Friday, March 31, 2006

Ul vaanga thoondum India trip

Coming back to India after 2.5 yrs with so much excitement and anticipation . Some sort of happiness which is tough to narrate !! Lots of changes..Still some things are pretty much the same....ulla irundha effect.. Cant predict which is gonna be same and which will differ..This post is just reflection of what I felt in the last 10 days comparing what i saw before.

Yaanai velai kudarai velai : Had a chance to have breakfast with my appa at Saravana bhavan, annanagar on the very next day after i reached.., 1 sambar vadai, 1 plate idi (thinnest idli i have ever seen),2 coffees,1 ghee dosa - bill Rs.130 ...saapadu enna velaiyappa !!!

Instantaneous anger: After having the feel that if somebody honks, its ur fault at u.s, I was extremely irritated when somebody behind us honked to overtake and take a wrong side left turn..Now i am getting used to the sound.

Cell phone vaangalayo cell phone: Oh My God!!! pookkari, kuppai porukravan also have cell phone- no exaggeration i saw it.. One day (After 4-5 yrs), (ELLORUM PAITHIYAM PIDICHU SAAGAPORAANGA)everybody is going to lose the endothelial layer on the ear drum and everybody is gonna get all neurotoxcity!!! ENT's and psychiatrists are gonna have bright future !!!

Lie and exaggeration : No journal / magazine or t.v channel gives unbiased / unexaggerated news or info. You have use to your brains to extract truth in every info- very much like mamiyaar marumaga sandai!!

aiiiiiiii: I see the traffic signal timer in chennai now..good!!

Pudhusu ivai pudhusu:
National institute of siddha in sanatorium - wow... we are promoting our own traditional medicine system
Kathipara nehru statue - apdiye alaaka thooki pakkathula vechirukkanga for constructing a bridge there
Yaar ivar: a new statue covered by 'thaarpalin sheet' ready to be installed infront of raj bhavan
Auto vaa: Close ur eyes and whisper auto- you would see one infront of you..
Hospitals and scan centers: as of what i see, they are extremely well maintained..
Lady auto drivers in madurai.
Lady paper podravanga in chennai.
Kaaikari vilai- still the same - really cheap!!

Nice weather: Nalla veyyil.. longed to see and feel such weather..every sweat gives me skin pores respire properly.

Manithan maaravillai: Appa amma paasam and sentiment, friends looti, T.V serial , relatives formality, paati thatha nocchal are still the same.. But engu paathalum ore odi poyittanga, love marriage news - looks like chennaiites life is revolving around Love or I dont know if people around me are just talking all about Love and Marriage!!! Could not see any young people in temples !!! Ennatha solla !!

still...Scooty rides, share auto, temple visits, road side cane juice, 2 rupees orange drink- lots of things !!
Enjoying my trip !!!


Jeevan said...

That means if we learn ENT we have a bright future. U dint see the Lady Bus driver. Enjoy your trip in Chennai, with your parents, friends and relatives. :)

Priya said...

when automobile industry/house hold gadget mkt boomed in last 10 yrs, we expected physiotherapy to come up pretty much (due to factors that would cause physical bone and joint ailment).similarly,
i think this cell phone industry going up as pretty huge mkt will definitely cause toxcity..(these waves penetrate Blood brain barrier in ear ) and would definitely help ENT field go up!!

Mohan said...

Instantaneous anger: After having the feel that if somebody honks, its ur fault at u.s, I was extremely irritated when somebody behind us honked to overtake and take a wrong side left turn..Now i am getting used to the sound.

This is a very common feeling for a person whoever visits any country in europe or US. All we can do is just stare at the person honking from behind.

check out this link, its quite interesting

Subha said...

Enssoi Priya..:) Andha "at home" feeling we can never get here..:))

ranjit kalidasan said...

The cell phone, scan centers and honking experiences were quite same for me when i visited chenai after three years last year. Even the school kids have cell phones and for some reason i go with the anna university policy to discourage cell phones in colleges. I had a strange experiences in scan centers too.

lord labakkudoss said...

(Read this like TV compere style)
Hai Priya eppadi irukeenga.. neenga chennaiya romba enjoy pannikittiru irukeenga-nuu nenaikkiren.. vayapayam vaayala potta innikkum kaala potta vayukkum... athanlla road-la nadakkumpothu paarthu ponga...

:-) Hope u r still seeing the TV tortures like this in chennai..

Saravana bhavan rate-a paarthan thaan bayama irukku... oru kaalathile 15 roopakku full meals adichenn HSB-la :-)

Arjuna_Speaks said...

hoi kutti priya :), enna madras-la irukela :) - besha batchanam sapidungo :P..

anna nagar SB is near my home :)..angey kesari besha panuva! SB sambhar-la uppu romba jaasthi - neku epothume Vasantha Bhavanthaan - elaiku etha ellu-urundai :)

Mudincha thiruvanamalaiku satru poitu vantudungo! Ungaluku kodi puniyam :)

Anonymous said...


Am sure you are having exciting time out there.

Speaking of media, did you realize that youngsters are flocking the industry!!! I heard these people are really aggressive with the Politicians. If its true, cant wait to see it.

Enjoi amigo, Bn

Prabu Karthik said...

HSB la saapidaradhuku pesama STAR hotel la saapidalaam IMHO!

And did u not feel the spurt in vehicles and consequently traffic?

nethikku night kotturpurathile irundhu cancer institute signal la right thirumbinen.. avlo dhaan adukku aprom 2.5 kms ku second gear poda mudila :(

chennai is soon going the bangalore way in traffic IMHO.

Anonymous said...

ada da .. appa/amma/aatikutti engey ? :(
sari priya avargaley .. India-la ippo yaanai evvalavu velai and Kudurai evvalavu velai ? Dhayavuseidhu update sollungalen plzz ..

Anonymous said...

Sari nee ethuku koil-ku poracha young-a thedi pora ? ponaama sevichoma vandhoma-nu iru .. Hope u r having a nice time ..

smiley said...

mann vasanai... mmmmm....:)

vayasya said...

have fun. hope the "return from-india_visit-syndrome" doesnt affect the blogging frequency when u get back.

Vasu the terrible said...

>>But engu paathalum ore odi >>poyittanga, love marriage news

Damm.. Thats so true... these newgen folks make me look ancient...

I felt the same way when I came after 2 years.. 2 years is enough time to make you feel really wanting to come back.. and all the build up of a 12 hr flight.. just adds to the excitement

I vote for... more posts from chennai
:) nsoyy maadi...


Kay said...

Sooper priya nalla ensoi pannu :)

ambi said...

Good post with a hilarious touch.
that cell ph matte is absolutely true, esp gals got addicted to that..(incoming call thaan attend panraangoo, no outgoing calls)

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dinesh said...

Super !

Appdiye madras poittu vandha feeling. Appdiye nallaa relax pannittu vaa priya.

Apparam, vasu solra maari kovil la poi youngsters a paakkaadhe, paavam kozhandhai kochukkaradhu paaru. Inge vandhu avana paathukkalaam ! :)

Priya said...

i visited that link..honking has this much meaning???!!

yeh subha!! thanks

yeh, its too much. now a days, children call up after they reach school and before they start back..

i visited thiruvannamalai yesterday with my parents and had a great darshanam.. abhishegam..awesome.mookupodisitthar paathen..giri valam ponen..after 9kms,kaal romba kuthithu.., took an auto for the rest (5km) of the distance.

i dont see any such thing against politicians. anyways enjoying my visit

aniyayam lord.. i really hear such nonsense things pretty close to what to say even in supposedly good/famous serials like selvi..
and HSB kootame kootam thaangala !

Priya said...

very true..

sari vasu,
naan samatha yaarayum paakaama veetukku varen :)-

yup smiley

its so tough to make time to write here at chennai..i guess i would write when i come back!

okay kay!!

very true.. u know what.. after taking the essential matter, makkal esp girls are like ' aprom.. aprom..' i (who had also been in that addiction stage )was like ' idhu phone call and enaku adhutha velai irukku'..

terrible vasu,
yeh..naan dhaan paavamaa samatha irukken..ellam thari kettu thiriyudhu inga :)-

karthik kannan,
thanks for the invite and i will enroll !

dinesh.. unga lolla aarambichiteengala..anyways naan ensoi panren inga

யாத்திரீகன் said...

chennai-la schools-ku aduthu hot business saapadu thaan.. engala maathiri alungalala thaan athey oduthu... you should have visited Madurai Murugan Idly Shop.. damn good & reasonable price

first day when my friend drove me to rly station itself i was on my heels seeing the way ppl drove here.. eventhough its thro this crazy driving i've lived all before :-)

ipo-laam Supermaaaa-nu oolai idura satham ketaley channel maathikitu irukaen :-)))

>>Yaar ivar


>>> odi poyittanga, love marriage

:-)))) its not in chennai, this fever is spreadin a lot more rapid than expected.. its really sick to hear the first part of this two words

>>> Could not see any young people in temples

:-))))))))) priya... vayasayidichu-la athaan.. (ungaluku ;-)

amma saapadu-la irunthu, auto-karar kita peram varaikum njoy...

Arjuna_Speaks said...

mookupodi sithar? yaaru athu?

Priya said...

yeh, i was just thinking abtit...
enga paathalum ' soooper maa' and i will try that murugan idlu if possible..

oh ambethkaraa adhu..

ellaam en time ... publica kindal adikareenga..

okay thanks for the wishes

do u know abt the trustees of the ashtalingam mgmt. akaash hotel owner and others..this mooku podi sidhar is one among the siddhars whom these trustees consider to be real gr8 siddhar..

Doondu said...

திருமணத்துக்கு முந்தைய பாலுறவை தமிழ்நாட்டின் அனைத்து ஜாதிகளுமே கடுமையாக எதிர்க்கின்றன. அண்ணன் திருமாவளவனும் அண்ணன் இராமதாசு அவர்களும் ஒருபடி மேலே சென்று போராட்ட்ம் எல்லாம் நடத்தினார்கள். ஆனால் பார்ப்பன இனத்தினர் மட்டுமே குஸ்புவுக்கு ஆதரவாக குரல் கொடுத்தனர். அதனோடு சேர்ந்து அதிமுகவும் குரல்கொடுத்தது. அதிமுக பற்றியும் அதன் தலைவி பற்றியும் சொல்லத் தேவை இல்லை. ஆனால் பார்ப்பன சமூகம் குரல் கொடுத்டதில் இருந்து ஒன்றை நீங்கள் புரிந்துகொள்ள வேண்டும். திருமணத்துக்கு முன்னர் புணர்வதற்கும் இந்த சமூகத்திற்கும் ஏதோ ஒற்றுமை உள்ளது.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

ப்ரியா... மேலே உள்ள இந்த போலி பின்னூட்டத்தை அழிக்கும் முன் இதை தெரிந்துகொள்ளுங்கள்... ,

மதுரை முருகன் இட்லி கடையின் கிளைகள், மதுரையில் மட்டுமல்ல சென்னையிலும் உள்ளது :-)

Albert said...

Nice kindal

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Arjuna_Speaks said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arjuna_Speaks said...

Priya - thanks for the info - I will try meeting him next :)..enga irukarnu mattum solungo :)

Priya said...

madrasla murugan idli irukkunnu dhaan infact enakku first theriyum !!
anyways, thanks !! and I saw the link.. it was really
good and informative

Priya said...

avar engum irupaar edhilum iruppaar..tea kadailiyum irupaar.. 4 star hotel entrancelayum irupaar..road sidelayum irupaar..mandapathiliyum irupaar!!

Badhri said...

Biased news in Chennai, huh?
Priya, don't tell me you believe all the news and opinions expressed in American news channels as unbiased. They are the experts in that and concealing them to look legitimate too

Traffic signal timer:
Yea, thats one of the few good things about Chennai (another thing is the road-border marked using reflectors). Another less noticed improvements is that Rippon building doesn't stink anymore! Better infrastructure in Airports (four more departure gates and flat monitor TVs!) And you missed the quintessential point. Its summer and no water problem!

But lets not get euphoric. Go to broadway bus stand and beyond to North Madras. They are haunted. Auto-walas are probably the worst in the nation. Overall, chennai roads are either narrow, or ill-maintained or both, but almost never neither. Honestly traffic is not as bad. But proactive expansion of roads is necessary, and nobody is doing it. Being a Metro, Chennai, I am sorry to say, hopelessly lags behind Hyderabad in development and governance.

Sorry if this comment dampens your excitment about your stay in Chennai. To be fair, though Chennai is not a super special city, its a better place than the most to be, which has a lot of scope for improvements.

R.Subramanian said...

hi priya, welcome back to india :) and welcome me back to your blog after a longgggggggggggg time.... :D

very nicely written, straight from the heart ah irunthathal the narration was good....

>>yaanai velai kuthirai velai

saravana bavan rates are directly proportional to the site cost they are in, in T.Nagar for the same thing u had the bill wud have been around Rs.90.

>> Cellphone

yea u are probably rite, but why saabam vidareenga? paavam la naanga lam

>> lie and exaggeration

as badri said rightly, this is something we had derived from american and UK media i guess.... The bottom line is "Sensation sells"

>> Nice weather: Nalla veyyil..

oru 15 days chennai veyyil la suthitu appuram intha blog ah revisit pani ithaye marubadi sollunga paarkalam :p

>>Manithan maaravillai

this is again an impact of the north indian serials and come to haunt tamil T.V screens

Anonymous said...

Hey Priya,

Felt good visiting your blog site after a long time....appadiye India poyittu vandhapla irundhadhu...
Keep up the good work....vikatanla velaikku apply pannina udane kuduthiruvaanga...
Ingayum weather has become very nice...infact fantastic...but I can't say I'm able to enjoy all of that..:)

Have a good trip.


LakshmiNarayana said...

Hi Priya,
Did you notice how effectively we use cellphones ?
Apart from SMS/MMS we have discovered a new technology .....

There are some rumours about charging missed calls, wish it wont happen.


Priya said...

nice to hear abt hyd ..well,inga makkal are experts as u say.. but i am capable/ smart enough to follow / identify their cleverness..

welcome subramanian..sorry i am visiting late..anyways...
yeh, reg veyyyil, when i left in april 3rd week it is unbearable...

Hi prasanna
thanks for visiting..hmmm.. seekram weathera enjoy pannuveenga :)- wait pannunga !!!

lakshmi narayana,
indha missed call concept is so common in india..but i never knew till i visited home..

i am sorry for replying pretty late.. i was busy in getting back after reaching u.s

Priya said...

i mean i am NOT capable !! sorry for typo

priya said...

Hi ther,

Nice blog. Enjoyed reading it.

Tamizhan said...

thaangalada sami peter. yemma nee piranthathey us lan pola theriuthey.

pothumda saami. aduku ithana comment vera

Anonymous said...

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