Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Overacting brain - orae sothappals!!

விபூதி எத்தனை வகைப்படும் தெரியுமா??
Sivaji, Kamal, Vikram, Vishal.. Appappo overaction pannuvaana. Have you ever observed your mind doing something like that? I mean overacting brain..something like overthinking..over(re)acting..overresponding..

Its very amazing to see how our brain remembers the acquired knowledge and applies it methodically while performing a new action. Most of the times, such application works positive and fetches us a name " Very sytematic..Creative.. applying "..But, sometimes it sodhappifies..

"Ippo ennan ra??" - I guess this is your reaction. Okay... you will understand from the way how my brain sodhappifies at times like these :

1. In one of the types of experiments that I do, I always have 2 sets of samples..after I get the samples processed, I wear gloves (a pair) and start the next step. Recently, I had to use 3 sets of samples.. After I got the samples processed, automatically I took 3 gloves and I realized it only after wearing the pair (and looked for another hand) heehee..

2. While reading about pradosham for aanmeegham blog, I read somewhere that the duration for pradosham was 2.5 hrs. But I was kindaa sure that it's 1.5 hrs..Immediately my mind, at a glance, reasoned out for the loss of one hour " Is this because of the day light savings..Did people calculate Lord Shiva's dance between nandhis horns (pradosham time) during day light saving hours??". Then, I realized how my mind overacted..

3. When I go to the dark room to develop a film for the experiment, automatically I switch off the light and used to stay silent (stop humming) and switch off the ipod even... My mind had extrapolated that both sound and light should not get there instead of just switching off light..

Okay okay.. instead of thinking and laughing at me, think about how generally our brains overact:)- and makkale..you see..I could list only the sodhappals and it is practically not possible to list all my creative..applying..all positive actions of my brain..you see:)-

Okay, share YOUR overactions and overthinkings here ! Lets have fun!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Enakku kaadhu kuthiyaachu !!

In continuation with such Govinda Govindaa analysis, I really wanted to know and talk about why we say 'enakku kaadhu kuthaadha!!'

This could be a possible explanation for kaadhu kuthal. The hearing hole in the ear (natural) is supposed to hear all good stuff (nalladhe kael). Things like rumour, lie and anything irrelevant(not good), when heard, are supposed to go close to the ear but they have to be ignored. So, they are thought to go through only the hole made on the ear lobe (man made hole) and not the hearing hole.

So, when somebody lies, we say ' enakku kadhu kuthiyaachu' to mean that I have my ear already pricked to let off the things like what you say. You don't have to lie and that will only go through my earpricked hole.

This may / may not be right. But this is what I heard. Okay..okay.. I will stop with this.. no such analysis hereafter :)-

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Govindaa GGoovindaa!!

பூசணிக்காயையும் பரமசிவனாய் போற்று!! ஏன்? - First tamilkkalvi post from El Paso

ஆன்மீகத்தில் -
விசேஷமான நாள்

Govinda Gooovinda!!!

Wondering what is lost? Yeh!! That’s what I would think first when I see this title till last few months!! Yeh, most of you would tend to think so.

Have you ever thought why do we relate the name govinda to losing and not getting back??
Well, ‘Go’ - cow / land or one’s senses , ‘Vinda’ - protector. Lord Krishna lifted Goverdhanagiri to protect the cows and villagers and Indra awarded this title “Govinda”. You must be saying like arivaali Muthulakshmi - adhaan enaku theriyungale. Read ahead!!

Later in 8th century, adishankarar wrote the very famous Bhaja Govindam. In that he said " If we just worships Govinda, we can easily get out of this great ocean of birth and death and go to the eternal blissful Vaikundham and not get back to earth". This should have been inculculated in everybody’s mind and passed through generations. In the later days, the name Govinda should have been used to denote ‘not get back ’. Over the period ‘Govinda gooovindaa’ should have been used to denote anything to ‘not get back and totally get lost-poyee pochu’.

Idhu theriyaama ivlo naal irundhen.. Just thought I will share this with you all. It has been long time that I blogged.

Well, do you guys know why we say that ‘kaadhu kuthaadha’ when somebody lies ? Therinja sollunga :)-