Thursday, June 01, 2006

Are you a Multitasker / Perfectionist?

தெரிந்த கேள்விகளின் விடைகள் இங்கே !!

When we learn something new and want to incorporate into us, have you observed that people take different routes?? Some people try to maintain the same speed while adopting a new thing during multitasking. Others reduce the speed of doing it, learn to do it qualtitatively, become a perfectionist and bother less about the speed.

I have always wondered many a times which one gives minimal loss.. Which one has to be acquired first- speed or perfection.. Though we tend to ideally say ' ofcourse the quality/ perfection has to be acquired first', we can see that the multitasking personality in us will hurry us up to expedite things faster even before you get the perfect quality.. If it did not happen, then we will be a person who would not want to do multitasking but a good perfectionist.

Both, multitasking and perfectionism, has its own advantages and disadvantages...Say for example, when you learn type writing , you have to learn to type perfectly without errors and then learn to increase the speed. If you do the reverse, you will always stay imperfect but you will just be faster since the initial days. But, say, when you have so many things to be done within a span of time like clean the kitchen, cook and vacuam your home , we (multitaskers) tend to compromise on the quality which would make you do everything within limited time. But, over the period on striving towards perfection / quality, we learn to do all the three things with perfection within that limited time.

I have also wondered whether multitaskers can be perfectionist as well and vice versa?? Yeh, it can happen I guess .. we can take roles based on the situation (Though both at a time may not be that feasible). I feel that prioritising quality or speed can be done with respect to the demand of the situation. But, in general, I feel that many of us can't infact dont do that.. We tend to either stay as somebody who give importance to quality, be a perfectionist and try not to get into mustitasking to avoid messing things up or we get ssso many things done at a time, compromise little bit on quality (little bit is again relative - my little bit is too huge for some body) take little steps to strive towards quality and stay as multitasking personality. Yeh, we call it as our nature or personality and try to stick on to one!!

Consciously responding to situations, say, by analysing, which one - perfection/ multitasking is essential for that situation, by prioritising, can help us to do things effectively and efficiently.

Also I guess that its necessary to realise that 'its only we who just brand ourselves and stick to one of the two' and we (our mind) need to believe that we can take roles and stop thinking that ' I am like this only.. . I can do things like this only etc.' . In this way, we can be multitaskers as well as perfectionists with respect to the situation..Well, the reason that made think all this is this..I was (expecting to get back soon) an active multitasking personality (but I have compromised some quality for the speed ) and when I got sick , I lost the speed and could just accomplish few things .. But.I was astounded to see myself doing things with more perfection than I used to and realised that I can also attain core perfection when needed which I never believed before..Anyways..

As my ex boss in India used to say " What your mind believes and conceives, your body achieves"!!!
What do YOU feel on this??


vayasya said...

" What your mind believes and conceives, your body achieves"!!!

Perhaps it is 'what your mind believes, and doesnt believe too....' And I am giving my personal experience. There has been atleast two occasions when I had been struggling for over a week to come up with an algorithm and I just didnt know how to proceed at a point. One of those days I went home and slept. I had a dream (rather subconsious experience in which I am aware that I am sleeping and that this is a dream) in which I got the solution to the algorithm and even coded, compiled and debugged the code. And after I got the result I reminded myself that when I wake up the next day, I should not forget this dream since dreams tend to get forgotten easily. Then I went back to sleep. Needless to say I remembered the algo and actually coded it the next day without a single mistake. Tough to believe unless you experience it yourself. I would never have believed it from someone else. That is why I think you can probably do what your mind is not even aware of.

Priya said...

Yeh!! but i think that it is your Subconscious mind that made you do all that !!

Prabu Karthik said...

hmm. i think it changes over time..
school days la naan oru well prefectionaist nu solla mudiyadhu.. but oru vishayathai eduthittu koncham gavanama adhai mattum pannanumnu ninaippen..

recent past i've been multi-tasker sometimes adhu koncham extreme la poi ellathileyum araikurai ya iruppen...

now i think i am slowly moving towards one task at a time:)

Priya said...

>>> extreme la poi ellathileyum araikurai ya iruppen...hahaaha.. enna ennavo solreenga pk ..

well, seriousa sonna, naan eppavume apdi ella vishyathaiyum open pannuven..appo dhaan neriya vela irukku..vela pannanumnnu thing at a time eduthaa nalla perfectaa pogum.. but andha onnu mudikkave ella timum poguthu:)-

priyums said...

Priya - Ive been reading your blogs for quite some time now. I thought being a perfectionist was causing migraines..thats what a doctor told me years back. So I decided from that year on to take things a little light and do one thing good at one time..Focus on one. But as you progress you need to do many things in a day or week..I would still never multi-task..but create a schedule...Say if I have to mail someone that day, send some money, do some coding..paint..I would do everything..that by one..But take some things light..I would have left some paint to dry..Usually I will get worried..not anymore..But in my life I have seen a person who is a perfectionist and can also multi all situations..all times..I have the admiration at the same time my mental and physical(mostly mental) capacity does not allow me to be like that person. That is when I think my mind has to be more free to get there. I am not there yet. I dont know if I can train myself..!

Priya said...

hi priyums
nice to hear abt how you handle things..yeh, when i was pretty i used to multitask. but now, when i am in convalescence, i am doing one by one..

and thats really amazing that u met somebody having both.. superb!!

Slice Of Life said...

i like multi tasking,i beleive somehow that women are good at it.
it energises you and averts the monotony.