Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Award for Girlie Girlie Konjals ?

Well, I am not a fan of girlie-girlie konjals..whether it is with friends or in movies!!

Sometimes..rather most of the times, men like such konjals!! It looks like there is some attraction factor in that. It grabs their attention by giving "ayoo paavam" or "so cute" feeling. Whatever!!

Well, it gets worser for people like me when the guy also does it along. Sagika mudiyaadha feeling..Kadavule, enna kaapathu feeling creeps in when you watch the movie !! Kushi for example got on my nerves like anything, although I loved the songs very much. Infact, Jothika was bearable and it was vijay who irriated me too much. And, its the same with Sachin. Inspite of excellent camera, I could not withstand Vijay and Genelia.

Adhellam pazhaya kadhai..ippo ennanreengala??!!

Recently I watched 'Santhosh Subramaniam', a remake of 'Bommerilu'. Though Jayam Ravi could not at all act, it was a decent movie. The surprising thing was I was not at all mad at genelia's girlie konjals..Somehow it went so well with the character. I enjoyed it without much complaints except for the first few scenes of her.

Is it me? What happened to me? I was perplexed!! Then I watched it again to notice why I liked it? Mann.. this girl really acted well than many others !! Plus, the dubbing artist saritha has done her job so well that it became a perfect fit for Genelia!!

If Asin does not perform well in Dasavatharam, I am sure Genelia will get this year's award.. filmfare or whatever!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just a thought!!

My recent weird thought !!

Visit here !!!

Don't know why I think too too much!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Akshaya Thritiyai

Akshaya Thiritiyai – Day of Prosperity (Nothing diminishes)

Today is Akshaya thritiyai. Due to mass media and marketing, now it’s a day to buy gold and articles. But there are other important facts about this day that we all should know:
  • Third day of the bright half of the lunar month of Vaikasi
  • Sun and moon are extremely bright today-esp in westcoast of india
  • Lord Parasurama’s Birthday
  • Day when Threta Yugam started
  • Day when river ganges flew from heaven to earth

I read in a book that today is good to
1. Start a buisness
2. Apply for job
3. Look for a bride/groom
4. Buy articles

And above all,
5. It’s a good day to donate something and it fetches punyam in multifold.
Back in olden days (when no media propagation was there), this day was just glorified by mamis to shop. When mamis at our homes go to buy jewels, my thatha used to get a lot of coins and go to temple. And on this day, there used be many many beggers (atleast 20) sitting in a row near temple Gopuram. My thatha used to go to each person and put a coin. I can appreciate it now though not earlier. Also it’s really good to do annadhanam this day it seems.

Donate if you can !!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Heard Recently!!

Pant pottu, mutti podamudiyum
Mutti pottu, pant poda muduyumaa!!! Mudiyaadhe :)-

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Frown to a Smile

Few days ago, I was getting into the bus and as usual, I was about to put in 50 cents in the box near the bus driver.

The bus driver stopped me and asked "How old are you?"

I was taken aback!! Assuming that he thought me to be a non-student and expecting me to put in a dollar, I said " I am a student" in a defensive manner.

Bus driver: I know..Thats why I am asking how old are you?

Me: With a frowing face I said "I am 28"

Bus driver: "Oh..I am sorry Ma'm. Today is xyz day for mexicans. So it's free (to ride in bus) for people under 18. I thought you were. That's why I asked"

My frown turned into a wide smile and I said " That's okay"

Bus Driver: You look so young !

"ore pullarippu dhan ponga..." I was thinking to myself " indha oorla makkal valarthiyaa irukardhaala namma younga theriyarom" Yaanai kitta poi nee poonainnu sonnaalum yaanai sandhosham dhan padum pola :)-

Well, on the other hand, yaarume madhikardhulla.. 16 vayadhinile stylela sonnaa.." naan dhaan akkannu koopdu..ma'm nu koopdunnu solren..yaaru kekraanga" :)-