Friday, July 28, 2006

Saapida Vaanga - 1 !!

துர்க்கைன்னு சக்திக்கு ஏன் பேர் தெரியுமா?? ஆடி ஸ்பெஷல் பாருங்க

Guys and girls!!!

Today, I got up so early that I had so much time to sit with a coffee near the door and gaze around !! It was drizzling ..Wondering how lucky are those people who get up early!! Wish God gives me that boon !!! Had lots of time to think about all things that I really enjoy!!! While I was thinking all about the fun time - memorable scenic trips, non stop laughter sessions with friends, wild day-dreaming, the thought of the food I had during those times also came up. I always have so much inclination towards cooking and eating variety food !

Man.... !!! Life is nothing without taste buds....I totally agree with Thirumoolar on his statement " Udambai valarthen uyir valarthen" (take care of your body to take care of ur life). My taking care always mean cooking/eating variety cum nutritious food ( though I wish to totally extend for doing exercises regularly as well..) Fasting doesn't make that much sense to me...Its okay to fast one day a week, but I really have so much passion to cook and eat that I feel sorry for those people who fast quite often !!!

Of late, I have not been doing everyday cooking as I was pretty busy with work and also my roommate has moved to a different city. Today when I saw my friend coming to my home before leaving to work and giving me a box of sakkara pongal saying ' Priya, its for u for aadi velli' I was in a feeling of awe but at the same time I felt so embarrassed... I was wondering where is that enthusiastic priya who would cook the right food and keep up with the events???..She is perhaps still sleeping..

I was trying to revive all my cooking experiences, thoughts , notions etc.. As I plan to move to a different city. I think I need to self boost my cooking enthusiasm so that I dont starve !!! I thought I can wake up the enthu in me by writing about it!!!

Well, I have so much to say about food !!!

Watch out....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Did Hanuman ever get married?

இப்போ விஷ்ணுவைப் பற்றி ...

Did Hanuman ever get married???

Visit here :

For people who can't read tamil, here is the gist:

There is a temple at thailaavaram near Chengalpet where Hanuman gives Darshan with his wife suvarchala. Suvarchala Aaanjaneyaa is one of the 9 forms of Aanjaneyar and it seems there is a mention about this in 'hanumath mangalaastakam' also.

Another interesting news is ...we all think Hanuman was born on an ammavasya - 'moolam' star in Maargazhi month. It seems its not true and he got back on this day after falling unconscious during the war time when he was hit by Vajraayudha.

His original star is Poorataadhi and is born in vaikaasi.. Finally I am glad... I have always wondered- why there are no great Gods/ great nayanmaars/ alwars born on my birth star.. when kumbha rasi is considered so nice and great, why no great people in my star??!!!

Finally, my prayers are answered.. It made my day!! Poorataadhi star makkale-Be proud.. once day you will be great accomplishers like our Hanuman !!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happiness and Success; Goodness and Likes

நெய்யில் உறைந்திருப்பவர் யார்.. பாருங்க?
Hey all
I had been very busy in the last few weeks and nothing struck my head to feel that I have to come back to blog..Thats why such a llllllong pause...

But I recently learned few things and understood practically though we all may be knowing it already !!!

Happiness and Success

Happiness is the secret of Success and not vice versa!!Where we see happiness, there is our success. Its all in the state of mind!!

Goodness and Likes

Some times we think ' something' is good for somebody and they deserve that and nothing lesser. But that person may not like 'that' best one that we think they deserve. Their happiness is on something else that we think is too low for them.. Perspectives differ and even if not, happiness is what matters...So, no point in sacrificing/ snatching something which may hardly not matter/ needed to/by others....Learning to see other's happiness from their eyes helps to strength relationships and fetches so much understanding, love and affection !!!

Afterall, we live for it !!!