Saturday, February 18, 2006

Amma appa- 3


This is my 50th post!!! Thanks for all the encouragement, support and especially your patience !!
Guys, a tamil post after a long break - காளமேகமாய் சிலேடை (Kaalamegamaai silaedai)

Coming back to Amma Appa series, as I previously said, they have done a great job in growing us up !! Children growing up w/o them really lack the experience - the way amma and appa handle a situation and care etc. !! Those people are the really heroes who manage things by themselves, survive and get going!!

But, on the lighter side, if we observe them, their ''rouse(ரவுசு)'' appears to be too much sometimes !!

Have you watched your amma sitting with 'pathrakaaran' and bargaining for barter (clothes with utensils)??? Oh my God!! They would bargain too much and finally they would get nothing which would irresistably irritate me . But, actually that guy (paathrakaaran) is also extremely manipulating!! Remember how Amma would force you to wear gold jewels??!! Ufff... And her push to make you attend somebody's (sister's nathanaar's machini's) wedding?? If you resist, her emotional outburst would kindaa embarass and make us do the needful !! I have hated to go to maavu mill to grind flour and potti kadai to buy beetle leaf and green chilies !! Now, I think it was a nice exposure to know what costs how much, know good maths by getting bakki paisa after buying things etc. and its a good socialising place indeed !! Another thing I hated is make 'vethal' on terrace (mottai maadi)/ make sevai(idiyappam). Oh my god!! the koozh used to be so hot and we have to make vethal (press and squeeze (pizhinchify) when it is so.. I used to be like ' why dont we buy all this instead of giving our lives'. But I have secretively eaten that koozh and did some mischievious things as well Now, it all appears to be fun and a great exposure !! And the biggest torture (for a girl) is not letting you even trim your hair.If you cut little more, it becomes an issue and thats it!! They feel as if there is great loss to life !!!

Regarding appa's torture, I have not experienced much as my appa was living away (working at a different place) . The first rouse I remember is ' his advice regarding speeding in vehicles (kinetic honda)' . He and my uncle rides so slow that they would test my patience threshold and I would just feel like getting down and walking faster to the vehicle. I dont think my uncle's vehicle (chetak) would have ever seen a speed like 40 km per hour in its life time..Again as for a girl , appas would just be at the door entrance if their daughters dont reach home by 8.00pm...thousand phone calls to office, friends and they vent all their tension by shouting/ yelling at my amma !!

Enna makkale, what about your experience on their torture (rouse)? I am ready to listen.. Would get back to end the appa amma series in the next post with something interesting and important to say!!


Prabu Karthik said...

hehehe, enga amma innaiku varaikum will make sure i have my hair oiled. illena she will do that without my permission. athanai ennayum koncha nerathile moonchile vazhiyum.

being a single child there are some additional "treatment" for me.

inaiku variakum naan night second show cinema poga maaten.

enga appa irukara varaikum naan veetukku vara late achuna vandi eduthittu nera en friend veetukkey vandhiduvaar :)

ranjit kalidasan said...

Congratulations on your 50th post priya.
As with the tortures you've mentioned, i don't think those are torutures rather a process in middle class life to blend into family life and teach values. I remember all these things you mentioned, except the koozh and jewels part (obviously) emphasized by my mother. There are times during the water scarcity we are forced to carry dozen kudams of water across the street, those times i would really consider them as a torture. But thinking them now, they didn't ask us to carry those waters to teach us discipline but we need water for our daily needs else our mother would end up in carrying 100 kudams of water. I'd even mentioned in one my posts how we are beaten for our mischiefs by my dad and mother, even those incidents i won't mention as torutures and stood by with them as it was times necessity.

Priya said...

same pinch pk, naanum ore child!!! But enga veetla enga appa kooda naan second show poy irukken!!

thanks ranjit!!
yeh, they are not tortures anymore. but appo i used to be like ' en dhaan idhellam seyyanum??'

Definitely, i would say that we learn responsibility when we do things like taking water/ buying things!!

As u say every middle class people have this kind of things happenening!!

Prabu Karthik said...

50 adicha udaney, cricketer madhiri bat(ok.maybe keyboard) thooki acknowledge pannanum :D said...


Past few days, I'm regularly reading your blog. Its nice and I really feel my olden days. Now I'm working in Pune, Maharastra from past 1 year. This is first long break from my parents. But I'm reg. touch with my parents through phone.

When I reading your exp. I really happy.

Thanks a lot for giving a same exp.

Muralidharan TR

யாத்திரீகன் said...

வாழ்த்துக்கள் மாயா (50வது பதிவில் உங்கள் புனைப்பெயர் சொல்லி வாழ்த்துவதே சரியாய் இருக்கும் :-)
இந்த மற்றும் இந்த இரு பதிவுகள் மூலம்தான் உங்கள் வலைப்பூ எனக்கு அறிமுகமானது, அவை இரண்டிலுமிருந்த நகைச்சுவையுணர்வே காரணம்.. ஆனா இப்போலாம் நிறைய சீரியஸான பதிவுகள் இடுறீங்க.. :-) Pshychatry (spelling சரிதானே) பற்றிய பதிவு ஒரு முக்கியமான நினைவுகூறவேண்டிய பதிவு..

மேலும் தங்கள் படிக்கும் பணிபுரியும் தளத்தில் அனைவரும் அறிந்துகொள்ளவேண்டிய தகவல்களை நேரம் கிடைக்கும் போது பதியுங்கள்.. வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!!!

Jeevan said...

Congrats for u r 50th post. my mother also used to put old cloths to paathrakaaran. i also have done the vathal on the motta madi, to help my mother, and she willn shout, because we will now be quit and do all the work on that mavu. evertime we go to motta madi, we used to eat it. you have very nice memories, waiting for its end.

Prabhu said...

Ippo puriyuthu, nee car a ippdi fast aa ottare nnu! Unga appa kooda poi poi nee innum 40KMPH la thaan ottara :)

End the amma-appa series a? Pls. venaame?

Hamsa said...

hey pri,
congrats for votre post de frenglish. forgive..
ammam,,atha nal gnyabagam ellam very very pleasant..
I never used to let my mom give me a oil bath. once as a kid of5 years,I ran all over the house, downing vessals, water and what not!!!then ran and hid behind a trunk. my mom came running after me and hit her leg against the trunk and had a hairline fracture!!!!!!I felt sooooo bad..till date, I have not refused to oil my hair/take oil bath!!!
thanks..I shared this with u..reminiscinces!!

Priya said...

okie pk!!

naanum maayaannu(govaala krishnannnu) dhaan sollitu thiriyaren..evan koopdaraan? kuttipriyannu (sappaaninnu) thaan koopadraan!!
Thanks for addressing with punai peyar (which is also my punyajanam (11th day) name)!! thanks for recapping some of my posts!!

Nice to hear that you also have similar experiences and thanks!!

prabhu !!

un rouse varavara romba thaangala !! appa appa aatukutti padikka pudikalanna kanna moodiko..

inga vandhu enna seendaadha!!aprom enaku ketta kovam varum!!

Thanks and i hope your amma is doing fine now!!

Priya said...

erkanave makkal otradha paarunga.

.science post frequentaa pottu ' new' cinema manivannan rangekku
'sciencennu' koopda poraanga makkal:)-

jokes apart, i would definitely want to say things on my field. Will seriously consider and do something!!

Priya said...

Thanks for visiting and sharing your things!

vayasya said...

if we observe them, their ''rouse(ரவுசு)'' appears to be too much sometimes !!

I think it depends on what we value in life. Some feel 'too much', others feel right. But what one feels 'too much' could be right for another.

They would bargain too much and finally they would get nothing which would irresistably irritate me.

Not amma with 'pAthrakAran' but in my case; appa, anywhere and everywhere. I have been with my appa for shopping a lot and I still remember that once, when we were buying a schoolbag, the seller said it was Rs 250 and a customer tried to bargain. The seller offered it for 240 and the customer coolly bought it and left. Whereas my appa bargained for 10 minutes and we finally left the shop having bought the same bag for Rs 100.

We think that bargaining is unnecessary but in those days our parents income and spending ability where nowhere close to what people earn and spend today. They knew the value for money and so didnt mind losing a few minutes compared to losing their hard earnings. I definitely cherish the knowledge which I got by observing my appa bargain anywhere and everywhere.

The first rouse I remember is ' his advice regarding speeding in vehicles (kinetic honda)'. He and my uncle rides so slow that they would test my patience threshold and I would just feel like getting down and walking faster to the vehicle.

Only a person who has been thru a near fatal accident appreciates in the importance of that advice, trust me. In anycase looks like you have had good practice for driving on home roads after getting used to the US traffic, isn't it. I was in Chennai and Hyd the last 3 weeks after being in the US for 2.5 years, and just couldnt believe that the number of cars have increased 10 times.

Again as for a girl , appas would just be at the door entrance if their daughters dont reach home by 8.00pm

Speak for yourself. My amma used to be the one standing at the doorstep for me when I was off to play cricket or tuition etc.. Not just appas for daughters but ammas for sons too, atleast in my case.

Another thing I hated is make 'vethal' on terrace (mottai maadi)/ make sevai(idiyappam). Oh my god!! the koozh used to be so hot and we have to make vethal (press and squeeze (pizhinchify) when it is so.. I used to be like ' why dont we buy all this instead of giving our lives'. But I have secretively eaten that koozh and did some mischievious things as well Now, it all appears to be fun and a great exposure !!

Indeed. It is the memories of all these activities which we chelish and would tell our grandchildren though I doubt that they would know what is
'vettal' or have time to listen to grandparents. The kids of today are already immersed in either TV or video games or preparing for the Target-Target-Target IIT coaching center at the age of 5. Many kids dont even know their grandparents cause they are dumped into 'care centers for the aged'. Cant even imagine what our grandchildren would be thinking. Granpa !! What is world is that ?? OR My grandparents just suck big time. How about yours ??

BTW : I have made 'vettal' for several years too and congrats on your 50th post.

Priya said...


I am not complaining at all anytime..I dont I will do anytime!!!

I really feel it is all for my good!! But all I wrote was just how I felt that time and NOT NOW ..

Never thought you will take things so seriously!!


vayasya said...

oops, there was nothing serious. i just jotted down whatever i thought in response to what i was reading based on my experiences. didnt think that it was carrying a serious flavor. :-)

Priya said...

okie then!!

Anonymous said...


It was fun reading this triad. You have excellently pointed on the domestic details happening in every family. Definitely takes you back to old days.....


Priya said...

thanks bn!!

Vasu the terrible said...

Are you for real ? I mean you guessed the two things that i hated most as a kid... The dusty, obnoxiously noisy flour mill and twisting the handlebar of the sevai machine...

I never really liked sevai and never understood why my mom insisted on making it.. ?

guess traditions are so hard to give up for mothers.

vathal and orrga making happens very very relegiously every season. Guess what, I never really liked those either.

xcellent blog..


Priya said...

if a guy says that u dont like to twist that sevai machine, imagine my big strength.sama kadi..
but i like sevai,oorkai and i kept quite on those days..

enna.. oru anti 'mom sending children to maavu mill' sangam aarambikkalaaama vasu?? sollunga??

Vasu the terrible said...

ya... anti "dirty dusty maavu mill sangam" is a must. One thing I never understood was, chapathi is made once a week max at my place. There are tons of chapathi flour brands in any shop.. why this fixation with my mom, I dont understand...

Another thing I hate is ration shops... standing in que for sugar ... But I enjoyed buying milk from the aavin button systems.. It was truly high-tec and exciting as a kid...

how can You like sevai ?? its tasteless, they put morkozhambu in it.. its all one big mess..

Imagine no vengayam at my house.. how horrible could life be..


Priya said...

u r right. sevai by itself is not good. lemon sevai or thenga sevai is nice.. morkozhambu mixing is worst..i agree..

in my initial days after i was out of home, 'no vengayam at home' concept was horrible. but now i am like bored of vengayam..

did u notice in s. india, each dish has totally different constituents - no common base like other part..morkozhambu is different, avial is different, thogayal is different...i actually enjoy s. indian cooking (though not mind to eat n or s indian cooking)

Vasu the terrible said...

The thing with me is, I enjoy and love the main course foods. Literally every vegetable preparation made south indian style iyengar, iyer you name it. But when it comes to tiffin items and what we call as junk norukku food, I am not so fond of the traditional cooking. I mean idli, vada is fine.. but whats with the adai ???

You know the two things that can make me silent and divert myself to eating ?

Any dish having kathrika and avial. I am a nasty hogmaster when it comes to both these...

I dont like lemon sevai and lemon rice also. Actually my range of tam food restricts itself to rice, sambars (kozhambus), rasams and all forms of vegetables. I mean anything to do with meals.. but poliyodharai, lemon rice and all are secondry. I can eat them in crunch time. But if you ask me to choose its difficult..

HELP!!! you make me hungry..


Vasu the terrible said...

I learnt among many things eating vengayam after going to hostel..

Ya, thogayal is good.. I love the pudhina one more than the coconut one.. thogayal with mologu kozhambu, you need to cook 3 kilos of rice and one drum of sambar just for me..

Nothing like home cook food man... the next best is the restraunt sapatraman in residency rd. bgl..

You have to post a new one.. this conversation only makes me home sick...



smiley said...

amma, sapadu minji vittal, kathai solli oruti viduvargal...pathiram gali. exam mark kammiyaga vanginaal, sign poduvathu amma. appa all adventure activities

Anonymous said...

vengayam thab vazhkaila manushaukku kadavul kodutha vraprasadam.. Atha avarukke kodukama total torture!!! Sakkapongal la kood vengayam podalam nu nannum en cousinum ava amma kitta sanda pota gnyabagam...

Innikkum enga vettla vengayam na thani adupu, thanni patharam!!!!
aha!!! atha nenaicha!!


Anonymous said...

sorry: typos becos of my GOD DAMN browser is too slow...ungalauke puriyum nu nenaikaren!!!

lord labakkudoss said...

Hi periya priya,

This is first time I visted you site. very fantastic writings. ungala maathiri aalugala paarthu "naanum ezhuthernda blog" (read in vivek style) appadeenu oru blog aaramchi irukken..

vanthu visit panni paarunga

Priya said...

ungalaala ennaku thaan pasi adigamaachu ponga!!

aniyaayam po!!


unga peru innnoru lexington friendoda pere...

thirumbu avanee enna ottaraannu nenechen..
pudhusaa blog ezhudha aarambichaa neeengalumaa???

Priya said...

enga veetla thalakezha..kammi mark vaanginaa sign podradhu appa.. hehe

Vasu the terrible said...

Enga veetla kammi mark vangina sign podradh naan... I remember the day my dad caught me in the toilet with the report card and pen... I forgot to bolt the door.. He dint say anything and just let it go.. the next 2-3 days was really tensed and then that incident faded into life.. Life just moved on... :)



Anonymous said...

neenga total thillalangadi fellow va theriyarere???enna matter?

nee south indian food pathi oru periya blog podu,,atha contest panni pb ezutha tumm: aha, pasi parakkum...
common: take this as a challenge.. apdiye rendu recipes ulla alli vidu.. enna?

kavitha said...

Hi Priya,

A very interesting write up indeed. Thanks for visiting my blog and a big Congrats on your 50th post.

Lets hear more on Amma and appa. This lifestyle is charming to say the least :)


Vasu the terrible said...

@anonymous - between kottu from dad and forging his signature, i chose the later. I mean my dad's pride would have been hurt, if he knew i scored 33 in maths... he is a maths major..

but the calculation in all this is, my claths teacher has really bad eyesight :D


Priya said...

neenga ellam summukkum correctaana answer mattum therinja kottaya oru box panni ezudhitaa, teacher (bad eyesight) mark kodukamaataanga!!!

Vasu the terrible said...

the bad eye sight is not for the answer sheet... Its for for the report card.... Ha..Ha..You made me laugh like mad...

looks like you are one smathu ponnu..


Priya said...

ofcourse,therinju dhaan sonnnen..

en nilamai..
makkal ivlo kammiyaa yosikaraangalennu enna pathi!!
ungala ellam pathaa enakkum dhaan sirippu varudhu:)-

lord labakkudoss said...


unga peru innnoru lexington friendoda pere...*** seems there are lot of prabhus in the blog world. inime ithu thaan yen new identity...eppadi intha id-a ivalu naala namma blogger makkal vittu vachangnuu teriyala...

seri seri... eppo unga appa pocket-la irunthu "sutta" kadhai solla poreenga..:-)

Priya said...

lord labakkudoss,

en veetla thala keezha.. enga appa dhaan en pena pencil paisa ellam sollaama eduppar!!

Priya said...

thanks kavitha..

Anonymous said...

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