Monday, February 13, 2006

Amma appa - 2

Hey all
Wishing you all a very happy valentine's day!!

Coming back to amma appa.. Have you had the experience of watching your parents build a house?? This is one of the best times during which you may see how they work together and you may see all sorts of emotions at home..

For a middle class family, before 10-15 yrs, its an achievement to get a home built !! (Now there are many builders who take up everything unlike those days. ) Many of you would have this experience - the joint planning and organising by appa amma, cautious acts during the execution like supervision of home, unexpected problems , unavoidable situations and arguments..I still remember that we did a grihapravesam with just no room painted inside.. Month by month, as they got their pay, we painted . We never had electricity for 1.5 yrs . I did all my studies before sunset - no motar, no sump . Gradually we started getting things like T.V ( in 7th class), fridge (in 10 class) and phone (when I went to college). Wow!! what a great experience!!! I always feel that the bond between the couple would be stronger when they work hard together and meet their goals rather than just enjoying them together!!

But for their mutual cooperation, egoless acts, careful planning, guidance and care, we are not what we are now!!

On this valentine's day, I wish to pay homage to all parents !!! Who are they?? A picture is worth a thousand words

Mother- the one who cares!!

Father - the one who guides

I am little busy with work this week!! Will continue with all the ' rouse' (ரவுசு) of our parents in the next post asap!!!Meanwhile read this post of Shree !!! Romba kashtamaa irukku!!!


Shree said...

ur blog exactly portrays the feeling in evrry house was built the same way too..minus the electricity part. ana athulaiyum oru santhosham!! chinna chinna santhosham!! as each room unfolded, as we furnished it painstakingly..when I build my home, I really would expect my spouse to behave in the same manner..
almost hate parents!!! they leave us expecting so much more from our partners!!! UNFAIR..

Jeevan said...

Happy Valentines Day Priya. I also have experiance in Building house, we should also spend money for family budget and also have to spent on house, my dad really get tired to finish our house. we brought Phone when i was studing 6th.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

ப்ரியா.. ஒரு அழகிய சின்னஞ்சிறுகதை உங்கள் இந்த பதிவிலும் ஒளிந்துகொண்டிருக்கின்றது..... :-) வீடு என்றில்லை, பிள்ளைகளுக்கு அவ்வளவு கஷ்டத்திலும் நல்ல படிப்பு அமைத்துதர போராடிய என் தாய், தந்தையின் ஒருமித்த செயலிலும் இதையே கண்டேன்... ஆனால் இத்தகைய போராட்டம் ஒரு பொருளாக (வீடு போன்று) நம் கண்முன் இருப்பது இன்னும் ஆனந்தம்...

லவ் என்பதற்கு அன்பு என்றொரு அர்த்தம் இருப்பது மறந்து, மருவி காதல் என்று ஒரே அர்த்தம் கற்பித்து, சினிமா மற்றும் பன்னாட்டு நிறுவன வியாபார தந்திரத்தில் வழி பிறழும் இந்நேரத்தில் தாய்க்கும் ,தந்தைக்கும் வாழ்த்துவது மிகவும் பாராட்டத்தக்கது...

Saranya Kishore said...

Hi Priya
Best Valentine post I have read :)
Happy V day to you too!

Priya said...


jeevan,sendhil, shree,

Nice to hear that you can also empathize my state in building home ! yeh, parents do a llot.. we take for granted many a times - their life is an example how we should live and somehow how we shoudl not (which is also essential to be known) both ways , they educate us!!

hey saranya,

Prabu Karthik said...


enakku cbe la naanum appavum serndhu "design" panni kattina veedu dhaan nyabagathukku varudhu.

nalla thanni kedayadhu angey.
mazhai pencha kashtam.

me and dad used to take siruvani water in a 30 litre can in our old fiat car from his office nearby...
we had that car primarily for that purpose (20K ku vanginom)

dad and mom struggled so much for 1 lakh those were not easy like it is today...

appo naanga veedu design panninada vida ippo naan veedu vanganum nu decide panni vangina time kammi.

it has almost bcome fast food...

but those days are unforgettable precisely bcos of the struggle. i would tell my childrena abt those days not the present days....

ivlo pesarom parents pathi, ippavum appa amma illadha evlovo kuzhandhaigal irukaanga. avanga la silar nalla padichu nalla munneri periya aala varanga.. ennai porutha varaikum nijamana heroes avanga dhaan.

Priya said...

nice to hear ur experience!!

nejammaa..i was just thinking abt such children exactly and was abt to write to that in the next post and write abt their rouse later!!!

Priya said...

coimbatore is my dream place to get settled.. awesome makkal, weather ..that out outskirts of cmb near friend's parents home is there and i really fell in love with the peace and serine atmosphere !! today u reminded me of all my dreams

Zeppelin said...

hey! kalakal post priya.. and btw, belated V-day wishes..

Priya said...

same to u arun!! and thanks!!

Ricky said...

Hey... Belated Valentines day wishes. Money is hard to come by and your parents made the best use of it. I'm still working on my dream house, not sure when I'm gonna build them... just waiting!

Priya said...

same to u ricky!!!

great .. u have thot abt dream house!!
I am just dreaming.. no progress yet

Sarathguru Vijayananda said...

Hi Priya, I should first thank you for taking me to those days. My parents too built a house and struggled a lot to complete it. I am just going back to those days.

At times they faced some financial problems, but they always had an eye on us(children) and take immense care about our health, education and future.

After all, the parents' of this world live for the future of their children.

Now the matter is what na??? I am building a house but not married so discussing with my Amma only as my father had recently passed away.

Prabhu said...


2 observations :

a. Unnoda blog a especially intha Amma-Appa-Aatukutti blog a "kuthu" kavithai range ku ethi vidaraanga, jaakirathai.

b. unnoda profile foto la unakku onra kannu maari irukke!

Priya said...

Yep sarathguru !!
and thanks for visting!!

prabhu !!!

unakku poraamai :)- adhaan ipdi ellam nee pesara !! enna paatha unakku ondra kanna theriyardha.. indha photo evlavo maasamaa irukku..ippo enna dhideernu kadhai udara!!!

Gopinath said...


Nice blog. I too have experienced the difficulties my parents faced while building a house at madurai. I think i was in my 10th std. Getting water and power supply for construction purposes was really a tiresome work. Also it was a custom to provide a meal(virundhu) for all the workers the day the ceiling was completed. Evergreen memories...Parents are our real heroes.


Anonymous said...

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