Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saapida Vaanga- Why to cook?

அடுத்த கேள்விக்கட்டு இங்கே!!

Hey all,

We have been toiling ourselves just by cooking. If somebody cooks as nice as like home made food why do I have to cook?? Just buy!!” “We can be more productive in other things by saving this time instead of just cooking everyday” We would definitely tend to think on these lines!!!! Some of us may even feel “Food is to fill our stomach and appease our hunger and taste buds !! I have so much to do in life!!! ” One of my dear friends sighs 'Nalla poshaakaa samachu saapdu!!!’ when he sees me soaking chana and making sundal / chole instead of using a canned one.

Makkale, when we think of how things are in India, we can see that our moms spend 60% of their time in cooking and they take care that we eat fresh, good and healthy food. You may feel ' Poor lady, she always stayed at kitchen. Never she thought that its not my job and its boring etc'. Agreed.!!! Its her greatness!!! Though she has many other things to do, she did prioritize cooking and that was not doing something foolish!!! After all, she has had the greatest responsibility of taking care of our health. .. man!! Trying to put ourselves into her shoes….Any diarrhoea..any cramps.. any health issue in the family - her conscience must have been disturbed…Its so much of a responsibility. In fact, she willingly accepted it. I admire her sense of responsibility at home. Infact, she has been socially responsible as well!! Wondering why I say this?? ..

Read ahead!!!

Makkale, we are all health concerned...We have bothered to be diet conscious… We work out and try to stay fit…Some of us eat more natural,uncooked stuff. We regularly check up our body. We take lots of extra vitamins, minerals and proteins as pills. We think 'all we can do is this’ and if something else happen to us, it’s unavoidable. But we are NOT doing the basic thing.... we never bother to get to learn the science of having good health by wise cooking from our own family members/ ancestors. Infact, it makes perfect sense to learn this from our own family ancestors as every family has its own food habits which are created/designed to suit their genetic make up!!

Our mom and grandmoms not only satisfied our taste buds but also gave us a well balanced, nutritious food!! Knowingly or unknowlingly they prioritized cooking and thereby paid attention to their family’s health. Kudos to their sense of responsibility (and of course, their care and patience) that has given us a decent health !!

People... We can't assume that our or the next generation will be as healthy as our parents and grand parents!!! The PRIMARY THING THAT DETERMINES OUR HEALTH IS THE FOOD THAT WE EAT!!! Other factors like pollution, exercises, usage of modern gadgets and things are secondary. I think the responsibility of producing healthy individuals to the society has drastically deteriorated in the last 15 years. People are born with all symptoms/ deficiencies right from the childhood!! What is the point in giving birth to a baby which has a deficiency right from childhood ?(which remains unknown for years).. We need to have good health to give the same to our children !! Its a joint effort to be responsible.. Indeed when our priorities are not food, we tend to be socially irresponsible in producing healthy individuals.

Let me tell you why I wished to talk about this food stuff!!! I started feeling that many of us do not take food as a serious issue now a days. I totally neglected to care about what I ate for a few months when I was in trouble with my research and lab . Infact, many people do it as they think something else is always in priority than thinking about what they eat... What are people trying to achieve by prioritising some thing else ALWAYS and not paying attention to health in the right way (through food) which is the basic thing???!!

We discover lots and lots of new diseases/ syndromes and we also try to identify a drug for it - naturally or synthetically. Irkardha vittutu parakardha pidikarom!! Science buisness!!!
If we look at any of these diseases (say like cancer/diabetes..anything..), they come from constant deficiency/ excess of a specific protein/vitamin/mineral which is due to lack of balanced diet !! And being a pharmacist, I tell you, none of these external supplements will have an effect on us for more than 5%. Beware!!! Research is just re- search. There are so many other factors that are essential to have a good health that remain undiscovered through modern science

How were these be taken care by our ancestors ? Why there are many diseases cropping up only now?? Why not in olden days? What can WE do about it?? We shall discuss that in the next post!!! Please feel free to share your opinions here !!!


Subha said...

Agreed. The food we eat is the first medicine for the human body. I guess in olden days, the emphasis was more on grains and vegetables. Our intake of articifical, packed, canned stuff has increased and so also diseases!

kari_the_sin said...

I agree!
But disagree too!
ennada ippadi sollaranen pakkaringala!

Agree that food is the best medicine..
Disagree that cooking is the only solution to it.

One best solution: Eat raw!
I am not crazy!

Eating raw food gives us more vitamins and fibres naturally than by cooking because they are lost when we cook them..
If you eat less spice,less oil-you are playing safe.
Another advice is :--
Whatever you may eat work hard: do a lot of physical action, this burns the impurities and inturn we dont get affected by whatsoever... +save a lot of time in the kitchen u see-no heat , no smoke! can always be clean and non sweaty!!!

vaisu enna madem achuchu...intha vaisule kalla sappitta kuda serikka veikkalam....

so Eat RAW!!!!

But dont literally eat stone and cocunut with fibre and complain to me, just kidding!!

But,Raw diet is the best!!!

indianangel said...

Nice post! I wanted write a long reply for this but dint want to take up your space. So I wrote in my blog instead!

Kavi said...

Interesting post. I have been having such thoughts myself. Eating raw, eating right, and eating to the body and not the tongue are some simple suggestions. Not necessarily simple to practice !!

Priya said...

yeh..the emphasis was more on grain and veggies

eating raw is good.. but eating raw is always not possible..can u eat kathrikaai and chow chow raw??atleast we have to steam or boil..
anyways..advice ellam kudukareenga..thatha..i mean dhadha vaa neenga:)-

indian angel,
ur post was awesome and very sensible..
though my focus will be on something,i think i would wish to discuss things related to what u have said in my next post..please participate..thanks for visiting

yeh, very true...let us us discuss in depth about what can be done about it..please participate..

Muthukumar Puranam said...

ithellam ippo sollu..lex la irunthappo solli iruntha unga veetlaye vanthu saptu healthya irunthu irupom..ippo solli enna use?

kari_the_sin said...

Advice summa pannale!
Anubhavichathu-kkapparam than sonnen!
Ippo naan verum raw diet than!
poyum poyum kathirikaium chowchowm than kadichuthu parunga.. ulagathile vere kaigariye illatha mathiri!
ennawo ungalukku athuthan favorite na athukku onnum panna mudiathu.
carrot,mullangi,mutta kose,pattani,baby corn, capsicum,innum eththanayo irrukku!

ana adu madu mathiri elaium thazhaium thinga sollale!

If you are eating 3 times a day, then eat raw once in the morning as breakfast along with some fruit juice!
you will feel very energetic throughout the day.Avvalavuthan !

Rest of the two times eat normal food.
Slowly and gradually you will get used to it and then you will find a lot of energy in yourself!!
apparam athai vida manase varathu!

I found it helpul, so i thought i would share it with you..But its all your wish..
Idu oru weight reduction program illai,illai,illai!!!!!

This is just to keep urself hale and healthy throughout your life!

Advice thalaikku mele poiduchunnu ninaikiren!
kittakke irruntha ippa adi than kidaichirukkum!:)
Ennavo, orrule enna mathiri oru nallavan nalla vazhi kattaruthu irukkan parunga !!!!!!!!

Priya said...

erkanave unga baashaila lexla enga veedu MLA veedu dhaan.. idhellam appave solliirundha full time mess nadatha vendiyadhu dhaan!!

hello .. ippo ennavo one time raw other velai normal fooodnreengalee..mudhalla eat only rawnnu adicheenga!! adhaane pathen. indha oru velai rendu velai raw food ellam naanga alreadyee panrom u.sla..

nneenga minnadi " drink only rawnnu" pazhakadhoshathula eat only rawnnu adichiteengalaa:)-

kari_the_sin said...

oru vellai sappida sonnathu ungallukku mattume!
Nangaa inge munu velaium raw thaan!
etho neega starter achche pozhaichu ponga , appidinnu oru vellai sappida sonnen! So that u can gradually make it a practice!unga ishttam!
If you are already doing it its well and good!!!

pudikkalai endral vittuvidavum!

"nneenga minnadi " drink only rawnnu" pazhakadhoshathula eat only rawnnu adichiteengalaa:)-"

kaikariyai kudikka sollave illai! sappida than sonnen!

annal kathrikai mattum sapidathenga :(-
It increases cholestrol by re- combining other fat composites...sulabama solla pona - it makes "vanaspathi dalda" inside our body!!!
enna pudusa irruka!
Amaan! enakkum idu theriya male than irrundadu!
My grandpa got heart attack and was admitted in hospital, luckily he recovered, appa doctor diet sollumpodu kathrikai sappidathe appidinnu sonnar! apparam oru periya explanation koduththar!

Going Raw or not is your wish!!!

Apparam unnm oru vishayam!

Diet control is an excellent way to keep you healthy!
Cooking is a very neat option though!
It takes a lot of time to make dishes that are tasty!
So if you dont have time going raw is not a bad option!(US la ungallukku nerram illai- illaya?) Romba busyana allunga neega -research pannareenga illaya- eppa thalai niraikka pogarutho theriallai! Photovai partha appadi theriyaliye :)=)-

I always remember my mother who really slogged inside the kitchen for long hours!
I used to complain, "enna athe mutta kosu ,athe iddly than innikkum! appa avanga solluvanga, vennum da vennum, oru nall kitchenle vanthu samichchu paru ,appa therium!
unmayile ippa antha iddly kedaicha amrithamai than irrukku!

summa solla kudadu , summa idly pannina kuda enga amma athaikuda tasty ya than pannarangannu recenta chennai pona appa therinjikitten! :))

kari_the_sin said...

apparam ,
neega disease apthi ezhiyha pgarutha solli irrukeega!
ennakku oru vishayan theriya vanthadu , adaipathithi ennoda blogle pottiruken parunga-
"diseases and their cure"

Jeevan said...

My mom know which is beast for me!

Ghost Particle said...

food matter! nice nice!

ak said...

priya..inniki late-a ezhundhen..breakfast kooda saapadla.. ippo onnoda posta padicha odane baingarama pasikaradhu.. :D

poi HEALTHY-a saaptutu varen.. :)

jokes apart, really nice post !!! (after a long time.. :P).. keep 'em coming.


Priya said...


typo va paarunga:)- adhu sari..
when will you know??

ghost particle,
talking abt food particle :)- welcome!!

thanks!! (VVBR!!! enna kandupidinga paapom??)

Anonymous said...

"You are what you eat"

Can be interpreted in more than one way but the perspective pertaining to the blog is that what you eat makes you who you are.

Your message has been conveyed very well, glad to see some society consciousness in your blog entries.

Back in the days, they pretty much knew what they were doing. They did make sure that the meal is well balanced. For the elders, there was moderation of meals - fasting, eating once a day, eating light dinners, purging the system with kadukkai/castor oil once a month etc.,

The food for festivals was designed taking into account the climatic conditions and the energy needs; Neer more & Paanagam for Raama Navami to cool the body off in the scorching summer while the latter half of the year when it was wet/cold, there were oily items like seedai/thattai for Krishna Jayanthi.

Food was so designed for the needs of people too. Pregnent women were on a diet consisting predominantly of pepper for the first three post-natal months because pepper is proven to stimulate milk production and de-toxing the blood stream.

Also umpteen # of herbs were used. They served to negate the undesirable effects. Manathakkali, sundaikkai, peerkangai - do people of today even know these? Ever heard of Kandathippili/Arisi Thippili? Thoodhuvalai?

Sorry this comment has become half a blog entry in itself, but such is my frustration at people's ignorance/negligence at the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the centuries.

Wake up people!


Priya said...

i am so glad to see your comment!!!

I just thought of writing the same things in the next post and before that i just came to see the comments..i am really glad to see it..

my purpose of this series is torequest people to know/learn the science of cooking
healthy food taking the climatic conditions and other natural factors .. infact i was just about to use the same examples and in the future posts, i was about to ask people to share their knowledge about those stuffs and how things can be adopted for the present world..

thanks for visiting!! and feel free to add ur thoughts here!!

Anonymous said...

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