Friday, December 07, 2007

One thing out!!!

Yaaahooo... Finally, I made it. In the list of things that I am trying to improvise the taste, look and smell, the cocoa chocolate is out. I am so glad..yaaahooooo...

Okay, let me tell you the reason behind my excitement. There are some dishes in my list whose cooking conditions have to be optimized to get the exact taste of mom's or the best preparation. Some are not bad but that exact taste is missing. Some dishes come into and go out of the list very soon. Some stay forever in the list showing my inability, lazyness or its own complexity.

Recently, the list contains(/ed) mom's cocoa chocolate, sujan's bisebela bhath, prabu's sambhar vadai, mom's mor kozhambu, my periama's thakkali thokku . Recently, mor kuzhambu and bise belabhath are almost out of the list. But, finally, yesterday, the chocolate came out of that list..

I finally optimized it w.r.t. the u.s butter sugar and milk powder. This is a dish wherein I did all the mistakes and learned the right procedure by my meticulous efforts. Well, you will never know where you will be dumb!! I have succeded like Mohammed of Ghazni or ashoka after several trials.

Here is the recipe to make cocoa chocolate (not a pastry) in just 15 minutes.

Cocoa Chocolate
1. Cocoa (Hersheys cocoa powder)- 1 cup
2. Milk powder (Dry milk) - 2 cups
3. Sugar - 3 cups
4. Butter stick (land of lakes brand-unsalted- 1lb)- 3/4 of one stick

Easy.. the amounts are just one, two, three. Remember sugar is the max.

Before you start,
1. Mix the milk powder and cocoa evenly. Break the small milk powder granules by crushing between fingers for atleast 5 minutes. This is very important as the milk powder is not very nice (granulated) here in U.S
2. Just melt the butter. Remember, the butter should not boil. Just melt and have 3/4 cup of that. If you dont melt and add it as butter in the recipe, it does not set.
3. Take square shape plate or box and grease the bottom (full) and the wall (about 2 inches) with butter. Why not a round plate?? It's because you will get a lot of bits and small, uneven pieces when its a round plate.


1. Add water to the sugar just enough to cover in a thick bottomed pan and place it on the stove. Set the stove in 4 or 5
2. The sugar dissolves and it goes to a thicker state in 5-7 minutes. Dip a laddle and take a small amount between two fingers (index and thumb) to see if it forms a string. Please be patient. Let it form a proper string. I tend to hurry here. Don't do that
3. Now add 1/2 cup or a little more of melted butter. You will see white bubbles. Stir the pan. Remember, the more you add, the longer it takes to set
4. Add the cocoa and milk powder mix to the pan. Stir in a circular way around the periphery till you see all the mix is dissolved with the liquid
5. Stir, lift the laddle and drop into the pan to see if the mixture falls like a typical flow in chocolate ads. (Nalla madipu madipaa vizhanum). You can see slight thickening/shrinkage of chocolate at the perphery of the pan
6. Pour the chocolate into the tray
7. When it is warm and molten, cut into pieces. It may not look like pieces. Eventually it will.

1. You can place a cashew/almond on each piece when it is molten.
2. This is just my own idea - If you have a egg tray (refrigerator), grease and pour in that and place an almond or cashew. It comes out hemispherical and it's so pretty!!

Trouble shooting:

I am an expert in this section.

1. If it solidified before pouring, it means it was too long on stove. You can avoid this by looking for solid chips at the edges of pan. You can slightly make-up by addiing a small amount of boiling water, put it back in the pan on stove and then pour back. Do not leave on heat for long. It may or may not work depending on how much you spoiled.

2. If it did not set, leave it in freezer for a while and then put it out. It will solidify before next morning. But, dont forget to make cuts horizontally and vertically when it is molten.

3. If it did not set at all,
1. Probably, you did not let the sugar form a string (Paagu varla). Keep it on stove for longer and then pour again
2. It may also mean it has less sugar. Take some sugar in a water, boil and add to this chocolate in a pan, heat and then pour
3. If its chewy like "kamarkat", a) leave it overnight. It will get fine many a times.b) it has too much sugar or butter that is not letting it set. Put it in a freezer and if it still did not get better, give it to children wrapped with a paper. They will love it.

Okay.. But remember, if you eat in plenty, "one thing is not out". I mean it causes constipation :)-


Anonymous said...

Cool Priya. Edhaavadhu coloring agent/better camera use panni irukalaam.

Thanks for the recipe.

Sujan's Bisibelebath next please.


Priya said...

yeh.. it was from a cell phone camera. And i thought this time again a javvu mittaai.. so, i didnot even bother make cuts properly..surprisingly, the taste and consistency came out good!!

sujan's bisebela bhath, naan epdi ezhtha?? when he can write it for us!!

kalai said...

dis is really a nice post. Surely i will do dis & make u know abot my result....take care Priya...

Priya said...

Thank you kalai.. whenever i see your name, i get reminded the tamil serial " arasi" . do you watch it..

P B said...

Recently, mor kuzhambu and bise belabhath are almost out of the list.

Eppo panna? yaar saptu sonnanga? neeye saptu neeye sollikiriya? ADhu poga, RC kettadhu sariyana kelvi. Sujan's bisibelabath nee dhane panniiruka.

Priya said...

naan evlo strong criticnnu oora kelunga..and naan biasedum illa..

neenga vandha ungalukkum kudukapadum..

kalai said...

No ya... i think u thought my name to be "Kalaiyarasi"... name is "Kalaiselvi"... happy dat my name remainded something for u... take care Priya...

யாத்திரீகன் said...

@pb's comment :-) .. no offense meant priya :-)))

just now i'm watching forest gump and hanks compares life to a chocolate box..

unga troubleshooting-ah andha context-la yosicha kooda nalla thaan iruku :-D

Anonymous said...

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