Sunday, October 07, 2007

Okay.. Let us continue !

Article correction, proposal due, two abstract submssions followed by a qualifying exam!!That's why my regular somberi schedule drastically changed to a better schedule. For the first time, I had put away blogging in the last 3 years!! Thank you guys and with all your good wishes, I performed well in each of them !!

Well, as per sendhil's wishes(see comment in the previous post), I have come back with lots of new experiences. The rusted 'moolai' was used after a long time. Once activated, now i feel like an over oiled instrument is on my head and infact, runs faster than ever. As a result, my analyses, thoughts, nakkal, nayyandi, logistics were/are in hyperactive state.

Oru example solren kelunga!!- Yesterday, I saw the name plate of a professor "Jerry Johnson".
Immediate thought after that was "will his brother be called as Tom Thomson" :)- Well, idhu maari innum ethanaiyo!! do's and dont's in current affiars, university governance, ISA governance, ideas for self-improvement.. etc. Such thoughts always flash only when you are trying to focus in studies.. Hmnn

Ennamo.. ponga!!