Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saapida Vaanga - Kaiyum vaayum - combo talk !!!

ஸ்நானம் எத்தனை வகைப்படும்? இங்கே பாருங்க!

Final saapida vaanga post!!! Heard a lot about why to cook..how to cook etc. Yeh, here we shall talk about some nice dishes that taste awesome with their partner dishes - combos!! Just getting reminded of those days at home???

At Home

How can I forget the best combo ? Potato curry – Vetha kozhambu.. Man … half roasted potato (oil generousaa vidanum) with vetha kuzhambu containing manathakaali vethal..Swargam dhaan – any timer !!

My mom makes amazing Morkozhambu with sepankezhangu/ any kaai which on combination with Paruppu usili made out of beans is an awesome thing to eat.

Have you heard of this combo – Nellikai thogayal with Daangar pachadi – people from chola naadu might know (made out of ulutha maavu) ?? This is really nice (atleast to me)

And, rasam saadham with appalam – a typical combo !! Trying to think Combos!!! Nothing strikes..

And some people like chappathi dipped in milk .. Though I am not for it, I acknowledge that it’s supposedly a good combo!!


When it comes to Tiffin, Dosai comes first and chutney is a must! You have all heard of the commercialized Onion masala, Paper dosa, Butter masala etc.. Do you still remember the karaicha maavu dosai, pulicha maavu dosai, kadutha maavu dosai that amma used to make so that she can use up the flour?? Actually I used to eat them with kadi but I miss them now.. Also, there are many dosai made by chettiars like keppa dosai etc.. Wish I go to meet my friend to eat them!!!

Wondering where is idli ?! I will touch upon it later!!

The next combo that comes on my mind is Adai aviyal. Thick adai + avial which you thalichufy with curry leaves dipped in coconut oil + koncham vellam. Don’t have it at night.. It can be dangerous :)-

Have you tasted thayir semiyaa with sugar . Try out !!! It’s a different combo!!

Pongal gosthu, Bonda- kesari, Bajji- chutney typically are guest combo recipes !!


Anything and everything on a festival cooked is nice.. Trying to think what do we make in combo??!! Vadai and paayasam is a special combo to make though not to eat!!! hee..hee

Though my family does not have to make Thiruvaadhirai kali + kootu (5 kaai kozhambu), I make it just because the combo is awesome.

Can you think of something?? I am blank!!


When I think of outing in those days back at home, I remember idli. I used to hate it when relatives make nice idli and appify with milagaa podi like anything and bring it to a picnic spot in a clean used milk cover.. It looked horrible.. You can’t even hold...Evlo porumaiyaa irundhiruken;)- How much so ever I complain about that, I have to agree that Idli - Milagaa podi is the first best combo . Idli with sambhar comes second. Add a cup of avul while grinding idli flour.. It will be extremely soft !!

Lemon rice - potato curry (mashed non roasted) is so suitable for picnic. I learned a kannadigaa style lemon rice where you cut small onion pieces and fry first and do lemon rice as usual and also add a small teaspoon of sugar.. Believe me.. its awesome..

That’s it.. Okay !!! Finally, 'saapida vaanga' becomes 'saapida ponga'!!! Avlodhaan!! Thanks for patiently reading this series!!

How abt this combo that our grandparents would give in those days? - Veppa ennai + sugar (after that) :)-


dinesh said...

Ippo dhaan interesting a oru post potrukke ? Unmaya sollu - Ippovaavadhu senior V comment panraana nu paakkka dhaane indha post a potte ? :)

Some of the combos I thought of: Ezhu"thaan" kozhambu + sutta appalam, Vetha kozhambu + sutta appalam, Poondu rasam + seppankezhangu kari, Pisinja thayir saadham (as liquidy as possible) + maavadu, Vengaaya adai + vellam and so on...

And idly + molagai podi correct a panlena avlo nalla irukkaadhu. Seriya panna, your picnic is made !

Priya said...


ivlo ___ aagiyum innum ungalaala epdi ipdi ellam yosika mudiyudhu:)-

avlo ellam ennaku complexaa yosika theirnjaa ippo engayoo poyirpen !!


thayir saadham maavadu is awesome..suttaaplam avlovaa pidikaadhu.. but i should agree with it for gen opinions sake

Priyamudan Premkumar said...

Hi Priya!
வணக்கம்! நல்லா இருக்கு ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு!
யாருக்காவது பசி இல்லையென்றால், உங்க வலைபின்னல் பக்கம் வரச்சொல்கிறேன்.. கட்டாயம் பசிவரும்.
வாழ்த்துக்கள்.. வாழ்க உமது சமையல் கலை! நன்றி!

indianangel said...

aaga! naavil echil uura vechuduveenga pola irukkae! konja naala unga padhivugala padichutu comment podanumnu nenakkarean aana marandhurraen! parupu usili, mor kozhambunnu solli veetu gnabagangala vara vechuteenga! :)

Priya said...

@ premkumar
haaha.. thank u

@ indian angel

infact, enake en posta padicha pasikudhu..avlo saapaadu ore naala panni paathe evlo naan agguthu!!! thank u

Subha said...


kalakkite! Nee idhellam ezhudhardhe parthu, enakku saapdanum pola irukku..unnoda room mate-a irundhappo, super-a samaichu tharuviye..:( Hmmm..

Priya said...

naan ipoo evlo obi adikarennu theriyuma..not coking anything proper..
2 days ore keerai..3 days ore chappathi..etc.

there is no body to eat with me - not even a person for one meal in a week..

idhu evlo kodumai theriyuma..ipdi nadakumnnu therinju dhaan god had given lots of visitors to my home at lex i guess..

anyways..when i come to lex, i will cook for you all and we shall eat together..

Anonymous said...

hey Priya..
Raji here(remember?)...Enga oor pakkam vandaachaa? San Antonio pakkam vandhu oru naal intha combo elaam panni thariyaa? Enna ippadi kalakkara..Call us some time..

btw i like dosai with thayir+ milagaai podi..amazing combo!

Priya said...

hhhhhhhhhheeeyyyyyyyyyyy raji
how r u? naaane ippo dhaan vandhirken:)- nee vaaa!! naan ellam panni tharen!

Prabu Karthik said...

Combo pathi orey oru post is not fair at all:(

enga type chettiar community la
idly with milagaai thovayal nu oru matter irukku... the same thogayal can be used for dosai too..

orey varthai la sollanumna...


idhile mukkyamaana vishayam ennna na especially for picnic kinda sitns,,, this combo just gets better with time

morning soodana idly la thovayal apply panni saapidaradha vida, its much better when the thovayal is kinda set (with a good measure of VVV or Idhayam Nallennai) for a few hrs...

(adhukaaga NRi makkale, 1 week ku try pannadheenga adhoda consequences bayangarama irukkum)

good that dinesh wrote abt maavadhu (cbe side la idhuku per vadu maangai)

apdiye thayir saadham + avakkkai urugaai pathi kooda sollirukalaam :D

kerala la appam + stew is one good combo

mumbai la i'm kinda surprised to see the number of people who take idly for breakfast... idhai pathi madras pona udaney eludhiye aganum

Ellam maayai said...

The good thing is you like to cook and I love to eat. So let us know if you coming to NJ , we have a kitchen in our house. :)

Anonymous said...

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