Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Idhukkellaam Oru Posta ???!!!!

Now, I have linked many aanmegham links that I found to be useful here!!

Now, பாம்புக்கும் எள்ளுக்கும் in Tamilkkalvi

Hey ,
As I think you might ask the question after you read my post, I have that as the title.. Well Its okay... Read ahead..Recently,
I heard this song from 'Azhakhe brahmanidam' from Devaidaiyai Kanden Movie composed by deva. Though its not that good, I liked it.. Wondering why?

The lyrics is little different though the content is not cogent .. But the main reason why I like is the tune is so familar. It resembles many songs at different lines. Getting excited like ' hey I have heard this..yeh yeh..'. I was trying to think of all songs that resemble this song.. The songs 'un marbil kan' and ' malligaiye ' in Ninaithen vandai resemble to an extent..

But, there is another song that exactly resembles this one.. Thondaiyila irukku (its pretty much in my thoughts/ head/ throat whatever...) but I cant recollect what is that. Thinking abt it for a while... All I feel is its mostly in a vijay movie or sangeetha movie..the tune exactly resembles at this line ' en aasai neriayverumaa' in this song and the line i am trying to recollect comes like this ' anbe un naana nanna na na naa' though its not the first line and this line is sung by a female singer.

I know you might think ' too much research even on deva's songs' ... If you find it , let me know...Koncham Nimmadhi kedaikkum :)-

Nimmadhi kidachaachu..
anon. has given the right song.. sollaamale from 'poove unakaagha'..chance illa ..kalakitaar..

Makkale..actually naanum chance illa pparunga hehe :)- Ivlo closaa vijay or sangeetha movie nnu + 'anbe un naana.." tune varai correcta guess panninen paarunga ..unmaiyaave thondaiyila ninudhu paatu!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Live your present !!

கண்ணாடியும் அரசனும் in Tamilkkalvi now!!

வைக்கோலும் மதயானையும் in Tamilkkalvi!!

Hey all
I am back..As like everybody, enjoyed every moment at home...Wished to blog about many things many number of times.. somehow could never make time...

Out of all the things that happened in last 2.5 yrs, there were 2 incidents that pierced me in..and that probed to post this..

1. My friends J's brother KM (who was also in touch with me in past) had commited suicide (by drinking poison) as the girl he loved was getting married to somebody. Believe me..He is such a sociable and wonderful person whom you can never imagine to do so..I had been to J 's wedding and heard this shocking news.Manasu romba kastamaa pochu!!

2. I went to give some things to a relative in India of my friend (here). That relative's daughter commiited suicide for the reason that she did not get admission into M.D Pediatrics which was her passion. Not that she didn't get admission at all...She got into a different field..

When i found her mom to know much about science and medicine, I casually asked her how does she all this, she revealed about her daughter in a composed manner --still i could see tears ready to gush out..But I really liked the way she looked into this issue.. Though she talked about other issues like reservation and question paper leak that played a role in her daughter's death, she never blamed anybody..and the first statement she said was this " இந்த காலத்துல குழந்தைகளுக்கு தோல்வியை தாங்ர பக்குவமோ, பலமோ இல்ல மா (indha kaalathula kuzhandhaingalaukku tholviyaa thaangikra pakkuvamo balamo illa maa) " ...

அப்படியே வேதம்புதிது சத்யராஜ் (நான் கரையேரிட்டேன் dialogue) அரை வாங்கின மாறி இருந்தது..(i just got reminded of vedam pudhidhu sathyaraj and the 'realisation' slap ) Yeh, its true...I completely accepted it on behalf of our generation.

My soapbox :
From these and many other incidents, we can clearly see that we cant accept the truth or the so called failure. I would say acceptance is THE strength. Lack of the attitude to accept the truth or the so called failure within "our selves" is the main problem I see. This may be sometimes because we may be brought up in a way that nothing is neglected to us which makes this situation an unacceptable one.Also failure to see other aspects of life is a problem - other things that had given them pleasure, happiness, courage and strength all these days. Say.. their family/ friends who have given them support or something that is thought/ talked to (be their strength/) make them successful..

I agree that it is very easy to talk and is tough being in that situation.. Yeh..But it is necessary for all of us to realise that future is not exactly what we actually expect it to be and we dont see that our soul (manasu) wants something but our likes/ passion do change/compromise with time and the situation created at that time. So, its better to live the present which is in our hands and the future is not in our hands.

No point in worrying about anything..We should learn to respond and not react to such big problems.. Working on our strengths and likes would definitely fetch happiness, peace and satisfaction. Physical exercises would surely help our emotions be in control and yoga would help to reduce kaamam(lust) krodham(anger) and lobham(greed) .Try it out..Bhakti and faith in God can keep us focussed in whatever we do.

Enna makkale,,, romba seriousaa pochoo... could n't help..I was very much upset for them and I wanted to raise this up... What is your say???