Sunday, March 02, 2008

Idli Burger..Idli Sandwich…Grrrrr…. finally, Rim Idli.

Since childhood, I am not somebody who is fond of idlies but I can eat few. After coming to U.S, occasionally, I longed for it. Two months ago, I got this feeling..”Why is this idli not ever modified? wait... there is a modification..Oh yeh.. kancheepuram idli.. Still, what else?? How come nothing more?” ..“What can I do about it?“ Then I gave it a thought “okay..if idlies will have something over it disturbing the white color, I won’t like it (I would never liked to have it when it was totally immersed in milagai podi during travel time(as how it was traditionally eaten)..Apart from mixing something and trying like kancheepuram idli, what else can be tried?”
“If I identify something, I will spread this around the indian-restaurants and make a difference among the not- so-fond idli eaters” – with this nenaps, I thought for a while. Then I came with this “Rim Idli. An idli whose rim alone will have some color and will taste different
Okay.. what can make the idli rim get a color..corriander chutney? tomato chutney? onion chutney?..

Try corriander chutney. I have the tradionally idli vessel where you pour the idli on a cloth wrapped plate(and not the cooker)

Trial 1 : Poured some idli maavu and get it half cooked. Over the half-idli, add a layer of C. chutney and fill the maavu over it.
Result: Ooops… it turned out like a burger… Idli Burger. The layer of chutney was like a patti in burger!! The taste was not any better. Rather horrible..

Idli Burger

Lessons learned: With the addition of small amount of idli maavu in the beginning, I expected to see a flat half idli to hold the chutney that I will add after. Arivu jeevi!! Of course, it formed a small convex-idli (full kutti idli) on both sides which made it look like a fat burger. And the corriander(which is dry in nature) has less taken all the water from idli and the whole idli was dry within. Next time, I will try with tomato (which contains water already) chutney. I will try to add less amount of maavu at the bottom.

Two weeks later…

Trial 2: Poured less amount of maavu at the bottom layer. Let it cook to an extent. Added the tomato chutney and layered maavu over it.
Result: Wow.. it looked much better than before!! But it was like a sandwich :) Idli sandwich. The bottom or top layer was thin than the other and the rim was not formed well with chutney. Taste was really good. If you make your chutney with some tamarind, it tastes awesome. But , why was it like a sandwich. Why not a rim?
Idli Sandwich

Lesson learned: The chutney should be thin enough to make a single layer. But mine was a regular chutney. So, next time, I will crush the tomato in a blender first and then make chutney and again, I will blend it. Also, I will try to use a spoon and press the half-cooked bottom layer to make it flat and then add the chutney.

4 weeks later..

Trial 3: Incorporated all the above-mentioned things
Result: Wow.. Rim Idli. It tasted awesome and looked fine. Look at the rim formed. (I started eating from other side of the plate before taking this pic..That's why you see chutney-spill over the plate..he hee)

Makkale.. try it out!!

Rim Idli


The Doodler said...

Actually, a very creative attempt! In all these years, it never even occurred to me to question the idlis we eat! :) Good job!

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

Thanks subha!!

சிங்கம்லே ACE !! said...

kadavule, ithu enna idlykku vantha sodhanai :(

idly-a kodumai paduthina,naragathula, ungala idly cookerla vega vekka poraanga :)

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

ha ha ha...
finally u changed the singam pics!!

Anonymous said...

Aaga... pramaadham.. pramaadam...

Barjaarini aagidalaam nee :). Why don't you do a week in one of those "samaithu paarunga" TV episodes :)


Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

enna kindalaa...naan oru research scientist maari yosichu invent panni iruken:)-
enna paathu barjarininnu solraye..
ellam time!!

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

enna kindalaa...naan oru research scientist maari yosichu invent panni iruken:)-
enna paathu barjarininnu solraye..
ellam time!!

Anonymous said...

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Swarna Varsha Gurumoorthy said...

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