Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Saapida Vaanga - Do you know to cook??

யாரின் பிரியம் எதில்??? இங்கே பார்க்கவும்!!

Hey all,

It has been a while and here I am to continue our talk on cooking !!! I will try my best to post more frequently than before to keep the topic lively and in continuity !!

Do you know to cook??

Wondering why am I asking this?? If you ask this question to a 25 yr old girl a decade ago in India, she would look be like “what??? Of course, I do” or perhaps, she might get offended.
But, now, this question is perfectly acceptable and most of the times you would hear ‘I am learning!! ’.

Listen!!! There are many new girls out here from India for doing Masters…Oh my Goodness!!! I was shocked to hear things happening at their girl is so scared of the cooker whistle noise that she runs and stands near the bed room door while cooking rice. Another is like ' Do I have to use the gasket always while using the cooker?' and the other girl asks ' At what time point, I have to use the whistle?'.

There is an area called kitchen at home which was just occasionally visited by young girls at their homes back in India. Man,,,, girls will have to look for a place called "kitchen" using 'google maps' in the future :)-

While the scenario of modern girls’ knowledge about cooking is not too good, let’s try to think of how the guys were - a generation before!!!. In general, knowing to cook was not within every guy. I don’t think my father knows anything other than just boiling milk. But, now, guys coming abroad are much better. They cook as good as any other girl out here. Guys back at home seems to have improved little more than the previous generation, though not too much,as still, moms are too nice to them. It looks like they help out the family members by cleaning utensils, doing some shopping etc. Still many guys don't know the difference between 'chily and green chilies' or 'fenugreek and cumin seeds' !!!

Makkale! let's look at the various aspects of the question ‘Why to cook?’ in the next post - the question that seems to appear stupid or silly!!!


kari_the_sin said...

You are right!
I agree with you.
Look at me!
I didnot know how to make coffee or tea until I came out of house and started staying hostel for PG studies.
So, till PG , " naan oru samayal sunniyam thaan vechchikinganlen".

Now I would consider not less than 5 star hotel chef....:))
Hey, not kidding,huh!
I learnt a lot of indian cuisines,french,italian (only vegetarian) so thappichiten vechikkunga, thanks to my dear friend who is a chef in "TAJ Recidency".
My favorite: Hyderabadi biriyani,More kulambu, Avial, Ittalian Pizza, French pudding etc...
Lucky me, that he was there by my side and also I had an innate interest towards cooking.Otherwise its really tough to remember the correct proportions.. and if proportions are not correct, whatever you make gets spoiled even with the best quality ingredients!!! :)) (Those black daal...catastrophe) Experience pesuthu parunga!!

One more secret is there behind all these cooking escapades...
Got to a real good tastebud..else too bad to be a chef..
"Naakku perisa vallarunthirukkanum illena kashtam thaan":)P).

Btw, "why to cook?", vere ethukku, sappida thaan, nalla rusiya ,nakka thattindu sappida than :))
Neenga atha thaan explain panna porinnga pollirukku!!

Prasanna said...

Hey Priya,

Unmaya correcta sonna....guys know cooking and girls know abt cooking...big difference - atleast in US.

I still remember the incident that happened in my I yr undergrad at Anna. Our prof asked what dhal is used for dosa in girl answered channa dhal. Fate of her husband....atho gathi thaan..

Priya said...

Next postla enna dhaan solrennu paarungalen!

Nice to see u here...Neenga blog ellam ezhuthareenga??? link pogalaye!!

யாத்திரீகன் said...

>>> girls will have to look for a place called "kitchen" using 'google maps' in the future <<<

Yappa Samy !! thaangala :-D

i had been helping my mom since i had been in schools.. (psst..psst... but it was for the thirutu maangai,carrot and cashewnuts for which i get chance to.. hehehe !!)

k.. lemme finish this comment with a proper finish..

as everyone says.. long long ago.. so long ago.. when i was in kolkata .. we had been staying with 6 girls who didnt even know to cook (?) maggi.. so the first day we guys had to bring in a big anda and cook maggi for 10 ppl (but it was for almost 15 stomachs.. ;-)

another day.. when a girls mom had come and was cooking.. she asked for mustard and her daughter our friend gave tea powder and got hell of scoldings from her mom.. and hey she's getting married in another 4 days.. :-D

Priya said...

unmaiya sollanumnaa,
when i went to india few months ago, my mom asked me to buy pattani for masaal vadai.. i forgot the purpose, and asked for pataani. The kadaikaran gave pattani (soaked and dried) ready for kurma..i never even realised that there is a difference (who makes masal vadai here at u.s??)..infact i didn't use my common sense also that the small quality he gave me cannot be sufficient for decent no of vadai (though i knew that lot of peas has to be ground for making masal vadai)

veetukku vandhu sama thitu.ore azhugai..u.s stylela i replied cooly and boldy ' i din't know. if i has known i would have definitely bought the right one. i am sorry'.

andha immediate confessionoo andha dont know vo didn't matter to my amma.. all that mattered was ' 25years aachu ..pattani diferencee theriyalae..neen ellam nalaiku kalyam panni enna ketta per vaanga poriyo'
paavam my mo.. she never knew that many girls dont know anything. so,
i was like ' amma, ennavida ulagathilee neraiya per mosam dhaan'
after this ore dandanakaa dhaan..

ore _____ ninaivugal :)-

dinesh said...

Yes, times have changed..Pasanga don't even expect their wives to cook these days. Speaking for myself, I don't mind sharing the load after marriage. But some girls look at it as an avenue for them to make guys to depend on then. Appo pasanga vittu kuduthu poi aaganum ! :)

"girls will have to look for a place called "kitchen" using 'google maps' in the future :)- " - WORST priya adhu ! :)

Priya said...

But some girls look at it as an avenue for them to make guys to depend on then>>>

edha??? sharing loadaya?? not sharing loadayaa??..
hmnn...ponnuga avenuaa paakraraangalaa.. kalaki podunga:)-

enna worst??:)- innuku cooker epdi use pannanumnnu google paathaa..naalaikku kitchennuku epdi poganumnnu paaka maatangalaa :)-

vayasya said...

enna priya vara vara blog topic ellatirku pinnADi EdO hidden agenda irukkum pOla. first natchattiram declaration, now samayal topics, idelaatirku naDuvilE age hints multiple times. what's going on?

btw, where I live, i have to routinely cook for 450 people once a week. Check out my friends description on the last paragraph at this link.

Priya said...

unbelievable... 300- 400 peopleaa too much!!!

hello vayasya..naanum dhaan paakren
indha pasangalukku epdi ipdi ellam thonudhunnu ??

onnu solren kelunga..hidden agenda ellam irundha endha ponnum blogla pottu broadcast panna maataa..

oorla ava super.. ivan super.. avan star idhu adhannaala apdi ipdinnu pesi kadupethinaanga..andha sogam thaangaama post potten..adhukku ivlo ul arthamaa..

indha samayal postla enna ulnokkam iruka mudiyum??? ennavo ponga baa!!

ranjit kalidasan said...

priya...neenga solradhu correct.. pasanga mostaa ammaavukku help panni daan konjam cookingkku intro aanaanga...naan adukooda illa..but ippa cook panni mathavangalakkum kodukkum bodu, the only thing i regret is not learning cookin from my mother but for not appreciating her cooking..

Priya said...

yeh..and nice to see here after a long time

Muthukumar Puranam said...

engeyo poi ukkandhu kitta epdi sapda varathu? un samayal kaga ezhu malai ezhu gugai kadanthu vara mudiuma?

Zeppelin said...

Still many guys don't know the difference between 'chily and green chilies' or 'fenugreek and cumin seeds' !!!

anniki naan onna bengal gram dhal na enna nu kettadhukku.. edhedho olariniye...adhukku enna solra ? :P

Priya said...

vaaanga pb (vandutaanyaa vandutaan:)-)

india trip epdi irundhadhu..
eppa vareenga el paso???


bengal gramnaa pottukadalainnu sila samayam periya manushanga marandhupogalaam ..silly matter:)-

aana pottukadalai dhaan thenga chutneykku podanumnnu nalla theriyum sir !! anga epdi?

ellam en neram!!!

Zeppelin said...

anniki phone pannapo onakku theriyala.. :P baingarama pethittu,pakathula vera yaarayo kettu avanga maanathayum vaangitte.. :PP

engulukku nallave theriyum chutneyh ki pottukadalai podanum nu..a-aan!! :)

Priya said...

pinna call panni keppaanen??

kari_the_sin said...

unga pechchu roomba comedy ya than irrukku!
unna ille!

Jeevan said...

I know to cook little, ethana vatti motta madila aduppu koluthi samachirukan. some years back i used to cook dosai, chappathi, grainding the chatni. one of my cousin sister know to cook, but she not even go near the kitchen, enga oru vatti samachita, adikkadi samika soluvangalonu payam.

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