Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spend 2 minutes a day for Bhujangasana !!

Hunch Back / Upper back pain / Sprain ??

Tall people tend to get hunch back on their upper body. Also, we tend to get pain at upper back and shoulders due to sedentary work and posture. This is basically due to weak back muscles and posture. Bhujangasana is the best exercise to get rid of this problem. Bhujangasana- bhujanga- snake. People doing this can bend their body as flexibly as like a snake and also get gambeera look (bold attire)

Bhujangasana is an essential pose for developing the strength and flexibility of the entire back esp. the upper back, while toning the legs and buttocks, increasing circulation, and assisting in kidney function. Like many backbends, it is a "heart opener," subtly releasing held emotions within the rib cage to bring greater joy within the body. It is very easy to do especially if your back is not too stiff and rigid. Generally girls can do it much easily than guys.

How to do Bhujangasana
1. Turn over on the stomach and place the hands on both sides on the floor beside the chest muscles (pectoral muscles).

2. Press the palms down, adjacent to the shoulders (near under arms) on the floor. Inhaling, without lifting the navel from the floor, raise the head and neck and gradually bend the spine.

3. Stretching the body as much as possible.
4. Retain the breath, then exhale while slowly lowering to the floor. Rest, then repeat for 2 more times.

Time: Keep the pose for two seconds, gradually increasing to ten seconds. Do it from two to three times in the beginning and when the spine bends as like in the picture, you can do it up to 8 times.

Second version:

2. Raise the head, neck and also shoulder bending the spine as shown in the figure. Lift up so that you can stretch the entire hand with just palms on the floor. Bend till you feel the stretch on the navel. This version can be practized along with the first version

Potential problems

As already mentioned, guys might find their body to be rigid in the beginning. When they try to lift their head and shoulders, they may lift right away from their thighs. So they may need to consciously hold their body on ground and gradually lifting the head, neck and shoulders. It may take some days to achieve perfectly. Depending on the age and strength of the body, it may take a while..But, trying this everyday would definitely make it possible. Some may face some pain for the first two days. But it will dissapear gradually.

Do it for 2 minutes everyday

The benefits will not come only after you achieve it perfectly. For every trial, this asana gives benefits based on body type. After you start seeing the benefits, if you stop doing them, the benefits will also not last long till life like pension.. It has to be done everyday to get long lasting benefits .
Our body has cells that are taking birth and death cycle. Many things are consumed and released. We eat everyday, use our senses exhaustively, use our brain thereby loosing lots of shakthi. In order to regain shakthi through sookshma indriya, in order to remove digestive waste completely, in order to compensate for all the non natural food we eat and non natural things we do, We need to do bhujangasana everyday!! This will take only 2 minutes. We don't ask " should we brush everyday??.. should we bathe everyday??" right!! Yeh incorporating this asana into our lives will fetch lot of goodness.


  • Affects the adrenal glands, sending them a richer supply of blood regulating sex hormones and gives youth.

  • Tones ovaries, uterus and liver.

  • Muscles of the back, abdomen and entire upper body are strengthened by the practice of the Cobra Pose.

  • Aids in relief and elimination of menstrual irregularities.

  • Relieves constipation.

  • Limbers spine.

  • Removes sprain on the upper body as the deep and superficial muscles are pulled, contracted and bent.This improves blood circulation and the spine gets Veeryam. Other nerves that separate out from spine, other hormones also get healthy.

  • People suffering from gas after meals will find this pose very useful.
    Excellent for slipped discs. It adjusts displacements in the spinal column and tones the sympathetic nerves.

  • Beneficial for back ache due to overwork or long hours of standing.

Not recommended if you are suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia or hyperthyroid.
When bending the body backwards, be sure not to make any violent jerks, as this may injure rigid muscles.

To be continued..


rc said...

2 nimishathula evalo TV channels maathalaam... adhellam vittu idha poi.. try pannalaam.. nalladhu nadakkum nu solraanga.

Thanks for sharing the info.

Sookshma Indriyaa naa enna?


sb said...

small tip: when we raise the head, the navel should be touching the ground.

Priya said...

thanks for being first commentator..indha timum yaarume padikalanaa koncham kadi aayirupen..

sookhma indriyam - nice question.. edhukku meaning yosichu yosichu theriyalanradhunaala dhaan i just wrote from the book as it is..

sookshma indriam - literally meaning intuitive sense. Though we do many things in our lives intuitively, this asana is not focussed upon improving such intelligence based thing..

But the same word is used at contexts where this word could mean sensual sense/sexual sense.
As asana improves and regualates sexual hormones, we can think that it may mean so.. But thappu thappa ezhutha koodadhunna dhaan i wrote the same word.. you tell me now whih one means better?

yeh .. u r right.. will add that also..
thankoo sujan.. dont stop visiting my spot after you get the book from me :)- hee hee...
naan E ottaren here!!

Priya said...

actually its mentioned in the step..

ACE said...

hey good one.. i had the same question as rc..

how many reps should we do.. as many as we can.. or should be used as a warmup??

Priya said...

adulaye iruku paarunga!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Priya ..ur post is good and useful.
what's the difference between normal yoga and hatha youga ? r they both the same.

ACE said...

yep got it.. :) :)

Priya said...

wiki explains it best...

sambar42 said...

Very informative posts.
What are your references for yoga? Were you taught by someone? Are you continuing this study?
Quite a nice effort.

sambar42 said...

Also, check this out..

Priya said...

sambar 42
unga pera paathale pasikudhu:)-

yoga indiala class ponen.. u.slayum ponen.. but indha post sriman sundaramnra oru yoga therapistoda booka base panni irukku..also intenetla poi pictures ellam sutten

and the link made me furious..sama kadiyaa irukku indha patenting mattera paatha..

anyways, thank you

Pistu said...

I am using a lil bit modified version instead of using palms to lift yourself, place yours arms along your body and lift your head and neck with the help of your back. it helped my back prob a bit.

sambar42 said...
Here's one more :-)
Good, interesting posts. I must confess that I don't do yoga :-(
Probably should.

Anonymous said...

Priya ,
Thanks for the useful post.It explains clearly even a layman could learn it.

By the way can you post details reg pranayamam(kapalabhati) ?

I read somewhere that doing any pranayama in reverse way it is dangerous, it effects ur lungs.Is it true?

Anonymous said...

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