose kingdom had been conquered by him

Unbelievable... He should be our inspiration !!!

Must Read!!

Read this article!!

Must see!!!
Even if dont have time to read or know abt Raja raja cholan, please take time to see the 52 min clipping in desikan's webpage. Its a documentary (in english) on South indian temples esp. abt Raja rajan!!

Chance illa!! Speechless after watching this!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

காது வழியா கூட அசுரர்கள் வராங்க !! யாருன்னு தெரியுமா? சொல்லுங்க!!

விநாயகர் முருகர் சிவன் மூணு பேரும் சமமாமே!!
எப்படி ??

"HE is Professor and holder of the Chair in Tamil Studies. He has written extensively on premodern Tamil, its relationship to classical Sanskrit, and South Indian religion and culture. He has also translated several important works from Tamil, and his work was nominated for The American Book Award. He has taught all areas of Tamil literature as well as courses on Indian Civilization, Indian literature, and Indian religion. His latest publication (with Hank Heifetz) is an annotated translation of the great Tamil classic, The 400 Poems of Wisdom and War (The Purananuru) "-

He is also the one who strugggled hard to declare tamil as classical language by the Indian Government..

HE is George L. Hart, Ph.D. Harvard University (Sanskrit and Indian Studies) 1971..

yeh. he is one of the greatest men whom I really admire!!...

Monday, June 05, 2006

What will YOU do??

காது வழியா கூட அசுரர்கள் வராங்க !! யாருன்னு தெரியுமா? சொல்லுங்க

விநாயகர் முருகர் சிவன் மூணு பேரும் சமமாமே!!எப்படி?

Hey all,
Hope you are having fun now during summer..( People back at home!! dont get mad at me..I understand that its too hot even now.. anyways..still, you must be having some fun out, right !!) Everybody wishes to enjoy ever like that- not get back to our routine... yeh.. me too..

But, of late, I have been thinking that it will be nice if things allow us to do some other profession for a while, say, for 5 years and then switch for some thing else and go on... Yeh, we all would have liking on some other fields as well. I totally agree that it is not feasible due to family/ monetary/ committments that we can take them all as our profession.And, though, we may feel so, it may not interesting for long..Always other things always appear greener than what we are at.. we know all this..still, sometimes some kadi feeling makes us think like I am starting up a tag due to this !!

If.... if incase you HAVE TO switch fields once in every 5 years between your 30 to 50 yrs of age assuming that your monetary needs are taken care in upper-middle class standards, what (4-5 professions) you would wish to do (and say few words about it) ?

Yeh , I wish to hear what would others wish to do. So, I tag Sendhil, Subha, Prabu karthik, Tj, Pb.
And here I give mine..

The day I am given this option..assuming that my parents and wellwishers dont worry / discourage me..assuming that I am given some start-up money for setting up each profession..I would say a biiiiiiiiiig bye to my research lab.. go to michael's and buy lllots of painting stuffs..come home.. book a bigger apartment.. go to stain glass painting classes and start painting.. yeh, I will take Painting as my career.

Okay, its time to change to next profession.. now in the last few months of painting career, I will look for Phd programs in Tamil..Join a good program.. Yeh, now I can read books with no interuption. Nobody can say 'Priya, you are wasting time reading books' and I can specialise in grammar!! Wow, what a great oppurtunity!!

Now, its time for the next five years..Now, I would wish to serve in education committee in India. If I gain so much power that I can change school curriculum, I would definitely take time to see and analyse with fundu people the present school syllabus esp. tamil and present college syllabus esp science.. Do some teaching as well.

and in the last 5 year, I would wish to take up correspondence classes in home science and interior design..sit at home... enjoy time with family..implement some of my ideas from these classes....take free handicraft shows..cook bonda, bajji etc. eat and sleep..haahaa..

It will be great if you share what YOU would wish to do ..aaan haan !!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Are you a Multitasker / Perfectionist?

தெரிந்த கேள்விகளின் விடைகள் இங்கே !!

When we learn something new and want to incorporate into us, have you observed that people take different routes?? Some people try to maintain the same speed while adopting a new thing during multitasking. Others reduce the speed of doing it, learn to do it qualtitatively, become a perfectionist and bother less about the speed.

I have always wondered many a times which one gives minimal loss.. Which one has to be acquired first- speed or perfection.. Though we tend to ideally say ' ofcourse the quality/ perfection has to be acquired first', we can see that the multitasking personality in us will hurry us up to expedite things faster even before you get the perfect quality.. If it did not happen, then we will be a person who would not want to do multitasking but a good perfectionist.

Both, multitasking and perfectionism, has its own advantages and disadvantages...Say for example, when you learn type writing , you have to learn to type perfectly without errors and then learn to increase the speed. If you do the reverse, you will always stay imperfect but you will just be faster since the initial days. But, say, when you have so many things to be done within a span of time like clean the kitchen, cook and vacuam your home , we (multitaskers) tend to compromise on the quality which would make you do everything within limited time. But, over the period on striving towards perfection / quality, we learn to do all the three things with perfection within that limited time.

I have also wondered whether multitaskers can be perfectionist as well and vice versa?? Yeh, it can happen I guess .. we can take roles based on the situation (Though both at a time may not be that feasible). I feel that prioritising quality or speed can be done with respect to the demand of the situation. But, in general, I feel that many of us can't infact dont do that.. We tend to either stay as somebody who give importance to quality, be a perfectionist and try not to get into mustitasking to avoid messing things up or we get ssso many things done at a time, compromise little bit on quality (little bit is again relative - my little bit is too huge for some body) take little steps to strive towards quality and stay as multitasking personality. Yeh, we call it as our nature or personality and try to stick on to one!!

Consciously responding to situations, say, by analysing, which one - perfection/ multitasking is essential for that situation, by prioritising, can help us to do things effectively and efficiently.

Also I guess that its necessary to realise that 'its only we who just brand ourselves and stick to one of the two' and we (our mind) need to believe that we can take roles and stop thinking that ' I am like this only.. . I can do things like this only etc.' . In this way, we can be multitaskers as well as perfectionists with respect to the situation..Well, the reason that made think all this is this..I was (expecting to get back soon) an active multitasking personality (but I have compromised some quality for the speed ) and when I got sick , I lost the speed and could just accomplish few things .. But.I was astounded to see myself doing things with more perfection than I used to and realised that I can also attain core perfection when needed which I never believed before..Anyways..

As my ex boss in India used to say " What your mind believes and conceives, your body achieves"!!!
What do YOU feel on this??

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Idhukkellaam Oru Posta ???!!!!

Now, I have linked many aanmegham links that I found to be useful here!!

Now, பாம்புக்கும் எள்ளுக்கும் in Tamilkkalvi

Hey ,
As I think you might ask the question after you read my post, I have that as the title.. Well Its okay... Read ahead..Recently,
I heard this song from 'Azhakhe brahmanidam' from Devaidaiyai Kanden Movie composed by deva. Though its not that good, I liked it.. Wondering why?

The lyrics is little different though the content is not cogent .. But the main reason why I like is the tune is so familar. It resembles many songs at different lines. Getting excited like ' hey I have heard this..yeh yeh..'. I was trying to think of all songs that resemble this song.. The songs 'un marbil kan' and ' malligaiye ' in Ninaithen vandai resemble to an extent..

But, there is another song that exactly resembles this one.. Thondaiyila irukku (its pretty much in my thoughts/ head/ throat whatever...) but I cant recollect what is that. Thinking abt it for a while... All I feel is its mostly in a vijay movie or sangeetha movie..the tune exactly resembles at this line ' en aasai neriayverumaa' in this song and the line i am trying to recollect comes like this ' anbe un naana nanna na na naa' though its not the first line and this line is sung by a female singer.

I know you might think ' too much research even on deva's songs' ... If you find it , let me know...Koncham Nimmadhi kedaikkum :)-

Nimmadhi kidachaachu..
anon. has given the right song.. sollaamale from 'poove unakaagha'..chance illa ..kalakitaar..

Makkale..actually naanum chance illa pparunga hehe :)- Ivlo closaa vijay or sangeetha movie nnu + 'anbe un naana.." tune varai correcta guess panninen paarunga ..unmaiyaave thondaiyila ninudhu paatu!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Live your present !!

கண்ணாடியும் அரசனும் in Tamilkkalvi now!!

வைக்கோலும் மதயானையும் in Tamilkkalvi!!

Hey all
I am back..As like everybody, enjoyed every moment at home...Wished to blog about many things many number of times.. somehow could never make time...

Out of all the things that happened in last 2.5 yrs, there were 2 incidents that pierced me in..and that probed to post this..

1. My friends J's brother KM (who was also in touch with me in past) had commited suicide (by drinking poison) as the girl he loved was getting married to somebody. Believe me..He is such a sociable and wonderful person whom you can never imagine to do so..I had been to J 's wedding and heard this shocking news.Manasu romba kastamaa pochu!!

2. I went to give some things to a relative in India of my friend (here). That relative's daughter commiited suicide for the reason that she did not get admission into M.D Pediatrics which was her passion. Not that she didn't get admission at all...She got into a different field..

When i found her mom to know much about science and medicine, I casually asked her how does she all this, she revealed about her daughter in a composed manner --still i could see tears ready to gush out..But I really liked the way she looked into this issue.. Though she talked about other issues like reservation and question paper leak that played a role in her daughter's death, she never blamed anybody..and the first statement she said was this " இந்த காலத்துல குழந்தைகளுக்கு தோல்வியை தாங்ர பக்குவமோ, பலமோ இல்ல மா (indha kaalathula kuzhandhaingalaukku tholviyaa thaangikra pakkuvamo balamo illa maa) " ...

அப்படியே வேதம்புதிது சத்யராஜ் (நான் கரையேரிட்டேன் dialogue) அரை வாங்கின மாறி இருந்தது..(i just got reminded of vedam pudhidhu sathyaraj and the 'realisation' slap ) Yeh, its true...I completely accepted it on behalf of our generation.

My soapbox :
From these and many other incidents, we can clearly see that we cant accept the truth or the so called failure. I would say acceptance is THE strength. Lack of the attitude to accept the truth or the so called failure within "our selves" is the main problem I see. This may be sometimes because we may be brought up in a way that nothing is neglected to us which makes this situation an unacceptable one.Also failure to see other aspects of life is a problem - other things that had given them pleasure, happiness, courage and strength all these days. Say.. their family/ friends who have given them support or something that is thought/ talked to (be their strength/) make them successful..

I agree that it is very easy to talk and is tough being in that situation.. Yeh..But it is necessary for all of us to realise that future is not exactly what we actually expect it to be and we dont see that our soul (manasu) wants something but our likes/ passion do change/compromise with time and the situation created at that time. So, its better to live the present which is in our hands and the future is not in our hands.

No point in worrying about anything..We should learn to respond and not react to such big problems.. Working on our strengths and likes would definitely fetch happiness, peace and satisfaction. Physical exercises would surely help our emotions be in control and yoga would help to reduce kaamam(lust) krodham(anger) and lobham(greed) .Try it out..Bhakti and faith in God can keep us focussed in whatever we do.

Enna makkale,,, romba seriousaa pochoo... could n't help..I was very much upset for them and I wanted to raise this up... What is your say???

Friday, March 31, 2006

Ul vaanga thoondum India trip

Coming back to India after 2.5 yrs with so much excitement and anticipation . Some sort of happiness which is tough to narrate !! Lots of changes..Still some things are pretty much the same....ulla irundha effect.. Cant predict which is gonna be same and which will differ..This post is just reflection of what I felt in the last 10 days comparing what i saw before.

Yaanai velai kudarai velai : Had a chance to have breakfast with my appa at Saravana bhavan, annanagar on the very next day after i reached.., 1 sambar vadai, 1 plate idi (thinnest idli i have ever seen),2 coffees,1 ghee dosa - bill Rs.130 ...saapadu enna velaiyappa !!!

Instantaneous anger: After having the feel that if somebody honks, its ur fault at u.s, I was extremely irritated when somebody behind us honked to overtake and take a wrong side left turn..Now i am getting used to the sound.

Cell phone vaangalayo cell phone: Oh My God!!! pookkari, kuppai porukravan also have cell phone- no exaggeration i saw it.. One day (After 4-5 yrs), (ELLORUM PAITHIYAM PIDICHU SAAGAPORAANGA)everybody is going to lose the endothelial layer on the ear drum and everybody is gonna get all neurotoxcity!!! ENT's and psychiatrists are gonna have bright future !!!

Lie and exaggeration : No journal / magazine or t.v channel gives unbiased / unexaggerated news or info. You have use to your brains to extract truth in every info- very much like mamiyaar marumaga sandai!!

aiiiiiiii: I see the traffic signal timer in chennai now..good!!

Pudhusu ivai pudhusu:
National institute of siddha in sanatorium - wow... we are promoting our own traditional medicine system
Kathipara nehru statue - apdiye alaaka thooki pakkathula vechirukkanga for constructing a bridge there
Yaar ivar: a new statue covered by 'thaarpalin sheet' ready to be installed infront of raj bhavan
Auto vaa: Close ur eyes and whisper auto- you would see one infront of you..
Hospitals and scan centers: as of what i see, they are extremely well maintained..
Lady auto drivers in madurai.
Lady paper podravanga in chennai.
Kaaikari vilai- still the same - really cheap!!

Nice weather: Nalla veyyil.. longed to see and feel such weather..every sweat gives me skin pores respire properly.

Manithan maaravillai: Appa amma paasam and sentiment, friends looti, T.V serial , relatives formality, paati thatha nocchal are still the same.. But engu paathalum ore odi poyittanga, love marriage news - looks like chennaiites life is revolving around Love or I dont know if people around me are just talking all about Love and Marriage!!! Could not see any young people in temples !!! Ennatha solla !!

still...Scooty rides, share auto, temple visits, road side cane juice, 2 rupees orange drink- lots of things !!
Enjoying my trip !!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Amma Appa - Final

Now, Kaalamegamaai siledai- Naaykkum Thengaaykkum in Tamilkkalvi
Well, what else do I wish to say in amma appa series?? Everyday I think some thing new and consider it to be important and I think" today i will write this"... that 'today' never came till today.. okay.. i am putting down all the thoughts that has come - random thoughts !!!

Ivlo rouse vittaalum amma appakku equivalent illa dhaan !! No doubt about it !! And also I think our parents have made lot of efforts to adapt to the new world, trying their best to keep up with new things like internet (ofcourse with our help only...pat your shoulders) and above all, have not defined themselves as ' i am this this and this and i cant take up this this this' unlike many of our generation people (in my opinion) who sometimes consider many things as nuisance..

But, definitely, I have some things to say to parents (older or newer generation). Please do not get me wrong that I am trying to act mature or better !!

Parents are extremely selfless w.r.t their kids. But how much they are to the society? Parents after becoming so, totally forget to live a life they enjoy or that helps the society (which they wish to but not do practically by setting different priorities !!)

Many of them consider that taking care of every step in our life is their duty and their priority !! Parents who have children with ages in teens and twenties still worry too much, micro-monitor and spend their time overcaring about them. In this aspect, I am kindaa proud of my parents who have learned to live w/o me since 1997 and they have life of their own to an extent. I would say that I have also played a great role in making them to be so.. say like I will never call up at all sometimes and have not set any expectations in their mind that "okay, i need to do this for priya this this and this... " It would be very irritating for them when you curb their care. But you know they learn to do other things other than thinking about me (you).

Still I dont know how effectively many parents set their priority at different stages of life and use their time for society (and not just relatives). I keep pushing my father to join some class of interest say yoga, playing instrument etc. Sometimes , it helps them to realize it when we suggest. Some people dont feel like getting out of their box.

I think there are lots of ways to join the society and contribute which would keep them busy and happy. I really would wish to urge parents to live the life that interests them w/o thinking what it will fetch in future say if you wished to learn something it..!!!

Also worrying too much about relatives is something that I never liked!! (Though people may laugh at this but i (we) dont care abt what others think say, I have really liked the goshti which performs radha kalyanam or whatever in many home. You can see lots of people join them, go and sing bhajans in homes of people whom you dont even know!! wished to join them atleast for a month!!)

Our parents have so much talent say like doing some handicrafts like koodai making, mani bommai making , awesome traditional cooking etc which are getting extinct. It will be really nice if some of them volunteer to teach a group of interested children and pass it on. Some parents and grandparents know great home remedies for small health issues which has real meaning. It will be really nice if even some of us care to identify and bother to pass it on!!

I always wish to get back to india and try to pool info from many such people and do something (say form an association and set up a structure) to pass it on!!! Let us see what God thinks!! But I definitely think the younger generation has to understand the importance of what the oldies have gained through experience and the older generation has to realise what a great treasure they possess and how effectively they can serve the society !!

Any suggestion on what can be done practically???

Thanks for patiently reading amma appa series !!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Amma appa- 3


This is my 50th post!!! Thanks for all the encouragement, support and especially your patience !!
Guys, a tamil post after a long break - காளமேகமாய் சிலேடை (Kaalamegamaai silaedai)

Coming back to Amma Appa series, as I previously said, they have done a great job in growing us up !! Children growing up w/o them really lack the experience - the way amma and appa handle a situation and care etc. !! Those people are the really heroes who manage things by themselves, survive and get going!!

But, on the lighter side, if we observe them, their ''rouse(ரவுசு)'' appears to be too much sometimes !!

Have you watched your amma sitting with 'pathrakaaran' and bargaining for barter (clothes with utensils)??? Oh my God!! They would bargain too much and finally they would get nothing which would irresistably irritate me . But, actually that guy (paathrakaaran) is also extremely manipulating!! Remember how Amma would force you to wear gold jewels??!! Ufff... And her push to make you attend somebody's (sister's nathanaar's machini's) wedding?? If you resist, her emotional outburst would kindaa embarass and make us do the needful !! I have hated to go to maavu mill to grind flour and potti kadai to buy beetle leaf and green chilies !! Now, I think it was a nice exposure to know what costs how much, know good maths by getting bakki paisa after buying things etc. and its a good socialising place indeed !! Another thing I hated is make 'vethal' on terrace (mottai maadi)/ make sevai(idiyappam). Oh my god!! the koozh used to be so hot and we have to make vethal (press and squeeze (pizhinchify) when it is so.. I used to be like ' why dont we buy all this instead of giving our lives'. But I have secretively eaten that koozh and did some mischievious things as well Now, it all appears to be fun and a great exposure !! And the biggest torture (for a girl) is not letting you even trim your hair.If you cut little more, it becomes an issue and thats it!! They feel as if there is great loss to life !!!

Regarding appa's torture, I have not experienced much as my appa was living away (working at a different place) . The first rouse I remember is ' his advice regarding speeding in vehicles (kinetic honda)' . He and my uncle rides so slow that they would test my patience threshold and I would just feel like getting down and walking faster to the vehicle. I dont think my uncle's vehicle (chetak) would have ever seen a speed like 40 km per hour in its life time..Again as for a girl , appas would just be at the door entrance if their daughters dont reach home by 8.00pm...thousand phone calls to office, friends and they vent all their tension by shouting/ yelling at my amma !!

Enna makkale, what about your experience on their torture (rouse)? I am ready to listen.. Would get back to end the appa amma series in the next post with something interesting and important to say!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Amma appa - 2

Hey all
Wishing you all a very happy valentine's day!!

Coming back to amma appa.. Have you had the experience of watching your parents build a house?? This is one of the best times during which you may see how they work together and you may see all sorts of emotions at home..

For a middle class family, before 10-15 yrs, its an achievement to get a home built !! (Now there are many builders who take up everything unlike those days. ) Many of you would have this experience - the joint planning and organising by appa amma, cautious acts during the execution like supervision of home, unexpected problems , unavoidable situations and arguments..I still remember that we did a grihapravesam with just no room painted inside.. Month by month, as they got their pay, we painted . We never had electricity for 1.5 yrs . I did all my studies before sunset - no motar, no sump . Gradually we started getting things like T.V ( in 7th class), fridge (in 10 class) and phone (when I went to college). Wow!! what a great experience!!! I always feel that the bond between the couple would be stronger when they work hard together and meet their goals rather than just enjoying them together!!

But for their mutual cooperation, egoless acts, careful planning, guidance and care, we are not what we are now!!

On this valentine's day, I wish to pay homage to all parents !!! Who are they?? A picture is worth a thousand words

Mother- the one who cares!!

Father - the one who guides

I am little busy with work this week!! Will continue with all the ' rouse' (ரவுசு) of our parents in the next post asap!!!Meanwhile read this post of Shree !!! Romba kashtamaa irukku!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Amma Appa-1

Hey all,
This SATURDAY is "Thai Poosam"
Wondering what is in "amma appa" series?? Here, I just thought I shall put down some common characteristics/ incidents happening at our families which would help us understand how men and women are and how things are between couple ( though I can't totally generalize, whatever I say here is based on what I hear from my friends and see at home).

Our 'amma appa' s never got married based on individual compatibility issues and were expected to take what was given to them unlike us. They did a great job in getting along and learned to like each other and adjust for however they are . Sometimes I feel that their way of choosing partners is better than us . Not that this generation amma appas are not happy/ good. They act matured, avoid unnecessary arguments , fights and learned to respect each other's feelings..

Trying to understand a male and a female and classifying them as ' he is like this ' or 'she is always like this ' is not very easy and not always true. As of what I noticed, I am saying things here...Forgive me If You think I am wrong.

Amma would be somebody who thinks abt many things and does them... You can see amma teaching your maths homework, simultaneously cutting vegetables and cooking, watching now and then the TV program when she enters hall and guessing the name of the movie and also would be answering to appa's queries abt family matters. Amma has that multitasking talent/lateral thinking. She would be somebody who appears to be more caring and cautious on any issue well ahead..

Appa would be like slowly (nidhaanamaa) paying attention to details on what has to be done and concentrating on one thing at a time. He would tend to be more analytical and he would untangle any emotional component attached to any matter and separate out the cause or reason behind it. He would do things that he thinks to be correct most of the time. Appa has that reasoning out talent..

How men and women are:
I discuss with my friend vasu and Rc reg expectations and understanding and we admire ,tease and try to identify how men would differ from women on certain issues!! Here is an instance through which I wish to explain how appa and think ( men and women think )!!

Say, when amma comes back from office, appa would be like 'How was your day? '
and amma (lady) would start like this: " Oh, the day was so tiresome.. There was a guy who was standing next to me in the bus and giving problems.. he keeps coming in the same bus as mine.. After I reached office, my subordinate didnt even respect me.. bla bla.. my manager today yelled at me when I took the file when the mistake was not mine at all...bla bla.Oh I am so frustrated... why I feel I am working at chennai??.. I wish I work at my previous office in trichy.. We were happy .. Then , my friend sudha behaved so cheap at lunch . She brought just 2 vadai and gave it to another collegue..Never cared for me..and i found that there was no salt in it..Oh so much work!!! I am so tired"

Appa would listen to all this and would start thinking solutions for all her problems in his mind " From tomorrow, we should not make her go on bus. We should drop her/ get a vehicle by loan atleast. What shall I do abt the manager?. Shall I tell him sometime not to trouble my wife. Or shall we think of a transfer to trichy??. When sudha comes next time, I should not let my wife overdo cooking"

When amma asks appa ' how was ur day?' . Appa would say ' okay. good. U know what?? My office people were casually teasing my new haircut. It was fun!!. bla bla ..And, we need to pay loan money back this month'
Amma says " who were they to tease you. Last week your friend krishnamurthy had a terrible haircut. Did we ever say anything. That lady in your office , mala was not even behaving like a girl . did we say anything". She will think abt loan matter but not discuss it..

Next day, when appa after thinking deep abt her problems, gives all solution abt vehicle, transfer to trichy, treating sudha etc. , amma would be cool and be ready to go on bus, work with the same manager and take some new dessert for sudha. Appa would be like ' I cant understand her. Why did she say all that? These ladies are hard to understand and deal with !!' and when appa is pretty cool abt his friends teasing his haircut, amma would be mad ' why he does not have self respect . why he lets everybody take over him'.

Its because "appa never understood that amma never wanted solutions from appa but she wants somebody to listen to her mutterings. All she expects from him is to be a patient listener and a caring man. And appa never thought abt silly things in life and amma never understood that they are silly. She being a lady is more sensitive and serious"

Yeh, thats how men and women are !!! Until people dont understand how the other person is and accept it, they cant be peaceful .. But amma appas do unite in some
will continue..

Friday, January 27, 2006

Find you in Thai Poosam !! name list now!!!

On an evening in last week, I was drinking coffee and thinking about how would an evening be in India during a grand thiruvizha. I could visualize many things. But I was suddenly disturbed by random thoughts about blogging and then my thoughts shifted to 'having puzzles in a post'. Just thought why not I try to club both..I thought I will write a prose (koncham rhythmic). As thaipoosam is coming up I thought I will take it up. Here it is..


அந்திக் கருத்த சந்தியாப் பொழுது !!
பந்தி விரித்து மந்தி(தை)யாய் மக்கள்
வந்து இருக்கும் திவ்யமான காட்சி!!

இசையும், இன்மொழியும் இனிதே இருக்க
அசையும் பொருளும் அதிர்ந்து வியக்க
தசையும் சோரா அழகு ஆட்டம் - காவடி ஆட்டம்!!

ஆதவன் விடுத்து சென்றாலும்
ரம்யமாய் தாமரை மலர்ந்தன!!

எங்கும் வெளிச்சம் எதிலும் வெளிச்சம்!!

அழகுமுழு வெண்மதி ஆட்டமாடி வெளிவந்தனாலோ ? - அதனால்
ஆழ் கடல்சிப்பி பாட்டுபாட வாய்பிள்ந்ததனாலோ? - மற்றும்
துக்கம் விலக்கும் தீபங்களின் சுடரழகினாலோ ? - இல்லை
சியமந்தகராணி வெண்குடை தாங்கி வருகின்றாளோ!! - அல்லது
இந்திரன் மகள் ஐராவதத்தில் ஊர்வலம் செல்கின்றாளோ!!

என்னவென்று விசாரிக்க விரைந்தேன் - ஒரு
நல்லவன் நடப்பபதை விளம்பினான்!!

" ஐயா!! இன்று தைப்பூசம்!!

முந்தை வினைநீங்க சிந்தை கலங்காது
சந்தை சொல்லியெம் கந்தனை வழிபட
மந்தை யாய்மக்கள் இந்தை இடம்வருவர்!

தாங்கள் கண்டதெல்லாம் அவன் வெளிச்சம்!!

கலியுக வரதனாம், கார்த்திகை மைந்தனாம்
கொடியன கழிப்பவனாம், கீர்த்தியின் வடிவாம்
வினைகள் தீர்ப்பவனாம், வெற்றியின் உருவாம்
அழகின் வடிவினனாம், ஆயகலை கற்றவனாம்
அறுபடை வீட்டினனாம், அக்னி நட்சத்திரமாம்
காண்பன யாவுமாம், கண்கண்ட தெய்வமாம் - அவன் வெளிச்சம்!!

அவன் தன்அணி(கலன்) மின்னும் வெளிச்சம்!!
திறந்த நம்அகக் கண்ணின் வெளிச்சம்!!!"

அவன் நல்வார்த்தை கேட்டு வேலாயுதனைக் காண நானும் சென்றேன்!!

திருவல்லிக்கேணியில் தைபூசம்

மராமரத்தில் சந்திரன் எட்டிப் பார்க்க.
சராசரி நண்பனாய் உ(அ)ரங்கப் பெருமான்,
தராதரம் பார்த்திராது கதிர் அறுக்க - நம் சுவாமி,
உலாவர நம்கண்கள் உயிர் பெற்றனவே !!

There are some solkutram and porulkutram in this . For example, "andhi karutha sandhiya" - Porul kutram (andhi and sandhiyaa mean the same). Andhi karutha- kindaa 'sol kutram' . Please forgive me for committing mistakes knowingly so..

The reason for this is, I have tried to rephrase many(most) of your (bloggers and lex friends) names/ meaning of your name in the above. It will be great if you can find them.. Goodluck!!
Will post all the names later. I am sorry if incase I have not incorporated your name in this. I tried my best to incorporate some names but in vain..

P.S : If you are at lexington, there is more (story) you can decipher. Not every statement has something/names to decipher. Some came just in flow !

Name list :

Easy ones : Divya, Ramya, Kamal (thamarai), Sandhya, TJ Swami, Subramoni/sendhil (kandhan)
Others : Sangeetha (isai), subhashini(Inmozhi/nalvaarthai) , sujan(nallavan), Dinesh (aadhavan), poornima(muzhu venmadhi), muthu (vaay pilandha sippi), vijay (vetri), vasu (urangaperuman), prabhu (theivam/keerthi udaiyavan), ranjith (keerthi udaiyavan), karthik (kaarthikai mainthan), pradnya (sindhai), ashok(thukkam vilakkum), deepas (deepangal), uyir (jeevan), ramachandran (maramarachandran), nanbanaai (vayasya), velicham (pradeep), prabhukarthik (agninakshtram), sathyabama (syamandhagaraani ),
and laka (aayakalai katravan - though I could not use his name )

Lex makkal ( clue for other meaning [apart from minor teasings here and there] ) : Idam - PB's home. Time : ~ 7.30pm, Saturday. Now read it again. Hope you all got the other meaning !!!