Monday, April 02, 2007

Do's and don'ts - 3 Food

வீட்டின் வாஸ்துவைப் பற்றி அறிவோமா??

Guys!! Before we exactly get on to each asana, let us discuss about the food habits that we need to cultivate to stay healthy and intelligent. The science concepts mentioned in this post are based on Sriman Sundaram’s physiology book !!

"I eat to live and not live to eat"- I have heard this from all around. Yeh It’s true to an extent. But when somebody shows importance to eat right thing at right time in a right way, many of us misunderstand and tease them. Infact, people tend to think that eating right means to count calories and/or eat food with calorie value on it. In modern science, though it’s believed to be true, there are controversial articles in the same field in this era!! A friend of mine (pb) told me about a research article that says "our body recognizes and digests the natural food much better than the artificially synthesized caloric and nutritious food. A natural food is a food only when that can be recognized as food by your grandparents (apple, grape, rice, bean). Rest of them do not add value to your health (energy drink etc.) "Surprising right!! Guess its better to eat apple , rice and bean rather than noodles, pasta and energy drinks!!

If I had not been in science or research, may be, I will not believe it to this extent. We discover, prepare and give medicines to alleviate the symptoms or at the max, identify the molecular changes during this illness. Most of our medicines (synthesized chemicals) act on those molecular changes occured and try to repair the state. But, Can you recollect the thirukural " Noy nadi noi mudhal naadi"- that’s what we need to do!! Now, I can see clearly that the modern treatment (therapy) does not target the cause of any illness!! In such case, as we are not doctors, is it not wise to eat properly and protect ourselves??

Okay, let's see the do's and don’ts about food.

We all know that we don’t get ill by sudden infection !! We are surrounded by toxic chemicals and microorganisms. We all have lots of toxic microorganisms living in our body even when healthy. During lack of proper food intake and worries, our immunity decreases, our body fights and finally, these microorganisms take us over and thereby make us ill. Yeh, the food makes the difference!! So, what shall we do to have proper food!!

Mix with saliva and eat slow: Many of us eat rice as main food which is rich in carbohydrate(70%).In order to have proper digestion, we need to mix the food with saliva, chew and eat slow. Why??? : Starch(in carbs) is processed basically through saliva. There has been expts. to test this. A starch containing liquid was held on mouth for a while and was tested to see if its chemical properties are modified. Yeh, it was.. When we eat food, it gets in with saliva. The gastric glands dont attack the food for 1/2 hr after intake. During this ½ hr, saliva processes the starch and makes it ready for gastric glands to act. When we don’t chew food or mixed with saliva properly, it gives stomach pain and affects the intestine as well. You would see people who eat 5 times a day - that too in fast pace may stay skinny with rib cage protruding out or with skin rashes and/or skin boils. It’s because of eating fast.

Do not swallow: People tend to swallow food while in a hurry. (My example.. Can you remember the time when you drink the last portion of rice with rasam/ rice with buttermilk) We tend to swallow... Please let our mouth grind!!! If we swallow, it’s like pressuring the stomach to take care of the food. Remember that the stomach that is supposed to work 100 yrs will work only for 20 yrs ..Gradually due to this pressure, symptoms like stomach pain, bad breathe from mouth, indigestion and loss of appetite becomes a part of us.

Using too much of seasoning ingredients while spluttering esp. mustard seeds and asafoetida is not good!

No Chillies(Red and Green): Sriman sundaram describes Chillies as ‘devil’. and it is the root cause of all stomach problem, piles, intestinal inflammation, indigestion, constipation and reduced blood content. If you google about the badness of chillies, you will hardly find anything. Puranic wisdom evinced by ancient medicine indicates that this is not a satvic thing. It engulfs RBCs from blood and converts it into water (I have not heard anything discovered so in modern science) It throbs the nerve endings and blunts them finally. It inflammates all the smooth muscles through which it goes. When we can feel the hotness of chily on hands (which has rough tissues) while grinding, imagine the state of soft smooth muscle lining and nerves internally!! You can argue that there are gastric glands!! But what about during the ½ hr time when the food just sits in the stomach!! Also, if they were totally taken care by gastric glands, why do we feel irritation the next day??

Sriman sundaram adds “There are people living in different countries without eating chillies at all. Since ages, chillies were never considered to be good. Even the traditional medicine practice warns the use of chillies indicating that it increases Kaama (lust), Krodha (anger),Lobha (greed) and mogham. Also, we don’t use chillies for death ceremonies that has been followed through ages. When you start with eating chilies, it comes out undigested the next day. But when you continue eating, its accepted by our body. Its all the need of our tongue/taste buds to achieve the taste."

Vitamin shakthi??
You can see all google sites showing chily has vitamin shakthi. But Sundaram mentions that it’s not wise to get vitamins from non- satvic food. If we need water, we don’t use sea water right!! The amount of harm it does overweighs the benefits. People eating chilies may not seem to have problem but the nerve shakthi that gives intelligence and intuitive intelligence (sookshma budhi) gets low. Please don’t wait for the modern science to rediscover this makkale !! Its wise to reduce its intake by now and if possible, abandon them. Even if we can’t do that, we should try not to habituate our children/ youngsters to eat hot food!! Pepper can be substituted to chillies though not to the same extent!!

Actually if you see, the real taste of food is in salt and not chillies. We cannot eat any hot stuff without salt.. But we don’t really notice that salt is hidden behind the taste!! Infact, after starting yoga asana practice, nerve strength and sudhi (cleansing) increases thus leading to hate chilies and other additive practices like coffee/ smoking/ drinking. Taking conscious steps to reduce will definitely help to get rid of such habits

Okay!! We shall get on to asanas next week!! Just be ready to spend 5 minutes a day from next week !!


ACE said...

//"I eat to live and not live to eat"//

I am the opposite :)) I live to eat

//No Chillies(Red and Green): //

In indian food, almost every dish is made with chillies.. By now our genes would have adjusted to amount of chillies we intake ;)

//When we can feel the hotness of chily on hands (which has rough tissues) while grinding, imagine the state of soft smooth muscle lining and nerves internally//

Handling raw chillies might cause this hotness.. but, how bout cooked chillies or chilli powder.. we always cook them isnt??

ACE said...

Eating slowly and eating healthy food is good.. But i m not sure about the chillies.. so far in our country, atleast in tamilnadu, we have used chillies for centuries isnt.. thats what irks a bit..

Other than that as usual a useful post..keep up the good work

Priya said...

unmaiyaa milagaai romba keduthaal..neenga nammamaatengreengala:)-

Priya said...

we used chiles.. these kurmas and masala's weren't our food since centuries..we had milagu kozhambu, manathakkali, sundaikkai, vepambu, keerai, avial, agathi keerai, kanji,koozh, pazha saadha water, kandathippi, arisi thippili - idhellam ippo usela illave illaye.. idhula edhukume milagai velaame...
ace, ippo namba sappdradhu ellam sambhar, rasam, kurma, masala and stuff- all needing too much milagai and puli..

so milagaaiyai kurainradhu thevai dhaane!!

rc said...

4 comment vandhaa adhula rendu unnodadhaa irukkae Priya :P.

Inspite of you talking about discontinuing the use of chillies, you use it extensively though. Evalo paer thalaila molaga araichirukka/araichundrukka.

Good post.


Priya said...

ellam neram rc
neram...serious matter potta naalu per kooda comment solradhu illa..

adhe naan panna muttalthanatha potta avan avan vandhu " priya, ne elpaso vittu po", "un arva kolaru eppo kuraiyum", apdi ellam solluvaanga:)-

naan kaaram samakareenaa??!!! hmmn

sb said...

Excellent post. very informative. enakku inni varikkum Chillies udambukku kedudhal nu theriyadhu. I shud try to stop it and remove it from my system. :-)

Anonymous said...

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