Monday, June 05, 2006

What will YOU do??

காது வழியா கூட அசுரர்கள் வராங்க !! யாருன்னு தெரியுமா? சொல்லுங்க

விநாயகர் முருகர் சிவன் மூணு பேரும் சமமாமே!!எப்படி?

Hey all,
Hope you are having fun now during summer..( People back at home!! dont get mad at me..I understand that its too hot even now.. anyways..still, you must be having some fun out, right !!) Everybody wishes to enjoy ever like that- not get back to our routine... yeh.. me too..

But, of late, I have been thinking that it will be nice if things allow us to do some other profession for a while, say, for 5 years and then switch for some thing else and go on... Yeh, we all would have liking on some other fields as well. I totally agree that it is not feasible due to family/ monetary/ committments that we can take them all as our profession.And, though, we may feel so, it may not interesting for long..Always other things always appear greener than what we are at.. we know all this..still, sometimes some kadi feeling makes us think like I am starting up a tag due to this !!

If.... if incase you HAVE TO switch fields once in every 5 years between your 30 to 50 yrs of age assuming that your monetary needs are taken care in upper-middle class standards, what (4-5 professions) you would wish to do (and say few words about it) ?

Yeh , I wish to hear what would others wish to do. So, I tag Sendhil, Subha, Prabu karthik, Tj, Pb.
And here I give mine..

The day I am given this option..assuming that my parents and wellwishers dont worry / discourage me..assuming that I am given some start-up money for setting up each profession..I would say a biiiiiiiiiig bye to my research lab.. go to michael's and buy lllots of painting stuffs..come home.. book a bigger apartment.. go to stain glass painting classes and start painting.. yeh, I will take Painting as my career.

Okay, its time to change to next profession.. now in the last few months of painting career, I will look for Phd programs in Tamil..Join a good program.. Yeh, now I can read books with no interuption. Nobody can say 'Priya, you are wasting time reading books' and I can specialise in grammar!! Wow, what a great oppurtunity!!

Now, its time for the next five years..Now, I would wish to serve in education committee in India. If I gain so much power that I can change school curriculum, I would definitely take time to see and analyse with fundu people the present school syllabus esp. tamil and present college syllabus esp science.. Do some teaching as well.

and in the last 5 year, I would wish to take up correspondence classes in home science and interior design..sit at home... enjoy time with family..implement some of my ideas from these classes....take free handicraft shows..cook bonda, bajji etc. eat and sleep..haahaa..

It will be great if you share what YOU would wish to do ..aaan haan !!!


Prabu Karthik said...

Tag na udane "amma thaaye aala vidunga" nu solalaamnu vanden. this one seems to be pretty interesting..
koodiya viraivil:)

Muthukumar Puranam said...

naan reply pannitein..

Priya said...

sooper pk and pb !!!

Jeevan said...

Hope u too have fun with ur family and friends in this hot summer. currently which profession have u taken? Painting is my hobby. Nice tag:)

Priya said...

awesome jeevan.. what kind of paintings you do??? can you talk abt it..

well, i am a Phd student in toxicology

Zeppelin said...

dheivame... you have some already ?? i am thinking you must have.... :)

Priya said...

ennake vaa :)- (dheivame..)

naan edho minimala dhaan panni iruken..aarvakolaarula adhukku vendiya neraiya thingsa vaangi vechu iruken..

sathish said...

although, I am not tagged, I will take a swipe at it! :)

first 5 years - being a photo and travel journalist! - want to travel a lot with a job (so, this seems an interesting choice)

next 5 years - A teacher for 5th -8th standard!

next 5 years - teacher for post-graduates in computers!

and the last 5 years - librarian (for my own library!) .

Priya said...

awesome sathish!!
Nice to see your response!!

Jeevan said...

i do water paintings, i have drawn the faces of many leaders and i love to draw Scenerys. I was intersted in paintings form my school days, i dint attend any coaching class for this.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

replied !!

Priya said...

awesome..i also have not attended any class..
wish to..

okay sendhil
will check out!!

Subha said...

your tag has been ansswered! :)

Priya said...


Kishan said...

glad to know that u want to do a ph.d on ur mother tongue. its quite hard to find such people in telugu.. I certainly wouldnt such a thing no matter what.

Slice Of Life said...

all of us think like this ,few actually get down to do
i ll post mine in due course
nice to know abt ur plans
hope u get to do them soon

Priya said...

now a days people cant surivive w/o sufficient money.. so if language fetches money, then people would go i guess..

thanks .. hope atleast some things work!!

Humour and last laugh said...

Hi. Interesting blog.

smiley said...

if only somehow i can print the perfect $100 dollar note....
then 5 years in hawaii..
5 years in SE Asia...
well i can sponsor some people too :)

Anonymous said...

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