Saturday, November 25, 2006

ViLayaataai VaLayavarum Ninaivugal - Indoor

"தெரிந்து கொள்வோமே - தீபாவளி" யை இங்கு காண்க

Maha janangale… (Prabu Karthik stylela start panren!!)

Its nice to hear about all the games that we played. Thanks for reminding about the other indoor games like lock and key, statue, hide and seek, paandi, 7 stones and also for enlightening about mudugu puncture, gillie, masaa masaa etc.

Okay!!! Now, let’s talk about the indoor games. The first thing that strikes my head is carrom-board. It’s the favorite summer holiday game when we are not allowed to go out to play. Focus is the key to success here… Playing Cards was not common (at least at my home) as now during those days. Chess, draught, trade were afternoon games…when paati/ thatha/ amma were sleeping, we were allowed to play these.. Ice cream-kaaran would go around this time and that is when we stop those games and wake up paati asking money for icecream... Wow..those days were really sweet..

If you have had old people at home, you might have learned other indoor games from grand parents such as dhaayakattai, pallankuzhi, aadupuli, paramapadham and sozhi. Though they are conventional,I feel they are pretty useful to life…

Dhaayakattai is purely a luck game and it can be both fun and fight causing. Atleast one of our cousins would not be able to take too much of vettal (failure) and many a times, we have stopped after a fight / cry. This game implicitly teaches us that we have to learn to face both success and failure.

Aadu puli - 3 tigers and 15 goats. We have to choose to be either tigers or goats. Its really tough being goats but calm mind with focus can really help us win....Its a classic game... You can afford to loose only a max. of 3 goats and the rest should be able to block all tigers. Brain storming!!!

Paramapadham (Snake and Latter) is another luck game which teaches you to take whatever comes to you and keep trying till possible.. I have really forgotten how to play sozhi and what is it about etc.

And finally, I present my most favorite game - Pallanguzhi. Amma oru kaalathula queen theriyumla..This used to be taught and infact preferred in every family in olden days, as this involves peaceful properties like kaasi, pazham etc. unlike dhayakattai game where violent properties like vettal, thaandal come into play. This not only enables us to practice to hold things with grip but also makes us good at counting and at mind calculation. Never a sunday afternoon has passed without my pallanguzhi play with my neighbourhood paati (till 10th std.) Its not a luck game (which is a misconception) and you need to watch which kuzhi your opponent is taking and how many rounds she has added. Within your mind, you need to calculate how many sozhi's should be there in each kuzhi of your side and opponent's side.. And, there is not just one game in it (regular 12 or 6 sozhis in each kuzhi). There are two other games called 'katt'aatam (with 5 in each ) and 'muth'aatam (with 3 in each) with totally different rules and different ways to play. These two are 99.0% extinct. . I dont know if I can find somebody who can play these two with me again..Nobody understands what I say about them!!

Every indian game at childhood had taught us lessons necessary for life and helped in shaping our attitude towards life esp. they helped to take all things that comes to you and were very useful unlike the new video games (that neither have self stop nor teach values for life) with which the present day children are sitting for hours, pressing buttons.

Guys.. some of the ones that we discussed may have kindled your memories and others may be 'greek and latin'. Come and share your indoor game experience with us and I hope you enjoyed the childhood play talk!!!


Prabu Karthik said...

Ah! enakku oru potti

virudhunagar jilla vile naand haan dhaayakattai champion aakum
but i really liked the way you've put forth the implied lessons - success and failures .
enaku idhu varaikum thonave illai

Priya said...

thank u pk
dhayakattai pure lucku maa!! idhula periya aalna namba mudiyala:)-

Subha said...

I used to love dhayakkattam and pallanguzhi! :) I was the champion in the 12/kuzhi game..sigh..romba naal aachu..maybe this time when I visit India, will get a paramapadham..!

Priya said...

good.. do u think you can find somebody other than 'nallavar' to play with you???

Anonymous said...

kokkarokko kozhi aatam theriyuma ? sema interestinga irukkum kannu .. nee kandi atthaa veladitruntha inneram attha nenachu vimmi vimmi ezhithitruppa :((( .. velaattta pathi sokka ezhikinnurukka kannu ... ezhuthu ezhuthu ..

Priya said...

sun tv kokarakko gumaango dhaan theriyum..kozhi ellam theryadhu paa!!!

p.s ellam neram saami..pammi pammi vara anonymous makkal ellam enna paathu vimmi vimmi ezhuthiirupenraanga pa!!

Prabhu said...

pallaankuzhi aataam- suthamaa theriyadhu!

interesting to read about aadu puli aattam also..

nee ellaathalaiyume Queen thaane Priya?

Unna beat panna - innum oru aalu puranthu thaan varanum.

Priya said...

hello prabhu...
aarambihitiyaa.. edho un alavuku enakku saamarthyam poradhunaa adhukaaga ippadi ellam publica otanuma!!!

vayasya said...

i remember a game called puLiyanKoTTai. Involved playing around with a bunch of tamarind seeds and a wooden box with kuzhi-s on the inside and the game involved some kind of going around in a clockwise order putting/picking up koTTais into/from the kuzhi-s.

Also this reminded me that for all indoor games which you mentioned, if we did not have the right coins/counter, my pATi used to open the sewing machine accessory box and take out buttons, blouse hooks and all other kinds of junk to be used as coins e.g., while playing dAyakaTTai.

My uncle who was an expert in all kinds of skills like carpentry and bookbinding used to carve the dAyakaTTai-s out of a branch from a tree incase we misplaced the actual ones and were unable to trace them.

Good job Priya.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

pachakudhira.. ponungala saerthuka koodathuney indha velayaata enga sandhu pasanga velayaduvom..

Viji said...

Nice post, Priya! Adding a few more to the list- Scrabble, book cricket, Name-Place-Animals-things. I love a strategic card game called 904 (nine-nought-four)... thrilling and addictive.

Viji said...

Forgot to add- kannamoochi, raja-rani-thirudan-police, frisbee, skipping, WWF trump card game [undertaker, yokozuna, hulk hogan et al;)] and a game called killer....

Priya said...

yeh..i heard people saying abt puliyankottai... me no idea..
yeh..coinsuku sewing boxa open panradhu enga veetlayum undu

pachakuthiravaa??? hmnn i dont know

awesome..yeh... naan marandhe poyiten raja rani thirudan police elam..infact i dont even rem anything..
i just remember the name killer.. do u know what it was abt?

Kishore Reddy said...

Hey priya... nice article about remiding about childhood days.. hey can you give me feedback on my blog


Aravind said...

carrom board is my favorite. in that there used to be a game where there will be coins placed in certain places like centre,4 sides around the centre,near the arrow ,middle of the playing line (along the length)then one has put coins without disturbing the other coins . it used to be pretty challenging.Then there was chinese checkers - pretty good game, scrabble-word game ,and there was this game involving lots of goli kundu in the plastic plate with holes.When u jump across(meaning place one goli across another goli onto the empty space --there will be only one empty space to start with--)u can remove the goli from the play. like this u can play till when there is no scope for further movement of goli.If u finish the game with with just one goli on the board then that is the maximum one can achieve.I had ways to complete this in a jiffy and in fact finish the game with the last goli in the centre of the board.then wwf trump card wow sooper game.Also this game called bluff in playing cards tat was good too.Then comes the words building with the word topic ranging from any to countries or cities or cricket player names etc.
There was also this memory game wherein people start by saying a word and then the next person says another word along with the previous word and so on. If u miss a word or change the order you are outta the game.Then not to miss the tv games with the joystick .super mario,contra force etc.
Then there was this game called hangman which is a kinda words building , then there was this bull bear a guessing game where two players needa guess each others 4 or 5 digit number after each round one has to take a guess of the number and the other person has to give an answer in terms of bulls and bears which denote whether the digits that was told are missing in the number or if they are present in the number but as a different digit.

Aravind said...

then of course this indoor cricket (amidst all the dose from elders)where there will be a vareity of rules like one pitch catch,wall catch,one pitch one hand,one run if u hit a ball,out if u miss three balls consecutively etc..

dubukudisciple said...

Hi Priya,,,
Thanks for kindling my memories...
I have also played dayakatai and pallanguzhi... i have infact bought a pallanguzhi and kept so that i can play.. but no one knows to play...
I am also remembered of thoon mathi thoon and also with choppu we used to play..
The puliankotai game as one person is not that..
It is called othaiya retaiya .. u shd collect all the puliankotai and make a heep of it and u have blow it when it spreads u have to count them and take it and the opponent has to tell u whether its odd number or even number then u will count it in front of her if she is right then it belongs to her else to us....
Thas all for now

Zeppelin said...

trade, ludo, carrom, snake and ladder, lock-and-key, robber-police, SEVEN STONE, Kings, Name-place-animal-thing (like Viji already mentioned), goli, idhu pondra sila pala games theiryum..

pallanguzhi - played a few times with my paati..

matha games ellam sutham.. only kelvi patturuken..but no the play..

plus Bharatiyar sollirukaru.. "Odi vilyadu paapa" nu..adhunaala avolova indoor games velayadardhu illa... :D :P

Priya said...

thanks kishore!!


oho..othaya rettaya pathi ellam onnum theriyaadhu..but i have heard from my amma..
where do u live..chance kedacha i wish to play pallanguzhi:)- anyday if u think carrying a pallanguzhi is a burden,please mail it to me..heehee

l.labakku daas:)-

smiley said...

u can add adu puzhi... to the list:)

Viji said...

Priya.. killer la, we are supposed to distribute chits to everyone. one of the chits has the words "killer", (I don't know what the rest have) and that person has to wink, without getting caught. Whoever he/she winks at... says "I'm dead" and the last one is the loser.. edhavadhu purinjudha? :)

யாத்திரீகன் said...

pachaikudhira periya vishayamlaam illa .. first tharaila kaal neeti utkaaranum oruthar then a queue of people will be jumping over without stumbling or hitting the one sitting.. if hits/stumbles then the position has to be swapped.. once everyone croses slowly the height is raised.. first by keeping oru jaan hieght over the feet, then 2 jaan then stand up and bend sit, then half bend the hip, then bend your hip, then the final stuff is just bend your head only.. the one who sustains in all rounds is the winner which is too difficult..

Anonymous said...

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