Sunday, March 18, 2007

Know your body - Do's and Dont's -1

Its time to take care of our body. Its time to take care of our internal organs that we cannot see. Its time to protect us and our progeny from all the innumerable diseases and complications. Its time to understand why we get such problems.. due to what? yeh!! Its time to try to acquire the ability to control our emotions, passions and mind!!

All we need to have are a ventilated place, an attitude to keep our body clean and an intention that " I will not abuse my body"

Okay, lets proceed to know about our body and learn yoga asanas to solve each problem. Before we exactly talk about each yogaasana, we shall know some basics to be followed to do yogaasanas. If you are a beginner and if you think its time to take care of your body, just follow along. I am a beginner too. Just 2 months ahead!! I will try to discuss about things that we might need to know in an order. Feel free to share your ideas, experience and knowledge !!

Morning or evening: Early in the morning, our body is stiff and people may find it tougher to do yoga when compared to evening. It is necessary to decide it is convenient to us. But we need to remember about food as well.

Before food : We need to do yogaasanas only before having food. If we know the reason behind this, we wont have problems in following this. When we eat, the food in the stomach is crunched forcefully by the muscles to digest. This process needs energy and blood circulation at the stomach and so, they are directed to the stomach. So, our brain and other parts are not so active during this time and thats why its better not to do any active work after eating.If such physical work is done, our food stays partly digested with poor blood and energy ciruculation like a mixture of "water and rice" in a gutter and such partly digested food is removed from body leading to many diseases. Also, practising yoga during such times will weaken muscles and cause to loose strength.

Right before an exam, we can see students eating heavy food and planning to burn midnight oil. Infact, he would have cups of tea and try to study. But Nidra devi will hug him and take him to sleep. Also, people who do exercises (non yoga) also eat something simultaneously to gain energy to lift weight and stuff... But its is wrong and its better not to eat anything during activity
We can do physical exercise (non yoga which works on superficial muscles ) 2 hrs after eating snacks and 4 hrs after heavy food. It is believed that it takes 5-6 hrs for the food to get absorbed from the intestine. By yoga practice, we crunch stomach, liver and intestine and this helps to remove the waste faster out from the intestine and the body as well. So its better that we eat 6hrs before performing yoga . Otherwise the partly digested food also will get along with waste out from the intestine. Then, there is no point in us eating nutritious food and we may have unnecessarily used our internal organs to work.

During evening time, there may be friends/ visitors or unexpected committments and we may tend to eat something as soon as we get home. Thus, it makes sense that we can do yoga in the morning easily with empty stomach. If you still want to do during evening, you can eat some fruits or veggies before 4 hrs. Its better to drink a glass of water right after brushing teeth. People who have higher bile levels (hyperbilirubinemia) can get fainted and they can drink a cup of milk and start yoga after 1/2 hr till they get to normalcy.

To loose stiffness: In the morning, we can get up and relax for 1/2 hr (say like read a book, do some work or cook or just walk for a while - something that works out well for us ) to reduce stiffness before doing yoga asanas.

To be continued....


Subha said...

Coffee is my vice in the morning..:( I can't do anything - exercise or yoga - without it! :((

Priya said...

you know there are some yoga asanas that will make you loose interest in drinking coffee as well...

i was just like you.. in the beginning, i started with 5 minutes of yoga and i said to myself "priya, (5+ 20 min during when i would take bath and get ready ) after 25 min, i will have coffee for sure and gradually now, i am drinking only milk now..lost interest in coffee.

just follow along exactly and i am sure u will even quit coffee..

ACE said...


very nice informative post about pre requistes of exercises and yoga. Some of it i have heard or read.. waiting for the next post..

I have read somewhere, that its better to begin yoga with a guru as we may tend to do things wrongly and might hurt ourselves.
what is your take on it??

Also yoga is more mental when compared with other exercises isnt.. i m not sure on this as its just hearsay and i never tried yoga..

And in "lose stiffness" part, is it mental or physical?? I dont understand how reading a book could relax our muscles....

BTW, the best time to do any excercise (not alone yoga), is morning.. the reason being, if we jog or do weight training, our body gets excited (active) and it lasts for around 4 - 5 hours.. which might hinder our sleep...
I have personally experienced this as i used to excersise in our office gym in the evening.. and cant sleep till 12 in the night..

I m not sure about yoga though.. will it affect physically the same way normal weight training affects our body??

ACE said...

one more i forgot regarding the stiffness.. doenst yoga has some warm up asanas.. wont it help??

ACE said...


this one is cool.. just read it once.. and i was kind of thinking, why it doesnt sound right.. ..only at the end found its a puzzle.. .. will read a few more times leisurely.. (appo thaan en sirumoolaikku nallaa puriyum)..

Priya said...

definitely, learning from a guru is very important for some specific ones.. but i would like to touch upon it as a specific topic in a post..

yoga asanas are both physical and mental integrity. in the present people do mainly for curing health problems..but some do asanas to have a sound mind.

the stiffness i talked was abt the muscular stiffness that we get due to sleeping.
all i meant by relaxing or loosing stiffness is to do SOME activity - just enough to move your body. avlodhaan.some poses need extensive bending.. so its better to try them after moving a while

after doing yoga, you will feel really fresh for the whole day.. i guess its better to capture the fullest essence of freshness by doing in the morning time.

Priya said...

yeh.. they are not classified as warm asanas.. but they can be named as "easy ones" to get started..

oh.. that was a puzzzle that i made when i was in lexington.. it will not sound easy unless u know the people..sorry abt that:)-

ACE said...

hmm.. yoga sounds intresting..

the poem was fine, as u have given the answers below.. anyways i didnt try to solve it :)

BTW, i hv accepted your request and sent a request

rc said...

Hey Priya,

2nd chapter super. Oru chinna suggestion/addition. Kaalangaarthaala "warm up" ku "Surya namaskaaram" pannalaam. Konjam porumaiyaa (30-45 secs for each pose in the 12 poses) pannina, by the 3rd or 4th round, one would be sweating. To me, its a great entry to anyone wanting to try yoga.


Priya said...

Nice suggestion..
thank you rc..presently i am reading about matsyasana..I dont know any science about surya namaskaram.. will read and let you know more about doing it first..
thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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