Saturday, June 07, 2008

8 facts about me !!

1. "Aarva kolaru"/ "Hyper enthu"/ "Passionate" alias Priya. Paatu keka kathuka pudikum, cook panna pudikum, drama nadika pudikum, research panna pudikum, teaching pudikum, tamizh padika pudikum, ayur vedam pudikum, slokam kathuka pudikum, handicraft panna pudikum, oor sutha pudikum..the list goes on..One is no less than the other!!

But of late, I am in control holding my wings. Romba serious phase of my lifeaa theriyardhu !!

2. I have a deceptive look. Worries are inherent in me.. "Ippo edhukku kavalai padalaamnnu yosichu yosichu kavalai paduven"nnu close friends pesikaraanga. But as such, my looks would be as though I have no worries. "Hi-bye" friends always ask "how come you are always smiling" :)-

3. I am a tamil paithiyam..I will go crazy if I don't listen to tamil atleast for 1/2 hr a day.. Initially I had friends around to talk in tamil. At el paso, just 2 people know tamil. So, TV serial, radio idhellaam atleast 1 hraavadhu paapen, kepen.

4. I will die if I cannot eat southindian food for a week. Even before a big deadline, I will cook and eat. Otherwise, I feel useless, energyless, enthuless and passionless.

5. I can talk non-stop.. not just bland..with tone modulation etc. and I am one among the few who can feel something called jaw-pain due to excess talking. El pasola it happens less frequently..probably once in 2 months or so :)- But, believe me !! I am extremely hesitant and shy to talk with anybody new for the first time. I hate the first-time meet with anybody..extremely embarrasing.

6. I dont hold grudges. Not that I am too good but I am very forgetful. Again, I have a deceptive smart look (makkal solraanga!!) that I dont project it that way and very few people can notice that I am very forgetful.

7. I have reasonably good perseverance than a lot of people. Well, I like to initiate a lot of things with a group of people- a side effect of aarva kolaru. Even when things are not moving the way it should be, I have lots of perseverance to wait for the right time to execute and not close anything down without results !! I always want to handover the initiated thing to the most passionate person in that group- for me to venture into other stuff. In other words, I always want to be a kind-maker and not the king !!

8. I am such a slow reader that no body can ever imagine. English or tamil, It takes me forever to read anything. Naan padichu neenga kettaa nondhuduveenga..I would like to rather listen and not read!!

9. I have fear of height, fear of water, fear of climbing steps down (part of fear of height), fear of losing things -money, flight ticket etc., fear of getting lost in a crowd and I constantly get many other fears in the form of nightmares. Of course, I get weird and vivid dreams and I talk during sleep.

Appaada 9 facts vandhuduchu!! Well, one is extra.. Adha padikum bodhu choicela

Okay now I tag sendhil, pk, arun, aravind and Indian angel


Badhri said...

Forget leaving 9 pints. Your first point has more than eight points!

ACE !! said...

// I dont hold grudges.//

நம்பற மாதிரி இல்லயே.. ராஜ ராஜ சோழன பத்தி தப்பா பேசினா கூடவா? :)

Zeppelin said...
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Zeppelin said...

Tag answered already! :D

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

ha ha ha..badhri!!!

aniyaayam.. innum adha marakaliyaa..well, ipdi vambu panna enaku kovam samayaa varum :) grudge vechu ungala naan enna pazhi vaangiten ippo!!

8 things others dont know abt meyaa naanume panniiruken..
adhu nybagam illaama innor time panniiruken..he he
but there is a subtle difference.. idhu 8 things abt me..
idhu others had knownaa kooda irukalaam :)-

prabukarthik said...

>>I can talk non-stop.. not just bland..with tone modulation etc

maha janangale idhu sathiyama unmai... :)

Zep, idhey badhila dhaan naanum sonnen.. ennamo "therinja 8 theriyadha 8" nu neraya vidhyasam solraanga!

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

summa en imageaa damage pannadheenga!!
naane sogathula summa ukkandhu padichitu iruken..

indianangel said...

priya -
tag'a pottu maati vituteenga, i will respond to your tag shortly.

BTW, ur 8 facts were nice.

Zeppelin said...

priya - you are awesome! :)

pk - blog oc-la kadaikkuchey nu avan avan summa ezhudhi thalraingya.. :D

Anonymous said...

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