Saturday, November 03, 2007


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My dear Makkaaaaa!!

Kutti priya was vettipriya till 2007. But, unbelievably busy now a days..Ellam Ph. D. dhaan.. Vera enna iruka mudiyum.. As my friend says " 'Ural'ukkulla vizhundaachu..Idi pattu dhaane aaganum"... Missing those days when I used to sit reading blogs sipping coffee every now and then..

Well, ennatha solla..Makkale..matter onnum illa..pulambals of life dhaan everyday.. Timae illa..

Well, 2 weeks ago, I drove up to Texas A &M University from El Paso via Austin to give a presentation. I started early morning from austin on a friday. The two hour drive to A&M is simply suberb and memorable. I always had a weird interest to go around pastoral place on a working day. I mean that I should not go in a gang to see such a scenic place but should go myself when my friends and faculty are working in their offices. In brief, naan vettiya sutharche adhu working daya irukanum..May be, that wish of mine being fullfilled during that visit made me happy from within. May be enna May be - adhaan!!

Hyundai Sonata - Pastoral scenary with Cows and goats in farm land (I love cows and horses) - Ilayaraja's 'Elangaathu Vessudhe' Song played - - Tears came out from my eyes- Enjoyed like anything. All of a sudden, you see a sign board saying College station (the location where A&M univ is ). I was like.. Oh my God!!

Nobody can imagine that a university can be in that area. Yeh, the univ is in between a big farming area. The town " college station " has nothing other than the university and Texas A&M is so huge.. Never have I seen such a big university - probably the second biggest univ in U.S.A i guess. It had resemblence of BITS, Pilani... I started living in the past for a while..

As usual, I got lost inside this big campus. So, I got a chance to go around the whole campus.
Man... I enjoyed the feel ..everybody working around me. I am roaming around campus..After a while, finally... I felt responsible that I need to be at the meeting, came out of the dream world and identified the alumni center and reached - Ofcourse late.. but much earlier to my talk time.

It was a presentation contest.. Ammaavukku bayamee illa..because my thoughts were full of happiness and admiration for the drive and location. Never I got so much out of my own control..loosened feel..irresponsible.. Thanni adichaa ipdi dhaan irukum pola irukku- inam puriyaadha sandhosham!! Well, my talk went okay. I made a lot of friends within hours from different univs in texas who were at the meeting. I asked some of the Aggies (Texas A & M ites) to show me around and they did. Ammavukku consolation prize kedachudhu. But somehow, I was not having any emotion towards it..Mannn..

Vaazhkaiyla manasukulla aasai pattadhu (evlo sillya irundhaalum) namma edhir paakadha timela nirai verumbodhu kedaikra sandhosham - rather we shall call it "kudhookalam"- Chaanse illa..

Getting reminded of these lines in the song "angel vandhaale" - " Neerukkul poothirundha poovonrai neendhi vandhu arindhaye.. nandri uyire"


யாத்திரீகன் said...

>>>> Vaazhkaiyla manasukulla aasai pattadhu (evlo sillya irundhaalum) namma edhir paakadha timela nirai verumbodhu kedaikra sandhosham <<<<<

ஹீம்.... உண்மைதான் ப்ரியா.. இதை ஈடுகட்டுறதுக்கு வேற எதுவுமே இல்லை.. :-) சரி.. பிரசண்டேஷன்னு காமிரா எடுத்துட்டு போகலையா.. கட்டாயம் காமிரால சுட்டுட்டு இருந்தா இவ்வளவு சந்தோஷம் இருக்காது.. ஆனா இன்னொரு முறை போனா கட்டாயம் சுட்டுட்டு வாங்க ;-)

சரி.. இங்க நக்கலடிக்குறதுக்கோ இல்லை லாஜிஸ்டிக்ஸ் யோசிச்ச விஷயமோ எதுவும் இல்லாமலா போய்டும்.. அடுத்த போஸ்ட் அதானே :-D

kalai said...

enna pandrathu...namakku pudichatha panna mudiyalainaa pulambal thaan minchum....

unga post padichathum ennakku kuuda 'Elangaathu Vessudhe' paattu kettutu maadu, kudhiraiyalaam partha mathiri oru feeling...

wow, ethoda consolation prize vera... nejamaavae kudhookalam thaan....

Priya said...

hahaa..sendhill..actually second para puriyala.. ippo ennanreenga? :)-


actually kudhirai paakum podhu, i get reminded of this " jaathi hoon mein..jaldhi hai kya"- baazigar movie..orae kudhiraiyaa irukkumm..

aamaam.. actually back to el paso vandha piragu dhaan prize vaangina feeling vandhadhu!!

சிங்கம்லே ACE !! said...

Wow.. ivlo thooram vantheengala..
good to hear that you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy pannunga..

//Vaazhkaiyla manasukulla aasai pattadhu (evlo sillya irundhaalum) namma edhir paakadha timela nirai verumbodhu kedaikra sandhosham//

Master card ad maathiri, priceless :D :D

//I made a lot of friends within hours //

Took hours.. cant beleive.. (minutes is beleivable :D)

//Pastoral scenary with Cows and goats in farm land //

goats??Are you sure? Never seen goats in Texas

சிங்கம்லே ACE !! said...

BTW, maranthutten.. congrats for the prize.. appuram treat enge??

Priya said...

india poyeentengannu nenachene.. dallasla irukeengalaa??

goat dhaan nnu thonudhu.. atleast a and m university projectsla goat paathen..

யாத்திரீகன் said...

ப்ரியா... போன எடத்துல வேலையை மட்டும் பார்க்காம எடக்கு முடக்கா யோசிக்காமலா இருந்திருப்பீங்க.. அதைப்பத்தி அடுத்த போஸ்ட்னு சொன்னேன்... for further reference check for "Jerry Johnson" & "Tom Thompson".. ;-)

Priya said...

actually naan " mei marandhu irundhen":)-

Priya said...

thank you ace!!

R R R said...

ezhangaathu veesuthe paata vera oorla irundhu rasikkum pothu kandippa kannula thanni thaan varum..

very expressive lines....

Priya said...

thank you rrr

Archana said...

I simply loved reading this post :-)! That feeling is simply awesome!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Etho nalladhu nadakkaradhu..nadakkattum..enna irundalum pilani la irukkara Nutan,ille connought maadiri varuma

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to ur post... tamil la ipdi oru blog.. Ausum,,,

College station ponappo Navasota idam pathingala??? epdi irunthuthu


Priya said...

thank you archana!!

compassion !!
neenga bitsianaa??

adhu enna navasota-minnesota maari..naan to market(FM) 166, 60, 50 idhellam dhaan paathen!!

Viji said...

ooohhhhhhh! Very Sweeeeeeeet!
Loved reading it and I must say I also shared a bit of your happiness by doing so. :)

Anonymous said...

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