Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Adutha Thalaivi Yaar??

Oh no..!! I am not talking about politics. Namma Cinema pathi dhaanga!!! Priya stylela solren..." Ammannu sonna ..en agaraadhila (dictionaryla) rende paer!! onnu namma sondha 'amma' and innonu namma ooruke amma - 'JJ amma'. Thalaivinnu sonna en agaradhiyila rende paer (as of now) - onnu nammma simran. Innonnu Maadhuri Dixit". No body has ever impressed me like Madhuri and Simran!!!

Well, I was thinking of those days when I used to crazily watch their movies..Makkale..I agree.. naane ipdi irundhaa pasanga epdi iruppaanga??!!
Now, Pucchu pucchaaa neriyaa ponnunga fieldla..barbie dolls..delicate darlings..prestigious (dancing) peacocks..bullet pushpaas.sweet smileys....glamour queens..where do I find all in one as like in my thalaivi ??
? Of late, I have been thinking about who has(seems to have) the potential/capabilities of reaching "that" state in tamilnadu.

Here is KuttiPriya’s Vetti Vimarsanam .

”Nee enna lordaa”nnu ketta enkitta badhil illa paa..edho enaku thoninadha solren!!! Enna makkale..Readyaa...Read ahead

Well, there are so many things that account to becoming a thalaivi. Let us see each..

1. Dance : Man.. Now a days, it is so pathetic to see that girls(actresses) fail HERE unlike those days and it has infact become a determining criteria in ranking. Also, dance IS important in growing up as thalaivi. Right from Vaijayathi Malaa till Kajaala..dance determines !!!

Namma trisha Madam..inga major flop..the irony is she always gets the nicest dappankoothu songs like appadi podu podu, kalyanamdhaan kattikittu etc.
Asin - okay in general (thought not exceptional)...decent..Slow steps are decent.. classical steps are good. Bhoomika amma - please koncham move something..Laila - only ballet stepaa... pucha kathuko maa. Sneha- I have not observed well enough. Chaaya singh/ Sindhu thulani- Good ..kai kaal valikudhu maa. Reema sen- decent and I like her surusuruppu/thudithudippu but needs to learn more steps... Kajaala - good.. JO- edho okay..but bored of seeing same old steps...Namitha- adaa .. she dances well maa..

2.Handling a solo song with Enthusiasm: When a solo song is given, say like "China china aasai" in roja / "poo pookum osai" in minsara kanavu where you have to show enthu!!!

Chayaa singh- Thiruda thirudi - performed okay in "mutham" song.
Trisha - Gille entry song sha la la - enthu was there but dance oree sothappal . Glamour not bad.
Reema Sen - Chellame - Vellaikara mutham - Sama dynamism but dance steps romba less. Glamour suits.
Laila - No such song that I remember. Delicate dances in general !!
Jo - After kushi,I dont remember any such song..Do you?? The enthu is really good in that though she has a stereotypical way of doing that!!! Glamour does not suit.
Asin - No solo song yet I guess. But the enthu seems to be okay.Glamour suits.
Namitha- Glamour kanna koosudhu.. but it suits if you keep watching more and more of it.
Sneha - Needs more dynamism.Glamour romba kammi - devyani style comely look

3. Choosing character roles: Of late, no body got good ones except Jo. But, she is a senior actress right. Also she was like 'kajol to madhuri' for simran - a close competetion for simran in some aspects. Definitely, we can expect her to get better roles like in chandramukhi. I liked Reema sen's role in chellame/ dhool (though I hated 'Minnale' Reema sen) and I have some intuitive bias that if she concentrates well in choosing her role, she can come up well as I see some sort of kushbu-like-dynamism/ casual feel in her. Finally, we saw laila ACTING in a movie - kanda naal mudhal... heehee..i mean she did less of this heehee:)- .Though I was not comfortable seeing Sandhya in dishyum initially, I thought she is okay at the end. Trisha koncham nadikka effort podanum- smilea vechu kaalam thalla mudiyaadhu :)-

4. +ses of each :
of late Jo is doing good lavus with surya ..obviously+ Jo gives some cute reactions though she overdoes that often and irritates. Laila always moves around with a cute inncent look but she tried something different in 'kanda naal mudhal' but engairundho she would show 'ekkam' feeling in all her movies (dhill / paarthen rasithen / unnai ninaithu) very well though nothing more :)- . Asin - Ponnu nalla cute look + smile uduthu. Trisha - Really nice smile. Reema sen- Very casual before camera !

5.Confidence :
This is something that is beyond explanation. It is some sort of LOOK that we can see in somebody who has THE talent. Its a glitter in eyes+ dynamism + I can do confidence with comely nature. Simran had it..Kushboo had it..Madhuri had it..Kajol had it..it is slightly peeping out in Reema sen's eyes / Asin's eyes but they are yet to prove in character roles...

6.------: Though not the Least!!! NAAN ennatha solla!! Trisha, Sindhu Thulani, Pooja and Reema sen qualify. Jo, Asin - cat on the wall. Others (Laila/Namitha/Sadhaa) disqualify due to extremities:)-

Enna makkale... yaar adutha thalaivi ??? Neenga sollunga!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Credit card Balance !

ஸ்நானம் ஆறு வகைப்படுமாமே? இங்கே பாருங்க

Did you ever know that the "Proportion of usage of credit card to total available credit card limit" matters for having a good credit history. It seems its better to use 1/3 of the credit card limit (in maximum, even if you pay off every month). And its better to split our expense amongst all of the cards (Ofcourse, paying it on time also matters ). I heard this from a friend here and then I tried to find much more details on credit history maintainence. Here is the info reg that. Just thought of sharing !!!

How does this work in India? Does the credit history matter for any purpose ?!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saapida Vaanga - Kaiyum vaayum - combo talk !!!

ஸ்நானம் எத்தனை வகைப்படும்? இங்கே பாருங்க!

Final saapida vaanga post!!! Heard a lot about why to cook..how to cook etc. Yeh, here we shall talk about some nice dishes that taste awesome with their partner dishes - combos!! Just getting reminded of those days at home???

At Home

How can I forget the best combo ? Potato curry – Vetha kozhambu.. Man … half roasted potato (oil generousaa vidanum) with vetha kuzhambu containing manathakaali vethal..Swargam dhaan – any timer !!

My mom makes amazing Morkozhambu with sepankezhangu/ any kaai which on combination with Paruppu usili made out of beans is an awesome thing to eat.

Have you heard of this combo – Nellikai thogayal with Daangar pachadi – people from chola naadu might know (made out of ulutha maavu) ?? This is really nice (atleast to me)

And, rasam saadham with appalam – a typical combo !! Trying to think Combos!!! Nothing strikes..

And some people like chappathi dipped in milk .. Though I am not for it, I acknowledge that it’s supposedly a good combo!!


When it comes to Tiffin, Dosai comes first and chutney is a must! You have all heard of the commercialized Onion masala, Paper dosa, Butter masala etc.. Do you still remember the karaicha maavu dosai, pulicha maavu dosai, kadutha maavu dosai that amma used to make so that she can use up the flour?? Actually I used to eat them with kadi but I miss them now.. Also, there are many dosai made by chettiars like keppa dosai etc.. Wish I go to meet my friend to eat them!!!

Wondering where is idli ?! I will touch upon it later!!

The next combo that comes on my mind is Adai aviyal. Thick adai + avial which you thalichufy with curry leaves dipped in coconut oil + koncham vellam. Don’t have it at night.. It can be dangerous :)-

Have you tasted thayir semiyaa with sugar . Try out !!! It’s a different combo!!

Pongal gosthu, Bonda- kesari, Bajji- chutney typically are guest combo recipes !!


Anything and everything on a festival cooked is nice.. Trying to think what do we make in combo??!! Vadai and paayasam is a special combo to make though not to eat!!! hee..hee

Though my family does not have to make Thiruvaadhirai kali + kootu (5 kaai kozhambu), I make it just because the combo is awesome.

Can you think of something?? I am blank!!


When I think of outing in those days back at home, I remember idli. I used to hate it when relatives make nice idli and appify with milagaa podi like anything and bring it to a picnic spot in a clean used milk cover.. It looked horrible.. You can’t even hold...Evlo porumaiyaa irundhiruken;)- How much so ever I complain about that, I have to agree that Idli - Milagaa podi is the first best combo . Idli with sambhar comes second. Add a cup of avul while grinding idli flour.. It will be extremely soft !!

Lemon rice - potato curry (mashed non roasted) is so suitable for picnic. I learned a kannadigaa style lemon rice where you cut small onion pieces and fry first and do lemon rice as usual and also add a small teaspoon of sugar.. Believe me.. its awesome..

That’s it.. Okay !!! Finally, 'saapida vaanga' becomes 'saapida ponga'!!! Avlodhaan!! Thanks for patiently reading this series!!

How abt this combo that our grandparents would give in those days? - Veppa ennai + sugar (after that) :)-