Thursday, June 22, 2006

A must-see, must-read and must-know for every Tamilian

Hey all
I have been reading Ponniyin selvan at a very slow pace enjoying every scene..Needless to say, kalki's style of writing is awesome and Arulmozhi Varmar is unbelievable..

Must know!!
Though Kalki says about his bravery, generosity, unbiased feel to all religious sects and things, I was very much impressed by his aims /thoughts..Man.. he aims so high.. When he (the last kid at home) meets his sister after he comes back from srilanka where he rejected the offer (given by buddhists) to rule sri lanka, he tells her that " Sis, the so called reasons for not taking up srilanka to rule like 'It would be bad if i take up srilanka when my elders are alive/ruling' or 'it would create problem between buddhist groups etc' are not the main ones.. I wish to tell you the real one.. the land is not that big. I can come across in horse very soon. ". And she says' even our chola kingdom is not that big', he says ' yeh , if i really have to take up ruling a country, i would want to establish and rule a vast empire in South India and get good support from all the people". Man... he says ' when his ( presently) small chola kingdom had severe political instability. He aimed so high inspite of alll problems.. such a positive nature!!!!

And he did it!!! - this man later called as Raja Raja Chola achieved far beyond!! He did everything great and special...He has built hundreds of temples esp. the monumental tanjore temple. He has had a vast empire in South India which no body else could do (South india had always had many small kingdoms ). Above all, he has won the hearts of all people, even whose kingdom had been conquered by him

Unbelievable... He should be our inspiration !!!

Must Read!!

Read this article!!

Must see!!!
Even if dont have time to read or know abt Raja raja cholan, please take time to see the 52 min clipping in desikan's webpage. Its a documentary (in english) on South indian temples esp. abt Raja rajan!!

Chance illa!! Speechless after watching this!!!


TJ said...

Raja Rajan's vision is amply evident with the KallaNai built long before people knew about dams.

But, the fact that PS is mostly an act of fiction, [as told by Kalki himself] has to be kept in mind while reading it. ;)

Priya said...

yeh definitely tj!!!

sambar42 said...

Ponniyin Selvan has some really cool sections like the one you posted. It was the first Kalki book I read (I followed it up with Parthiban Kanavu and Sivakamiyin Sabatham).
He writes some really beautiful and evocative passages, doesn't he?

Hamsa said...

The illustrious dynasty did not fail to beget another son for the tamil soil. Rajendra Chozan who was the son of Arul mozhi, went to capture the lands beyond Ganges and was called Gangai kondan. The land established by him, Gangai konda choza puram was downplayed because he did not want his father's fame to be overshadowed by his.
I think there was a book on him too Vengaiyin mainthan but not written by kalki but by somebody else. was ok,,

Priya said...

yeh... very true... there are so many evocative passages..

yeh... very nice to hear abt that.
and vengaiyin mainthan was written akilandam

தி. ரா. ச.(T.R.C.) said...

poniyun selvan requires continous reading with out any break.when kalki wrote this as weekly story we used wait on every thursday to receive(snatch) the kalki from the paper boy.There will be an actual fight amoung ourselves to boost who read first.golden days of tamil stories TRC

Priya said...

yehhh trc..
let me tell u this.. i am a person whom i thought can never read stories (english or tamil)..its so tough for me to sit with a book for more than 1/2 hr..believe me..

for the first time in my life,i experience this..
some days i come back during lunch to continue reading..but it really disturbs my, i try to bring this awe under control..romba kastamaa dhaan irukku..idhu dhaan " thavippu" nnu naan purinjukitten!!

Subha said...

I think Kallanai was built by Karikala Chozhan long before Rajarajan. Karikal Chozhan was somewhere around 1 AD.


I've been asking you to read this precisely for this reason! :) You get a glimpse of great minds...keep reading! Please read "Udaiyar" also..:)

lord labakkudoss said...

aiyoo kutti priya periya priya range-kku ethotho posting pottu irukke enakku onnum piriyale..

athanaale Mr. RR Cholan paatu onnu paaditu poidren..:-)

ராஜ ராஜ ழோழன் நான்...
எனை ஆளும் காதல் தேசம்... நீ... தான்
பூவே காதல் தீவே...

மண் மீது சொர்க்கம் வந்து, பெண்ணாக ஆனதே...
உல்லாச பூமி இங்கு உண்டானதே.....

Priya said...

yeh i will definitely read this.. but i can see that i am pretty slow!!

aniyaayathukku lollu ungallukuu!!!

adhu sari makkale!!!

Jeevan said...

Intersting to know about Raja Raja Cholan, link is nice. i havent read kalki's books, will check it.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

priya... cud you somehow find. how to download that clipping from google videos.. it would be great.. i'm not able to watch it ehre..and i want to save it for my private collection..

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