Friday, July 28, 2006

Saapida Vaanga - 1 !!

துர்க்கைன்னு சக்திக்கு ஏன் பேர் தெரியுமா?? ஆடி ஸ்பெஷல் பாருங்க

Guys and girls!!!

Today, I got up so early that I had so much time to sit with a coffee near the door and gaze around !! It was drizzling ..Wondering how lucky are those people who get up early!! Wish God gives me that boon !!! Had lots of time to think about all things that I really enjoy!!! While I was thinking all about the fun time - memorable scenic trips, non stop laughter sessions with friends, wild day-dreaming, the thought of the food I had during those times also came up. I always have so much inclination towards cooking and eating variety food !

Man.... !!! Life is nothing without taste buds....I totally agree with Thirumoolar on his statement " Udambai valarthen uyir valarthen" (take care of your body to take care of ur life). My taking care always mean cooking/eating variety cum nutritious food ( though I wish to totally extend for doing exercises regularly as well..) Fasting doesn't make that much sense to me...Its okay to fast one day a week, but I really have so much passion to cook and eat that I feel sorry for those people who fast quite often !!!

Of late, I have not been doing everyday cooking as I was pretty busy with work and also my roommate has moved to a different city. Today when I saw my friend coming to my home before leaving to work and giving me a box of sakkara pongal saying ' Priya, its for u for aadi velli' I was in a feeling of awe but at the same time I felt so embarrassed... I was wondering where is that enthusiastic priya who would cook the right food and keep up with the events???..She is perhaps still sleeping..

I was trying to revive all my cooking experiences, thoughts , notions etc.. As I plan to move to a different city. I think I need to self boost my cooking enthusiasm so that I dont starve !!! I thought I can wake up the enthu in me by writing about it!!!

Well, I have so much to say about food !!!

Watch out....


Zeppelin said...

ezhundhiru priya ezhundhiru.. :P oh btw, happy aadi velli... :P:P

Anonymous said...

Sakkarai pongal for you for aadi velliyaa??? ... shouldn't it be "sakkarai pongal for aadi velli" for you?...

Priya said...


Prabu Karthik said...

'aadi velli' na udaney enakku Ram Narayanan dhaan nyabagathukku vandhaar:)

vagai vagaiya yaravadhu samaichu vecha saapidradhu is a wonderful thing.

pesama madras la enga office join pannidunga. summa solla koodadhu.. 10 months a lunch saapidren innum alukalai,so u can take it as really good food:)

nalla naal na adai pradhaman laam kediakum office la naa parthukonga.
(n=n+1 cups ulla pogum)

i always use to say that the day Annalakshmi ceases to be our caterer, our office attrition rate will go up drastically!!:)

aprom irukave irukku amma samayal at home, pure veg samayal!

saturday morning breakfast Kuzhi paniyaaram:)

enakku idhile othu varaadha vishayam namale cook panradhu ;p

chinna vayasile (7th 8th padikumbodhu) naane aval uppuma panren nu try panni adhu.. well slight a miss ayruchu enga naina sellama friendly ya kizhichuttar.. adhile irundhu kitchen poradhu thanni kudikka mattum dhaan!!

good luck in your new venture in your new city wherever that is!

Jeevan said...

I also eat Sakkarai pongal last week, when mom visit the nearest Amman temple and brought me Sakkarai pongal. Cook well :)

Badhri said...

Hey, how is your back? Just remembered when you talked about regular exercise.

Anonymous said...


First line ondi than nan padichen .. athuku oru chinna comment - Appadiyey Gyanabhoomi-ku try pannen ...

Antha line-a paatha oru pakkam eppadi irukku theriyuma ?
Aadi Sirappu Thallupadi special paarunga ..
Intha velli maruthu bhavan speacial - Masal Dosai and navarathna kuruma ..


Priya said...

mudhalla naan repent panren... aadi vellinnu start panninadhukku enna taar taar kizhichuteenga paa!!!

it was nice to listen !! kuzhi paniyara ellam romba too much paa!!!

enga work panreenga!! indiakku varache ungala officela vandhu meet panni oru osi saapadu saapda plan potiruken..ogeyaa!!

pk, i am moving to university of texas at Elpaso as my prof has moved there..
thank u..tamizh makkale illadha ooruku porennu kavalai dhaan..still..i will try to stay enthued thru blogging..

kalkunga ponga!!!

my back pain is a muscle pull.. but as it is pretty strong i need to continously do excercise to get better.. as i am not very regular, the pain is still there somedays sometimes..need to get better.

@ vasu,

ada naaye.. ellam neram.. blogginge vitta kazhudhai nee.. ezhudravangala pathu ivlo kindalaa...unna maari aasamingala next vara postla pottu thaakaren paaru!!!

Saravanan said...

I don't know abything abt you..but All the best for your future in the new land.

Priya said...

thank you saravanan

Prabhu said...

naan kooda nee edho samachu vachu ellaraiyum koopdaraiyo nnu ninachen...
unnoda speciality antha veggie puffs panna vendiyathu thanae aadi velli kku :)

El Paso ponaa enna priya, naan vanthu pakkaren unna... sonna namba maatta, oru naal nera varen paaru...
amam unnoda car'um eduthundu poriyaa? :)

Priya said...

enakku idhuvum venum innamum venum.. nee vaay vecha ( carukku maalai pottutu vaannu sonna la)..innuku naan car donate panren!!! en nilamai..

ne vandhu kizhipa... oru phonea kooda kaanum.. dialogue mattum vidu..

kari_the_sin said...

It is tough to be in a new place!
Anyway when i moved to hyderabad i felt lonely too.. but slowly got used to the language telugu..:() and i ok with it now.. I dont have any tamil friends here to talk to.. so i make a call every now and then to my sister at chicago and then bug her for sometime...
She always complains that she is cooking and has no time...u know she made sakkarai pongal too..i missed it! She makes it very delicious!
May be when she is back to india i will ask her to make it for me ---lo! i will be in heaven that time...tasting it...God your article has made me remember my sis so much....
Anyways you are a big kid and can find your way out in forrest blindfolded!!!
Hey if you dont want to send me your email id you could have told that!
Post something....Atleast..something!(Maybe like: Hey big o! cant send yo my email id)
No comments make me feel that you are not visiting the blog( which i have taken for granted that you will) or maybe i was wrong...

lord labakkudoss said...

wow.. priya u r coming to my state...welcome!! El paso semma ooru pa :-) (nan ponathu illa athu vera vishayam..:-))lol ) i thought u are in UK now...

my 2 cents for aadi velli.. next aadi velli-kku make some burrito with sizzling salsa.. authentic el paso foood. :-) lol. appaidye koncham margarita

apparum priya, thamizh makkal ellathe oore kediaytahu.. poi paaru eppadiyum rendu moonu makkal kudimipudi sandi pottukittu iruppanuga.. :-)

Viji said...

Totally agree about the taste buds part! I LOVE food... :P

Priya said...

i am kindaa busy in packing.. never saw ur message ..nice to see that ur sis cooks awesome and u talk to ur sis so reg..

hmnn... yeh i am at u.k and i will be ther in a week..adhutha aadi vellikku elpaso vukku oru parcel idli yum getti chutneyum anupunga :)-

yeh food is life.... i am kindaa busy.. so no time to write a post..

Prabu Karthik said...

>>indiakku varache ungala officela vandhu meet panni oru osi saapadu saapda plan potiruken..ogeyaa!!


(adhu varaikum naan andha office la irundha ;p)

Arjuna_Speaks said...

romba nalla aachu unga blog-uku vanthu - sry pa :)..just restarted my blogging career :D

wow chakarai pongal - yum yum! I luv it - that is one of the main reason y I do abhishekam in temples :D - they will chakra pongal as prasatham :)

Priya said...

s/w makkalukku yaadhum oore yaavarum keleer.. adhukkuga ipdiyaa???

arjuna speaks,
so u started speaking again:)-

Rajesh.R said...


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susan said...

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Mmm I wonder how much a trip to Jamaica will cost me??..

smiley said...

good to have friends who drop in often and give sarkarai pongal... :)

Priya said...

thanks and I liked that site !!As I was moving, I could n't reply you!!

Yeh .. very true!! I have moved now and now I miss all those moments!!

Anonymous said...

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