Saturday, November 25, 2006

ViLayaataai VaLayavarum Ninaivugal - Indoor

"தெரிந்து கொள்வோமே - தீபாவளி" யை இங்கு காண்க

Maha janangale… (Prabu Karthik stylela start panren!!)

Its nice to hear about all the games that we played. Thanks for reminding about the other indoor games like lock and key, statue, hide and seek, paandi, 7 stones and also for enlightening about mudugu puncture, gillie, masaa masaa etc.

Okay!!! Now, let’s talk about the indoor games. The first thing that strikes my head is carrom-board. It’s the favorite summer holiday game when we are not allowed to go out to play. Focus is the key to success here… Playing Cards was not common (at least at my home) as now during those days. Chess, draught, trade were afternoon games…when paati/ thatha/ amma were sleeping, we were allowed to play these.. Ice cream-kaaran would go around this time and that is when we stop those games and wake up paati asking money for icecream... Wow..those days were really sweet..

If you have had old people at home, you might have learned other indoor games from grand parents such as dhaayakattai, pallankuzhi, aadupuli, paramapadham and sozhi. Though they are conventional,I feel they are pretty useful to life…

Dhaayakattai is purely a luck game and it can be both fun and fight causing. Atleast one of our cousins would not be able to take too much of vettal (failure) and many a times, we have stopped after a fight / cry. This game implicitly teaches us that we have to learn to face both success and failure.

Aadu puli - 3 tigers and 15 goats. We have to choose to be either tigers or goats. Its really tough being goats but calm mind with focus can really help us win....Its a classic game... You can afford to loose only a max. of 3 goats and the rest should be able to block all tigers. Brain storming!!!

Paramapadham (Snake and Latter) is another luck game which teaches you to take whatever comes to you and keep trying till possible.. I have really forgotten how to play sozhi and what is it about etc.

And finally, I present my most favorite game - Pallanguzhi. Amma oru kaalathula queen theriyumla..This used to be taught and infact preferred in every family in olden days, as this involves peaceful properties like kaasi, pazham etc. unlike dhayakattai game where violent properties like vettal, thaandal come into play. This not only enables us to practice to hold things with grip but also makes us good at counting and at mind calculation. Never a sunday afternoon has passed without my pallanguzhi play with my neighbourhood paati (till 10th std.) Its not a luck game (which is a misconception) and you need to watch which kuzhi your opponent is taking and how many rounds she has added. Within your mind, you need to calculate how many sozhi's should be there in each kuzhi of your side and opponent's side.. And, there is not just one game in it (regular 12 or 6 sozhis in each kuzhi). There are two other games called 'katt'aatam (with 5 in each ) and 'muth'aatam (with 3 in each) with totally different rules and different ways to play. These two are 99.0% extinct. . I dont know if I can find somebody who can play these two with me again..Nobody understands what I say about them!!

Every indian game at childhood had taught us lessons necessary for life and helped in shaping our attitude towards life esp. they helped to take all things that comes to you and were very useful unlike the new video games (that neither have self stop nor teach values for life) with which the present day children are sitting for hours, pressing buttons.

Guys.. some of the ones that we discussed may have kindled your memories and others may be 'greek and latin'. Come and share your indoor game experience with us and I hope you enjoyed the childhood play talk!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

ViLayaataai vaLayavarum NinaivugaL..!!!

Enna Makkale...

It has been a while.. Yeh, there was(is) no internet at home. Blog podaama/padikaama mandai kaanju pochu.. Hope they fix my net soon.

'Naanku kanaadi suvargalukulle naanum mezhuguvarthiyaa'y El Pasola internet ilaama ukkandhirukumbodhu -- only the malarum ninaivugals esp. from high school days.

Right from the school prayer 'ulagam yaavaiyum thaamula vaakalum', ore memories such as 'all time worries about getting 1st rank'.. 'progress report showing moment'..'extreme happiness before paati thatha's arrival to home'..'summer holidays choice illaama exam answer paper writing and the thillu mullu associated while writing'... evening one - one and half hour play ..... sunday pallanguzhi with neighbour....summer holiday games with cousins..

Forget the rest,,, let's talk about the 'play-part' in this post. Though, sollikara maari, I have not championed in any game, childhood play has played a vital role in my life and in making friends as well.. Many of my pasanga friends are basically my cousin B''s play friends.

Makkale !! you may or may not be able to associate yourselves with this post depending on the people with whom you have had played.. if you had just played only cricket with only guys then, i may not be able to make you revive your memories.. Still, let me tell you my experience starting with cricket..

Motta maadi cricket: Every kid would have played motta maadi cricket.To my knowledge, girls under 6th std mostly were used by our cricket playing friends or cousins for (ball poruki poda) fielding. After so much of our pestering, we will get the bat with so much hesitation and the best bowler would play just to send the girl out.. With our least chance / experience in holding the bat and facing the ball and before even we kindaa understand the situation, the ball would have touch the bat and you can hear all pasanga shouting 'outu.. outu.. priya avlodhaan po'. They would claim that the ball touched the stump. Tears peeping out from eyes and with a heavy heart, I used to give away their 'precious' bat. .After 7th class, girls are seethangol for boys w.r.t cricket...Thats IT.. my (our) cricket life ended there...

But, girls do play other games and infact, guys in their non cricket playing times do accompany.

Everybody had played odi pudichu!!! But makkale, do you remember the games 'chain xxxxx' and 'pura gundu'?? Chain - wherein you catch somebody and hold them and run to catch the third person.. the longer the chain, the tougher it is to run together but easier to catch when the play area is small. Cooperation is the key for this game. Pura gundu is pretty much the same but you run individually and need not form a chain but everybody who was previously out has to touch the runner to declare that the runner is out.

Nondi is a game that is generally played exclusively by girls. Man.. now, I dont know if I can limp also. During those days, we had to nondi aduchufy on terrace wherein lots of thuni kodi (ropes to hang clothes) would run across our heads. We had to watch for ropes. Also, we had to watch our step as vethal, seeyakaay and sambha podi saamaan would be kept for drying on floor. By chance you step on them, you are gone...Your mom will kattify tin on you :)-

When I think of games in school, what comes to my mind are : volley ball / football for guys; cocoa, badminton and tennicoit for girls (in some schools, guys also play cocoa ). I actually like cocoa so much..this is such a nice team effort game !!

Makkale, these days toy companies claim that they make children learn while play etc...that.. this.. etc.. but we had learned a lot in indian household games implicity. Cocoa is a typical example..We have to estimate exactly whom(sitting) to push to knock the opponent out and act swiftly. Moreever, the sitting person must be really be watchful of the situation. Above all, the runner has to give 'cuts' to make the catcher become tired.

Every middle class girl would have 'kenjified' (pleaded) her parents to get a bat and a shuttle cock..Tennicoit was available w/o problem... I really loved it.. and these two would make you sweat nicely...

Do YOU recollect any other commonly played outdoor game?? Come and share here with us !!

To be continued..