Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Award for Girlie Girlie Konjals ?

Well, I am not a fan of girlie-girlie konjals..whether it is with friends or in movies!!

Sometimes..rather most of the times, men like such konjals!! It looks like there is some attraction factor in that. It grabs their attention by giving "ayoo paavam" or "so cute" feeling. Whatever!!

Well, it gets worser for people like me when the guy also does it along. Sagika mudiyaadha feeling..Kadavule, enna kaapathu feeling creeps in when you watch the movie !! Kushi for example got on my nerves like anything, although I loved the songs very much. Infact, Jothika was bearable and it was vijay who irriated me too much. And, its the same with Sachin. Inspite of excellent camera, I could not withstand Vijay and Genelia.

Adhellam pazhaya kadhai..ippo ennanreengala??!!

Recently I watched 'Santhosh Subramaniam', a remake of 'Bommerilu'. Though Jayam Ravi could not at all act, it was a decent movie. The surprising thing was I was not at all mad at genelia's girlie konjals..Somehow it went so well with the character. I enjoyed it without much complaints except for the first few scenes of her.

Is it me? What happened to me? I was perplexed!! Then I watched it again to notice why I liked it? Mann.. this girl really acted well than many others !! Plus, the dubbing artist saritha has done her job so well that it became a perfect fit for Genelia!!

If Asin does not perform well in Dasavatharam, I am sure Genelia will get this year's award.. filmfare or whatever!!


Ashok said...

No Offense... I was having a discussion with my colleagues today on which film to watch this week-end. Obviously SS cropped up, but was quickly rejected when 3 people put up their hand and said " Ayyyooooo Mokkam Padam Da" Adha poi pathae... Unna kitta saekka maattom... heeheee... Maybe the movieis desperately low in guys quotient

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

ha ha.. naanum idha ahaa oohho nnnu nenakala ashok!!

see, they did the same mistake like in kushi.. The essence of the story is told 20,000 times in the movie..So, oru thrill factoree illa..mindla "aamaam idhaane apdinnu thonuchu" and hero nadikave illa..if your friends dont like girlie girlie konchals, then they have to rate it as zero!!

well, oru "dhanda"thula kooda ennenna supernnu paakum en mind. indha padam dhandam kedaiyyadhu..idha vida kuppaila kooda enna better portionnu naan yosichu iruken ashok and adhaan he he :)-

aprom, naan tamil padathaa, innoru tamil padam kooda maatum dhaan compare pannipen..no comaprison to english or hindi..adhunaala kooda naan neraiya tamil or hindi padathuku better rating kudupen. :)-but neraiya pasanga apdi illaye..inherentaa ellathayum sethu pottu dhhaaan rate pannuvaanga..edho enaku therinjadhu!!

prabukarthik said...

ipdi mothama aaan kulathaye accuse panradhu over :)

Naan SS parkalai.. i saw bommarilu.. siddharth was superb in that movie.. Jeyam Ravi mela abaar nambikkai.. kandippa thuppara madhiri daan pannirupaan nu adhaan parkalai :)

Genelia is very good :)

Aravind said...

"men like such konjals!!" is a rough statement . movie was ok since the presentation was better. Asin in 10avtar -- what a joke ;)..Kamal movie and he in 10 roles . padam poora kamal than varuvaan....

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

pk and aravind!!
rather, most of the times, men like such konchals - idhula modhal paarta (rather, most of the times) sethu padikardhe kedaiyaadhu neenga ellam!!

seri. seri.. neenga ellam ippo minority dhaan.. may be, oru naal illa oru naal neengalum 'nyangya mugnya nnu' oru ponnu varum.. adhu pinnale suthuveenga paarunga.. appo naan vandhu ketaa (chance kedaichaa)"chi priya..iva sama cute.. unaku poramai"nnu solliduveenga..
idhaane nadakudhu !!!

indianangel said...

// Sometimes..rather most of the times, men like such konjals!!

Wrong Priya, its very irritating for me when i see girls konjufying, esp when they need to get things done.

I dint like Genelia's acting nor Jeyam Ravi's because i felt it was overacting. Things can be enjoyed only when its natural, atleast thats what I perceive :)

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

indian angel,
i totally agree that it is very very irritating to see such people.
well, you should accept the fact there is a significant population of girls like that...avangalukku adhu naturala varudhu (namaku adhu kadiyaa irkku) and there is also a significant population of guys encouraging that.. neenga illaanu sonnaa naan othuka maaten :)- avangala manadhil kondu padam edukaraanga.. mothal time naan kadiyaanen..aaanaa andha konjallayum naturalaa konjaranvanga maari pannirukaannu naan nenachen!! he he

யாத்திரீகன் said...

படம் பார்த்துட்டு இருக்கைலேய , இப்படி ஒரு பொண்ணு கல்யாணம் பண்ணிகிட்ட அந்த பையனோட வாழ்க்கை எப்படி இருக்கும் னு நெனச்சுப்பார்த்துட்டே இருந்தேன் .. இப்போ இரசிக்குற ஒவ்வொன்னையும் கல்யாணத்துக்கப்புறம் எப்படி பார்ப்பான்-னு :-))))) ... கடி ஆகிடுவானுங்க இப்படி எல்லாம் பொண்ணு கெடச்சானு தான் தோணுச்சு .. :-))))

காலேஜ்-ல இப்படி பேசினாலே நல்லா வாங்கி கட்டிகிட்ட பொண்ணுங்க நெறைய .. ஆனா சொன்ன மாதிரி பசங்க சிலருக்கு ஒரு State of Mind-ல இது ரொம்ப பிடிச்சிருக்கு .. என்ன பண்ண !!!!

லாப் முன்னாடி, இப்படி பேசுன பொண்ணை அதே மாதிரி எல்லோர் முன்னாடியும் பேசி நக்கல் அடிச்சு, கடைசி வரைக்கும் செம காண்டு-ல இருந்தா ;-)

SS கொஞ்ச நேரம் பார்த்தேன், பொம்மரிலு சித்தார்த்+பிரகாஷ்ராஜ் combo அளவுக்கு இரசிக்க முடியல, the screenplay was just neat

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