Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Save earth for future generation

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Just saw now that Dinesh has tagged me to say on 'save the earth for our children. Here is what I feel:

1. Depleting resources : We need to forsee and think of all depleting resouces like power, water and fuel. We can say to us : 1. Never I will leave things on when I am not there. 2. Do not think that 'its no use if we alone save. nobody does right"
2. Resources being wasted - potential risk of being exhausted/ causing pollution.
Stationary Paper : We always tend to throw all one side written paper. We can get a clip pad and keep inserting one side written papers with the unwritten side on top.. We can use them to make grocery list. write phones # etc. (My parents do it). Never tear/use paper more than required.
Bottles : Why throw all juice bottles and buy new plastic boxes to keep groceries? Take off their paper label slowly by wiping with water and now it looks like a new platic bottle.
Tissue paper (in.U.S): We can buy tissues which has perforations to tear at smaller area than regular ones. Remember? Our parents have used milk cover(rinse with hot water) for packing idlies and making vadas and used thuni pai for shopping..We cant be so but still we can do something!!!
4. The most important thing is FOOD. Many of us dont see what is in the fridge/ shelf . we let them sit and they get rotten and we buy the same thing. We can avoid it by looking at our fridge/shelf everyday before we cook. Forsee which one will get rotten faster and use that first on that day menu. I think agriculture is something which has to respected !!! We HAVE TO think about the farmers who are underpaid and who still does that. We can refrigerate the food immediately after use and avoid wasting.
3. Quality deteriorating resources:
1. Teaching: In any country, teaching is a less preferred profession. Mainly because it is paid less and a trend that you resort to teach only we dont get anything. We have to definetely agree that certain things come from our teachers. I think our parents had better teachers than us. and my (our) cousins have poor teachers than mine. We should somehow try to bring people for teaching for our children!!
2. Mind power : Our parents had to learn things the tough way as they could not afford. But we are given all that instead. That does not mean that our children's quality of mind power has to go down.. say for example, our parents can do basic maths w/o paper and pen. I need a paper and pen. My children would need calculators.. Are we not denying them the usage of mind power by overproviding comforts?
3. Learning : Learning from family was a part of any individual's living in olden days. But in these days, its not possible. Say, our ancestors learned not to waste things, swimming, cooking etc at home. Do you think children would listen to parents totally now or do parents do impart such learning? In this case, I would think that it has to be imparted in school. We can have a subject with practical class (say like chemistry ) being taught for over a period of time for that particular age. Say, it is necesaary for everybody to know basic cooking as they shouldn't starve to death when there is nobody. So, there can be cooking as a subject with theory and practical (having 30 small gas stove for a school is not a big deal ) for 2-3 years (in their 6th , 7th and 8th std). In the 9th std they can have 'first aid and helping techniques' as a subject. In the 5th class, they can have ' saving resources' as a subject where things are taught at school with practical exams..Thus, we can atleast impart some learning right !!!
Thats all I think now!! I tag TJ , Ranjith and Senthil !


vayasya said...

Nice to see more and more people interested in imparting good values thru teaching. Perhaps like-minded people should get together and start a good school.

BTW Apart from teaching, another profession to be encouraged by increasing salaries is the nursing profession.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

சின்ன விஷயங்கள் மூலம் கூட பெரும் மாற்றங்ள் கொண்டு வர முடியும், அதையே உங்க்ள் வலைப்பூ சொல்கிறது.. சிறிய தேவையற்ற காகிதம் முதற்கொண்டு.... அருமை..

இந்த தலைப்பில் கற்றுக்கொடுத்தலையும் ஆசிரியப்பணியையும் சேர்த்தது அத்தியாவசியமான சிந்தனை.. கூடிய விடைவில் நானும் பதிகின்றேன்..


Zeppelin said...

Oh My God ! awesome list Priya... wonderful.. glad to be in such great company..


Anonymous said...

kalakku.. un pasanga paavam. andho parithaapam.. avangalukku en aazhndha anuthaapam.. Very nice post. Nee en lexington la oru "Pazhaiya saamaan kadai aarambikka koodaadhu" ? :)

I remember doing all my 11th and 12th tuition on notebooks made with one side printed bank documents, put together with a "koni oosi" and a sanal/thick strand. We used to use the plain side of Sundaram calendar for covering up the books and notebooks and also labels and ofcourse the phone book/scrap paper near the telephone. Remember "Horlicks bottles" ending up as storehouses for lentils and to churn buttermilk. Ah... the good old days.

Priya said...

yeh, you are right!!Nursing has to be encouraged and it is underpaid..

thanks & waiting to know ur thots..

thanks..romba ethi vidra maari irukke? :)-

anon commentators,
give urself a number say like anon 1 or anon 2..then, i will know which anon is saadhu and which anon does so much nakkal..
mmm.. en nilamai:)- (en pasanga should be lucky to have me...avlo samathu amma :)-)

anyway, i concur with old memories..horlicks bottle and note book matter..

Jeevan said...

urupadiyana tag priya. Learning and Stationary Paper are good.

dinesh said...


Super response ! Just what I thought you'd do.Tissue paper, food and teachers are awesome points.Innnum neraya pesalaam idha pathi. Very good points. Appreciated.

Ippdi neeye ella point ayum ezhuthittena mathavanga ellam enna pannuvaanga ? :)

Priya said...

thanks jeevan!!


oho...neenga mathavanga ponaaporadu points ezhuthannumnu nenachu udavinathukku romba nandri:)-just kidding

mmm.. actually 3 things dhaan ezhuthanummnnu naan purijukala.. and somehow i never thot about what others will write.. just wrote my concerns in the way i thot..

Prabhu said...

Resource wastage - adutha Shankar padathuku maiya karu kandu pidichu kuduthuttiye.
Neeye kaila kathiya edukkaama iruntha sari.
bhagavane intha logathula yarume nalaiya santhathi pathi yosikka matengaraangale!

RTD2 said...

Hey Priya..glad the tag brought me here! Thanks for honoring it and passing it on! Some good ideas here..

Priya said...

therinjaa sari.. romba ottatheenga alukku aal..porukkamaataamal pongi ezhuvaal priya...
thanks for visiting and its very nice of u to create such a thoughtful tag

Zeppelin said...

cha....vara vara naan enna sonnalum seriya padradhilla yarukkum... :(

Priya said...

sari arun.. naaan ungala nambaren..
thank you

யாத்திரீகன் said...

ப்ரியா.. உங்கள் TAG-க்கு பதிலளித்து விட்டேன்