Tuesday, June 26, 2007

8 things that others don't know about me

8 things that others don't know about me (apdinnu naan nenakaren..)

My cousin Badhri has tagged me and as a result, I am answering here..

To me, this appears to be one of the toughest tags ever.. Who knows how people have perceived me !! Moreover, we meet people at different situations and they see you to be the personality that they observed during that time. Anyways..I will try my best to tell new things about me!!

1. During my college days, I considered that having crushes was an ill-feeling. Even when I just think somebody is handsome, I used to repent for it . And, I avoided speaking to guys...Ipoo yosicha, naanaaanu irukku... and its too silly...

2. I have sound sleep only when I am on a medication during illness. But everyday, I get a dream. Some are amazing but most of them are scary. Till date, I have no idea why is it so!!

3. I found that if somebody becomes my roommate, they either would fall in love or if already in love, all their problems would get resolved and get married.Ennala mathavangalukku kalyana rasi varum!! Till now ellarume!!

4. I dont have any specific favourite color till date.

5. I could never stay in an apartment for more than an year (at the max). Enaku moving rasi !!! Kaalula macham!!

6. I like solitude as much as how i like the crowd. In fact, I wish to really be with myself alone sometime every day and I dont think I would compromise that any time in my life.

7. I wish to own a cow and a calf someday and pet it.. get milk and bathe the cow and play with the kutti.

8. At my home, we should not say 'i dont like this vegetable, that fruit etc.' and we eat everything given. Otherwise, thitu udai dhaan!! Now, I boldly and happily declare "I am NOT fond of eating beetroot and cabbage ". Appaadaa!!

Okay over!! Now I tag
1. Arun (Let us see a post that should not talk anything about music)
2. Yaathirigan ( No travel talk)
3. Singamlae (No office/ s/w talk)
4. Prabukarthik (Neenga edhavenumnaalum sollunga!! )


Zeppelin said...

grrrr...aanalum ippidi oru condition pottruka vendam..w/o music nu.. hmm.. anyways, will make a sincere effort... maybe in a couple days.. :)

and btw, thanks for sort of reviving the kid in me.. ;)

Anonymous said...

"I wish to own a cow and a calf someday and pet it.. get milk and bathe and play with it."

Thought you wanted to get milk and bathe in it... One nimit kuttipriya Kiliyopriya aana... although Cleopatra bathed in donkey's milk(supposedly).


Priya said...

makkalukku nalla seiya dhaan apdi oru condition:)- indha postu ellarukkum puriyum paarunga!!

ippo maathiten.. poi paaru:)-

Viji said...

Priya- you are really SOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!! It's very nice to read something as refreshing as this!! Brought a smile to my lips- multiple times. :-) I wish people tagged you more often! :p

Priya said...

unmai ennanna your enthusiastic comments everytime brighten me many a times..

and now, you made my day..
May be we should talk to each other sometime!!

arun said...

siiigghhh...still got nothing...drawing blanks.. :(

Priya said...

idhukku enna ivlo yosanai..when i was irritated with work, i just decided to write something and there i saw that i was tagged.. udane ezhuthinen..

so, thonradha ezhuthungo!!

expertdabbler said...


beet root pidikaadha?
enga amma oru kutti 'iyarkai maruthuva rathna'

google kooda endha kai kari edhuku nalladhu nu late a dhaan sollum, enga amma edhuna pidikaadhu nu sonna udaney adhu idhu nalldhu adhuku nalladhu nu kooda rendu spoon vechudaanga!

rombo naalaiku aprom oru tagging post! parpom enna eludaradhu nu!

expertdabbler said...

Done :)

யாத்திரீகன் said...

priya.. adhisiyama tag pannathum post potachu... !!!

interesting 1st point about you :-)) most of the girls are this way haan ? and the 3rd point aadhangathula solreengala , sandhoshathulaya ;-))

Priya said...

okay pk,
will visit!!

hmnn.. most ponnungalaannu enaku theiryala..
3rd pointa naan ippo 8 thingsukkaaga yosicha podhu dhaan strike aachu.. ivlo naal namma roomiesu kalyanam aaguthunnu nenachu sandhosha patten.. ippo en raasi dhaanonnu nenachaa 'adakadavule'nnu irukku:)-

யாத்திரீகன் said...

:-))))))))))))) adutha vootu pilaya ooti valatha namma ootu pillai valarumnu solluvaanga.. vaazhthukazh..

யாத்திரீகன் said...

post potachu... !!!

Zeppelin said...

tag answered! :)

யாத்திரீகன் said...

ejujeme !!! did you forget this tag ?!

Priya said...

adpina sendhil??
unga posta paaka solreengala.. naan pathuten but comment vidala!!

vera enna tag??

Anonymous said...

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