Friday, June 29, 2007

My name is..

In India

On xx-xx-19xx, a pregnant lady was in a hospital for delivery. Her husband was tired of being in hospital for 2 days and lost patience. He was tensed but he could not see his wife not able to deliver. Doctors declared that its a complication and probably, we can wait for a day to see if the baby comes by itself - up side down. Yeh..the smart, beautiful, enhusisatic, intelligent baby (Ofcourse, its none other than me) was playing in the womb up-side down
My dad who was tensed, decided to go to a movie to relax (aatukaara alamelu- wherein "sri priya" was the herione) w/o telling others .. When he came back he found that cute baby was born. Appo..annikae... he decidedaam... this is a girl and so she should be named "priya" as she was born when i was watching "Sri priya"- I know.. the logic sounded "sakikala" to everybody including my mom..But as the name was good, they agreed upon it..

(atleast, its better than my friend sandy's case- she got her name because the nurse adviced to name so.. Parents during those day never had plans/ interests about their child's name .. chaa)

Appa always calls me 'Priya'. Chithis called 'Maayaa' (now priya) and ofcourse, paati's name "Shenbagalakshmi" is my official/religious name though nobody calls me so. Amma calls as 'veepee' (some times expands and teases me as ' Vevasthaketta priya'), Priya, Priyamvadha etc..whatever comes to her..

"sinna ponnu mava" - That's how the servant maid 'kamatchi' at my grandparents place (trichy) called me (Yeh, i was grown up till u.k.g at my grandparents' place)

"aei Piriiyaa" - That's how kamatchi, another servant maid in chennai, who took badhri and me on a bicycle to school, called me. And thats how "tamil miss and others" called me too.

"Preii..yaaaaa!!!" - My cousin badhri who lived at a home behind mine shouted to get my notes, watch tv at their home or exchange food between homes.

"freya" - guys in 5-6 standard tease me by calling so.

When somebody asks whats your name, I say "Priya"

or "Priya V" (during those days, the director priya v was not popular, so I was the only "Priya V" heehee)

or "V. Priya"


No problem.. Professors did not kill my name as like how they killed typical south indian names..bula-subraa-mann-yaan or so. ..I was lucky. But i was called differently among different 'kuttipriya' among batchmates and 'kupri' among girls in hostel and as 'cuppu' / 'cups' among close friends (cuppu / suppu..what crap..I hated this name but thats why they called me so) and as "pri" by my best friends in hostel.

Once, my best friend wanted to imitate my mom and wrote a letter with name Priyamvaadaa (adhu enna vijayavadaavaa??)..i was just laughing to myself.

I really liked the name 'kupri' and I feel so good and I get reminded of my hostel wingees. I sign off as 'Pri' in email when i really like the other person and/ when i am in a good mood as that was the name given by my best friends. Though I never thought to do intentionally so, I happen to discover that a few months ago.

This was the best period w.r.t the given names ever!!

In U.S.A

Inga dhaan vevakaaram !!

Here in U.S I say " My name is Priya Venka ta krish nan" and let me spell it for you if needed.
(and this is the std. expansion I give (mugged) )
P like in Peter.
r like in rabbit.
i like in irene.
y like in yam.
a like in apple.

v like in victor.
e like in emily.
n like in nancy.
k like in kite.
a like in apple.
t like in tom.
a like in apple.
k like in kite.
r like in rabbit.
i like irene.
s like in shoe.
h like in hat.
n like in nancy *.
a like in apple *.
n like in nancy *.

* I have tried saying "nan" as in nancy. People don't follow it unless exceptionally smart:)-

2002- Priya venkalakrishnan- My college email id (an..Venkalam, pithalai, thaamiram..ellam sollunga daa). I went to the concerned dept. and reported. Till date nothing got changed.

2002- Priya venkatatrishnan - T Mobile name (Ne T mobilenna naan en "trishnan" aaven--ne "k"- mobile aayiko:)- !! )

2002- Priya venkapakrishnan - Electricity ( kentucky utilities) - kap(b)am thondaiya adaikudhu paa!!

2004- Priya Venkatahrishnan - AAA - idhu avlo mosam illa...Of all the mistakes, I am okay with this..

2004/5- Priya vendakakrishnan - Broadband nnu nenakren - Vendakaayavadhu podalangaayaavadhu!!

In El paso, US

2006- Privya Venkatakrishnan - Univ id card - First day first thing pannen.. Thappa laminate panni kuduthaan..

2006- Piya Venkatakrishnan - Internet/ cable service - Ennadhu...piyaavaa?? sama kadi..

2007 - Nethiku nadandhudhu sir idhu!! Nondhu poi solren!! I opened my tax return mail from Kentucky.. Aahaa Paisaa varume!! Right after I opened, I saw my name.. aprom paisaava patha enthu poye pochu..Here it is.. " Priya Venkatakinghnan" - Ennayya idhu singhaa/ kinghaa??.. Makkale, enna ozhungaana perla koopdave maateengalaa!!

Enna Kodumai saravanan idhu!!

P.S : Atleast my name is not mispelled as bad as my periamma, hemambujam.. Once it was mispelled in a document as " Hemam jam" and we laughed the whole day after receiving the post!!


Zeppelin said...


andha 2006 el paso internet - was there any indian guy involved there? especially oru hindi therinja payyan? or maybe even ponnu.. nowadays you never know... :P

hindi la "piya" nu chellama girl/boy friend/ partner/hunsband/wife etc... va koopuduvanga... :P :P :P :P :P.. just kidding... ;)

good post! :)

Badhri said...

Wow that is longer than a dictionary of names! Awesome. I was mostly Badhri everywhere except at home.

And "Hemam jam" is not where it stopped. There are others too

Hema begum
Keemambujam ...

and more to come I guess! :)

Anyway, good walk down into the past!

Priya said...

naanum idhaye nenachen.. hee hee.. internet company indian evanum illa..


still u have many names given my me..bagir bakkili, badhu..

jagan and friends- bodhak

chithis -abi

Driver said...

Really funny. I can relate to it. To add to Badhri's names: "Pakkiri" / "Baththiree" / "Battery"...

Badhri - sorry machi, un perai repair pannarathukkunne naan irukkennu ninaikkaren.

Aravind said...

hheehee..First name kooda perisa onnum agala .last name mela avangluku enna kovamo pottu kizhichitanga..


expertdabbler said...

oru dhadavai ipdi dhaan US la irukara customer support ku phone panni

"prabukarthik ramalingam" nu spell panradhukulla, kaalaila saapta idly serichu pasikka aarambichuduchu..

Anonymous said...

hey... too busy.. will write ur tag soon...

Good luck :D


Gayathri said...

sooper po. nejamave rolling on the floor laughing..:))

யாத்திரீகன் said...

hey did my prev comment lost somewhere ?!

hmmmmm.. romba common-ah oru paer irukurathunu romba varutha paduvor sangathula member naanga yellam... athunaala ipdi namma oorukulayey experience kedayathu..

etho college-la thaan namma makka, paerai maathi vitanuva..

couple of months back, after a meeting with guys from oracle, when he walked past my cube, he started couting the characters and sighed saying ahh!!! oracle does supports this length.. (mokkai comedy panna annaiku adi vaanga therinjaa.. ) .. afterall 29 characters-ku indha paadu.. athuvum yenna appa paerai saerthu vachukitu indha comedy..

சிங்கம்லே ACE !! said...

Hey cuppu, :D hilarious post :D :D

Anonymous said...

Sangatakrishnan was missing here ?
haha .. un perla ivvalavu matter-a ?

Kishore Reddy said...

Hmmm interesting.. i cant stop laughing priya

Chakra said...

hmmm.... think abt the experience i would hav had for my name.. CHAKKARAPANI.. I would need a whole blog for that.. now, I have become so very insensitive to ppl mis-spelling my name.. i respond to anything that starts with 'cha..'

Priya said...

u r right.. i forgot them!!!

yeh aravind..
adding tothe list, recently when i rented car, they wrote as venkatakrishman

appa enga gadhiya yosinga!!


oorlerundhu eppo vandha?? how r u??

puriyudhu sendhil..hmmm

vasu, ne vandhuta illa.. sangatakrishnanaa aayiduven sooner

en nilamai unakku siripaa

i can totally understand!!!

arul said...

i agree with u...indha mathiri incidents ennakum nadanthuchu....jus full name is Arulkumaran Muthukumarsamy....ennna kodumai sir idhu....hehe

R R R said...

romba kastam madam unga pera solrathukku...mudiyalada saami!

Anonymous said...

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