Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Therindhal sollungal - Kula thozil

Tell me this.. In olden days, Brahmins were doing poojas and teachings, kings and ministers did take care of people and war, Black/ Gold smith did their job with metals, farmers did farming etc.. Their children also learned the same from them.

At a point of time in history after that, people started taking up multiple jobs say like, brahmins went to war and learned vedas, black and gold smith started selling other stuffs as well... etc.. Here, the children started learning multiple things from father and also other stuffs..

After this... what happened ???

And how did we reach to a state wherein we just know our caste and not learn anythng from our parents and grandparents??

Any guess why/ how / what made us as we are now??

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Idhuku mela "Than" bayamaaa?!!


Have you ever experienced a sort of fear given out by an intuitive feeling that, something shocking / some unexpected terrible result is going to happen- I wish to call this vayathula puliya karaikra (VPK) feeling as - ' ul bayam or than bayam'

Of all the bayams (adhaanga, 'fear'aame..edho solraanga) that I face such as thanni bayam/ height bayam / kovamaa kathinaa bayam, I get this 'VPK feeling ' (of / for / by me) quite often - during the most important time to the least . Even if I did things right or even when things around you go right, this " than bayam" will scratch me always. Infact one of my friends (namma 'zep' sir dhaan) called me "thenalini" - worstest la.. stilll...point accepted.

Okay .. matterukku varen.. If you still don't get what kind of feeling it is, here are some examples

Serious Timela : When I am performing an expt in lab and when my solution does not turn into the color that is expected, the ul bayam will tell me " priya, did u ever add the main reagent A. Though you had that reagent in hand, did you add it?.. though you tilted from your hand to 90'c, did it fall into the tube... though it fell in, did it stick to the walls of the tube or go straight "

Immediately or right after getting this thought

" DDDDDumeeel!!!!"

- Yeh that VPK feeling or ul bayam attacks the stomach and then the heart and finally the mind and you would feel that jerk!!

Jollyaana timela: When I was watching " Kaakha kaakha" for the first time, the song started like " she is a fantasy..shananana..she is a harmony.."

Right at that moment when I saw the school girls in skirt and blouse, I got this quick thought

" My God!! please don't introduce 'Jo' as a student and I can't withstand that.. please.. please"

followed by that exact VPK/ Ul bayam " Dumeeeeeeeeeel "feeling.

Then when I saw her as teacher in the next scene I got the relaxed ' appaadaa ' feeling.

Simple matterla: Today, I cut the pepperidge farm cookie cover with nails (nails only) , it got
torn unevenly here and there. I took the biscuits and then, I got this thought

" If dog bites this unopened cover, will it cut open better than me?" -My God.. the same old VPK feeling... " Dumeeel"

Then, I took scissors and cut it straight and I felt relieved only after that!!

Once, when my teacher blamed about my handwriting (actually mine is never bad.. believe me) , I used to literally think if kozhi knows to write tamil/english, will it scribble worser than me? etc..

Makkale, sirikaadheenga.. I know I have laughed at myself many a times..Seriousaa solren.. I always imagine stuff in total and feared about things..Adhanaaleye, "'Nadamaadum live entertainment" aa thiriyaren..

My friends around me say " You are always thinking.. Dont think too much" . So, ippo ellam..appopoo...koncham consciousaa yosikaren!!

Idhukku ellam naduvula, my mom/ grandmom would scold me even now for any act " Manasula "than" bayame illa.. Enna metthanam paaru..kannula thanni varudhaa paaru !!"

(manasukkula naan) " Amma.. idhukkum mela enaku "than bayama"...Idhellam too too much maa !!!"