Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Aathissoodi is getting close to the end !! Just two more posts on this !!

Hey ,

Wishing you all a very happy pongal !

Have you heard of this phrase ' aaya kalaikal 64' ( ..ஆய கலைகள் 64) ..
I accidentally came across what they are in a book at home and I thought I will take a while to type.. Vayasya had given me a nice link in the comments section.Meanwhile, I was also looking online and found the same thing in another site which I liked better The same listing is here. Scroll down to see english listing..

Did you have a look.. Wow, its astounding right!!! So many art forms.. Classifying them is such a nice thing...

There are two sets of listing of 64 kalaigal. First listing is derived from aryaas. The second one, Dr.Mukerjee's listing is based on Vatsyayana's Kama sutra. So it deals more with attraction factors. I found the first set of listing in my Saraswathi strotram book at home. Well, who is the master of all this?

Lord Hayagriva is recognized as the master of all 64 kalaigal ("chathu: shashti KalAdhipan"). He is considered as the source of all Jnyaanam and the expositor of the comprehensive meanings of all tattvams. It seems the master of learning 'Dakshinaamoorthy' , the Goddess of Learning 'Saraswathi' and even Sage Vyaasaa and others famous for their powers of divine Vaak --all of them derive their power of divine speech from a mere fragment of the power of the aadhi vidhyaa Moorthy, Lord Hayagrivan.

Lord desikan in 28th hayagriva strotram requests "Oh Lord Hayagriva ! You should occupy the tip of my tongue as your throne ! Please bless me to join the mighty battle fields of contests , where very learned vidvaans serve as mediators of debate between contestants who use their tricks to advance their points !"
What a nice thought right!! Never realized myself that the tip of the tongue makes the difference in our talk...


Ricky said...

Hey... Interesting post! Will check back next week for answers.
I juz have a request.. can you also post them in english? Thanks, have a great weekend!

Jeevan said...

i also have hear the word aaya kalaikal 64 in a song from Duet. looking forward to know about them. Friend, icant read the tamil words, because my computer was changed to WIn98, i dint have the fecility to read tamil words in my Computer. u try to write it in English or in Tanglish.

Priya said...

okie ricky and jeevan
i accidentally came across what they are in a book.. i will try to type them both in english and tamil..

Ricky said...

Thank you very much!

vayasya said...

i see something here, which might reduce your typing work.

Priya said...

hey thank you vayasya!!i think i will post it this evening!!!

Priya said...

Ricky and jeevan ,
Could you read it online. there was even the english meaning for the second listing. If you cant see, may be I can type the tanglish form..let me know..

TJ said...

gnAnAnandha mayam dEvam nirmala spatikAkritheem
AdhAram sarva vidhyAnAm hayagrIvam upAsmahE.

Priya said...

yeh tj,
and this is also the first sloka of hayagriva strotram

Jeevan said...

Thanks Priya. Wish you a Happy Pongalo Pongal.:)

Ricky said...

Hey.. It was so nice of you to follow-up on our request and posting a comment.

Read your blog and I'm still wondering how could one individual can master all these 64 arts! :)

Have a gr8 weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a happy pongal.

Yeh, its tough to learn. I guess, gurukulam would teach many of these..Its tough to learn in the later years.

Priya said...

The anonymous is just me !!That was by mistake

vayasya said...

A lot of these arts are probably learnt only over ages like music. However it is interesting to see and atleast there are people who care about these arts though difficult to practise. How many people care about decorating their forehead today ? Most people today care more about the art of tattooing and not necessarily on the forehead !! Even though carnatic music is immensely popular, the art of jalatarangam playing is almost lost today with only a handful skilled musicians. The 'art of good manners and etiquette' which Lord Hayagrivar wants to impart to the devotees need not be what people consider good etiquette today. The art of preparation of perfumes has turned into research in pheromones. Thankfully the arts of singing, knowledge of languages, vocabularies, reading, poetry, cooking, puzzles, paintings, carving etc.. are more or less the same today; but how long before they too morph into something totally different ? I wonder.

Priya said...

'The 'art of good manners and etiquette' which Lord Hayagrivar wants to impart to the devotees need not be what people consider good etiquette today.The art of preparation of perfumes has turned into research in pheromones.'
- LOL :)- unmai dhaan

யாத்திரீகன் said...

hmm.. ஆய கலைகள் என்னவெல்லாம்னு ஆராய்ச்சியா :-)

priya, got your mail i've replied it


Morthekai said...

Thanks Priya. I had noted in my diary and will see what I have and what I can have by practice. Thanks once again for your effort. You can see from my writing how much I am weak in 2nd kalai!

Anonymous said...

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